H0W One Sniper Killed an lSlS Fighter from 3,871 Yards Away

  • 14 лис 2018
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  1. Gregory Thoman

    Gregory Thoman14 днів тому

    Pure luck

  2. Jason Sterling

    Jason Sterling15 днів тому

    Military grade Algebra

  3. Rija Muzaffar

    Rija Muzaffar22 дні тому

    Then what happened to these snipers in Afghanistan why these buggers are running away from Afghanistan?

  4. Vann

    Vann23 дні тому

    Bullets were dipped in pigs blood

  5. Rick Bellinger

    Rick Bellinger24 дні тому

    That's just amazing. Thank you for your service. That's one hell of a shot

  6. Jamal Sayuti

    Jamal Sayuti25 днів тому

    Bg Akun Yutube lon Subscribe 1500, Jam Tonton rap trok 6000 Mnye Ta peubloe Padup Lagot bg

  7. W A

    W A25 днів тому

    So, this guy shot someone from over 2 miles away

  8. Rick Bellinger

    Rick Bellinger24 дні тому

    W A I wonder who it was. Had to be someone important

  9. end of days

    end of days25 днів тому

    Any shot into an isis members head is a great shot.

  10. Andy Swensson

    Andy Swensson22 дні тому

    I definitely agree !!!

  11. Titus Veridius

    Titus Veridius25 днів тому

    This is a Russian channel operated by Russian contractors paid by the Russian government to conduct information operations.

  12. caitgems1

    caitgems125 днів тому


  13. united westand

    united westand26 днів тому

    Dope the scope

  14. bong Scott

    bong Scott26 днів тому

    Is the ruga made off Kevlar ?

  15. Exclusive Crafts Europe Dennis Freitas

    Exclusive Crafts Europe Dennis Freitas26 днів тому


  16. Donald Berry

    Donald Berry26 днів тому

    Amazing shot!!! So many factors in play.

  17. Faizan Ahmad

    Faizan Ahmad26 днів тому

    Come here coz of pubg

  18. Richard Rybarczyk

    Richard Rybarczyk26 днів тому

    WOW, that’s one hell of a good team. Congratulations to our friends from the north. It’s a safe bet that the goat lover never saw it coming. LOL

  19. Kalla H

    Kalla H26 днів тому

    Millennials are getting too lazy and druged up on everything so we need a new world war to awaken them and sharpen their survival skills and get a stop to all the complaining about everything since they're such a bunch of fragile snowflakes. It seems like kids these days see reality just like a game, just like Trump, only bad thing is that everything becomes less important and you get things like mass shooting and so on...

  20. arkJ7 _

    arkJ7 _26 днів тому

    I was waiting for the story but nope all you were doing was talking about sniping

  21. James Ortiz

    James Ortiz26 днів тому

    Sometimes you just make that shot and the record stands for a long time. Canada makes some outstanding large caliber ammo.

  22. Guru Ji

    Guru Ji26 днів тому

    I love to kill isis.

  23. James Williams

    James Williams26 днів тому

    Great to have the record back in Canadian hands

  24. jenny liew

    jenny liew26 днів тому

    Allah akhbar! They are now with their IDOL, Mohammed! In the Islamic paradise with 72 virgin demons & drinking river of wines which the Holy Bible called hell! There is no Salvation in Islam, just eternal damnation! Enjoy or Repent unto the Almighty God named Jesus The Christ/Messiah! Period ! Time is short, tomorrow is never promised ! Don't be deceived by the 💀 deadly cult! Period ! Wake up!

  25. Kyushu USA

    Kyushu USA26 днів тому

    🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎 0:27 ⚪⚪⚪🌞⚪⚪⚪ 🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏

  26. Sun Kem

    Sun Kem26 днів тому

    shooting east with the rotation of the earth? Pure bullshit, the earth is doing 11000 mph from east to west according to lieing NASA, where can he shoot anything like that? if the earth was moving there is no way he could hit a full size elephant so cut the crap.

  27. Sun Kem

    Sun Kem26 днів тому

    I agree that the guy has skills but the earth spinning part is fake, the earth is not moving.

  28. Robert Hurley Jr

    Robert Hurley Jr26 днів тому

    Wow! McMillan. 50 cal! TAC 50

  29. Ankit Koirala

    Ankit Koirala26 днів тому

    That's cool thanks for video

  30. Robert Hurley Jr

    Robert Hurley Jr26 днів тому

    Good hunting, men!🇺🇸 Why we need better MATH teachers and teaching.🌵🌴🌲🇺🇸

  31. David Barker

    David Barker24 дні тому

    Robert Hurley Jr and now the truth is out American troops with Mossad have been arming funding and training Isis on the Golan heights until retaken by the Syrian army's brace Christian and Muslims fighting together to be free of mercs destabilising the country on behalf of Israel , at the Golan heights were found the latest American tech in comms and ATGMS plus bullets and first aid along with drones ! You poor sad deluded man I feel so sorry for you the foe you have been fighting is a myth the real foe is your best friend Israel

  32. 工兵

    工兵26 днів тому

    Point of Impact(Stephen Hunter)?

  33. Jonathan Fortune

    Jonathan Fortune26 днів тому

    Good shooting.