Homemade Lathe Machine


  1. Alfredo Delgado

    Alfredo Delgado4 години тому

    Hola. Mas o menos cuanto dinero gastaste en el torno y sus tornillos, barras y el cabezal del torno.

  2. Jaime DM FOTOLITO

    Jaime DM FOTOLITO4 години тому

    Increible Trabajo , big Job, Saludos.

  3. Charles Carabott

    Charles Carabott7 годин тому

    I have wanted a lathe since forever but where always too expensive for me and had no idea it could be built with tools i already have or easy for me to buy and use. Now thanks to the person making this video i have a clear idea of how to go about it. I will try to make one as soon as i have some time to spare for this project. It wont be easy but i think its within my skill level.

  4. Toony Cazares

    Toony Cazares9 годин тому

    Gime price

  5. Toony Cazares

    Toony Cazares9 годин тому

    I want lathe ???

  6. Toony Cazares

    Toony Cazares9 годин тому

    You wanna make for me one

  7. Toony Cazares

    Toony Cazares9 годин тому

    How much the cost

  8. Sibasish giri

    Sibasish giri18 годин тому

    PCP airgun . How to make .. plz plz plz. Make a PCP airgun .177 with complete measurements

  9. Ari Tilpe

    Ari Tilpe19 годин тому

    Toninho bom p fabricar armas.

  10. Магомед Гасанов

    Магомед Гасанов20 годин тому

    Доброго времени суток продаешь ?

  11. Jghhv Gkjh

    Jghhv Gkjh22 години тому

    Thanks your very nice This is the first job in morroco



    K super but price amount

  13. jorge estrada

    jorge estradaДень тому

    Amazing! I always like this guy videos 👍

  14. Hamza Almoughrabi

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  15. salvatore pitzanti

    salvatore pitzantiДень тому

    Vorrei sapere dove comprare il materiale per costruire il tornio grazie

  16. mason jones

    mason jones2 дні тому

    Making a lathe with a lathe . Brilliant

  17. Evgen Van

    Evgen Van2 дні тому

    Отлично! Сколько стоит такая задумка! Готовый не проще купить?

  18. Dev khatri

    Dev khatri2 дні тому

    Sir agar ap se purchase krni ho lathe to kitna price hoga,pls snd on me w p no8510045426 plss

  19. sleepa20v

    sleepa20v2 дні тому

    This guy arcs cleaner than I mig.

  20. Shahrul Hisham Mohammed

    Shahrul Hisham Mohammed2 дні тому

    Can i order from you?

  21. himanchal mankele

    himanchal mankele3 дні тому

    Very good

  22. Norman Affendi

    Norman Affendi3 дні тому

    Brilliant!!.absolutely brilliant!!

  23. Jorge Hernandez

    Jorge Hernandez4 дні тому

    Amgo muy buen aporte gracias una pregunta cuanto tiene de largo el tuvo y de grosor que lleva la chumacera o de cuanto es la chumasera

  24. d minor organ

    d minor organ4 дні тому

    Sir can i have the list of the parts so i can print .......thank you..

  25. Melvin Fernandes

    Melvin Fernandes5 днів тому


  26. Ruben Carvalheiro

    Ruben Carvalheiro5 днів тому

    Where do you buy these bars and the parts that go through them

  27. ВадаВад

    ВадаВад5 днів тому

    Молодец. Заебись! Магёшь!

  28. Madan Raut

    Madan Raut5 днів тому

    How can I get this lathe machine parts


    LANCE OBST5 днів тому

    You are a truly incredible craftsman, and you give glory to the phrase “measure twice cut once”, you did a truly incredible job all around with your lathe building, and you should absolutely be proud of your work!

  30. shivshankar sahu

    shivshankar sahu5 днів тому

    Bhai you are best

  31. Numas Pompilio

    Numas Pompilio5 днів тому

    friend what is the name of the rail that appears in the second 0.42? how do I look for it in the market?

  32. Numas Pompilio

    Numas Pompilio5 днів тому

    amigo como se llama el riel del segundo 0,42?

  33. Freeman D

    Freeman D5 днів тому

    Very nice Do you have the technical drawings for this project?

  34. เจียด แฮม

    เจียด แฮม6 днів тому


  35. Cakra chenal

    Cakra chenal6 днів тому

    sorry sir would you please mention the name of the type of iron and the size of the pack.. I wish you good luck and chenal mr press forward once again I ask you please sir ( indonesia Medan sumatra utara present..🙏🙏🙏

  36. Тут Был Я

    Тут Был Я6 днів тому

    I put "like" - great welding skills and solid effort overall including filming everything. However I questioning if result could be called "lathe" - no indexing, no autofeeding, no thread making ability etc, etc, etc. Basically this device missing everything that associated with proper lathe as a high precision device. And plus all those used parts cost quite a bit of money, just add little more and get Chinese made lathe - for sure it will be far from "proper" one, but indeed will be well above this project.

