Harry Styles - Watermelon Sugar (Lost Tour Visual)


  1. Courtney Mitchell

    Courtney MitchellГодину тому

    Harry can I talk to you real quick

  2. no name

    no name3 години тому

    harry sorry to break it to you but it seems like, it wasn’t watermelon sugar they gave you-

  3. Ara Rayne

    Ara Rayne7 годин тому

    Just love this song! Harry Styles really inspires me..

  4. Arantza Millan

    Arantza Millan14 годин тому

    he really influenced on me TPWK

  5. EL POU :v

    EL POU :v14 годин тому


  6. Linda Hanna

    Linda Hanna15 годин тому

    Omg.. .. we can't get enough of him... blasting on my favorite radio stations every 20 mins... and I start dancing and singing every single time!!!.. 🤩💜🎵🎶💯❤

  7. Jennifer Masini

    Jennifer Masini19 годин тому

    Dear Harry, My daughter ❤ you more than me. She is so disrespectful to me. Could you please 🙏 message her? Thank you!

  8. Makensey Kline

    Makensey Kline19 годин тому

    To only think Harry came from One Direction.

  9. x cookie moon x

    x cookie moon x20 годин тому


  10. Xina

    Xina23 години тому

    So today harry is apparently posting adore you music video?

  11. NaNa NaNa

    NaNa NaNaДень тому

    J'ai entendu ce morceau sur RTL2 en rentrant du boulot...j'Adooooore Kaleidoscooooppppp psychadelikkkkkkk 🤪

  12. Savannah E

    Savannah EДень тому

    anyone else waiting for golden 😳

  13. Amanda

    AmandaДень тому


  14. Vortex

    VortexДень тому

    Dang this artist is great, I think he should make a boy band together with Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and Zayn Malik, their voices will sound nice together. Maybe call it "One Direction" or something, that would be a nice name.

  15. MariaGamer YT

    MariaGamer YTДень тому

    what you hear with one direction we want ONE DIRECTION

  16. Samira Hoseini

    Samira HoseiniДень тому

    Babe where is golden mv? We are waiting... ❤⚘

  17. Margiery Juliano

    Margiery JulianoДень тому


  18. Dina Al-Ghamdi

    Dina Al-GhamdiДень тому

    كل ق يا فاكحا

  19. Ravage

    RavageДень тому

    Who's watching this during Covid-19? Wait..hold up do you know the song talks about him being addictive to a drug?

  20. Mia Holden

    Mia HoldenДень тому

    Me just waiting here for golden mv if it comes out 😺😺

  21. Legendary Samurai L S

    Legendary Samurai L SДень тому

    Harry is Harry!

  22. patria matiela

    patria matielaДень тому

    i love you harry♡♡♡ ♡^-^Larry is real^-^♡

  23. Tania Rivadeneira

    Tania RivadeneiraДень тому

    ¿¿encerio hay gente que le da dislike

  24. Agustin34

    Agustin34День тому

    I am from of Argentina I am SOOOOO you fan

  25. Agustin34

    Agustin34День тому

    @Smriti Srinivas in serious?

  26. Smriti Srinivas

    Smriti SrinivasДень тому

    I am a huge fan of Leo Messi

  27. fafa fafafa

    fafa fafafaДень тому

    premium qaulity! that's the level!

  28. Nathaly Sánchez Benítez

    Nathaly Sánchez BenítezДень тому

    Harry: no quiero que los fans piensen que está canción habla de drogas. Also Harry: * saca watermelon sugar versión LSD. 😂

  29. Fausto Flores

    Fausto Flores2 дні тому

    Hola we

  30. Alejandra Leal

    Alejandra Leal2 дні тому


  31. Alejandra Leal

    Alejandra Leal2 дні тому


  32. G N

    G N2 дні тому

    It would be lucky and grateful to have this man as a brother or a friend or just an acquaintance. Keep doing what your conscience tells you. You are a good human being keep that up. ❤️☺️😊

  33. sophia

    sophia2 дні тому

    i like it when harry styles and liam payn sing. i also like zayn malik, niall horan, and louis tomlinson! they should all sing together sometime!

