How the Las Vegas Gunman Planned a Massacre, in 7 Days of Video | NYT - Visual Investigations


  1. The New York Times

    The New York Times11 місяців тому

    In October, we pieced together 30 videos to understand how the Las Vegas Massacre unfolded:відео-krr4u6uGdzc.html

  2. yea bouy

    yea bouy27 днів тому

    Your whole organization is a joke

  3. JTron6710

    JTron6710Місяць тому

    New York Times, please remove this video. Having it up here is exactly what these mass shooters want from the fame and despicable infamy of committing such a horrific act. I'm serious, look up the "copycat killer phenomenon", it's whenever things like this happen it inspires other psychos to repeat it and then people wonder why these mass shootings keep happening...

  4. Kwaikee Tering

    Kwaikee TeringМісяць тому

    die lier!

  5. Reuben Handel

    Reuben Handel2 години тому


  6. Pushin Lowend

    Pushin Lowend7 годин тому

    cops and government agents were killing that night as well.

  7. Blake King

    Blake King10 годин тому


  8. George Garvey

    George Garvey12 годин тому

    Mossad death squad. He's a Patsy. Just like Oswald

  9. Victor Escobedo

    Victor Escobedo12 годин тому

    This has the government written all over it

  10. Sabrina Petit

    Sabrina Petit16 годин тому

    God told a prophet about this a year before it happened, she warned about vacationing at Las Vegas

  11. Terrelle Harper

    Terrelle HarperДень тому

    Maybe he just wanted burger king... Period.

  12. Savage Savant

    Savage SavantДень тому

    The FBI allowed this man to carry out this attack because they have a Progressive agenda!

  13. Иля Попов

    Иля ПоповДень тому

    LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL FESTIVAL. At the moment I wrote it, there were already about 20 children, WHO HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH CRIMES-dead. Think about it. God is evil too..

  14. Seattletwisted imaartist

    Seattletwisted imaartistДень тому

    He should of shot trump

  15. Timmy the Woo

    Timmy the WooДень тому

    Yah, OK. There's no cover up. Drink the cool-aid.

  16. ML Lawson

    ML LawsonДень тому

    staff says he's white it's all right, next day bam bam bam ratat ratat bam bam bam, omg he's mentally ill. hahahaha

  17. Dede Raditya

    Dede RadityaДень тому

    Hes smart or the rest have no eyes to look what he doing repeatedly

  18. Artemio Gonzalez

    Artemio Gonzalez2 дні тому

    You have this white guy killing innocent people by still people worry about immigrants this doesn’t make sense.. people they forget quick and if immigrant does it everybody get it.. every time I go to the elevator people look at me weird because I am from a different country this guy from here and everybody’s nice to him and end up killing everybody

  19. Comprehensive Reviews

    Comprehensive Reviews2 дні тому

    I wish I could understand all the words. What an accent!

  20. 야동금지금딸중진정한사랑하고싶다

    야동금지금딸중진정한사랑하고싶다2 дні тому

    white savage

  21. Kevin Cox

    Kevin Cox2 дні тому

    Fuccin terrorist

  22. P Jay

    P Jay2 дні тому

    Ever think hes so casual because he had no idea he was about to become a patsy. If thats even him in the footage, after all it took the gov. 6 months to release any footage. Most likely because they had to find a look alike, throw a hat on him and film it. All I know for certain is I dont trust anything they say or show on main stream anymore.

  23. Jake Brannan

    Jake Brannan2 дні тому

    The CIA payed him that’s how ever heard of false flag events

  24. Tele Zab

    Tele Zab2 дні тому

    he didnt do it

  25. Basel_ Timani

    Basel_ Timani3 дні тому

    Mission failed will get him next time

  26. Rudy Rivera

    Rudy Rivera3 дні тому

    How yall know it was 7 days Lol

  27. Asif Khan

    Asif Khan3 дні тому

    He was not being noticed carrying so many suit cases/luggage to hotel room only because he was white, if he was an asian or arab guy the authorities would've captured him the first night he checked into that hotel

  28. CoolChannel Name

    CoolChannel Name3 дні тому

    Show the video of the interview with his brother. Naw..... you probably won't do that as it doesn't feed your money machine.

  29. Bob Willis

    Bob Willis3 дні тому


  30. Brock Lesnar

    Brock Lesnar3 дні тому

    and trump didnt do a big deal out of this just cause the guy was white...what a surprise

  31. gleyva12

    gleyva123 дні тому

    Coc Lesnar vs Joj ceec

  32. xxDeath99Starxx

    xxDeath99Starxx3 дні тому

    So why does no door in the hotel scan for metal? seems fishy

  33. 7wernli

    7wernli3 дні тому


  34. Sniper 2000

    Sniper 20003 дні тому

    Do anyone know why he did it.

