Halloween Stereotypes


  1. Dude Perfect

    Dude PerfectМісяць тому

    Which one was your fave???? Love you all 👊🏼🙇🏻‍♂️🎃 DP

  2. The black dragon

    The black dragonДень тому

    Pls take one

  3. Dogger4561

    Dogger45615 днів тому

    Rage monster

  4. Dijon Tacos

    Dijon Tacos21 день тому

    All them

  5. Waste

    Waste21 день тому

    No one is home

  6. The Goobers

    The Goobers28 днів тому


  7. Rubert Pieters

    Rubert Pieters15 хвилин тому

    I like wayyyyy over top the most

  8. Rubert Pieters

    Rubert Pieters16 хвилин тому

    I love all of em

  9. Emilio's World

    Emilio's WorldГодину тому

    Ty is a ultra jedi

  10. Nidhi Gupta

    Nidhi GuptaГодину тому

    I loved that rage monster 😂

  11. Hemaytulla Prince

    Hemaytulla PrinceГодину тому


  12. French-Ish Toast

    French-Ish Toast2 години тому

    Oh my goodness me and my friends are always the candy traders on Halloween 🤣 Then it ends up being everyone for themselves.

  13. soinu foig

    soinu foig2 години тому

    Them lame people who hand out eggs and you’re just like “bruh”

  14. Matthew Jimenez

    Matthew Jimenez3 години тому

    The one they are actually excited about rage monster lol 😆 XD

  15. Fat cat betty scratch

    Fat cat betty scratch3 години тому

    7:16 may the force be with you

  16. soinu foig

    soinu foig2 години тому

    Rage monster

  17. totally lemon

    totally lemon4 години тому

    You guys must have so much fun makeing these c idios

  18. Anmonoir Hosan// Rasedul

    Anmonoir Hosan// Rasedul4 години тому

    that darth vader scene actually nuts lol

  19. Rodel Alejandre

    Rodel Alejandre5 годин тому

    mr picky pumpkin

  20. Dusko Stojanov

    Dusko Stojanov6 годин тому

    Can you do Christmas stereotype

  21. Rishi Singla

    Rishi SinglaХвилина тому

    already done

  22. Lindsey Farmer

    Lindsey Farmer6 годин тому

    You are the best😍😘🥰😎😋😊😉😄😃😀😁🙂☺🤗🤩

  23. Redthepro 2132

    Redthepro 21326 годин тому


  24. Lucas Lowery

    Lucas Lowery7 годин тому

    Never gonna give you up never gonna let you down never gonna run around and desert you never going to make you cry never gonna say goodbye never gonna tell ally it hurt you

  25. Gina Walls

    Gina Walls8 годин тому

    Do hockey stereotypes plz

  26. R4F4 L

    R4F4 L8 годин тому

    We need Ty to rage on all scary movie villains

  27. Mlgpenguinboy

    Mlgpenguinboy8 годин тому

    please tell me cory's costume at the start IT'S SO AWSOME

  28. Matt/Kate Maybee

    Matt/Kate Maybee9 годин тому

    You should do Hotel stereotypes

  29. Ammn Mann

    Ammn Mann9 годин тому

    why not just take the whole bag?

  30. Zach Herman

    Zach Herman9 годин тому

    Anger is a path to the dark side

  31. David Apperley

    David Apperley10 годин тому

    Ha ha

  32. Ni c o l e M u n d a y

    Ni c o l e M u n d a y10 годин тому

    Rage monster

  33. Janine Dev

    Janine Dev11 годин тому

    i like the rage monster one

  34. Albert Gonzalez

    Albert Gonzalez11 годин тому

    Stereotypes idea: April fools stereotypes 1.The early prankster 2.Door Danny he (pranks people with doors) 3.The Falls for it guy 4.The home assistant Pranker 5.The stays in his room guy 6.The weak Prank 7.The way over the top prank 8.The scary prank 9.Trip wire Timmy 10.The “broken” electronics prank 11.The morning prank 12.The night prank 13.The disguise prank

  35. Albert Gonzalez

    Albert Gonzalez11 годин тому

    So I’m gonna take a break for a little bit but y’all guys can come up with ideas and trust me I’ll like all of them

