GRETA (2019) Ending Explained


  1. Stephanie Bonilla

    Stephanie BonillaДень тому

    Umm my name is stephanie...

  2. Nauna Qetoquana Revo

    Nauna Qetoquana RevoДень тому

    *Lol* Frances was not searching for wine glass, it was candles. And the other girls name was Samantha not Stephanie

  3. Ugly Girl Does

    Ugly Girl Does3 дні тому

    So...your advice to stalking victims is "do what your stalker wants?" You *might* want to look into how stalking tends to go....sincerely, bad views on the topic. Yikes.

  4. Mackenzie yEET

    Mackenzie yEET3 дні тому

    The toy box looks like the collectors box only without the designs on it

  5. Mattteus

    Mattteus4 дні тому

    Waitwaitwaitwait... she’s from Boston and she’s not suspicious of a bomb?? My suspension of disbelief is threadbare already.

  6. Billy Ray

    Billy Ray5 днів тому

    “You want me to be the bad guy? Fine! Now I’m the bad guy!”

  7. Black Santa

    Black Santa5 днів тому

    This was a very stupid movie. I absolutely can not stand it when the entire plot hinges on the main character being incompetent. They did EVERYTHING wrong.

  8. kzintikween

    kzintikween5 днів тому

    He has another cat. Not just the orange one from Black Christmas. At 14:46 a little black and grey tail comes through the door. Are we sure his girl is not just 3 cats in a trench coat?

  9. C. F.

    C. F.5 днів тому

    This movie is dumb. The trailer looked so good but so many stupid decisions were made in this movie. So many things could have been avoided. Like the part where Frances tried to escape but didn't hit Greta more or even tie her up. This movie just got me angry, I almost couldn't finish watching it. And it's interesting that Frances never told Erica the address of Greta....and why didn't Erica call 911 the moment she found frances...

  10. focusonu

    focusonu5 днів тому

    This movie is boring. I couldn't get past 15mins.

  11. BB Love

    BB Love7 днів тому

    She was going to bring it to lost and found booth but they were closed for the day, that's why she brought it home and brought it to the crazy lady. I would've brought it back to lost and found the next day.

  12. Lao Wei

    Lao Wei7 днів тому

    Wow! Well explained. I felt I was listening to the radio and to one of those fast German soccer commentators from the Sixties again.

  13. Jonah Edward

    Jonah Edward9 днів тому

    If I were about to be a victim of Greta I would channel my inner Jay of jay and silent Bob. Smoke that mother like it ain't no thang!

  14. Frobo

    Frobo10 днів тому

    This movie kinda sucks... it’s okay

  15. Aavale' Storm

    Aavale' Storm12 днів тому

    I just saw it and it was ok. I think they should have went into the fact that Great is a serial killer.

  16. Spencer Brookes

    Spencer Brookes12 днів тому

    To be honest here I hated the ending because I think Erica should have banged her and not listened to Francis. In that case Greta wouldn’t bang on the box trying to come out. Also I think Francis should have banged her when Francis cut off Greta’s finger and got it over with

  17. philliponcarbs

    philliponcarbs14 днів тому

    t'hell with the other characters -what happens to the dog?

  18. Cassandra Calixte

    Cassandra Calixte13 днів тому

    Greta Poisoned the dog and it died

  19. realtalk

    realtalk14 днів тому


  20. PissMyAss Lynch

    PissMyAss Lynch14 днів тому

    Joker 2019 Prequel

  21. cat

    cat15 днів тому

    All my skrews are loose You can take that however you want

  22. The Swagmaster General

    The Swagmaster General16 днів тому

    This is giving me mad Killing Stalking vibes

  23. Damian Marzano

    Damian Marzano16 днів тому

    Awesome channel, dude. I've been watching a lot, make my daily work a little bit better haha

  24. The Angry Engineer

    The Angry Engineer16 днів тому

    Everyone needs a best friend like Erika. She was ride or die for real.

  25. Poop Poop

    Poop Poop17 днів тому

    Chloë Grace Moretz is SO Hot! I want to sniff her Poo Poo!!