  35. Rodrigo Bento

    Rodrigo Bento2 дні тому

    Mental illness

  36. Ace grandfield phanthomhive

    Ace grandfield phanthomhive4 дні тому

    how much did he spend on the suite?how much did he spend on weapons and suitcases? also how much did he spend on gambling?.....what was his job before?....there's a lot of question

  37. Gabriel Jacobson

    Gabriel Jacobson4 дні тому

    I just have one question why did he do this 😂😂😂🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

  38. B C

    B C4 дні тому

    The Social Dividend Each citizen’s participation in the country - be it financial, creative, civic, social benefit, or simply “blood, sweat, and tears” - entitles them to share in a social dividend. We propose that by instituting a true Social Dividend paid to all adult citizens on a basis somewhat like the present Social Security program, a vast range of contentious welfare-like federal and state aid programs would be rendered unnecessary. Moreover, the positive impact on chronic social problems like homelessness, petty crime, and healthcare are obvious. In addition, a 200 million-person army of “investors” would directly pump new life into Main Street businesses through normal commerce. This restores the proper flow of money, putting Wall Street in service of people and the business community, rather than the reverse. Moreover, whereas today the average citizen may feel inconsequential, tossed about on economic cycles of boom and bust upon which he or she has little effect, with a national dividend, every productive effort that aids the health of the overall economy directly benefits each citizen - who is now an active stakeholder rather than a passive victim. Please share by copy and paste to as many channels as possible

  39. Khaliada Don

    Khaliada Don4 дні тому

    Sick excuse of a human being

  40. Daniel Griner

    Daniel Griner5 днів тому

    4:00 - "and uses his laptop while his suite is cleaned." Does it not seem concerning that he had 15+ bags in his room while they were cleaning his room? Have hotel staff been questioned about this?

  41. asdfghjkl asdfghjkl

    asdfghjkl asdfghjkl5 днів тому

    I remember the disinformation that was pushed about there's "no video of him even bringing in suitcases". Yet people still argue that :/ #usefulidots

  42. Mari B.

    Mari B.5 днів тому

    What was his motive for doing this? Guy had too much time on his hands and nothing better to do. Psychopath

  43. st Gee

    st Gee5 днів тому

    Build a wall they say. When in reality they should be worrying guncontrol...

  44. passtheBuck Canuck

    passtheBuck Canuck5 днів тому

    GREAT footage and presentation... My only critic would be at 6:03 where it is not mentioned that , someone else MUST have locked the door in 32-134 , BECAUSE Paddock had already been locked out of 32-134 (as determined by door records released by The Mandalay) via deadbolt. Which was not accessible from the side he was on... Not to mention the worn gloves on the bed in 32-134.... btw...Wheres all the shell casings in the CRIME SCENE PHOTOS??? #TRIMYERWOOL #FactCheckMe

  45. Jakob prince

    Jakob prince5 днів тому

    Very well organised not like the cops

  46. Noah.

    Noah.5 днів тому

    I look into mesqute, its a small city for the insanely rich 1%. This is fishy for sure

  47. British Anglophile

    British Anglophile5 днів тому

    I guess he did it - Because he could.

  48. Retsam Razwinkz

    Retsam Razwinkz5 днів тому

    imagine if this man is Black

  49. David Leyva

    David Leyva5 днів тому

    And illegal aliens are “Americans biggest threat”

  50. Black Banther

    Black Banther6 днів тому

    I don't think he'd did it I think Isis did I it and the government was afraid to the public as the public will be scared to go out so they blamed on a man and said he was creepy like if you see my point

  51. John Billings

    John Billings6 днів тому

    He was fired, and he didn't pass a back ground check is why he did it.... Maybe he wet his bed and started fires when he was youngTOO... Pulled the legs off bugs mehbe...

  52. John Billings

    John Billings6 днів тому

  53. John Billings

    John Billings6 днів тому

  54. John Billings

    John Billings6 днів тому

    He picked his nose too... possibly...

  55. Betito Romero

    Betito Romero6 днів тому

    I live in mesquite TX

  56. Matt Landry

    Matt Landry6 днів тому

    I don’t even have 21 suitcases..

  57. Namishki901

    Namishki9016 днів тому

    Garry's Mod DarkRP in real life.

