hey, been a while


  1. Dakarai Harper

    Dakarai Harper2 години тому

    I love you Cory no Homo Glad you’re back and let’s make the best out of this year this is your biggest fan Dakarai @dharper20 🥱🥱😂😂

  2. Lucas Ruano

    Lucas Ruano2 години тому

    Yo cory ur video is on 1 on trending!!!!

  3. Micheal Hurley

    Micheal Hurley2 години тому

    Did I been waiting years

  4. Josh Willmott

    Josh Willmott2 години тому

    Cory the real man, he doesn't upload for 9 months and he still gets over 1 million subs in that time.

  5. SuperJeffyNick

    SuperJeffyNick2 години тому

    I missed you

  6. Riyadh

    Riyadh2 години тому

    Mk11 videos pleeeaaasssseeeeee

  7. AlphaSteerGang

    AlphaSteerGang2 години тому

    Man I thought you died 😂

  8. Angel Sanchez

    Angel Sanchez2 години тому

    With #1 trending he has to start posting

  9. Alivia Hawkins

    Alivia Hawkins2 години тому

    real subscribers would watch the whole video

  10. Carter Vicente

    Carter Vicente2 години тому

    NUMBER ONE ON TRENDING MY BOI. Great job, the samurai are truly STRONG. I will 100% sssssamurai SLICE that like button

  11. w0ke_asian

    w0ke_asian2 години тому

    #1 on trending missed you bro.

  12. BlackBait YT

    BlackBait YT2 години тому

    Cory need some roommates that’s what he needs

  13. Nizzo Halla

    Nizzo Halla2 години тому

    and i hope you dont

  14. Bumbo :]

    Bumbo :]2 години тому

    We have missed you Cory!

  15. BigPepper15

    BigPepper152 години тому

    SSS tonight??😊😊 lmao take your time Cory

  16. Miggy

    Miggy2 години тому

    i dont even know who tf you are man.

  17. Olive OWO

    Olive OWO2 години тому

    My heart dropped when I saw that Cory posted again

  18. oulla the martian channel

    oulla the martian channel2 години тому

    Can you make a video you playing spore

  19. HXH TV

    HXH TV2 години тому

    Helle qua kênh mình ủng hộ giúp kênh đạt 1000sub ạ

  20. Nixzy Playz

    Nixzy Playz2 години тому


  21. CarrotMan XD

    CarrotMan XD2 години тому

    🥺😫😭😭😭😭😭I miss you so much!!!!!!

  22. Freddy Fazbear

    Freddy Fazbear2 години тому


  23. Moses Golooba

    Moses Golooba2 години тому

    Are samurai teachers back coryxkinshin u are our superhero shout out to me and sub to Cory X or eat his toe nails 🤢 and shout out to me as dark blade please 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😅

  24. Freddy Fazbear

    Freddy Fazbear2 години тому


  25. oulla the martian channel

    oulla the martian channel2 години тому

    Hey coryxkenshin do you play that game called spore it's a game that you make crazy wacky creatures

  26. Autumn Claire Mullineaux

    Autumn Claire Mullineaux2 години тому

    Cory I'm one of your biggest fans. Me: huh!!!! Cory: huh huh huh huh

  27. Nandi Much

    Nandi Much2 години тому


  28. G Dff

    G Dff2 години тому

    We’ve missed you 😤😤😭😭😭😭😭😭😢

  29. Beth Georges

    Beth Georges2 години тому

    i have been waiting for this :>

  30. Wendigo

    Wendigo2 години тому

    Where is our spooky scary Sunday

  31. Sanaa Weston

    Sanaa Weston2 години тому

    Cory has been gone for to long I thought he was dead

  32. Stevbob

    Stevbob2 години тому

    Me being sad cuz I can’t see my boys can’t skateboard: my favorite youtuber since 2015 comes back 😍 I love u

  33. mm2beast

    mm2beast2 години тому

    I’m happy u came before everyone couldn’t travel bruh I need my favorite yter

  34. Rodriquez Whitsey

    Rodriquez Whitsey2 години тому


  35. Izaiah Otero

    Izaiah Otero2 години тому

    It’s all good he’s back and u do u cory

  36. Ahmed Altaee

    Ahmed Altaee2 години тому


  37. Walter Bagwell

    Walter Bagwell2 години тому

    Can you please get Left 4 dead2

  38. Braydon Carter

    Braydon Carter2 години тому

    CORY UR NUMBER ON TRENDING Oh and btw play kinder garden 2

  39. super son dm

    super son dm2 години тому


  40. Jayden Bell

    Jayden Bell2 години тому

    Sorry if im droping so meny coments

  41. Bri-Guy 2020

    Bri-Guy 20202 години тому


  42. Mya Gonzalez

    Mya Gonzalez2 години тому

    You were in New York😭 I was there I feel so sad now

  43. paige fontana

    paige fontana2 години тому

    Its sunday spooky scary Sundays

  44. 10,000 subs with no vids??

