How the Las Vegas Gunman Planned a Massacre, in 7 Days of Video | NYT - Visual Investigations


  1. The New York Times

    The New York Times8 місяців тому

    In October, we pieced together 30 videos to understand how the Las Vegas Massacre unfolded:відео-krr4u6uGdzc.html

  2. Evac Ghost

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  3. Wise Warrior's Path II

    Wise Warrior's Path II6 днів тому

    He did his job for the government well.. help support small censored channels folks.

  4. Lonely Girl

    Lonely Girl7 днів тому

    no did you frame him? show us the bellman actually entering room 135 or 134? not some crap downstairs in a hallway and that could have been anybody else's luggage and Stephen Paddock was the scapegoat?

  5. JTron6710

    JTron67107 днів тому

    +Cruzito The lad Yea that's my exact point dude. It's crazy, videos like this shouldn't be uploaded and news stations shouldn't report mass shootings. Look it up, there's an actual psychological term called the "Copycat killer phenomenon." It's whenever a mass shooting event is broadcasted, a few weeks/months after someone who is already psycho and has disturbed thoughts gets the idea to do it and repeat it too.

  6. HeyItsKasy 101

    HeyItsKasy 1018 днів тому

    The worst fear for this,, is you being the victim


    CLEVON the LOONEY BOY3 години тому

    hey gunmans & school shooters I know what can fix y'all up if your feeling suicidal or depress: 1. CHURCH 2. THERAPY 3. JAIL

  8. 21131 91125

    21131 911256 годин тому

    At least he had good taste in food. Sushi is pretty good.

  9. tm mt

    tm mt13 годин тому

    Unmentioned is that he went to anti Trump protest... a real trump hater.. probably read the New York Times and CNN

  10. Donald Leavy

    Donald Leavy14 годин тому

    I Wouldn’t BELIVE The Ny Times If Jesus Christ Stood On A Soapbox & Sold Them T S

  11. Saint Martins

    Saint Martins15 годин тому

    Not surprised. This white male terrorist was a confirmed registered republiKKKan & a card carrying member of the n.r.a., shooting & killing 58 redneck CUNTry music fans. LOL!

  12. Maddie

    Maddie16 годин тому

    It’s so crazy how this man, looks so so normal. The way he interacts with people, smiles and everything. You wouldn’t never assume he’d do this

  13. MrGreatness412

    MrGreatness41217 годин тому

    Just out of curiosity how do they know the exact time the deadbolts were locked? Every hotel I seem to frequent has hallway cameras. Somethings weird.

  14. megaohmz

    megaohmz19 годин тому

    The New York Times is getting better at making creepy pasta videos it looks like!

  15. megaohmz

    megaohmz19 годин тому

    Everyone in Vegas knows that the cameras in Mandalay are WAY more resolute than this. You cant make out any detail on any video in this entire video. This is suspicious. The fact that Saudi Arabia was involved, left out. The fact that there were multiple locations where shootings occur that night, etc. The coverup is obvious. The (Office of War Information) going by the name of "New York Times", are getting better at creating "Creepy Pasta" videos though!

  16. knish

    knish9 годин тому

    hey man just checking in are you ok?

  17. Crochime2

    Crochime220 годин тому

    Poor Propaganda.. Very poor..

  18. Fran Gustavo

    Fran GustavoДень тому

    Never trust what the government tells you

  19. Luke Rinck

    Luke RinckДень тому

    Still no explanation of why the rate of fire seen in eyewitness footage doesnt match the rate of fire of a full auto AR15, or an AR15 with a slidefire stock.

  20. Wazz_Bree Wipple

    Wazz_Bree WippleДень тому

    . . this looks like a set up . . he looks like a Patsy . . . he looks like the Fall Guy . . . he looks like he was one of the Victims . . . I'm not buying this at all . . . I smell a RAT . . .

  21. Matt

    MattДень тому

    Why would you need upwards of 40 guns? surely 1 good rifle (plus a backup) and a suitecase full of magazines would do? Why is nobody seeing the truth???...

