Gucci Mane - CEO Flow [Official Video]


  1. Geno Hilberg

    Geno Hilberg40 хвилин тому

    That beat kilt it!!!

  2. Keith Green

    Keith Green2 години тому

    (_○_) guchi

  3. 12 gauge the don

    12 gauge the don5 годин тому

  4. Moldhands

    Moldhands7 годин тому

    the reverse 808s in this are crazy

  5. Alexander Whodini

    Alexander Whodini9 годин тому

    Who made this beat 🤔😮👌🔥

  6. Badr Eddine

    Badr Eddine11 годин тому

    How many flows in this song please someone reply?

  7. B Rich Lifestyle

    B Rich Lifestyle12 годин тому

    I respect Gucci but he stealing swag and lyrics..Rip Bankroll fresh 💲〽️🌎 wide. “I grew in Atlanta you niggas flew to Atlanta “ bank been said that.

  8. deih choiar

    deih choiar13 годин тому


  9. Joshua Holland

    Joshua Holland15 годин тому

    Bad ass! All I can say. Killed it Gucci

  10. Amari Banks

    Amari Banks15 годин тому

    This shit so cold nbs now he just need to sign me

  11. David Seymour

    David Seymour16 годин тому

    Gucci jus might be the goat!!

  12. Redd Rooster

    Redd Rooster16 годин тому


  13. THE GOAT

    THE GOAT19 годин тому


  14. niggaruni

    niggaruni21 годину тому

    Gucci getting better and better every year,fucking god ❤☠☠☠

  15. Supreme Royal

    Supreme Royal22 години тому

    1:42 Gucci goes Super Icy 🥶🔥

  16. Andre Robberts

    Andre RobbertsДень тому

    Reminds me of 2 Chainz somehow I dunno it was really good but wow

  17. lowe down

    lowe downДень тому


  18. Kenyatta Moore

    Kenyatta MooreДень тому


  19. Kenyatta Moore

    Kenyatta MooreДень тому


  20. GAVIN JOhnson

    GAVIN JOhnsonДень тому

    Big zone 6

  21. Transport Frenzy

    Transport FrenzyДень тому

    Hopsin! What are you doing there!!!?

  22. czar82ro

    czar82roДень тому

    Fvxkn Proud Of This Nigga Man... Street Without Any Blemishes

  23. Ray j

    Ray jДень тому

    All titles of all songs could b titled "truth" by this guy

  24. Aye Green

    Aye GreenДень тому





  26. FazeChico

    FazeChicoДень тому

    Bro that fucking beat tho omfg bro tell me any beat betta den dis joint ong 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  27. Jeffrey Miller

    Jeffrey MillerДень тому

    Gucci mane

  28. Pacc Man

    Pacc ManДень тому

    Why isnt anyone talking bout the edits??

  29. Eric Villanueva

    Eric VillanuevaДень тому

    Gucci suck he mad Eminem is white and runs the game

  30. Age G

    Age GДень тому

    Damn !

  31. Age G

    Age GДень тому


  32. sean moore

    sean mooreДень тому

    Just never liked his music.

  33. bilal bisama

    bilal bisamaДень тому

    man l feel this song especially when ama chilling out them neighbourhood smoking hooker is so smooth and mood relaxing cool Bang killer beat with'em big gucci man .. it is your brother from another moma TANZANIA EAST AFRICA ... Nigga make it happen ...

  34. MrGrinch Kushington

    MrGrinch KushingtonДень тому


  35. Finballmafia

    FinballmafiaДень тому

    Idc what anyone says gucci has the best beats

  36. Woke Alonzo JAY Jr.

    Woke Alonzo JAY Jr.День тому

    He's Hopsin not Gucci mane 💯🗑

  37. Dominick Williams

    Dominick WilliamsДень тому

    Gucci gassed this on mama's

  38. Ben Mart

    Ben MartДень тому

    3.6 that is a joke

  39. Big Foot

    Big FootДень тому

    I mean damn the beats the beats the beats the beatssssssss so beastly!

