How To Make A Bench Vise || DIY Metal Bench Vise Without Welding


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    For Dimensions And More Information:-

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    Which oil you use for drilling?

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    You are Almost there, you did it all Perfect. But my question is which type of metal did you use for the Jaws? and the lead threading shaft? And your lead shaft thread I could not possibly figured out whether it was a square thread or not? but in all you did a good job. your measuring aspects was good. 5****

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    For all the dislike..... try to make a little vice like this with a video.

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    I'm a bit concerned that you ran taps into the steel by hand, when gripping the tap in your drill press would have ensured perfect alignment. I have an opinion about the diagonal cuts you made in the jaws... If the cuts are not close enough together to form points, the jaw will not dig in to softer material. Therefore you have the counter effect of having a jaw with less surface area, which will need tightening more to achieve the same gripping power as a smooth jaw. Despite these criticisms, I admire your work and I wish I had the patience and machinery to accomplish such great things.

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    No loctite?

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    can someone explain why the metal rod need a spring attached to it behind the small front metal plate?

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    Kuda Padi The reason could be in certain situation you need to hold on to something without over tighten or back off without over loosening.

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