How Chick Fila Workers was when they heard about the New Popeyes Sandwich


  1. Jay Cisco

    Jay Cisco22 години тому

    0:02 "That shit don't even sound good" It really wasn't.

  2. Cedenia Gregory

    Cedenia GregoryДень тому

    Guess you gotta add McDonald's...

  3. Valdemar Duran

    Valdemar DuranДень тому

    I promise I'm see you at the window

  4. Cedenia Gregory

    Cedenia GregoryДень тому I don't... Fuck popeyes? Or Fuck chick-fil-a? Edit: also I realized that Leland was in the front but he's gone wtf

  5. ItsAn Blurtle

    ItsAn BlurtleДень тому

    Black people yelling is never not gonna be funny

  6. your destrxction

    your destrxction2 дні тому


  7. aiman faris

    aiman faris3 дні тому

    McDonalds is the best....still da best

  8. Cooking with the Blues

    Cooking with the Blues3 дні тому

    My Chicken Sandwich Is The Best,

  9. Red Scott

    Red Scott4 дні тому

    Restaurant wars. Noticed KFC and Chikafila has same uniform colors as wendies?

  10. Chandler Allum

    Chandler Allum4 дні тому

    0:31 the chicken sandwich drive by

  11. Wajid Masood

    Wajid Masood4 дні тому

    Reminds of gta san andreas lol

  12. Ruby Lopez Garcia

    Ruby Lopez Garcia4 дні тому


  13. Alex Quintero

    Alex Quintero5 днів тому

    Niggas always scream my pleasure in chick fila videos🤣🤣💀💀💀💀💀💀

  14. Jamaal Gilbert

    Jamaal Gilbert5 днів тому


  15. 90210 Hero

    90210 Hero5 днів тому

    I’m so weakkkkk

  16. Zach Fry

    Zach Fry5 днів тому


  17. Ahmed Gadit

    Ahmed Gadit6 днів тому

    Popeyes chicken sandwich is good though

  18. Rondell Terrell

    Rondell Terrell6 днів тому

    They need a tv show

  19. Purple For Acid

    Purple For Acid6 днів тому

    "you think I can get some... Get that shi out my face"🤣🤣🤣

  20. Tyzedd Bowles Jr. 0825

    Tyzedd Bowles Jr. 08256 днів тому


  21. Jung Kookie

    Jung Kookie6 днів тому

    When supreme dreams was fighting Ben he was like MY PLEASURE MY PLEASURE

  22. I.O. Fit channel

    I.O. Fit channel6 днів тому

    😂🤣😂😂🤣 yoooooooo loooool

  23. Te'Asia Balentine

    Te'Asia Balentine7 днів тому

    Yeah I'ma see you the window I promise I'ma see you at the window 😂🤣 🤣😂🤦🏾‍♀️

  24. Married With Children

    Married With Children7 днів тому

    Watched it 3 times in a row! LOL

  25. Zachary Jones

    Zachary Jones7 днів тому

    Oh chick fil a employees cussing now?! DANG What universe is this?!

  26. Fishing with Essex

    Fishing with Essex7 днів тому

    0:21 "Yeah ima see you at the window" LOL

  27. First Last

    First Last7 днів тому

    Look like target employees training for black Friday lmao

  28. Darth Vix

    Darth Vix7 днів тому

    On God Popeye niggas would be strapped

  29. XtraThankYou

    XtraThankYou7 днів тому

    Do they actually work at Popeyes or what because him randomly being an employee was even more hilarious lol

  30. Elnibba 1

    Elnibba 18 днів тому

    My pleasure

  31. james hope

    james hope8 днів тому

    Ben san has joined the fray

  32. MP Wellness

    MP Wellness8 днів тому

    Only 2 stars on their reviews. 😂😂

  33. D J

    D J8 днів тому

    "My pleasure, my pleasure!"

  34. Coolio Nohara

    Coolio Nohara9 днів тому

    “Get y’all own shit”

  35. Snipertrey47

    Snipertrey479 днів тому

    shit funny as hell man always on poijnt my niggas

  36. U.N.I F.O.R.M

    U.N.I F.O.R.M9 днів тому

    Oh my God 2.99 subs

  37. Armoni Taylor

    Armoni Taylor9 днів тому

    “Yea imma see you at the window”🤣🤣🤦🏾‍♀️

  38. Bill Nye

    Bill Nye9 днів тому

    Where’s a new good avatar

  39. Emmanuel Castillo

    Emmanuel Castillo9 днів тому

    Im at Chikl Fil A right now... so i had to watch this again 🤣🤣

  40. Alex Dellorto

    Alex Dellorto9 днів тому

    "yeah imma see you at the window" that right there should tell you they want smoke

  41. The Avatar

    The Avatar9 днів тому

    0:21 *Yeah Ima see you at the window! I promise Ima see him at the window...*

  42. Winston Beysolow

    Winston Beysolow9 днів тому


  43. Hetty

    Hetty9 днів тому

    Wtf did i just watch?

  44. TaleOfAmaru

    TaleOfAmaru9 днів тому

    Sound like a bunch of seagulls fighting over a chip.

  45. Black Lyfe

    Black Lyfe10 днів тому


  46. Bird Doug

    Bird Doug10 днів тому


  47. Hedwig Etcetera

    Hedwig Etcetera10 днів тому

    they sound like chickens 😂😂😂

  48. Melanie Blanks

    Melanie Blanks10 днів тому

    This nigga got the cure to depression 😭 OMM

  49. Dragon Gun

    Dragon Gun10 днів тому



    THE DC DOUGH SHOW10 днів тому


  51. Dearcey Brown

    Dearcey Brown10 днів тому

    Seen how mad Desmond got when he threw the paper at him 😂

  52. Zack Rader

    Zack Rader10 днів тому

    Wait, I thought Chick-Fil-A employees are Christians.

  53. christian coloso

    christian coloso8 днів тому

    So a man of the lord can't box?

  54. Tru Scorpio

    Tru Scorpio11 днів тому


  55. Doeray

    Doeray11 днів тому

    What's your secret? Popeyes/ChicFilA - We use actual cuts of chicken, not chicken paste patties.

  56. Edwin Hernandez

    Edwin Hernandez11 днів тому

    "My pleasure my pleasure" 😂

  57. patrick plant

    patrick plant11 днів тому

    Watch “How Chick Fil A training gotta be like” in order to appreciate when he says “my pleasure” while fighting 😂

  58. LushHush

    LushHush11 днів тому

    They talked so fast in that fight scene I was just hearin “bok bok bok bok bok! Bok bok bok bok!”

  59. ghosty ghost

    ghosty ghost11 днів тому

    🤣🤣 wtf

  60. Jatniel Granillo

    Jatniel Granillo11 днів тому

    You want spicy!

  61. Dbz Lover

    Dbz Lover11 днів тому