Gordon Ramsay Enters A Cooking Challenge | Gordon's Great Escape


  1. Uchiha Madara

    Uchiha Madara3 години тому

    there is a saying that there's always a asian guy/woman who is better than u

  2. Kevin Fong

    Kevin Fong7 годин тому

    Laughing at Ramsay. That’s savage.

  3. Louis Chendana

    Louis Chendana18 годин тому

    I would like Gordon to try Indonesian cuisine and the traditional dishes

  4. Benjamin

    Benjamin18 годин тому

    Man, I just adore Gordon so much. He is a wonderful humble man

  5. Anubhav Yadav

    Anubhav Yadav18 годин тому

    why they always give him 2nd place. Even in India he got 2nd place.

  6. Jayvier Mendiola

    Jayvier Mendiola21 годину тому

    Ahh yes rice! Washed 2 to 3 times, then put in the pot, add water just about double the height or slightly more, then stir before it cooks.

  7. Beattrix Kiddo

    Beattrix KiddoДень тому

    "I'll hang you by your fucking balls" 😂🤣

  8. ProteinHammer

    ProteinHammerДень тому

    Gordons pretty cool

  9. Simon Bowers

    Simon BowersДень тому

    he overcooked rice holy shit😂😂😂😂

  10. blubb

    blubbДень тому

    He shows up like any other guy with a backpack pulls out his chef's jacket puts it on and off we go. Something about that truly admirable

  11. Kyudo Kun

    Kyudo KunДень тому

    Seeing him excited and ready to learn new things is really amazing. Sometime new to the table as they say.

  12. metamorphicorder

    metamorphicorder2 дні тому

    Its really awesome to see Gordon a little out of his element.

  13. Levi

    Levi2 дні тому

    Gordon Ramsay: fucking rice steamer Rice steamer: :(

  14. Brandon Minter

    Brandon Minter2 дні тому

    This is definitely in my top GR videos. Gordon acknowledges his mistakes and knows he still has room to learn.

  15. Buckethead 2013

    Buckethead 20132 дні тому

    a true master, is an eternal student - master yi

  16. Apoorwakishore Prasad

    Apoorwakishore Prasad3 дні тому

    Gordon was actually shocked to have not won the first prize😂😂

  17. Arif Zairi

    Arif Zairi3 дні тому

    8:53 😂

  18. Arif Zairi

    Arif Zairi3 дні тому

    6:15 😂😂

  19. beatleplayer1011

    beatleplayer10113 дні тому

    "mushy on the bottom raw on the top" As an owner of a shitty cheap rice cooker since I'm a college kid, yup.

  20. Josh L

    Josh L3 дні тому

    Would not be a Gordon Ramsay video without a *fuckin' hell*

  21. paladonis

    paladonis3 дні тому

    I'm not blaming my tools, but I'm blaming my tools. LOL. It is true, though. We get so dependent on gadgets to cook sometimes. I have learned how to make sticky white rice in just a normal pot. Sometimes you can follow the directions, most of the time it's more of a guideline and you have to play with it. I find, with small grain, sticky rice, that if you take it off the heat when almost all the water is gone, and cover it, you can just let it steam the rest of the way. I've tried to teach myself without gadgets over the last 4 years. My Mom still laughs when I tell her to put the rice cooker away, or give her advice on cooking. She was always so-so at cooking. I am staying with them for a little bit after moving states and getting a new job and I laugh when she wants me to cook and comes in to watch and asks questions. Takes me back to being a kid and doing the same to her. Sorry...a bit of a ramble. Just brought out some good memories is all.

  22. black n' white TM

    black n' white TM3 дні тому

    "May the best aunty win"...

  23. black n' white TM

    black n' white TM3 дні тому

    "May the best aunty win"...

  24. Keegan Donovan

    Keegan Donovan4 дні тому

    What is this sorcery, Gordon Ramsay with no olive oil?

  25. Vision33r

    Vision33r8 днів тому

    Funny when Gordan says he's never used a rice cooker before..

  26. Bossku Taik

    Bossku Taik8 днів тому

    Sometimes its good to see gordon been laughed at XD

  27. Jayesh Sinha

    Jayesh Sinha8 днів тому

    How does Gordon manage to come 2nd almost everytime

  28. Tammy Ripa

    Tammy Ripa9 днів тому


  29. Tammy Ripa

    Tammy Ripa9 днів тому

    Mr Ramsay not only your aunty but also your grandma lop

  30. Panda Arts

    Panda Arts12 днів тому

    I did not watch the video but ik ramsay will win

  31. John Strickland

    John Strickland12 днів тому

    He like jessie james of the cooking world always learning his craft learning from the best in there displine dine he hasn't mastered yet but well learns from the best

  32. Sunil Babu

    Sunil Babu14 днів тому

    All the renowned chefs are free to learn something new. That's a great habit. And you guys are down to earth.

  33. Justice Prevails

    Justice Prevails14 днів тому

    i wish we could see gordon tasting the winning dish

  34. I can’t think of a name

    I can’t think of a name14 днів тому

    5:05 Gordon: It's overcooked at the bottom and raw at the top- Gordon iT'S FUCKING RAW and- YOU DOUGHNUT IT'S OveRCOOKED

  35. Salad Jenny

    Salad Jenny14 днів тому

    8:18 cute af

  36. Salad Jenny

    Salad Jenny14 днів тому

    8.18 cute af


    FAZE-META16 днів тому

    Drop this I’ll hang you

  38. Amirul Faez Samiran

    Amirul Faez Samiran16 днів тому

    6:17 Typical Gordon’s way of insult, even at another country and places ... Masterclass !! 😂😂

  39. Henry Deschain

    Henry Deschain17 днів тому

    Nobody: Gordon: Wow, thank you very much!

  40. Evan Charles

    Evan Charles17 днів тому

    God I love him

  41. Machine_Gun_Kelly

    Machine_Gun_Kelly17 днів тому

    Im drooling like a bitch

  42. That Boy Kaden

    That Boy Kaden22 дні тому

    It’s always the Asians that don’t like his food

  43. Jacob Simangunsong

    Jacob Simangunsong22 дні тому

    Bruh rendang is even from Malaysia they stole it from Indonesia 🇮🇩

  44. The Dominant One

    The Dominant One22 дні тому

    Actually it's way more hard to defeat someone in cooking their culture's recipie in a very short time But gordon always make his way through that

  45. Chong Hui Hang

    Chong Hui Hang24 дні тому

    Gordon lost to a housewife lol

  46. abd rahman

    abd rahman24 дні тому

    Sorry Mr Gordon Ramsay for those silent treatment from those aunties,it's not that they don't want to answering Ur questions but instead they did not understand and majority Malaysian with Malay races don't really that good in English language..... So that's why they keep silent bout it

  47. ilCll

    ilCll25 днів тому

    No one : Gordon : it’s like breastfeeding 5 children

  48. Izabel Rodrigues

    Izabel Rodrigues26 днів тому

    Malaysian here

  49. GreenAndMeat paw

    GreenAndMeat paw27 днів тому

    Aaga Aaga ✌️✌️

  50. Hydra amber

    Hydra amber27 днів тому

    I'm form malaysia