Giving Flowers to girls ( Babysitter Part 12 )


  1. kelly shirer

    kelly shirer2 години тому


  2. Gianni Solomou

    Gianni Solomou3 години тому

    First of all why did you did for us because she forgot about you

  3. Wicked Internet

    Wicked Internet3 години тому

    You did the right thing

  4. Der Kritiker

    Der Kritiker4 години тому

    He is the opposite of the stereotype man. Instead of coming early, he just never comes... To an end. Of course.

  5. bumbum

    bumbum5 годин тому

    Is this the end

  6. Daniel Rudgers

    Daniel Rudgers7 годин тому

    I am going to giving my dad the tablet

  7. Sjhe S Ghhc

    Sjhe S Ghhc8 годин тому

    Dud why on the jusy part

  8. Catcat77 T_T

    Catcat77 T_T9 годин тому

    I knew it! I knew he’d give the flower to grandma!

  9. Linda Young

    Linda Young12 годин тому

    1000000000000 Episodes later I bet then they'll talk about something else

  10. Jaden Robinson

    Jaden Robinson14 годин тому

    love comes and go but family stay

  11. regina spires

    regina spires17 годин тому

    Apparently nowhere make more!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Joshua Hill

    Joshua Hill22 години тому

    Be with your family first

  13. Tyler Dunn

    Tyler DunnДень тому

    Just finish it

  14. young kwanza64

    young kwanza64День тому

    When is part 13 coming out

  15. Cio Dokop

    Cio DokopДень тому

    Come to Dubai atleast mate , ;-; I live here... so boring

  16. SnakeCommander

    SnakeCommanderДень тому

    this isnt real is it




  18. Epoch Oof

    Epoch OofДень тому

    No matter who the hoe is, seeing the slime that made you is always more important. That hoe may seem important now, but she’s just a hoe. She ain’t family

  19. Roo

    Roo2 дні тому

    m y m a n you better give me part 13 in a few days or else

  20. Conor Gilsenan

    Conor Gilsenan2 дні тому

    I NEED PART 13

  21. the game guy

    the game guy2 дні тому

    wait your evil sister likes flowers I just thought she liked the tears of babies and children

  22. Seelapmata Imageworks

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  23. GhostFace

    GhostFace2 дні тому

    LMAO😂🤣😂🤣😂when ur friend Said u should date ur grandma,it showed this therapy ad.😂😂😂😂😂😂

  24. Evita Jamieson

    Evita Jamieson2 дні тому

    Alex: Give me A Definition of a ‘Sign’ Me: Being confused Also Me: A sign is a uuhhh A SIGN!

  25. Aharon James

    Aharon James2 дні тому

    I hate you no more cilffhangers

  26. Mariana C. G

    Mariana C. G2 дні тому

    You did the right thing! I cry 😭❤️

  27. Hooded Swordsman

    Hooded Swordsman3 дні тому

    Part 13???

  28. Filemon Rodriguez

    Filemon Rodriguez3 дні тому

    A life sign?

  29. TheAGTubeStop

    TheAGTubeStop3 дні тому

    Dude you made all the right decisions, also... YOUR MARRIED!!!! AND IT'S NOT YOUR BABY SITTER!!!!

  30. Ma Cecilia Salandanan

    Ma Cecilia Salandanan3 дні тому

    I miss my Grandma.......

  31. Dan Danger

    Dan Danger3 дні тому

    Who else checked how much time was left by 6:20

  32. phantom dubz

    phantom dubz3 дні тому

    frig make part 13!!!!!

  33. Fantastic Marauder

    Fantastic Marauder3 дні тому

    She admits she was using you, so you could ruin Darryl and his older brother because his older brother did something bad to her. You are the one who declares the breakup.

  34. flamerjj22

    flamerjj223 дні тому

    I want more but u are doing the right thing now this is true family is helpful and loving

  35. the last survivor

    the last survivor4 дні тому

    The meaning of sign is: a description or a message

  36. hIji

    hIji4 дні тому

    Is it just me or does his wife and how I met my wife vídeo seem like the girl who told him about the art school, and had the black hair???? (I haven’t finished till the end so don’t attack me if it is)

  37. Alfonso Hamilton

    Alfonso Hamilton4 дні тому

    Make a part 13

  38. J/Ash/Bran

    J/Ash/Bran4 дні тому

    Pam is the best waifu

  39. NecketieXD

    NecketieXD4 дні тому

    U did the right thing

  40. glenna johanna

    glenna johanna4 дні тому

    Make a video of why you went away with your old girlfriend

  41. 21DarkShadow12 [Hardcore Gamer]

    21DarkShadow12 [Hardcore Gamer]4 дні тому

    0:40 I wasn't suspecting this...

  42. Pedro Carbajal

    Pedro Carbajal4 дні тому


  43. YG Entertainment

    YG Entertainment5 днів тому

    So I know I'm really late but you did the right thing, I'd probably bring my girl to my grandma's party tho

  44. Cylum -

    Cylum -5 днів тому

    Did anyone notice he changed the title?

  45. Ya boy Bobby 69

    Ya boy Bobby 695 днів тому

    You’re grandma sounds KICKASS

  46. LightninBolt27

    LightninBolt275 днів тому

    Alex you did the right thing not going to the babysitter and going to your Grandma's birthday because family is more important then anything in the world

  47. David Cordova

    David Cordova5 днів тому

    Good job dude grandma is important!!!!!

  48. David Cordova

    David Cordova5 днів тому

    U did the right thing

  49. Wolfie And Foxy Pokémon Foxy Kun San

    Wolfie And Foxy Pokémon Foxy Kun San5 днів тому

    A sign of love true beauty, like you really want someone and they’re special!