  58. British Anglophile

    British Anglophile5 днів тому

    Grow up

  59. Colby Burgess

    Colby Burgess6 днів тому

    how many arms does this guy have he did relize you can only shoot one of those at a time and then just change the mag what a moron

  60. kaila deweerd

    kaila deweerd6 днів тому

    i’ve never had any connections to any of these shootings in the news until this one came around. my aunt and uncle had gotten married, and the day of the shooting was their last day in vegas. my parents had just gotten off the plane and safely home when we saw the news flood in. the hotel right next to the one he shot from was the one they were staying at. most of my stepdad’s family was still there. they were outside smoking when they heard the gunshots. they ran back inside immediately and they had to stay there, scared for several hours.. i can’t imagine..

  61. Nick Slayr Music

    Nick Slayr Music7 днів тому

    There's gotta be more to it than that. Unnecessary amounts of weapons and ammunition, but only uses a negligible amount. Has himself on so many surveillance recordings. Has a paper trail of him buying some of these weapons. And doesn't even use a silencer or flash muzzle therefore making it easy for law enforcement to pinpoint his location. And then kills himself so he never has to answer any questions or do time in prison. It's as if he was trying to get caught. The courts would have all the evidence they would need against him. But the question is, why? Just because he's insane?

  62. Jesse King

    Jesse King7 днів тому

    Shoulda used a gold 50 cal that sniper only did 10 damage

  63. Jesse King

    Jesse King7 днів тому

    Jesus how many suitcases do they allow ? That just should have been suspicious

  64. Haley Rutka

    Haley Rutka7 днів тому

    I will never forget this moment tbh.

  65. Joe P66

    Joe P667 днів тому

    I wish the gangs in San Quentin prison could have had this vermin for an hour!

  66. Andreas Hansson

    Andreas Hansson7 днів тому

    Usa for God's sake though your weapons laws. The reason for so much shooting is that private persons have access to weapons. As an outsider, I do not understand how you think about this area.

  67. Shane Bickmore

    Shane Bickmore7 днів тому

    These places really need to pay closer attention when a *SINGLE* guest is seen bringing in that many bags and luggage....

  68. lol bp

    lol bp8 днів тому

    My LOL "Android" runs rings around this footage?

  69. NAMO

    NAMO8 днів тому

    no motive, look at the target of his rampage

  70. Me Meme

    Me Meme8 днів тому

    very creepy to see his movements knowing what eventually transpired 😨

  71. Dragon 100

    Dragon 1008 днів тому

    This was government set up

  72. Jace

    Jace8 днів тому

    You can’t walk around with an open Beer in America but you can legally walk around with a gun 🤦‍♂️. I support common sense gun laws. ie background checks and people with mental illness shouldn’t be allowed to own a firearm

  73. Jace

    Jace8 днів тому

    Thank you New York Times. Well done

  74. Kevin Starr

    Kevin Starr8 днів тому

    He is a legit BOT

  75. Carol Salvador

    Carol Salvador8 днів тому

    I like how the people working there aren't suspicious of this guy bringing 21 bags

  76. lezbnlvr32

    lezbnlvr329 днів тому

    Heavily edited. There are 3 different MEN... With 3 different builds.

  77. Bryant Bailey

    Bryant Bailey9 днів тому

    Anybody notice how his math is absolutely horrible counting the suitcases?

  78. Bon Nguyen

    Bon Nguyen9 днів тому

    He is evils..killed innocents people no reason!!sad day

  79. Leper King

    Leper King9 днів тому

    Should have been a law keeping the maximum luggage limits per customer/number of renters. Scary to think no one will question the renter for bringing in 20 bags in the duration of few days. I'm surprised that even today after so many bombings and massacres, hotels don't have "TSA" to scan/check bags.

  80. Guccicurry

    Guccicurry10 днів тому

    what happened to this event? there is no mentioning about AT ALL anymore. columbine happened allmost 20 years ago and gets more media attention than this mass killing got. i feel like there's more to this story but they're just trying to sweep it under the rug.

  81. Marco Herrera

    Marco Herrera10 днів тому

    Government did it

  82. parmathwal99

    parmathwal9910 днів тому

    This guy was dead before those bullets started flying......He was set up to sell firearms and used as a patsy.