  22. Build Grow

    Build GrowДень тому

    Stop Gambling🖤👌👏💯

  23. John Quill Taylor

    John Quill TaylorДень тому

    And yet every day in America, another approximately *ten thousand more people* become old enough to purchase a gun . . .відео-w6Xtk7ALaUI.html

  24. theflyingsource

    theflyingsourceДень тому

    America's problems is morality, values, and faith. I say that we as Americans need to look at ourselves in mirror. Because, it is not to pretty. Us allowing race, politics, religion, gender, origin, sexual preference, age to divide us is really killing us. We have to start loving one another, treat everyone with respect and dignity. Do unto other as we want others do unto us. We are a nation of diversity. Every business, school, company, organization etc. Needs to start talking about ethical and culture, equal opportunities and fairness, sexual assaults and harassments, mental illness and suicide awareness, drugs and substances abuse, and most of all faith at least every month. Faith and their overall view of life. What life means to them, what is their purpose in life, how they feel about death and life after death, how to deal with difficult situation, dealing with depression and loneliness, dealing with setbacks or when they get a disappointment, and yes love for one another. Greed, pride, envy, jealousy, hatefulness, adultery, and etc. That we can do. All we to do is say yes to it

  25. Megalodon

    MegalodonДень тому

    las vegas is scum bag central! .. good work stephan paddock! Salute!

  26. oh pezx

    oh pezxДень тому

    So he is called a “gunman” because he isn’t a muslim ,

  27. Joji Shino

    Joji ShinoДень тому

    Sponsored by suitcases

  28. Miss Aden

    Miss AdenДень тому

    We don't need others we have plenty of our own terrorists, sorry did I say terrorist I meant gunman , lool. White people are the most, twisted, delusional race on the planet. Reckon the world would be a better place without that race. Still karma is a wonderful thing. Enjoy the ride whitey, sometimes orange people there is lots more like him to come.

  29. Nahid91

    Nahid91День тому

    But he is not a terrorist. Because he is white and just a sad and angry guy. LoL.

  30. Matt P

    Matt P2 дні тому

    This could have been from ANY of his multiple stays at this hotel. We need better!!!

  31. BadMonkey

    BadMonkey2 дні тому

    All those guns and bags and he only killed 50 people

  32. Ninja

    Ninja2 дні тому

    Is anyone else concerned how they know every where he went and what he did at his home?

  33. Malibu7Seven

    Malibu7Seven2 дні тому

    A huge question is why did ONE lone gunman have so many guns? 20 something is way more than one man could use.

  34. Armando Salgado

    Armando SalgadoДень тому

    All of those guns were meant to be used in a shootout with Law Enforcement, they would be used in such a manner where the shooter doesn’t have to reload one firearm but rather quickly grab another one when a firearm is empty.

  35. Malibu7Seven

    Malibu7Seven2 дні тому

    The "official" story just doesn't make sense... even after releasing these videos I'm still perplexed 🤔

  36. Alby Andhika

    Alby Andhika2 дні тому

    The las vegas gunman??? Hahaha why you dont called terorist??? Or that's just for muslim??

  37. Alby Andhika

    Alby AndhikaДень тому

    +David Marshall ter·ror·ist /ˈterərəst/ noun 1. a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims. "four commercial aircraft were hijacked by terrorists" sinonim:extremist, fanatic; Lainnya adjective 1. unlawfully using violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims. "a terrorist organization" So where the source you get of that argument about terrorist?? Or that's just your own opinion?

  38. David Marshall

    David MarshallДень тому

    A terrorist is someone who harm one or more people to get across their political views. Don't have to be Muslim just most are. 😉👍

  39. Blarple Barp

    Blarple Barp2 дні тому

    Oh boy, the tinfoil hats are still crawling out of their holes for this.

  40. Blarple Barp

    Blarple Barp2 дні тому

    +Joe Boyko people are claiming to say it was an inside job with no evidence other than their gut feeling.

  41. Joe Boyko

    Joe Boyko2 дні тому

    Care to elaborate?

  42. Waylein Rosales

    Waylein Rosales2 дні тому

    He’s dead I was supposedly do that to him

  43. s3xyScorp

    s3xyScorp2 дні тому

    Motive seems prety simple = the THRILL of KILING shooting people

  44. Joe Boyko

    Joe Boyko2 дні тому

    No... Your *_"logic"_* seems pretty simple. Simple minded... He was apparently a pretty chill guy who had no propensity toward violence before this incident. What would trigger him to pre-plan and coordinate an attack like this? Because this wasn't something that was just done "spur of the moment". There was definitely some *motive* behind this. And "thrill killing" doesn't fit the profile. So spare me your amateur opinion on the subject.

