How To Start A Sneaker Collection! How To Be A Sneakerhead


  1. Jack Wellington

    Jack WellingtonМісяць тому

    Fb is actually the best way to find legit steals. Found legit black toes for 150$ and got them legit checked. Also got a bape shirt wayy under retail.

  2. Rebecca Bowling

    Rebecca BowlingМісяць тому

    I'm 11 years old and am a inspired sneaker head I have 7 pairs 1 is yezzys alien thanks for all the inperation


    NO MORE CLAPМісяць тому

    I started with the lebron 13 USA’s but I’m well out of them now 😂

  4. Zappem

    Zappem2 місяці тому

    Nice air Jordans

  5. The The

    The The2 місяці тому

    My bros use depop I started from depop

  6. Lilleo ‘

    Lilleo ‘2 місяці тому

    I started with Nike evidence 2

  7. Werner Ernst

    Werner Ernst2 місяці тому

    A few months ago I got reebok 94RE-1L concept sample 006 as my ‘roots’ Today I got Nike air max 1’s blue and red and both pairs are fine af

  8. John Carlo Abcde Cape

    John Carlo Abcde Cape2 місяці тому

    Man this guy is a big inspiration thanks man!

  9. Nasty

    Nasty3 місяці тому

    got my first job like 3 months ago and just ordered a vlone tee and hospital blues


    FUCK JAKE PAUL3 місяці тому

    Shii I got a long way to go I only got Jordan 4- Cool Grey Jordan 6- Tinker Jordan 8- Cool Grey and Jordan 11s- win like 82

  11. Cammy Mac

    Cammy Mac4 місяці тому

    Fucked up intro lol

  12. Bomber Sakamoto

    Bomber Sakamoto4 місяці тому

    This really helped me I got $120 shoes for $86 🙏

  13. SouthBoi

    SouthBoi4 місяці тому

    my sneaker colection with a jon deer every weekend when i was 12 and now ive got a closet full

  14. Tucker Polli

    Tucker Polli5 місяців тому

    Brilliant I’m on the grind bro

  15. Jarvae Wilson

    Jarvae Wilson5 місяців тому

    Where do he get those shoe cubby from does anybody know ??

  16. Daniel Ramirez

    Daniel Ramirez5 місяців тому

    Bro im on disability. If only i was able to work. My collection would be bigger than it is already. But priorities come first. 👌🏾

  17. Stance Nations

    Stance Nations5 місяців тому

    When I was young one of my family members use to get shoes all the time and his mom would pay for them and I use to be jealous because I wanted half the shoes he had like the Royale 4s and etc. It wasn't until this year I got a good paying job after school and I bought myself two pairs of af1s and waited for a pair of twelves I like then the fibas came out and I had the money and I said I'm buying them and now i see why it's better to buy myself stuff then get someone else to buy it (keep in mind me and this family member are the same age)

  18. FrBanans

    FrBanans6 місяців тому

    "People can hate you , but they cant hate the hustle " 💯💯

  19. CapoStatuz529

    CapoStatuz5296 місяців тому

    This video inspired me to go back to my passion for sneakers. Three years later and after hard work I actually have a collection that I'm proud to own. Salute

  20. Space Cowboy FPV

    Space Cowboy FPV6 місяців тому

    I hate Yeezys… look like some bags on your feet the fairies made.. SB dunks and airmaxs all the way;) 420

  21. Ngoy Umba

    Ngoy Umba6 місяців тому

    Just copped the Air Jordans 1 Yellow Toe. This is the second pair of my Jordan Series

  22. Dustin Provost

    Dustin Provost7 місяців тому

    I know nothing about sneaker culture and I probably will never be a sneakerhead, but I can respect how real and intelligent this guy is. His advice seems very solid. He knows his shit. Will follow this vid as I get my first pair of Jordans.