    10,000 subs with no vids??2 години тому

    Can you share footage of rdr2 or Star Wars

  45. J Johnson

    J Johnson2 години тому

    we goin to pour the wax on his lips 😂😂😂🤣🤣

  46. Prince jan Sumagaysay

    Prince jan Sumagaysay2 години тому

    PLAY DOOM ETERNAL CORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. James Bowman

    James Bowman2 години тому

    RE3 ????

  48. Reanna Taylor

    Reanna Taylor2 години тому

    You should do a spooky scary Sunday..

  49. Stevbob

    Stevbob2 години тому

    Love u

  50. Shadow_ Whoa

    Shadow_ Whoa2 години тому

    Next video idea play five nights at Freddy

  51. Bradley Cochran

    Bradley Cochran2 години тому

    It feels like when Link came back 100 years later in Legend of Zelda

  52. TamerPlayz

    TamerPlayz2 години тому

    A true Goat

  53. glitch gaming

    glitch gaming2 години тому

    Thank you for every video you have uploaded I am your most loyal fan I thank you and love your videos so thank you CoryxKenshin(^^)

  54. Basia Motley

    Basia Motley2 години тому

    I love cedar point I went there with my best friend 2 years ago

  55. 1 M Views

    1 M Views2 години тому

    Open me then you will be surprised . !!!!!

  56. CarrotMan XD

    CarrotMan XD2 години тому

    Cory I thought you were kidnapped

  57. endoo_2727

    endoo_27272 години тому

    you know its fine to take a break some times, thank you for taking a break you need it.

  58. Enilem Abotsi-Sewornu

    Enilem Abotsi-Sewornu2 години тому

    I fell out of my chair.

  59. Levi Davis

    Levi Davis2 години тому

    Omggg kory u back

  60. M Animations

    M Animations2 години тому

    He is back

  61. The Big Sad Has Arrived

    The Big Sad Has Arrived2 години тому

    Wow he came back! But my dad didn't.. oh well maybe next year.

  62. Makofish Yep

    Makofish Yep2 години тому

    Let’s go the homie is back :D

  63. IhhArr Lingad

    IhhArr Lingad2 години тому

    It just puts a smile it my face seeing Cory back

  64. Cody Penmart

    Cody Penmart2 години тому

    Horror games is best like evil nun,mr meat,ice scream1 2 and 3

  65. Alina Leyva

    Alina Leyva2 години тому

    Let’s go the samurai god is back

  66. Kesi .C

    Kesi .C2 години тому

    So is he uploading tommorow??? Thank God he came back😭😭

  67. unknown girl ?

    unknown girl ?2 години тому

    Cory's back I love your vids

  68. Ralassad

    Ralassad2 години тому

    It's been 4 years since I've seen a video from this kid and when he hit me with that "your all grown up" dude that hits different....

  69. Erica Nicole

    Erica Nicole2 години тому

    I’m so happy your back 😊 and I’m happy your got yourself back together ‼️❤️

  70. jasmine conic

    jasmine conic2 години тому

    We not laughing with you

  71. kerrie Second

    kerrie Second2 години тому


  72. RYTHM 2.0

    RYTHM 2.02 години тому

    Welcome back

  73. treyzier schooner

    treyzier schooner2 години тому

    I am your number one fan please please never leave UAreporter again 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  74. Cody Penmart

    Cody Penmart2 години тому

    JoJo pose

  75. the ocean seagull

    the ocean seagull2 години тому

    Cory:leaves for 9 months 1 month later Cory:aight ima head out

  76. Red Dog

    Red Dog2 години тому


  77. Pk _Lazypoptart

    Pk _Lazypoptart2 години тому

    I missed you no homo

  78. YoYoBear

    YoYoBear2 години тому

    Omg 282k comments. I've never seen this on another channel. You have an impact on others cory 🙏❤☯️

  79. Walter Bagwell

    Walter Bagwell2 години тому


  80. NOBZ_Kaizo Yt

    NOBZ_Kaizo Yt2 години тому