  45. Guilshad Joseph

    Guilshad Joseph2 дні тому

    How come all shooters are white people and we blacks still get the business

  46. pinkmist

    pinkmist2 дні тому

    What if the time stamps are doctored?

  47. Dylan Burgess

    Dylan Burgess2 дні тому

    absolutely disgusting every location should have suitcase checks or something

  48. Dec R

    Dec R2 дні тому

    He had enough of bush campers

  49. Bloiple

    Bloiple2 дні тому

    man thats a video that really needs to get made a video showing a shooter's face, name, and how they did it and planned it... pathetic cash grab NYT

  50. steve dareson

    steve dareson3 дні тому

    Mandala bay should have owned cctv cameras made in china 4 k uhd immediately

  51. belilu belilu

    belilu belilu3 дні тому

    Everything about the official narrative is just screaming: LIES; LIES & MORE LIES!!!!

  52. Randy C

    Randy C3 дні тому

    Filter-Hey Man Nice Shot

  53. Leelu Pendragon

    Leelu Pendragon3 дні тому

    Props to this guy

  54. LukeIsChilling

    LukeIsChilling3 дні тому

    No one cares about people dying lol.

  55. Daniel Shatila

    Daniel Shatila3 дні тому

    Only showing you what they want you to see.. How about the gunfire from the 4th floor?

  56. Spero Patria

    Spero Patria3 дні тому

    Gunman = White person Terrorist = Arab Racist = White person Victim = Homosexuals, Jews and Africans Zionist media logic

  57. Samuel Stag

    Samuel Stag3 дні тому

    he hated people he was a misanthrope that is the reason he killed all those people...

  58. Carla Trezza

    Carla Trezza3 дні тому

    See this wasn't staged. Camera proof. All you conspiracy theorist

  59. Thivas Fricky

    Thivas Fricky4 дні тому


  60. Paula

    Paula4 дні тому

    My boyfriends Android has a better camera

  61. Justin2534

    Justin25344 дні тому

    We need to excite people like this, if you take a life on purpose you deserve to die

  62. New King

    New King4 дні тому

    I am a security guard at the hotel the shooting never happened. People are starting to wake up about it.

  63. G.A.M.A

    G.A.M.A4 дні тому

    Theres more this story than there telling us. Otherwise it wouldn't take months of editing before sharing now.

  64. G.A.M.A

    G.A.M.A4 дні тому

    White man: mentally I'll Any other racea: terrorists. Go figure.

  65. Gary Davies

    Gary Davies4 дні тому

    'home goal' chemical weapons, developed by Russia, the drug makes you do your own side .

  66. John Quill Taylor

    John Quill Taylor4 дні тому

    Stephen Craig Paddock was later diagnosed during an autopsy as having had CDFS, or "Cold Dead Fingers" Syndrome. It's become quite an epidemic. - j q t -

  67. Osama Bin Laden

    Osama Bin Laden4 дні тому

    Guess he's not a terrorist bc of his White skin Colour

  68. Young active

    Young active4 дні тому

    Those are the people who take Drugs and get crazy 🤔or maybe the satan got in him

  69. Kawaii Queen MSP

    Kawaii Queen MSP4 дні тому

    It was NOT him. There was more than one shooter. Just watch Shane Dawson's conspiracy video

  70. Andrew Richards

    Andrew Richards4 дні тому

    I don’t understand how his foot ended up under the gun. Oh wait they placed it over his dead body that’s right..

  71. biggirlanna

    biggirlanna5 днів тому

    I don't get why he brought 26 guns. Wouldn't he be fine with just like 2 or 3 guns with lots of ammo. I feel like 26 guns is overkill. I guess he was worried about them overheating?

  72. SOUPRUN01

    SOUPRUN015 днів тому

    I think he had gambling problem perhaps and life is beautifull could attagonise someone who is disturbed, dunno.

  73. Matthew Vargas

    Matthew Vargas5 днів тому


  74. 17 DrPeppers

    17 DrPeppers5 днів тому

    High limit gambling? Something tells me that, had he hit a jackpot, he'd have left quietly.