  34. Leyang Lamnyah

    Leyang Lamnyah2 дні тому

    Even though I knew who Harry Styles is... Somehow X-factor brought me here again September 2020

  35. andy knight

    andy knight2 дні тому

    . Great tune .. 💯👌🏻

  36. Berriesh

    Berriesh2 дні тому

    Hahaha I always sing this while taking a shower 😂😂♥️♥️♥️

  37. miriã borges

    miriã borges2 дні тому


  38. reyton vay moomier Arredondo

    reyton vay moomier Arredondo2 дні тому

    This makes me euphoric and I like it

  39. Konsy[¿]

    Konsy[¿]2 дні тому

    So fcking bad

  40. itz.jaidxn

    itz.jaidxn2 дні тому

    This is my favorite song now yes, and i will always play it every second during my school fieldtrip

  41. Harry J.Samuel

    Harry J.Samuel2 дні тому


  42. Paula Martinez

    Paula Martinez2 дні тому

    saludos desde mexico amorcito :)

  43. Ayush Gupta

    Ayush Gupta2 дні тому

    uareporter.net/v/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-NAo38Q9c4xA.html Keep streaming

  44. Solange De la Cruz Natividad

    Solange De la Cruz Natividad2 дні тому

    Aquí , el comentario en español :v

  45. Tania Rivadeneira

    Tania RivadeneiraДень тому

    el comentario en español que estaba bucando

  46. Esmeralda Hartog

    Esmeralda Hartog2 дні тому

    ⚠️WARNING⚠️ Do NOT watch this video if you get high from watermelon sugar🍉

  47. nika’s tutorials

    nika’s tutorials2 дні тому

    is he okay

  48. Mystery Girl

    Mystery Girl3 дні тому

    Vote for harry so he could win the grammys-2021 (also spread this) www.billboard.com/articles/columns/pop/9348442/album-year-2021-grammys-poll

  49. •Aitana _Games•

    •Aitana _Games•3 дні тому

    I LOVE 💝 YOU HARRY ( ˘ ³˘)♥

  50. بصراويه وافتخر

    بصراويه وافتخر3 дні тому


  51. بصراويه وافتخر

    بصراويه وافتخر3 дні тому

    Tanko dr mhg

  52. Silke Meyer Nørby

    Silke Meyer Nørby3 дні тому

    I love u HARRY!!!!!

  53. Smriti Srinivas

    Smriti Srinivas3 дні тому

    Vote for Harry www.billboard.com/articles/columns/pop/9348442/album-year-2021-grammys-poll

  54. Hisham aj

    Hisham aj3 дні тому

    Will 1 DIRECTION re unite?

  55. Renata Salomon

    Renata Salomon3 дні тому

    how dare you

  56. Russell Michell

    Russell Michell3 дні тому

    I love your songs

  57. Ana Clara de Souza silva Souza

    Ana Clara de Souza silva Souza3 дні тому

    Alguém em 2020 😅

  58. DANIELE Cristina

    DANIELE Cristina3 дні тому

    Suga do btsssss😅😁😁😁😁😊

  59. Shallyine Lal

    Shallyine Lal3 дні тому

    Namaste ☝️❤️

  60. Nurhan pro

    Nurhan pro3 дні тому

    Respect from Azerbaijan,❤🇦🇿

  61. maria fernanda

    maria fernanda4 дні тому

    Love ♥️🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  62. maria fernanda

