How To: 3 DEADLY Stepback Basketball Moves To CREATE SPACE!!


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    hay I'm a kid and I signed up for basketball tryouts and what I need help is to work on my dribbling

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    ILoveBasketballTV I love your channel

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    Coach Rock on that first step back when you go to the strong side couldn’t you kind of turn your body as your stepping back so your body will be lined up?

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    i didn't know thats a Damian Lillard signiture move. i was doing that for about 25 years. lol! whats funny was a ref called travel when i first try that move.

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    Can u do how to read the enemy defense better?

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    I love ur tips bro

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    Hi Coach Rock - I have sent several emails to get support on your site to close my child’s account as my credit card gets monthly charges which I do not approve. I receive support ticket automated messages from your site but there is no support. No one on the other side. The links within those replies take me to a purchase a domain site. If no one contacts me with confirmation that my credit card has been removed and account deleted today I will contact my credit card company to block your next attempt to charge my card. Thank you.

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    hey coach i was wonder if you have any tips for shorter players thank you

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    My shots are always broken (I need shooting tips) Plz :)

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    Some pick and roll fundamentals both executing on offense, and defending it. Defensive drills please. Oh, more of the other coaches. Love you man but I think more voices always helps.

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    Does it still count as a layup if you go up with both hands at the same time

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    You got the best videos you helped me out a lot 🔥👌👌

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    Wheres coach Josh

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    Would like to see a video showing non-contact moves for offense + defense that may cause the defense to fall. Really need it, my friends are bigger/taller than me. Would really wanna see a vid for those.


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    Great video👍👍 SALUTE BRO🏀...

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    Can you do a Stephen Curry shooting form

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    Can you PLEASE make more vids on upper body exercises to increase vertical jump?

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    This man doesn’t miss😂🙌🏾

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    those 5 dislikes were the ones who got destroyed by these moves

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    Can you do a video “How to do a Fadeway”

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    Bro you are awesome! I'm 46 very athletic & I'm killing my competition with the knowledge from your videos.

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    I did the dame step back like 9/15 it was lit I hade fun

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    Hello Coach. One stepback I think one should do to help counter the difficulty of doing driving towards the dominant hand side is the Luka Doncic stepback. When Luka drives right to the right elbow, at the right elbow, he does a between the legs dribble snatch which allows him to get his right foot to be in front of his left foot so that he gets natural alignment as if he was stepping back from the left side. I think its an extra step: the between the leg dribble but it can counter the difficulty of doing the same hand same side of the court stepback.

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    COACH I THINK I AM AN ALIEN, I do everything with my right hand but shoot basketball with my LEFT!!!

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    can u make a vid on how to balance your feet for a perfect pull up on mid and 3s and tips on how u should set your feet because i would jump into my pull up after a crossover and shoot

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    I was just thinkin about the stepback then this came. Thx again coach rock

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    Hei Coach first of all I love your videos... props Could you do a motivational video? So for "rookies" to get more confidence to take the responsibility in game and could you show some vert trainings? if possible in a weight room

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    Do a Luka Doncic step back moves video

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    Coach Rock plz look at this comment my shot is so broken I’m left handed and the one only HUGE problem with my jump shot is the ball gets no spin/rotation when I shoot can u plz make a video on how to get good rotation/spin on ur shot with the ball my shot is broken cuz it doesn’t have any of that

  32. Adrijan Ignatovski

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    shoot with the fingertips, that's where the spin is

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    Hey coach, next video, can you teach us how to get better at basketball overall? Make it a long video. Please consider.

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    Bro ur runnin out of ideas. Its all about dribbling, scoring sometimes defence and vert training.Give me info about pick n roll and stuff. still like these videos though

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    Can you make a video on shooting adjustments when gaining weight in all areas? Also how to properly come off the drive dribble behind the back going into a shot. Hard to maintain that speed when putting on gains

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    Whoa I love them, surely gonna try them, thnks coach. 😊

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    Thanks for the video Damn you love those shoes😂 what shoes are those?

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    Tanks coach! I from Brazil! Can you make a vídeo about how to protect ankles?? Sorry my english is very bad

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    Because I hurt my ankle very bad in a game 😔

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    Step back is useless if you can't hit the shot afterwards. This move requires balance and lower body strength. Practice making the shot!

  41. Adrijan Ignatovski

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    it's weird cause im right handed and i feel better stepping back to my right, it always ends up more like a fade than a straight up shot but I'm making it a lot

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    these are advanced moves. If you dont have strong ankles and fascia connection you will fuk up your knees when doing the forward feet plant then push off backwards.

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    i need a video on how to defend the post and how to defend taller players, because i always get put on the tall guy but i sometimes fail

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    Hey coach next video can you make a vid on how little players can get around like a big small forward or power forward

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    always needed this

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    Can u make a vid on weight room exercises to b more explosive

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    James harden

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    make a video on shin splints i always get them playing.

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    Try wearing compression pants, I find they help with shin splints 👍

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    Favorite basketball move to create space is da steph back

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    Yow coach what jordan is that? I always see you wearing them

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    Jordan 29 hare colorway

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    how could I improve my layup using both hands? is there any drills you can suggest?

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    Collin Tredo Mikan drill

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    Hen Hen stand under the rim and layup on right side then catch the ball then layup on left side then catch the ball etc etc. I forget what the drill is called but it helps you to practice getting the right spin on the ball with both hands and it improves your offhand layups a lot

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    Thx for the help

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    Im getting ready for tryouts I've been getting up early 5:00 I've been eat I healthy Getting some exercise Going for runs/jogging Getting in some shots I need them good grades tho 😂😂😂

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    Ayee_ Ke'shawn yhu made it?

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    @Haven Poll good luck bro

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    Good luck 🍀

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    Boooy you better start reading them books and paying attention a lot.

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    Ayee_ Ke'shawn i wake up at 4 get my vert strength then 3:30 to 8:30 i work on shooting and handles should make team

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    Does this work when trying to exit a huge crowd?

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    Nice coach rakky

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    Can you make a video about how to score more points in games?

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    @Diverse alright I'll do that thank you

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    The Hoodie boy watch Russell Westbrook at rico Hines runs, gets a better angle to understand how he runs to the hoop in transition. I learned so much by watching a few vids of that

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    @sir lancelot shut up bro😂😂😂

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    @Hanif Ballard i mean I know how to shoot but when I'm on fastbreak i screw up I don't know what to do so that's the thing

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    You gotta put the ball in the hoop more often.

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    Do u have any recommended tutorial books on this and which ones are cheap?

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    Love your channel thanks my friends will never find this

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    Sir next Video please Help us/ Teach us How to Jump Higher and what are the Excercise

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    groomhot gok facts

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    he has already made several videos on that

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    Your videos are so helpful. Lots of love

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    Yo what's up coach!🙂

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