  23. Sylvia Gamez

    Sylvia Gamez7 місяців тому

    My mom: “what are you watching” Me: sneaker videos My mom: “why don’t you hang out with friends or so-“ Me: I SAID, IM WATCHING, SNEAKER VIDEOS. My mom: “is that the only reason you got a job so early??” Me: DONT WORRY ABOUT IIITTTT

  24. Mike Rules

    Mike Rules7 місяців тому

    The shoe that started my collection off was some grey Jordan 3s when I was 11

  25. salty for Juice

    salty for Juice7 місяців тому

    You know you can clean those yeezys

  26. Zae Ball BBB

    Zae Ball BBB7 місяців тому

    Kawhi and his new balances😂😂

  27. NY_Mets_Giants

    NY_Mets_Giants7 місяців тому

    Play the clearance racks. I have a lot of Jordan’s and Foamposites and it sounds hypocritical, but I buy ASICS, Puma, and Diadora sneakers by bulk. A website like Shoebacca sells 🔥 for $50 and under and it’s an authentic marketplace. Look for steals and deals without copying your favorite UAreporterR because they buy every Jordan release. Your goal is to build your collection consistently without breaking the bank. Be smart and shoe on 👍🏾👌🏾💪🏽👊🏾

  28. _Bilbalow

    _Bilbalow7 місяців тому

    Yo I just got me some nike air max ones have a Nike day and them are my grails personally like they a lil flashy for some but personally I think they’re the coolest out there man

  29. Abel B

    Abel B8 місяців тому

    Anyone here in 2k19??😂

  30. Patrick Tarabaras

    Patrick Tarabaras8 місяців тому

    I dont know what shoes i like i cant choose

  31. Subscribe to me for No reason

    Subscribe to me for No reason8 місяців тому

    You know it’s Nike and Jordan’s

  32. Csk

    Csk8 місяців тому

    One day I want to have the maddest air max 90 collection my fave shoes

  33. Mr.G

    Mr.G8 місяців тому


  34. gam mer

    gam mer8 місяців тому

    Btw keep reading u may like what u see Easy way to get money at any age even 7 years old any age even I'd ur broke ask ur parants for a good pair of shoes and go to sneaker cone and sell if for like 50 dollars more than it is then take that money buy another pair of shoes boom u work ur way up and u got thousands of dollars

  35. Davytomb

    Davytomb9 місяців тому a collector's item shoe for sure

  36. NY_Mets_Giants

    NY_Mets_Giants9 місяців тому

    Buy what YOU like and not follow trends. A lot of beginners think you have to always empty your bank account for Jordans and Air Foamposites and that’s far from the truth. I have a nice collection of both, but I also like Puma, New Balance, and Adidas. If you like Chuck Taylors than go for it. If you wear Sketchers and Crocs than go for it. Just stay away from fake counterfeit sneakers.

