Gorillaz - Friday 13th ft. Octavian (Episode Four)


  1. Glaciartest

    Glaciartest6 годин тому

    I think Gorillaz song machine should outcount again Pokemon's Twilight Wings

  2. Master33

    Master3310 годин тому

    Its like qotsa its more a collective than lineup

  3. N8tiveJak

    N8tiveJak11 годин тому

    Does anyone ever mention 2ds look like russel

  4. Chippyzza

    Chippyzza11 годин тому

    If you hate rap, you hate gorillaz. Hip-hop is a huge part of gorillaz. No, it doesn’t have to be 2D singing all the time

  5. Dr Crow

    Dr Crow14 годин тому


  6. Sophie Fellowes

    Sophie Fellowes18 годин тому

    This song hits different after playing it at 12 am and realizing you’re in love with your friend who’s dating a your really good friend lmao Good job Gorillaz 👏👏

  7. FLU-CAT

    FLU-CAT19 годин тому

    ngl this is the only song machine song i like

  8. Jason Stillburg

    Jason Stillburg20 годин тому

    Can't believe some people aren't liking this one. I really like both Octavian and Damons vocals. The production is awesome too it has a Reggae influence that makes this feel like classic Gorillaz.

  9. ايمان جاد

    ايمان جاد20 годин тому

    when tf is pac man coming man

  10. Jason Stillburg

    Jason Stillburg20 годин тому

    Probably next week

  11. Aiman Afiq

    Aiman Afiq21 годину тому

    I told my GF I love Gorillaz when I was kid, it started with 19-200 then the rest is history.. When I told her about Gorillaz, she thought it is an old band but then I told her Gorillaz is producing songs, she was shocked.. Gorillaz for lyfe!

  12. darklordixor

    darklordixor23 години тому

    This is the kind of song that makes you miss the old songs because it sucks so much.

  13. wai liao

    wai liaoДень тому


  14. Justin Waldrop

    Justin WaldropДень тому


  15. Uranus —

    Uranus —День тому


  16. Uranus —

    Uranus —День тому


  17. Nino Maridashvili

    Nino MaridashviliДень тому

    ეს სიმღერა არ მომეწონა, მარა კაი კლიპი იყო

  18. Derek Valenzuela

    Derek ValenzuelaДень тому

    This is something everyone can vibe to

  19. pancakes

    pancakesДень тому

    This is most bizarre song for me i can't tell if i hate it or love it

  20. whack_meme _manny_boi_34

    whack_meme _manny_boi_34День тому

    Hey dawg can i get some ice cream, only a spoonful

  21. demon days

    demon daysДень тому

    I like how 2D has a nose bleed at the beginning and casually licks it off

  22. Wilkel Fonseca Mendez

    Wilkel Fonseca MendezДень тому

    the more you hear it the more you like it !

  23. UwUlilio ello

    UwUlilio elloДень тому

    It been 2 years since I see dis ;-;

  24. Prestin Jaques

    Prestin JaquesДень тому

    "If I could be immoral" Isn't murdoc immortal?

  25. israel lopez

    israel lopezДень тому

    Saludos desde Nicaragua 🇳🇮

  26. cheese toasties

    cheese toastiesДень тому

    people in the comments: - protective moms - don’t like it - blue is my favorite number of cheese

  27. 0utCast

    0utCastДень тому

    i like the song, but the auto tune, icky

  28. cheese toasties

    cheese toastiesДень тому

    the band made sure to not even touch 2D’s head, so how did he get the eye thing




  30. crunchy bean

    crunchy beanДень тому

    Octavian's voice and 2D's make this song into a beautiful melody, idk what you guys are talking about

  31. TaipeiJoey101

    TaipeiJoey1012 дні тому

    British Kid Cudi is something I didn't know I wanted

  32. Zuppy

    Zuppy2 дні тому

    Man thy really gave up after desole and momentary bliss huh. These new songs suck

  33. pousquet

    pousquet2 дні тому

    so chill

  34. Ben Harrison

    Ben Harrison2 дні тому

    Question 1: why does 2D have a scar on his lip? Question 2: why does Murdoc have bite marks?

  35. JamBamRam

    JamBamRamДень тому

    Apparently they got into a fight after the last music video

  36. 서민박

    서민박2 дні тому

    애들 얼굴만 주구장창 나오고 입 뻥끗대는게 전부면 팬메이드 수준 아니냐 만들기 귀찮았거나 코로나 때문에 작업이 힘들었다거나

  37. Jesus In Sweatpants

    Jesus In Sweatpants2 дні тому

    So good. Beach jam.

  38. Jason Voorhees

    Jason Voorhees2 дні тому

    *This is literally my song look at my name and look the tittle of the song*

  39. Murdoc Niccals

    Murdoc Niccals2 дні тому

    damn murdoc really do be cuttin 2ds lip and beating him physically and mentally and driving him insane and has kidnapped him and forced him to be in the band and make songs and has driven into him twice and about everything that could somehow hurt a guy doe

  40. cheese toasties

    cheese toastiesДень тому

    you forgot the 😳😳😳 at the end

  41. Jayd e

    Jayd e2 дні тому

    Ngl Russel is rockin those sunglasses.

  42. Tater Tots

    Tater Tots2 дні тому

    1:53 why 2-D just why

  43. foxy 171

    foxy 1712 дні тому

    Russel singing is just... Idk this is just epic

  44. V KB

    V KB2 дні тому

    Pleese. Come back the old GORILLAZ. Come back my childhood. Pleese...

  45. kokidoki_8820k _

    kokidoki_8820k _2 дні тому

    Genial JAJAJAJA

  46. Evanir Maria Vendruscolo

    Evanir Maria Vendruscolo2 дні тому

    Ficou massa!!!