  26. The Purple Turnip

    The Purple Turnip17 днів тому

    Sorry if this is wrong as im just watched this video, but why would you run into a basement when trying to escape, would it be easier to just make sure your captor is knocked out and then break a window?

  27. shane gil

    shane gil17 днів тому

    The end dance scene was hilarious

  28. Haise Sasaki

    Haise Sasaki18 днів тому

    14:41what did she said?

  29. emma cutie

    emma cutie19 днів тому

    The movie was very clichè i swear i ve see something similar like million times

  30. lifesuxiwantmymoneyback

    lifesuxiwantmymoneyback19 днів тому

    this movie disturbed me so much, it doesn’t have screamers, gore or blood, ghosts... it’s just so psychologically hard and rly portrays how scary stalking and emotional abuse is...

  31. LordCousland

    LordCousland20 днів тому

    How is she a hungarian when that annyoing b-.... couldn't even pronounce Mézeskalács properly???? It pissed me off! Also, I so wanted her dead! ARgghhh... And the ending... implying that she might get out. OOOKKKeeeey... So those two girls just forgot to lock the door as well????? Just lock her in the room and call the police! 15-20 mins tops and problem solved.. Damn this movie was annoying and upset me! ARGhhh...

  32. Edmond Dauntez

    Edmond Dauntez20 днів тому

    In real nyc....the money or valuable items would be took from the purse....the rest in the trash....I'd take the money and call it finders keepers

  33. Jasmine Casserly

    Jasmine Casserly21 день тому

    4:05 candles

  34. Anonymous

    Anonymous21 день тому

    Is this ok for me to watch at a late night?

  35. Nitara Jones

    Nitara Jones22 дні тому

    What if a guy found the bag? 👜

  36. madisoned

    madisoned22 дні тому

    What a good friend

  37. Plutonian Mapping

    Plutonian Mapping22 дні тому

    Isn't Greta a swedish name? No?

  38. Kirra Mes

    Kirra Mes22 дні тому

    Why didnt Chloe just pick up a fridge and throw it at the person, she's buff enough

  39. TheCartoonGuy !

    TheCartoonGuy !25 днів тому

    Is it just me or is Erica the smartest, When I watched it she seemed to be smart.

  40. Vuelkarr

    Vuelkarr26 днів тому

    What kept Francis from just killing Greta's old ass. Shit makes me angry.

  41. Mayra Reyes

    Mayra Reyes26 днів тому

    I loved the movie!!!

  42. Jennifer Kates

    Jennifer Kates27 днів тому

    I would have just dropped the purse off at her front porch. Rung the door bell and got on.

  43. Lee Ludlow

    Lee Ludlow27 днів тому

    Please take pauses when you speak , it sounds like continuous drivel.

  44. Kaisy &Hiccup

    Kaisy &Hiccup27 днів тому

    8:22 He broke his mic saying *the box* like that

  45. InsanityRoboTuber

    InsanityRoboTuber27 днів тому

    ummm what a staged ending

  46. Natalie Nolan

    Natalie Nolan29 днів тому

    moral of the movie: *DONT RETURN THE PURSE*

  47. Dani Jacobs

    Dani JacobsМісяць тому

    Beat her ass bad enough to make her scared of you 🥰 she should have left Greta within an inch of her life at the restaurant

  48. Dani Jacobs

    Dani JacobsМісяць тому

    You gotta out crazy crazy .. try to kill her and stalk her ass back.

  49. Shameless Coal Burner

    Shameless Coal BurnerМісяць тому

    Oh, so this *isn't* a sequel to The Boy. Erica is the designated *Smart Friend.*

  50. YungAndVicious

    YungAndViciousМісяць тому

    *she could have just told Greta that she pees without washing her hands so that she goes away.*

  51. honeytae

    honeytaeМісяць тому

    14:48 peep the Scott Pilgrim poster 👀

  52. Felicia Kelley

    Felicia KelleyМісяць тому

    Whose Stephanie