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  63. Lou Pasquiet

    Lou Pasquiet4 дні тому

    I loooooove youuuu my babyyyy ❤️❤️❤️

  64. anjeli guardia

    anjeli guardia4 дні тому


  65. batata assada

    batata assada4 дні тому


  66. Amelie Cruz Betancourt

    Amelie Cruz Betancourt4 дні тому

    Nobody: Literally nobody: My dreams with fever: 1:18

  67. Brenda MP

    Brenda MP4 дні тому

    ❤ sou completamente apaixonada

  68. tahel

    tahel4 дні тому

    You are AMAZING!!!! 😍😍

  69. tahel

    tahel4 дні тому

    Back 1D !! 🥺😍

  70. Perhaps Mask

    Perhaps Mask4 дні тому

    This is so fucking cool


    VANILLA4 дні тому

    Dedicated to touching eh

  72. sebastian mills

    sebastian mills4 дні тому

    What drugs are you on Harry Styles: watermelon sugar high

  73. Maria Haddad

    Maria Haddad5 днів тому

    i love ur songs so much❤️

  74. Muhammad Firdaus

    Muhammad Firdaus5 днів тому


  75. Rocio Miranda

    Rocio Miranda5 днів тому

    Me encanta mucho

  76. Solo Harrie

    Solo Harrie5 днів тому


  77. Soumya Verma

    Soumya Verma5 днів тому

    Harry Kaleidoscope Styles

  78. gia karr

    gia karr5 днів тому


  79. Zio Malgy

    Zio Malgy5 днів тому


  80. Lyu Xiomara Callupe Alfaro

    Lyu Xiomara Callupe Alfaro5 днів тому


  81. Aadila Chohan

    Aadila Chohan5 днів тому


  82. Random girl

    Random girl5 днів тому

    Harry reading these comments be like 'what fooking mushrooms and drugs are you talking about I just discovered effects!'

  83. cheeto lipgloss

    cheeto lipgloss5 днів тому


  84. cheeto lipgloss

    cheeto lipgloss5 днів тому

    hi harry i dont know if you understand this but *im in love with you* ok ty bye😸

  85. Lucileia Sabino

    Lucileia Sabino6 днів тому

    Música foda me lembra dos hipyes

  86. Cristian Matias Vargas Menacho

    Cristian Matias Vargas Menacho6 днів тому

    Some people believe that this singer is amazing but in my opinion he is not what other think , he's nothing

  87. Sarah Madugalle

    Sarah Madugalle6 днів тому

    Clearly you’re a local haha I feel bad 4 ya

  88. Siddhartha Shukla

    Siddhartha Shukla6 днів тому

    Name of Song - Watermelon sugar Start with Strawberries

  89. Md. Abir Hasan

    Md. Abir Hasan6 днів тому

    please bring one direction back. love from Bangladesh

  90. Aaron TMG

    Aaron TMG6 днів тому

    Harry in 2010 : I work at BaKerY Harry in 2020 : Watermelon SuGAr hiGh

  91. itstheonly_dave Williams

    itstheonly_dave Williams6 днів тому


  92. book piradão

    book piradão6 днів тому

    Ahhh alguém que fale português por aí saudades de one direction ahhhh

  93. blá !

    blá !6 днів тому

    Vote for harry www.billboard.com/articles/events/fan-army/9439523/fan-army-2020

  94. Robert Walker

    Robert Walker6 днів тому

    Do you miss one Direction

  95. Lady Day

    Lady Day6 днів тому


  96. Sanjeev Gonsalves

    Sanjeev Gonsalves7 днів тому

    My first crazy crush was Harry styles but now I can die for Kim taehung

  97. it's yo kirl vee!!

    it's yo kirl vee!!7 днів тому

    Harry styles is such a mood ❤️

  98. Uniters Finland

    Uniters Finland7 днів тому

    His voice is so amazing Also go check out a band called Now United for amazing music

  99. Marisol

    Marisol7 днів тому

    Harry styles supremacy, yes lord

  100. francesca arango correa

    francesca arango correa7 днів тому


  101. Allan Bruce

    Allan Bruce7 днів тому

    How did you become anything, the Stylistics Kool and the gang, and even Gary glitter was better than you, give up waster"

  102. Kilmarie Rodriguez

    Kilmarie Rodriguez7 днів тому

    lmao chile anyways so

  103. hailey buckla

    hailey buckla7 днів тому

    I don't even think Harry wants to see this much of him no hate man



    Que me acabo de fumar ?

  105. Watermelon Sugar

    Watermelon Sugar7 днів тому

    I haven't payed attention to One Direction or Harry Styles in quite a few years and I'm confused, did harry and niall break up (their friendship), when did harry get sick, how did I fall in love so quickly after so many years. 🤣❤️ Also I missed your San Antonio tour 😢

  106. Maurizio Barbato

    Maurizio Barbato8 днів тому


  107. 3B_Nikola_14

    3B_Nikola_148 днів тому

    Why did you have a break with one direction