  40. Ben Mart

    Ben MartДень тому

    Guwop fan we need more replay i say you this from France. We have to work hard for the lovely trap god

  41. Ben Mart

    Ben MartДень тому

    3.5m views ?! Seriously ???

  42. OneShot92i

    OneShot92iДень тому

    holy.. guwop shocked me on this one

  43. TwoBrothersGaming6711

    TwoBrothersGaming6711День тому

    It's a concept 1 of 1 I still got two!!

  44. Dembele Mohamed

    Dembele MohamedДень тому

    Gucci mane t'es un gangster c'est tout 👊🏿🇨🇵

  45. Vlone Sauce 1017

    Vlone Sauce 1017День тому


  46. AK XO

    AK XO2 дні тому


  47. Terrell Mclemore

    Terrell Mclemore2 дні тому

    Cleaning out the jar made a glass for kool-aid!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🐐

  48. Troop Er

    Troop Er2 дні тому

    We was so broke we would finish the mayonnaise. Felt that

  49. Maestro The Beatmaker

    Maestro The Beatmaker2 дні тому

    This shit go so hard I got chills


    DJ BAWSE AL2 дні тому

    Real OG🤘🏾🔥🔥

  51. Donk

    Donk2 дні тому

    Whoever made this beat you need call zaytovan and get back in the basement. First minute of this sht 🔥

  52. Vee Dill

    Vee Dill2 дні тому

    Gucci you went from gold teeth to diamonds on the tip of white teeth. You ain't gotta explain a dang thing

  53. Diamond MC

    Diamond MC2 дні тому

  54. Sasha Belichov

    Sasha Belichov2 дні тому

    Corona tested then video shoot= Proper Baller

  55. Rick Holland

    Rick Holland2 дні тому


  56. Romone Jr Manning

    Romone Jr Manning2 дні тому

    This got damn beat is ridiculous!!!!!! 👌👌👌👌👌🙏🙏🙏👏👏👏🙌🙌🙌🙌

  57. Hillary Gendi

    Hillary Gendi2 дні тому

    No chorus but straight bars!!

  58. David Ennis

    David Ennis2 дні тому

    Gucci and DaBaby best in the game right now

  59. BassOnMYlevel

    BassOnMYlevel2 дні тому

    Real Gucci is back hell YEAH!

  60. renso diaz

    renso diaz2 дні тому

    Hes the prototype 🤔🤔

  61. Puff N Stuff

    Puff N Stuff2 дні тому


  62. Juan Rojas

    Juan Rojas2 дні тому


  63. Devan Parker

    Devan Parker2 дні тому

    Gucci went to hard at the end tho

  64. DJ B

    DJ B3 дні тому


  65. Marcus Anark

    Marcus Anark3 дні тому

    Hope Gucci Mane will become as successful as a businessman like he is in music.

  66. Cesar Guerra

    Cesar Guerra3 дні тому

    track is fuegoooooo

  67. West Orlando 407

    West Orlando 4073 дні тому


  68. ravi sukhdeo

    ravi sukhdeo3 дні тому

    It's Gucci. Surprise. Bless up. All the way from Toronto. Lol. Yaya. We give thankz Gucci made it to Toronto OVO Fest. Live and direct !!! 😎💥💥💯💯🔥🔥🔥

  69. Calvin James

    Calvin James3 дні тому

    Wow has Gucci always been this lyrical? Or am I late to the party? This is fire

  70. Señor Frog

    Señor Frog3 дні тому

    Gucci has always been underestimated for ALWAYS being the lyrical Genius he is. List to any one of his albums or songs and he kills it every time.

  71. Lord Seven

    Lord Seven3 дні тому

    Gucci fuckin killed this goddamn Guwop!