  47. Fer Domínguez

    Fer Domínguez2 дні тому

    I don't know if i hate or like this song. I hate rap. But, this isn't. The way the singer manages to imply lazyness is horrendous. But, lyrics are ok. The music is magnific. As always.

  48. Café com XP

    Café com XP2 дні тому

    *Hears Helicopter* *El Mañana flashbacks ensue*

  49. AllTheOthers

    AllTheOthers2 дні тому

    Poor 2D. Finally free of murdoc's abuse and then this shit happens.

  50. AllTheOthers

    AllTheOthers2 дні тому

    This guy sucks. I personally like gorillas way more when they aren't doing collabs and especially have no rap segments. Rap is just, not good. I hate the people who blast rap music acting like its good.

  51. Ben Woodhouse

    Ben WoodhouseДень тому

    Bad opinion

  52. Vlad the Inhaler

    Vlad the Inhaler2 дні тому

    take that back NOW

  53. zoe

    zoe2 дні тому

    guys in the next episode preview we see murdoc inside something (at first it occured to me as a closet) but if you the wall he was counting days i think is from he was in jail

  54. Brock Havens

    Brock Havens2 дні тому

    I hate mumble singer/rappers. This is not art or talent. Next song please.....

  55. Little3Pigs

    Little3Pigs2 дні тому

    The Video kind of reminds me of the tomorrow comes today last sequence, but better.

  56. Emme

    Emme3 дні тому

    Man this grows on you so much

  57. Tom Clark

    Tom Clark3 дні тому

    Not a fan. Doesn’t even sound like them. Just the same old rip off tunes like the rest of the music now days. RIP good music.

  58. cool shoe shine

    cool shoe shine3 дні тому

    Yes who knew the hub had all gorillaz songs im sorry i swear ti gos ibdknt ship any of them i was curious please dont @ me (ง'̀-'́)ง

  59. Elongated Muskrat

    Elongated Muskrat3 дні тому

    i’m new to gorillaz... can i get some help here?

  60. Matt Menard

    Matt Menard2 дні тому

    And another from 4-5 m.uareporter.net/v/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-wQBuvX7nYvA.html

  61. Matt Menard

    Matt Menard2 дні тому

    Here’s a vid that explains the lore from phase 1-4 m.uareporter.net/v/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-EAXWR7umFvY.html

  62. Elongated Muskrat

    Elongated Muskrat3 дні тому

    this seems like such a cool project and i’m sad i didn’t get into it earlier

  63. Máximo Alejandro Mejía Calderón

    Máximo Alejandro Mejía Calderón3 дні тому

    Hubiese estado mucho mejor con otro cantante o solo la música. Las canciones tipo rap no le gustan a muchas personas, sobre todo a los adolescentes que están más influenciados por el pop.

  64. zernadarkwolf

    zernadarkwolf3 дні тому

    Not sure if im really digging this song too much, which is strange, I normally love their music.

  65. Jeff Johns

    Jeff Johns3 дні тому

    This makes my nosebleed too. What does this no talent idiot know of immortality. Not shit! Dissapointed gorillaz

  66. Jeff Johns

    Jeff Johns3 дні тому

    Who the f is this goof?

  67. Yover Perez

    Yover Perez3 дні тому

    y el autotune? :v

  68. Missael Macias alvarez

    Missael Macias alvarez3 дні тому


  69. Juan Duarte

    Juan Duarte3 дні тому

    f this song

  70. Feral HouseCat

    Feral HouseCat3 дні тому


  71. mumbo wumbo

    mumbo wumbo3 дні тому

    this song inspired me to drink and smoke

  72. Flora Martinez

    Flora Martinez3 дні тому

    They remade Kong studios

  73. c a s s

    c a s s3 дні тому


  74. Out of date

    Out of date3 дні тому

    Cant believe noodle is the same girl that said "shoe shine" and sang with a head

  75. bunneh boop

    bunneh boop3 дні тому

    Idk what happened before, but I'm glad Murdoc is back instead of that Ace guy. Didn't like him

  76. Tu Pana Miguel

    Tu Pana Miguel3 дні тому

    me gustaria que fuese como antes :(

  77. MG Dammer

    MG Dammer3 дні тому

    Damn, I love the James Baldwin quote at the end

  78. Joseph santangelo

    Joseph santangelo3 дні тому

    I don't like this song

  79. Abdu Salam

    Abdu Salam3 дні тому

    Hmm yall were right it gets better the more you listen. But its now only a decent to me

  80. Bixn

    Bixn3 дні тому

    Their new music is so good, catchy, and somewhat calming, It's a shame that they aren't doing so well nowadays. (I mean, compared to the views on their other videos.) Regardless, I'd listen to their music either way and would absolutely love to listen to every song they come out with on the song machine! ^^

  81. chalil maliq

    chalil maliq3 дні тому

    When you have your first crush on someone

  82. Guadalupe Rivera

    Guadalupe Rivera3 дні тому


  83. Guadalupe Rivera

    Guadalupe Rivera3 дні тому

    2D tienes una iga

  84. Nancy Dawson

    Nancy Dawson3 дні тому

    Did murdoc beat 2d out of jealousy because of what happened in desole

  85. Crimson-cloth2

    Crimson-cloth23 дні тому

    didnt like this one dont know

  86. Ace 17

    Ace 173 дні тому

    Siguiente canción es en colaboración con Daft Punk:).

  87. Dinomite

    Dinomite4 дні тому

    It amazes me how Gorillaz has managed to get worse and worse with each new album and it's making me kinda sad.

  88. Mac Hernandez

    Mac Hernandez4 дні тому

    I dont talk too much, man.