  36. elisa palmer

    elisa palmer11 годин тому

    Help me


    BASSEL KHATEEB11 годин тому

    The Rage Monster scene though I loved it

  38. Physic Mats

    Physic Mats12 годин тому

    I thought I would never see tyler fighting Darth Vader with a lightsaber

  39. Nila Magallanes

    Nila Magallanes12 годин тому

    The candy wars

  40. Emily Herndon

    Emily Herndon13 годин тому

    That’s me every hallowen

  41. Malachi Kullander

    Malachi Kullander14 годин тому

    I am such a big fan of dude perfect you guys should totally make Thanksgiving stereotypes!!!

  42. Kings of Country

    Kings of Country14 годин тому


  43. Grace Davico

    Grace Davico14 годин тому

    The max budget costume

  44. stupid_ bs

    stupid_ bs15 годин тому

    How they eveb recorded the jedi scene

  45. u0037 lcpc

    u0037 lcpc15 годин тому

    7:06 wtf

  46. Codog987 !

    Codog987 !16 годин тому

    Rage monster was my favorite

  47. Ken Murray

    Ken Murray16 годин тому

    Mom. You know how much sugar is in this. Me. You know how much sugar you have a day.

  48. Sphinx mj

    Sphinx mj16 годин тому

    Rage monster is the best❤️😂

  49. Dana Krause

    Dana Krause17 годин тому

    You should do football stereotypes.

  50. davian avila

    davian avila18 годин тому

    rage monster is the strongest person alive

  51. XDKyle

    XDKyle18 годин тому

    Wow... the lightsaber fight has technique unlike the Disney movies. *SWING SWING*

  52. Caleb Bourque

    Caleb Bourque19 годин тому

    lol 9:49 ty saying "its fine he never wears pants anyway"

  53. bold sarangereliin

    bold sarangereliin19 годин тому

    guys the dinosaur is going extinct :)

  54. Robin Burch

    Robin Burch20 годин тому

    Pumpkin carving contest be like: YEETING THE GUTS OUT OF THE PUMPKIN XD

  55. Lucas Dodd

    Lucas Dodd20 годин тому

    The Jesus. Mary and Joseph when I was in reseption I did that with no shoes

  56. Berg Olaf

    Berg Olaf21 годину тому

    The rage monster are going on another level

  57. Khalid Abbas

    Khalid Abbas23 години тому

    3:27 who paused the video and counted his fingers?

  58. Areli Olsen

    Areli OlsenДень тому

    Don’t know I like them all

  59. Jose Agabe

    Jose AgabeДень тому

    My fav is when TY Garrett and Cory or coby they were scared like I swear it's funny and the rage monster does it again

  60. Ethan Hodges

    Ethan HodgesДень тому

    hey dude perfect i love tylers range monster in this video i

  61. Charming nowhere to hide

    Charming nowhere to hideДень тому

    *No duel of fates during the lightsaber duel* Me: this is NOT the way

  62. Charming nowhere to hide

    Charming nowhere to hideДень тому

    Pumpkin carving haha


    SS CRAZIESДень тому

    Haha you are hilarious love the show🥳🤪



    " can't see costume " more like " how dinosaurs really went extint "

  65. Scrapbox p1000 use code Litty

    Scrapbox p1000 use code LittyДень тому

    0:00 they have a ring door bell you about to be In Trouble

  66. KanjiGodomo

    KanjiGodomoДень тому

    6:33 The Barbarian starts to rage. 7:38 The Barbarian multiclasses into Paladin.

  67. Benjamin Browngardt

    Benjamin BrowngardtДень тому

    Better lightsaber coreogrpahy than the disney trilogy

  68. DestroyerDevil 18

    DestroyerDevil 18День тому

    I think this is the first time you guys were happy about the rage monster 😀😂

  69. Patrick Ta

    Patrick TaДень тому

    This is the first time the rage monster is useful lol

  70. Robloxnoob_ Gaming

    Robloxnoob_ GamingДень тому

    6:27 the rise of the rage monster

  71. Nicole Sprong

    Nicole SprongДень тому

    Ty, it's going to be November in four hours me is it aready November

  72. Hydrant Gaming

    Hydrant GamingДень тому


  73. Christos Spirou

    Christos SpirouДень тому

    And I thought destroying a pool was epic but defeating darth Vader is even more epic

  74. Michelle Williams

    Michelle WilliamsДень тому

    Please do more rage monster!