  72. Deveondi

    Deveondi3 дні тому

    I found your channel through the suggested videos. Your videos are amazing. Thanks you for sharing your gift with the world. I recently created my own UAreporter channel so you know I’m doing my research as I plan for my new music videos coming soon. Keep up the great work! I just subscribed.

  73. Flu Game Records LLC’d

    Flu Game Records LLC’d3 дні тому

    125 albums in 25 years 😂😭🔥Big Gucci Sosa gave us the game

  74. Alexandre Pale

    Alexandre Pale3 дні тому

    Jesus this beat makes my guts bump😳

  75. Douglas Nixon

    Douglas Nixon3 дні тому

    Bruh stop fucking playing with emm Gucci the truth alway has been i been rocking with Gucci from day one and Patiently waited for him to get out of prison and come back what a fucken Vengeance 🔥🔥🐐

  76. gary k

    gary k3 дні тому

    Gucci won that versus:)

  77. Frank Hughes

    Frank Hughes3 дні тому

    This is Heat, kinda reminds me of Juicy J flow

  78. brandon hennigan

    brandon hennigan3 дні тому

    How the fuck can you thumb this down. Yo cooked this beat, and the beat next level...!

  79. DatBoiiJay

    DatBoiiJay3 дні тому

    uhhhhhggggggg this beat is nastyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

  80. business king Pin

    business king Pin3 дні тому

    And the winner is Gucci

  81. riley coish

    riley coish3 дні тому

    Got me spinning sober lol

  82. gmvc gvmbino

    gmvc gvmbino3 дні тому

    The mane is the Goat 🔥

  83. showtime pop

    showtime pop3 дні тому

    That fire

  84. Fabio Gutierrez Pestano

    Fabio Gutierrez Pestano3 дні тому

    gucci too hard

  85. suave 2 smooth

    suave 2 smooth4 дні тому

    Listen to this with the speed on 1.5

  86. Dc Cd

    Dc Cd4 дні тому

    just blessed us with "IM A STAR" 2020 IYKYK

  87. Notebook.

    Notebook.4 дні тому

    Gucci stepped up his flow and writing skills to a wild height; better than I've seen a LOT of southern artists do.

  88. Donald Culzac

    Donald Culzac3 дні тому

    Facts like he came a long way. He more in tune with the beat. He really brought the drums on this!! Str8 killed the beat 🥶🥶🥶🔥

  89. Krino Da Gamer

    Krino Da Gamer4 дні тому

    The Trap God

  90. BC GXP

    BC GXP4 дні тому

    Rari so fast be 🏎 the troopers 😂

  91. Re Up Ricky

    Re Up Ricky4 дні тому

    Gucci is the goat...any artist can drop a few decent albums...this man have 105 albums and still relevant.

  92. Bobby Miller

    Bobby Miller4 дні тому

    Lord have mercy go hard on them 😅

  93. Mr don’t play

    Mr don’t play4 дні тому

    Heard that the streets dry trying to make the dam break y’all quit playing with GWOP.. the darker the harder..

  94. Steven Laupa

    Steven Laupa4 дні тому

    Muhfuking lit 🔥🔥🔥 hey yo beatmaker 21 guns salute we waiting for sum big up uself

  95. Stowel Cooper

    Stowel Cooper4 дні тому

    Who produced this needa Grammy 🔥🔥

  96. Cannabanoid Madrid

    Cannabanoid Madrid4 дні тому

    Fuego 🔥

  97. Jerome Gatlin

    Jerome Gatlin4 дні тому

    "Counting up money romantic to her", that's why I'm tuned in.

  98. RsFrag3d

    RsFrag3d4 дні тому

    Drop a few crumbs then sprayed on her tongue

  99. jam jam

    jam jam4 дні тому


  100. CitiAppleTv

    CitiAppleTv4 дні тому

    This beat is out of this world.

  101. Mils Bnl

    Mils Bnl4 дні тому

    Allez voir vite 😱