How Chick Fila Workers was when they heard about the New Popeyes Sandwich


  1. Grace Dixon

    Grace Dixon4 години тому

    i need this as a 4 season long show

  2. Wesley EP

    Wesley EP9 годин тому

    Popeyes was better tho

  3. RenaldoSeguin

    RenaldoSeguin16 годин тому

    It’s been out for months and nobody pointed out that between ordering and pulling up to the window, one dude teleported from the back to the front seat

  4. Fleivor

    FleivorДень тому

    there it was three guys in the car, when the fight started one of them just vanished lol

  5. Kayla Barjon

    Kayla BarjonДень тому

    nobody: mark getting ready to fight: “MY PLEASURE, MY PLEASURE!”

  6. I Have 4 of Those Btw

    I Have 4 of Those BtwДень тому

    Chick Fila drive by be like

  7. Swayvy Savage

    Swayvy SavageДень тому

    This still be having me weak

  8. Jamiel Meggett

    Jamiel MeggettДень тому

    my pleasure my pleasure

  9. Cj

    Cj2 дні тому

    Immortality relapse real, we playing for souls, the grave human to anime

  10. Ali XD

    Ali XD3 дні тому

    0:43 when ninjas see other village ninjas in the chunin exams

  11. Cj

    Cj3 дні тому

    We can have a brief talk once again today yes we gotta play a game

  12. Cj

    Cj3 дні тому

    We playing for rebirths look my spell you need a brainless

  13. Cj

    Cj3 дні тому

    This what you gotta pay for yes everything lol he the third hottest and the exclusive banned

  14. Leilani Delgadillo

    Leilani Delgadillo3 дні тому

    i feel like almost all popeye's i've gone to had really nice customers¿¿

  15. Santiago Fernandez

    Santiago Fernandez3 дні тому

    In the end KFC wins

  16. Niesha Wiser

    Niesha Wiser4 дні тому

    Get that shit out my face 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣IM HOLLERING

  17. FL Elite

    FL Elite4 дні тому

    Y’all fools!!! Ima old head and y’all keep cracking me up lol homey threw the bag back at him and said “get that ish out my face” then banged spicy on him 😆

  18. NPN Big 6

    NPN Big 64 дні тому


  19. godspeedelijah

    godspeedelijah4 дні тому

    I'm pretty sure that Chick Fil A employees all know MMA

  20. Malik Hoff

    Malik Hoff4 дні тому

    You can get some.. get that shit out my face!

  21. prod. FREEJAYDEN

    prod. FREEJAYDEN6 днів тому

    "my pleasure my pleasure my pleasure"

  22. Katsuki1469

    Katsuki14696 днів тому

    He ran to him saying my pleasure

  23. MOsT HaTed0173

    MOsT HaTed01737 днів тому


  24. FarruFR

    FarruFR7 днів тому

    That is what chick fil a employees do on sundays

  25. Jasmine A

    Jasmine A6 днів тому

    FarruFR You gotta take the negative energy out 😂

  26. Anthony 1445

    Anthony 14457 днів тому

    Lmao that fact that he said “lemme get a popeyes chicken sandwich”

  27. Dylan Yilmaz

    Dylan Yilmaz7 днів тому


  28. Zach Fry

    Zach Fry7 днів тому

    But what if Popeyes and Chick-fil-A sold burgers...

  29. KaiTGM

    KaiTGM7 днів тому

    Rip both chicken sandwiches

  30. Sanic Mastah

    Sanic Mastah7 днів тому

    Pubg waiting lobby be like

  31. AntCamArtist

    AntCamArtist8 днів тому

    Reminds me of racka racka ronald vs burger king

  32. Hg _takeflight

    Hg _takeflight9 днів тому

    Problem is did they pay for it lol he just gave it right to him

  33. J Freezy Reviews

    J Freezy Reviews9 днів тому Big Mac forever

  34. Ace Young

    Ace Young10 днів тому

    They fact that Popeye's had bring your own bread is proof how ghetto they're

  35. Jeffrey Pineda

    Jeffrey Pineda10 днів тому

    I like how they just throw the chick fila sandwich at them

  36. Jesse aquafine

    Jesse aquafine11 днів тому

    The amozon theme song

  37. Jeane Suikoden - SuikodenGR

    Jeane Suikoden - SuikodenGR11 днів тому

    Chick Fil a chicken is the dead ass balling. FIGHT ME Though...popeyes biscuits is no joke

  38. Real Rullah

    Real Rullah11 днів тому

    Nigga got out the car throwing chicken sandwiches 😆😅

  39. Jesse aquafine

    Jesse aquafine11 днів тому


  40. Dr_Wrecker

    Dr_Wrecker11 днів тому

    Damn chickfilla throwing shade

  41. Kaguhdotuuh

    Kaguhdotuuh11 днів тому

    The guy in the back was like “What’s good, Hermano?”

  42. VOCAL Lotus

    VOCAL Lotus12 днів тому

    0:45 they threw the chicken sandwich at them 😂

  43. Hero Killer

    Hero Killer12 днів тому


  44. RB725GamingHD

    RB725GamingHD12 днів тому

    Love the chicken sandwiches that keep flying from the chick fil a workers

  45. Bentham Hu

    Bentham Hu12 днів тому

    What on earth did I just watch

  46. Johnny Nieto

    Johnny Nieto12 днів тому

    Chick-fil-A doesn't even care about Popeye's J's

  47. Isaiah Does Art

    Isaiah Does Art12 днів тому

    Kfc in the back: Should we... McDonalds: Just Leave them be

  48. Jo Joestar

    Jo Joestar13 днів тому


  49. Firey Ruby

    Firey Ruby13 днів тому

    Who drive through y’all use?

  50. Marquis Long

    Marquis Long13 днів тому

    Replaces guns with chicken sandwiches. Real nigga shit!

  51. Nick selon

    Nick selon14 днів тому

    they the black version of smosh

  52. I Am 999

    I Am 99914 днів тому

    I love how he’s using Chick Fil A Sandwiches like they are weapons. XD

  53. Noah Nguyen

    Noah Nguyen14 днів тому

    Those aren't the employees those are the customers when it came out 0:49

  54. swaygfx

    swaygfx14 днів тому



    MUIKAGE15 днів тому

    Funniest shit ever 🤣🤣🤣

  56. nesto

    nesto16 днів тому

    Lmao chucking sandwiches at them from inside the car

  57. vortex 32

    vortex 3216 днів тому

    Funny as hell

  58. Anthony Soto

    Anthony Soto16 днів тому


  59. John Anderson

    John Anderson16 днів тому

    I bet this really happens lol...

  60. Jesse aquafine

    Jesse aquafine17 днів тому


  61. HrshiMiss

    HrshiMiss17 днів тому

    I mean, I would expect Popeyes employees to fight, but not Chic-Fil- A employees.