  50. Silencer

    Silencer5 днів тому


  51. The GOAT

    The GOAT5 днів тому

    Can you please stop putting advertisements in the middle of videos? It's annoying and you're bound to lose subscribers.

  52. Hannah Gensel

    Hannah Gensel5 днів тому

    That babysitter is giving me mixed signals..hMmmm...

  53. Daniël-Andy Becu

    Daniël-Andy Becu5 днів тому

    I just watched the whole series and I tought this was the end. But know I see I just have to wait like all of you. LIFE SUCKS

  54. Tony Gamer 101

    Tony Gamer 1016 днів тому

    Pllllllllsssss do a part 13!!!!!!!

  55. Elias Montoya

    Elias Montoya6 днів тому

    (Realizing that the babysitter saga is ending) Don’t do that, don’t give me hope

  56. Universe Quxxn

    Universe Quxxn6 днів тому

    Alex u did the right thing

  57. kevin yeet

    kevin yeet6 днів тому

    You did the right thing by staying at grandmas house ;) ;)

  58. Brandon Diaz

    Brandon Diaz6 днів тому

    You did the right thing because she’s a hoe okay fu#$

  59. jason gray

    jason gray6 днів тому

    What is the name of the beat at 8:10 ?

  60. Andre Montes

    Andre Montes6 днів тому

    More babysitter vids

  61. Redd

    Redd6 днів тому

    Gr8 ending

  62. korn swagged Squirtle

    korn swagged Squirtle6 днів тому

    Part 13

  63. Yisacore Møller

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  64. Incognito Number two

    Incognito Number two6 днів тому

    You did the right thing Alex. No woman is more important than family until she is family. (marriage)

  65. unknown blah

    unknown blah6 днів тому

    he'll be just trickedcby that babysitter definately poor guy mercy for alex l l v

  66. BoredYT User

    BoredYT User6 днів тому

    4:58 fuking thicc

  67. BIG PUG YO

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  68. Pauro

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    Lets fucken gooo, can't wait for part 205

  69. BIG PUG YO

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    LIGHTNING STRYKER6 днів тому

    Make part 13 plzzzzzzzz

  71. UrAverageQueenPreteen 08

    UrAverageQueenPreteen 086 днів тому

    She didn't tell you because....... She still with Darryl's brother OHHHH SNNNAP

  72. Marvuto μzμmakii

    Marvuto μzμmakii6 днів тому

    Episode twel wtf how long has this been going on for 😵

  73. Daniel Gonzalez

    Daniel Gonzalez6 днів тому

    The ex wrote the letter calling it right now

  74. bloome O

    bloome O6 днів тому


  75. Ernest Drake

    Ernest Drake6 днів тому

    a sign: the way the universe tells you what or what not to do. and yes i do believe in them

  76. Link, Lord Of Hyrule

    Link, Lord Of Hyrule7 днів тому

    Wow this history have like 1 year :v

  77. Yoboy Burger

    Yoboy Burger7 днів тому

    U did the right thing

  78. J Bug

    J Bug7 днів тому

    The amazing power of Signs, a certain choice solver. Signs can point in several directions, either you are in the right about a choice or you should change your decision.

  79. Asad Aftab

    Asad Aftab7 днів тому

    My guess is yall break up, and she was using you to make Daryls brother jealous, and they probably got back together the end

  80. Tucker

    Tucker7 днів тому

    The Ex was actully Jesus.

  81. Joshkretzle

    Joshkretzle7 днів тому

    A sign would be signals that something is happening or hints that you should do something.

  82. kinganimation

    kinganimation7 днів тому

    Yes U did the right thing

  83. LupeC2 Եհҽ ɾҽӀíɑҍӀҽ

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    been watching since 2017

  84. Noah  Gray

    Noah Gray7 днів тому

    But did she end up going out with him that weekend?

  85. Andrew Bullock

    Andrew Bullock7 днів тому

    four clover means luck thats a sigh

  86. Ashton Thomas

    Ashton Thomas7 днів тому

    I think you did the right thing good job 👍😀

  87. Serenity506

    Serenity5067 днів тому

    Alex: I needed to go on this date Me: NO JUST GO HANG OUT WITH PAM

  88. Monroe Robbins

    Monroe Robbins7 днів тому

    Honestly, I think you did the right thing. Even if the babysitter hadn’t had all that sketchy stuff going on with the two bros, staying there for your family is a nice thing to do, especially for a close family member.

  89. The weird kid who sits alone at lunch

    The weird kid who sits alone at lunch7 днів тому

    Another cliffhanger *RAGE*

  90. Lord Wungler Beckett

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  91. XDarknessX Boy

    XDarknessX Boy7 днів тому

    Im loving it more than ever, the story is so good i wait for months or weeks just to watch it

  92. Laurie Cuevas

    Laurie Cuevas7 днів тому

    It’s a sign that the universe gives you

  93. Danny TKB

    Danny TKB7 днів тому

    U are gonna make part 13, right?

  94. unluckless gamer

    unluckless gamer7 днів тому

    449 guys you have to do that

  95. Yerick Guardado

    Yerick Guardado7 днів тому

    its still a cliff henger becuase we get to decide but i wnat to know how it goes

  96. Temmie Mew

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    Wheres the next one


    LT SANITY7 днів тому

    Theres no ending

  98. Richie Animation

    Richie Animation7 днів тому

    How cute

  99. March Precious Celine Maningas

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    I think you to yours grandmas Part

  100. Unusual Dereck

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    I want to be a animator like you