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Gucci Mane, Bruno Mars, Kodak Black - Wake Up in The Sky [Official Music Video]


  1. Gnagztuh

    Gnagztuh33 хвилини тому

    *I'll* *have* *2* *number* *9s* 1:00

  2. Thicc Boi Come

    Thicc Boi Come56 хвилин тому

    This song is super fly

  3. Oreox Addictedx

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  4. Oreox Addictedx

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    DAMMMNN!! ALREADY 204,620,552 VIEWS!

  5. 100 nome cem vugo

    100 nome cem vugoГодину тому

    Brabo d +🎶🎵🎶😎👍

  6. crazyshadow102

    crazyshadow102Годину тому

    Best song

  7. crazyshadow102

    crazyshadow102Годину тому

    Bruno oh ur realy fly

  8. Xavier Muturi

    Xavier MuturiГодину тому

    Best collabos in 2018 I drink till am high 😂

  9. ชุติมา 61323 ฉัตรสุวรรณ์

    ชุติมา 61323 ฉัตรสุวรรณ์Годину тому


  10. Vanni Card

    Vanni Card2 години тому

    i drink till i'm high smoke till i'm drunk... lol

  11. Swakhile Makhubu

    Swakhile Makhubu2 години тому

    I know I am fly

  12. Mr.Cookies Tooties

    Mr.Cookies Tooties3 години тому

    In 2:39 when your little sis plays fortnite and buys everything with V Bucks

  13. Slipp

    Slipp3 години тому

    This song makes me sit on my TV and watch my couch.

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  15. Bekah Carroll

    Bekah Carroll3 години тому

    Who's Smokey?

  16. Bekah Carroll

    Bekah Carroll3 години тому

    Spongebob? How are the kids?

  17. х х

    х х4 години тому

    3:20 when mum didn't find poop sock

  18. Karen Thomas

    Karen Thomas5 годин тому

    This song

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  20. Stoner GamingTv

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  21. Lil_ Tywon

    Lil_ Tywon5 годин тому

    Kodak lookin like a grandpa with that suit

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  23. Diego Hernandez

    Diego Hernandez5 годин тому

    La mejor canción del mundo está bien vergas esta canción 💎😍🤑💸mi favorita😍

  24. roxyng22

    roxyng225 годин тому

    Hubbys ringtone💘😎

  25. PP Scratcher

    PP Scratcher6 годин тому

    Is it just me or do I always listen to this song on the car or plane while looking out the window

  26. Adnan Ali

    Adnan Ali6 годин тому

    The Kodak part is amazing but I have never seen more ugly person than kodak

  27. Shameka Jones

    Shameka Jones6 годин тому

    I jus love this song and video ❤️

  28. Kelsey Callahan

    Kelsey Callahan7 годин тому

    Kodak lookin like a chubby 10 year old

  29. go glurt

    go glurt7 годин тому

    Bruno mars leveled up

  30. Daniel B

    Daniel B7 годин тому

    Alguien que hable español?

  31. Chrostopher Jean

    Chrostopher Jean8 годин тому


  32. DamonTheGoatt

    DamonTheGoatt8 годин тому

    I’m gonna be honest this is a music video that was suppose to be posted in the 18s lol

  33. DamonTheGoatt

    DamonTheGoatt8 годин тому

    I was born in the right century

  34. lingeringYT

    lingeringYT8 годин тому

    Smoke til’ I’m drunk drink til’ I’m high jack till I Nut Play till I win

  35. Jose estrada

    Jose estrada8 годин тому

    Ya se fresea el Pedrito desde el súper flan.

  36. Aaron Leofili

    Aaron Leofili8 годин тому

    Kodak so fly .like if littttt

  37. Aaliyah Sanchez

    Aaliyah Sanchez9 годин тому

    Fresh music

  38. Dennis Fancony Frae

    Dennis Fancony Frae9 годин тому

    La busque por que se la oí a un amigo y dije que era de Lil Pump y me dijo no bobo es de Bruño Mrs y como que nel y bueno aquí estqmosn

  39. Sabrina Macon

    Sabrina Macon9 годин тому

    I'll drunk to im drunk smoke til I'm high

  40. Giovanni Rodas

    Giovanni Rodas9 годин тому

    Same bro drink and smoke

  41. The Hammy Life

    The Hammy Life9 годин тому

    drink till I’m high smoke till I’m drunk

  42. Akilah Jeffries

    Akilah Jeffries9 годин тому

    You can't tell me I ain't fly you know I'm super fly

  43. Viper Craig

    Viper Craig9 годин тому

    Gucci is so tall compared to Kodak

  44. Kîwê Åńgłê

    Kîwê Åńgłê9 годин тому

    You can’t tell me I’m supper flllyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

  45. Javiergotgame wwe

    Javiergotgame wwe9 годин тому

    Fendi mane

  46. Fatmata Kargbo-Sesay

    Fatmata Kargbo-Sesay9 годин тому

    Flyyyyy flyyyyyy

  47. mr. lol

    mr. lol9 годин тому

    Esta plácida

  48. Latoya Tillis

    Latoya Tillis10 годин тому

    You can tell me ate fly

  49. Aubrey Greathouse

    Aubrey Greathouse10 годин тому

    you suck

  50. JollySlade

    JollySlade10 годин тому


  51. Erick Bonilla

    Erick Bonilla10 годин тому

    This song is 👎🏻

  52. Natasha Holland

    Natasha Holland11 годин тому

    no song can compare$$

  53. Yusef Elbialy

    Yusef Elbialy11 годин тому

    Daaaaaaaaaaam Bruno It's fuckin dope I know I'm superfly Kodak is fuckin awesome keeeeep it fly homies