  75. Greg Youngblood

    Greg Youngblood5 днів тому


  76. Petersen Clancy

    Petersen Clancy5 днів тому

    My aunt and uncle were there I love them so much and I'm so glad the are ok and unharmed. My mom and dad were standing under the building 2 minutes before the first gunshot. My mom got a horrible blister and they decided to go back to their hotel. My uncle laid on top of my aunt trying to cover every inch of her. I am sooooooo happy nothing horrible happened to my family and for those who got hurt or died I am sooooo sorry for but at least there in a better place 😭🙏

  77. Kronos, Father of Time

    Kronos, Father of Time5 днів тому

    00:10 - master Mason grip

  78. purge panda

    purge panda5 днів тому

    It's weird that this was a couple weeks after the election of tha president. And Hillary lost when she wanted to take guns away🤔🤔🤨🤨🤨🤔🤔

  79. John connor

    John connor5 днів тому

    Make America Great Again 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  80. fifth estate

    fifth estate6 днів тому

    he's a hero

  81. Andy Le

    Andy Le6 днів тому

    If only those were NERF guns

  82. NRL hater

    NRL hater6 днів тому


  83. Jasmine Cervantes

    Jasmine Cervantes6 днів тому

    Oh my god my heart dropped I was just at this festival a year later after this happened

  84. Alex

    Alex6 днів тому

    *Brings multiple large suitcases* No suspicion *I bring a bottle of shampoo on a carryon* TSA arrests me

  85. Tyler Durden

    Tyler DurdenДень тому

    Yeah but you're a monkey

  86. Mr. Nice Guy

    Mr. Nice Guy6 днів тому

    So.. this guy is muslim?... NOOO! So? He is Christian? Can we have christianmophobic? Just suggestion..

  87. Him Self

    Him Self6 днів тому

    They counted the suitcases wrong

  88. Paul Hollingshead

    Paul Hollingshead6 днів тому


  89. Art Tart

    Art Tart6 днів тому

    What a total loser that guy was

  90. Warren Gilley

    Warren Gilley6 днів тому

    Cover up, wacko leftist shooting Trump supporters, end of story.

  91. Trzstan

    Trzstan5 днів тому

    Looks like you are off your meds again.

  92. keith maj

    keith maj6 днів тому

    He lost his shirt, and went nuts

  93. LoafOvBread Gaming

    LoafOvBread Gaming6 днів тому

    So dude takes 21+ bags up to his room and that doesnt raise suspicion?

  94. mydejavooo

    mydejavooo6 днів тому

    You left out the part where room 134 by joining door was deadbolt from the inside, before the shooting. That means there would had to have been another person's presence. There would have been no way to get from room 134 to 135 without activating the door deadbolts.

  95. Gamer Boi

    Gamer Boi6 днів тому

    Is that Greg Paul ?????

  96. Esa Syt

    Esa Syt6 днів тому

    Much like how President Bush planned 9/11.. Mandalay Bay planned the shooting as well. :)

  97. Omar Araji

    Omar Araji6 днів тому

    What a terrorist

  98. I am God

    I am God7 днів тому

    Shots shots shots shots shots shots Shots shots shots shots shots Shots shots shots shots shots Everybody, everybody - LiL Jon

  99. Olegas Bespalovas

    Olegas Bespalovas7 днів тому

    So in u.s. you can buy 20 rifles, thousands of ammunition and nobody cear.Wow amazing country.

  100. iceice eyes

    iceice eyes7 днів тому

    This was a very planned crime.

  101. Vladimir Makarov

    Vladimir Makarov7 днів тому

    I always enjoy when Americans die

  102. Yogeshwar Rao

    Yogeshwar Rao7 днів тому

    I can say that he was paid from other country to do that.

  103. Boring!

    Boring!7 днів тому

    *Stephen wins $75,000,000* Crisis Averted.

  104. Chris Tresh

    Chris Tresh9 годин тому

    +LilPumpIsTrash Russia's missile run

  105. LilPumpIsTrash

    LilPumpIsTrashДень тому

    Boring! He might’ve just bought a tank

  106. The Man whose name is on that marquee!

    The Man whose name is on that marquee!7 днів тому

    LMFAO!! That would’ve curtailed everything.

  107. Tomato Head

    Tomato Head7 днів тому

    My teacher got shot by him.