  83. Active EJ

    Active EJ10 днів тому

    There hasn’t been a shooting in a while, very suspicious 🤔

  84. Iranian Iranian Iranian plus plus

    Iranian Iranian Iranian plus plus10 днів тому

    He wait, was he white, God forbid?😱😱😱

  85. Iranian Iranian Iranian plus plus

    Iranian Iranian Iranian plus plus10 днів тому

    He wait, was he a white guy, God forbid?😱😱😱

  86. I am I NUFN

    I am I NUFN11 днів тому

    When asked, what would he have told the staff helping him with his bags. What would be a good answer?

  87. Jack Welch

    Jack Welch11 днів тому

    Note: White men can't commit terrorism.

  88. 11 днів тому

    The reason?

  89. Mr. DroCro

    Mr. DroCro11 днів тому


  90. Metal Kittens

    Metal Kittens11 днів тому

    The entrance should have a metal detector & automatic x-ray machine to scan the bags. Could’ve helped avoid this tragedy.

  91. RPioquinto A Race Car Driver

    RPioquinto A Race Car Driver11 днів тому

    Cash&Credit cards:Spending to much money to socialized yourself for shopping,Bar&restaurant,Traveling inside&out of the country until you spend èm all.then cant afford to pay your bills.Now you frustrated and you lost you mine.Some human being their god is the money.60,80, sometimes 100dollars aweek left"combine food and gas"to survive after sending money to my family in philippines.I sending money every week for 12yrs,I go buffet once every month but sometimes not cuz i have to save money to sacrifice my family to avoinding them for hunger.Its hard to survive but you have to.But look,Im 42,im fine and no bad records at all.

  92. Brainstormvideos

    Brainstormvideos11 днів тому

    Some are saying the Government was behind this. Tell me, why would the government be interested in killing people that just went to a concert? This couldn't have even justified a new oil......................errrrrrr.....democracy war.

  93. Ron Thunders

    Ron Thunders12 днів тому

    makes me queezy

  94. Oppa Kuantan

    Oppa Kuantan12 днів тому

    its not terrorist but crazy man..hahaha stupid white people

  95. Sicely Aguilar

    Sicely Aguilar12 днів тому

    I hate how it was on the news for only 2 weeks and then we moved on

  96. Tyger Voods

    Tyger Voods8 днів тому

    That happens with every other tragedy too why are you surprised

  97. 99cape1att

    99cape1att13 днів тому

    Terrorist - a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims. Gun man - a man who uses a gun to commit a crime or terrorist act. For all you people hating on whitey and making this a race thing.

  98. Bill Lockhart

    Bill Lockhart13 днів тому

    Something isnt right in all of this. Doesnt add up

  99. Jerry Glen

    Jerry Glen14 днів тому

    Motive could be that he broke inside. Gambling is a dark existence when his losses became to much he was really ready to show his anger to the world. Sometimes trying to make sense of something this horrific is truly impossible. Conspiracy aside guy breaks shoots up a town that's it. We can never recover our innocent citizens. Gob bless them.

  100. Mehdi Bet23

    Mehdi Bet2314 днів тому

    if he was from middle east?

  101. JayblesFromTO

    JayblesFromTO14 днів тому

    "This the last time we see him" no cameras in the hallways???? Right...... "he opens closes and locks his door repeatedly" convenient that there is no hallway cameras to see who was coming and going from his room.

  102. RamiTube

    RamiTube14 днів тому

    he's not muslim? so who's the terrorists now? ignorants

  103. bryan hippler

    bryan hippler15 днів тому


  104. Jordan Henshall

    Jordan Henshall15 днів тому

    Just all seems like a bit of a ball ache tbh

  105. mexicoolguy

    mexicoolguy15 днів тому

    I thought Las Vegas has top notch security. Since they are good at watching out for gambling cheaters and all

  106. Chris Kalogeropouls

    Chris Kalogeropouls15 днів тому

    He planned this attack. This is an intentional terrorist attack. My question is why? What made him do that?

  107. johnny rodriguez

    johnny rodriguez15 днів тому

    He was an antifa supporter..

  108. Pete F

    Pete F15 днів тому

    This guy had alot of money, he bought a ton of guns, ammo and wasted the rest on gambling before committing the act and killing himself because he was bored with life

  109. Michalis Galanos

    Michalis Galanos16 днів тому

    All the right-wing american dumbasses are so afraid of islam related terrorism and brown people with beards, but the truth is that their fellow white and privileged americans are responsible for the majority of terror acts in the country. Vegas,colorado,broken arrow and countless schools across the us.

  110. Lauren Camarillo

    Lauren Camarillo16 днів тому

    If security did their job and watched the footage as it was happening, this all could have been stopped.