  54. Jayvion Montgemery

    Jayvion Montgemery11 годин тому

    I wake up in the sky with sexy girls

  55. Abe unader

    Abe unader11 годин тому

    Who every hear this song I hope you have a good day and turn rich 😸😸

  56. Aria

    Aria11 годин тому

    Favvvv 🔥 🔥🔥

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  58. email sign up

    email sign up11 годин тому

    2:58 I be doing that everyday at school for some reason🤣

  59. Hi Sisters

    Hi Sisters11 годин тому

    This song reminds me of my ex because it was his favorite song. AH WHO CUT THE ONIONS

  60. luiscla 42

    luiscla 4212 годин тому


  61. Please subcribe to me For no reason

    Please subcribe to me For no reason12 годин тому

    This is how many times you have heard this song on the radio 👇

  62. Ryan Wyatt

    Ryan Wyatt12 годин тому

    This game will have to

  63. Avaxvlogs

    Avaxvlogs12 годин тому

    _i dont drink cuz I’m under 21 I don’t smoke cuz I’ll die I hate the news Who even likes the blues ? I know I’m to poor I don’t piss in a pot cuz I ain’t stupid I feel like I cry I don’t drink cuz I’m under age I don’t smoke cuz I’ll day The ladies hate me Can’t tell me I ain’t broke Now watch cry Ik I want airpods

  64. flash flood99

    flash flood9912 годин тому

    Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover event ever Me:

  65. Carmelina Cervantes

    Carmelina Cervantes12 годин тому


  66. Mj2k03 gamer

    Mj2k03 gamer12 годин тому

    Go to 0:40

  67. Terryonna Hart

    Terryonna Hart12 годин тому

    😍😍 cool

  68. Lemuna Badi

    Lemuna Badi13 годин тому

    Can you tell me how to fly

  69. xRandyYT

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  70. Quita Bruno

    Quita Bruno13 годин тому

    I love this damn song

  71. Zach emery

    Zach emery13 годин тому

    Bro this is so cool😎😎😎😎🎧🎧😙😙😙😙😙😙😆😆😆😆😅😅😅😘

  72. Delcio Costa

    Delcio Costa13 годин тому


  73. Ciolo Walther

    Ciolo Walther13 годин тому

    Am i the only one who watching this on 2160P 4K? It's look so nice 💜😍

  74. Alexia Ochoa

    Alexia Ochoa13 годин тому

    Her name is Valeria

  75. Alexia Ochoa

    Alexia Ochoa13 годин тому

    My cousin loves this vid

  76. Quail Ambrose

    Quail Ambrose13 годин тому


  77. Ppoohbbear Pooh bear

    Ppoohbbear Pooh bear13 годин тому

    Gucci mane u can’t sing

  78. Aidan Joseph

    Aidan Joseph13 годин тому

    Bruno has some big ass hair like mine

  79. Jesus Garcia

    Jesus Garcia14 годин тому

    hit the like or your gay

  80. Yabumbo Clarrttt

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  81. Yabumbo Clarrttt

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  82. Yabumbo Clarrttt

    Yabumbo Clarrttt14 годин тому


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    Bridget Rock14 годин тому

    My joint 😎😎

  86. Eldon Watskey

    Eldon Watskey15 годин тому

    Fly, fly, fly, fly I drink, till I am drunk, smoke till, I am high, pass out on the hill wake up in the sky you can't tell me I ain't fly I know I am super fly I know I am super fly, the ladies love Lugshery thats why they all fuck with me

  87. The Savage

    The Savage15 годин тому

    i think kodak was to high 😂

  88. Sweaty Decisions

    Sweaty Decisions15 годин тому

    I listen to this song alot and I only know the chorus 🗿

  89. Caleb Westergreen

    Caleb Westergreen15 годин тому

    Since when does bruno mars smoke??


    DONT CHOCK ON THE DEFENSE15 годин тому

    at 0:48 gucci mane gets chinned

  91. Pamela Bondurant

    Pamela Bondurant15 годин тому

    Drink till im drunk {\_/} (°¬°) (>🔋🚬

  92. God

    God15 годин тому

    who ever sees this i hope you die succ a dicks you gay ass bitch then die

  93. God

    God13 годин тому

    +Aryan Kumar it was sarcasm but i don't a close minded intellectual like you can understand

  94. Aryan Kumar

    Aryan Kumar14 годин тому

    Are you 12?

  95. Scooby-Doo

    Scooby-Doo16 годин тому

    Uncle can I have my sunglasses back please? 🤣

  96. HowSoTho_

    HowSoTho_16 годин тому

    Smooth track I'm feeling it but kodak eww lol

  97. Lashunda Woosson

    Lashunda Woosson16 годин тому

    I so love Bruno Mars

  98. Tatiana Bizpo

    Tatiana Bizpo16 годин тому

    Teve Bruno Mars, é sinal de coisa boa.

  99. Tiffany Leblanc

    Tiffany Leblanc16 годин тому

    2:24 Kodak had me dead asf😂😂😂😂

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    Ibraheem Productions16 годин тому


  103. Kaleb Huston

    Kaleb Huston16 годин тому

    2mill likes damn

  104. Josue Ramirez

    Josue Ramirez17 годин тому

    I done finally got my weeeeeed And baby what a sceeeeeene

  105. Brahimi ilias

    Brahimi ilias17 годин тому

    Fuck kodak black

  106. Josue Wallace

    Josue Wallace18 годин тому

    Bruno mars sale tirando un chingo de estilo

  107. Miss GatchaGirl

    Miss GatchaGirl18 годин тому

    At 2am my friend was dancing to this in a bikini being crazy and twerking

  108. Gwenaelle Lamothe

    Gwenaelle Lamothe18 годин тому

    Bruno mars the New King of pop

  109. Jvn I.K

    Jvn I.K18 годин тому

    U U U U