  108. Lonely Girl

    Lonely Girl7 днів тому

    Not 1 video shows Stephen Paddock neither the bellman actually physically entering "a" room 135 neither 134, so this bs downstairs in lobbies, is just A framed fake staged editing show of a regular customer, thats why it took the hotel 1 full year to produce and edit such crap??? WTF . LIES?

  109. S B

    S B7 днів тому

    So does anyone in this hotel think it's normal to bring 25 or so to his hotel room??

  110. 1dogissky

    1dogissky19 годин тому

    Plus I worked in a really big hotel here in London, there aren’t cameras in many places (like the corridors where rooms are). The CCTV footage is always visible at the reception but we hardly looked at it. We weren’t supposed to be on any guests case unless we thought they were pedophiles.

  111. H Kale

    H Kale20 годин тому

    It’s easy to say after the fact, but these staff see a lot of people a day

  112. 1dogissky

    1dogissky2 дні тому

    I think the staff would be occupied doing other things. I doubt they’d be focusing on one person.

  113. Kitten Hermit

    Kitten Hermit3 дні тому

    He obviously did it in a pretty smart way. The Mandalay is a big hotel with a lot of staff and a lot of guests. Its likely he just came in on another day with more suitcases when other staff was on duty and 5 suitcases at a time isnt odd for a big hotel like that. No ones gonna tell other staff someone came in with 5 suitcases today watch out and see if he brings anymore. Knowing what we know it is easy to tell what hes doing and how he did it but no ones gonna realize anything unordinary is even happening cause no one remembers a person for bringing suitcases into a hotel, its nothing unordinary.

  114. Justin2534

    Justin25344 дні тому

    Lol It's so obvious to us, and even if a bystander saw something suspicious the normal person probably wouldn't have acted upon it

  115. Lonely Girl

    Lonely Girl7 днів тому

    these bs videos does NOT show the bellman or neither Stephen Paddock hauling the luggage to the "actual room-suites 135 neither 134." It only shows them all lingering downstairs in hallways, lobbies, elevators, but it still proves NOTHING!! You idiots expect us to fall for this staged bs crap? Common NYT times is the joke and they are working for the democrats who want to end the 2nd amendment. Fools who can't show any transparency only conspiracy theories which is insulting to the average braincell and intellect. Where is the common sense here? Was Stephen Paddock framed???

  116. Lonely Girl

    Lonely Girl7 днів тому

    FAKE, FAKE VIDEO, the bellman is NOT seen entering a room 135 or 134. They only stalked an innocent man in a hallway and used his year long check-ins and check outs to frame him unknowingly. Why did it take them 1 long year to release anything?? WAKE UP WORLD. THE DEMOCRATS WANT TO END THE 2ND AMENDMENT!~

  117. Lonely Girl

    Lonely Girl7 днів тому

    this FAKE VIDEO IS BS FAKE STAGED EDITING!! THE BELLMAN IS NOT SEEN ENTERING A ROOM 135 and NOT SEEN ENTERING A ROOM 134, so this is just alot of fake editing and stalking of a regular customer being Stephen Paddock during one year, who could have been easily potentially framed? The elevator and luggage says NOTHING!!!! There is not even year dates on their bs staged edited videos? SMH

  118. Lonely Girl

    Lonely Girl7 днів тому

    This video is alot of FAKE video editing, that is why it took them 1 year to RELEASE video footage and not 1 hour like most murder news stories! Firstly these videos DON'T show Stephen Paddock actually leaving A suite-room 135 neither suite 134, so it could've been any other floor. Secondly that could have been somebody else's luggage, because he is seen only personally carrying 2 small weekend suitcases and it doesn't show the bellman entering a room 135 or 134.. This video is just bs staged scenarious because they knew he was a regular and decided to frame him, because it doesn't show anything, but more coverups and lies from the hotel..? Why did it take them soooo long to release this? Plain and simple its staged .

  119. White Guy

    White Guy7 днів тому

    You need one good gun and a whole bunch of ammo which doesn't require 20 plus cases

  120. ElectroWizYt

    ElectroWizYt7 днів тому

    One of my moms friends died at this concert

  121. joe smith

    joe smith7 днів тому

    And look at the hotels now they ban all guns from everyone except security guards. Talk about a violation of your constitution

  122. James Crawford

    James Crawford7 днів тому

    Yeah.... seems the times needs actual detectives.