  75. Michelle Williams

    Michelle WilliamsДень тому

    I love the rage monster

  76. I R C Y FUN

    I R C Y FUNДень тому

    3:17 the hotdog opened the door

  77. Davidmon Riji

    Davidmon RijiДень тому

    MrBeast or Dude Perfect Who is your favorite Thumps up for MrBeast Comment for dude perfect

  78. Chase Domenico

    Chase DomenicoДень тому

    I’ve been watching for four years awesome video!

  79. Donna Rose

    Donna RoseДень тому

    Pumpkin carving haha

  80. Nila Magallanes

    Nila MagallanesДень тому

    Rage monster rage monster

  81. P Forehand

    P ForehandДень тому

    Your videos are awsome

  82. Jaydo Potato

    Jaydo PotatoДень тому

    My fav is there’s no one home one

  83. BullTrain

    BullTrainДень тому

    Rage monster was the funniest part of the video, but great work, keep it up

  84. Abby Gilbert

    Abby GilbertДень тому

    Honestly I think the rage monster was the best ever because this was the ultimate classic

  85. lego life

    lego lifeДень тому

    I felt so sorry for the donkey and that he has to put all that weight on him

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    ИСТОЧНИК ВДОХНОВЕНИЯ * Source of InspirationДень тому

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  87. Jacob quintanilla

    Jacob quintanillaДень тому


  88. skycavu2000

    skycavu2000День тому

    I have a challenge for you try doing the split

  89. Alexa Holguín

    Alexa HolguínДень тому

    Huh P

  90. - Izuku Midoriya -

    - Izuku Midoriya -День тому

    the first time the rage monster was a hero 0.o

  91. Harry . Inc

    Harry . IncДень тому

    The dinosaur part is much better. 🦕

  92. Sweaty Trick Shots

    Sweaty Trick ShotsДень тому

    The “Take One”

  93. Zander Kruk

    Zander KrukДень тому

    I love nestle crunch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

  94. Henry Sneyd

    Henry SneydДень тому

    It is halloween I can pumpkins in background Pls get my comment to 1000 likes

  95. AZ M

    AZ MДень тому

    I have been waiting for a hockey stereotypes video for so long. Please make it happen

  96. YUNG Gummy Worm

    YUNG Gummy WormДень тому

    I have always wondered what happened to the hat throw

  97. Shelby Milton

    Shelby MiltonДень тому

    Best rage monster ever

  98. Colton William 14

    Colton William 14День тому

    Can you do a stereotypes about Easter

  99. Hyre 9

    Hyre 9День тому

    What they didn’t know is that when they took all the candy and it said “ please take 1” is that they had a ring doorbell so they could see them take it lol 😂

  100. Definitely Teo

    Definitely TeoДень тому

    Guys you, should do gaming sterotypes next!

  101. Nagster Garvey

    Nagster GarveyДень тому

    Awesome my favorite was the haunted hay ride and the rage monster!

  102. Вова Лось

    Вова ЛосьДень тому

    💕💕🙏 Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare/Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Hare Hare🙏💕💕

  103. gir16321

    gir16321День тому

    The rage monster was a better protagonist and had better character development than rey. Then the lightsaber fight was better than the entire sequel trilogy

  104. General Kenobi

    General KenobiДень тому

    **No duel of fates during the lightsaber duel** Me: this is NOT the way

  105. Ethan MH

    Ethan MHДень тому

    for once the rage monster helps

  106. Terencio Calipes

    Terencio Calipes2 дні тому


  107. Villads Matthiessen

    Villads Matthiessen2 дні тому

    Its funny how this lightsaber fight is better than any of the sequel fights

  108. elizabeth ye

    elizabeth ye2 дні тому

    i hate the candy cop with a passion.


    JYCLOPSLEDGEND2 дні тому

    That lightsaber battle was better that the ones in the movies