  37. Djalma Apolonio Dos Reis Apolonio Dos Reis

    Djalma Apolonio Dos Reis Apolonio Dos Reis6 днів тому

    Por favor me manda um vídeo pos eu tenho muita vontade de fábrica u meu próprio forno estou me expirando em VC q e um artista meu zap (35)999824660 Djalma

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  39. Jack Mofasa

    Jack Mofasa7 днів тому

    Have really appreciated for the ingesting video

  40. Herna Wati

    Herna Wati7 днів тому

    mantap bro

  41. Fernando Sampaio

    Fernando Sampaio7 днів тому

    Fantástico 👏👏👏👏

  42. Courtney King

    Courtney King7 днів тому

    Make a set of prints for this so i can buy a copy for my grandson .

  43. Courtney King

    Courtney King7 днів тому

    Fantastic and thank you

  44. 1crazypj

    1crazypj7 днів тому

    That is very impressive engineering . Using ball screws and linear rails means it would be possible to convert to CNC relatively easily

  45. Silvia Perez

    Silvia Perez7 днів тому

    Eres fenomenal serías tan amable de dar las medidas de todas las piezas y a donde compraste las piezas principales

  46. The right Sound

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  47. Garth Eligon

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    pre! magkano mag pagawa. pa order ng ganyan.

  49. Norberto Francisco

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    Parabéns muito bom.

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    Felicitaciones sos un capo

  51. Asghar Rezaei

    Asghar Rezaei9 днів тому

    Perfect, real nice very very excelent job , good luck man .

  52. ly co

    ly co9 днів тому

    Amazing job ! Some questions for you: How tight are the linear bearing blocks? Does it enough for lathing? I thought they were loose before watching this video. Which electrod (6013 or 7018) are you using for welding ? Thank you for sharing.

  53. Maria Lenilda

    Maria Lenilda9 днів тому

    how do I buy a ready-to-use lathe?

  54. vigneshwar vicky

    vigneshwar vicky9 днів тому

    Lathe is God of all machines

  55. Antonio Carlos Medeiros

    Antonio Carlos Medeiros9 днів тому

    Sensacional, grato pelo seu compartilhamento em video podemos entender como a mecânica funciona.

  56. sameer Alhsaan

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  57. Boots

    Boots9 днів тому

    I agree, this is a very nice build, in the "Build" sense even if a few parts were purchased. Sometime you can't bootstrap from the very basics without some advanced machinery or machinery not readily available. At least this wasn't a mostly bolt together "build". I watch many like This Old Tony, and others, and would like to join in the fun.

  58. oosha baba

    oosha baba10 днів тому

    I am amazed, bravo!

  59. olavl

    olavl10 днів тому

    Fantastic work. And this machine will easily convert to CNC as well, if you ever want to.

  60. Асен Касымбеков

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  61. Павел Ивашкевич

    Павел Ивашкевич10 днів тому

    Резьбу на таком не нарежешь.

  62. boy tuner racing

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    Berapa biaya produksi nya

  63. Arturo Lopez

    Arturo Lopez10 днів тому

    Mis respetos compita neta e visto muchos videos pero usted es una chingoneria trabajando wwooww !!! 😲

  64. Rickster King

    Rickster King10 днів тому

    This man is smart. I wish I had some smarts like him.

  65. 科研學習專家

    科研學習專家9 днів тому

    Haha …………me too😁

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  67. William Hipp

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    How many RPM motor?

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    super🖒🖒 maladec

  69. jamesws3

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    I strongly dislike people who vote down a video like this. Give the guy credit for doing something few could do and posting a video. Nothing nice to say? Shut up!!

  70. tan trieu

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    Anh ơi làm cho em một cái nhé

  71. Christian Cardin

    Christian Cardin11 днів тому

    Other than the length of the video and the color of the machine, great work man its truly the work of an artist

  72. Luis H Lugo

    Luis H Lugo11 днів тому

    Un saludo muy buen trabajo qué precio tiene uno igual y para enviarse a Colombia

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    Excelent!!!! very good!

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    eres mas que un ingeniero eres un leonado davinchi

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    Jual di Bukalapak laku bang

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    Good job!!! 👍👍🇧🇷

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    Quanto custa um torno nesse modelo? Parabéns pelo trabalho

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    Good job boss. Mantap..

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    sekalian ongkir