  37. madmax0583

    madmax05839 місяців тому

    I happened to be wearing hyper dunk McFly ‘08....Currently just finished cleaning up pair of LeBron is playing broke like the closing Sarah Moni one of the lead love the headlights down but I’m blessed to have both of those it either needs it as a tester to see you back yesterday I need to do is actually worth wild in the long run if I intend to sell them or something; let alone working is the fact that we have Flight Club this is Wayfair very detailed Plastic sealed ‘ Grails’room ‘ ‘06-‘12 still amazing who are we looking amazing almost as if they were the pair of you for viewing prior to this the general release a year before a big drop.... Play play club send me a pair of 2009 Jordan 11 team us a little wet from the bugs bunny movie lol...Anyway he’s worn as icy as of 2016 but that’s only because they use an AC blue accident cleared out so; what I mean by that is if there was no yelling so long as they are preserved properly. If you remind me I will let you know how do you make her look down the line through Monday/6 months last year I’m not really big into UAreporter this time and making my own videos of you happy do you be a guinea pig on your show is to have the fans and then you know I’m not here to remove or shoot me an ETA I wish they would give me free shit and I’ve been of the day I’ve met actually not mad regardless of their fries are in the top three especially with creb being the easy go to for prime net Adidas; whether Kayne/Pharrell/or the sneaky babe/mastermind/neighborhood collaboration having some issues with non-suede base leather which Perdidas it is not a huge deal on the tag and no prep the best thing to put on it but I can’t do everything; that’s why you have at least 3 cups of ranch market is significant the more smooth leather and even certain types of high-quality Non-shaggy suede.... aka: did Jordan 12 PSNY collection and must notice in darker leather so I call my email and would affect black suede wedge payment and a half to go online Bing play in a darn accident but that is actually This has called professionally removed and re-dyed thing that were left behind as the base at 4 AM residue that was just impossible to get rid of. I don’t know why so call smooth leather and mixed blend Color way. Want to come to Mech prime and ate nearly any camera for every truck crap I don’t have proven crap from myself with my heart racing LOL that it works like a charm. Sorry for the rant I guess my intentional purpose is to try and have her souvenirs new motor launches which include something they might say some of our most by me. Excellent condition while in early chilling out the activation in a plastic bag and also I Elise and I again and Christina give me a hint as a five-year in the head and passed where is your month again and flex on everyone LOL just kidding I think it’s the funnest speaking of Lexington as soon as the Lord of not exercising results but as a parent six here in value 1+ on cell which I have been in Payson tomorrow I’m in a cave here but I don’t put it on blast because I’m blessed for everything I have and like you said if it doesn’t have a story and an iPhone you now but I have turned it on a pan that you don’t feel bad about her the terminology in the Homefield that go over the two 2k 200 a month there one in a few months or 8 to 12 month financing plus interest, but I hate being chill out and say hey you look good today… And Attorney just say hey I hope you feel but you look good in your own skin. Great visit and I’m sorry if there’s a nest fell and her missing words on how to text and drive and be responsible and run like they try to correct him and the spelling or words that they had not been in with what I said however I love the video and I find that a review on this new monopoly aside from green pillow like stay in good flight club in our room the test today… This Knigge home kids that everyone is looking for because while The stores will preserve your sneakers however like a vintage luxury car lot can you drive off you need money how long are you have a car that has the next time you’re in a longer to oxidation that you need it today without any Damaged created by you. Again sorry for the rant I love video on doing yourself Make her a seal kit and it is other companies and one that you prefer I’m open to all that I just wanna make sure my phone thousand dollar check for my $500 came in a lot from me and like you said the price of just the price however I’d like to make sure that they are good condition for when I may decide to sell them🙏

  38. Kean Heller

    Kean Heller10 місяців тому

    Does vans count?..

  39. Chuff buffler

    Chuff buffler10 місяців тому

    "you gotta pick up some dog your thing" 😂😂😂😂😂 that had me laughing hard

  40. LimeTimeHD

    LimeTimeHD10 місяців тому

    Whats that window shopper sample song at the end there anyone know??

  41. Christopher Rivera

    Christopher RiveraРік тому

    Do you wear the shoes in your collection or do you buy 2 pairs. 1 wear and 1 to deadstock?

  42. Ben Flis

    Ben FlisРік тому

    I’m just getting into it, and my passion for sneakers is growing by the day, so it’s nice to hear that I can buy whatever I want without caring about what anyone else thinks. Thanks brother!

  43. Childsniffer34

    Childsniffer34Рік тому

    Copping some Nike Cortez Classic OG tmr and I’m pumped

  44. Baron Kazhmir

    Baron KazhmirРік тому

    do u have the link for the clear container behind you?

  45. Baron Kazhmir

    Baron KazhmirРік тому


  46. A Sneaker Life

    A Sneaker LifeРік тому

    The container

  47. Malik Kweli

    Malik KweliРік тому

    Wise words bro!!!!💯💯💯💯💯💯

  48. Mike Se

    Mike SeРік тому

    Dope vid.

  49. A Sneaker Life

    A Sneaker LifeРік тому

    Thank you!

  50. Kiko

    KikoРік тому

    First decent pair of shows was nmd r1 stilt parleys last year. Now got 350 core blacks as my favourite pair. I did my research for the nmd's and only spent £70 on a £150 shoe. Spent almost retail for 350's. Terrible mistake.

  51. 12 34

    12 34Рік тому

    I love your vids

  52. Gwen Coonen

    Gwen CoonenРік тому

    I was always about the Adidas, until just recently...saw the Jordan legacy 312 black/white, was sold immediately. Then came to youtube and saw all the hate, I was like, hell yes! Just loving the hate on those, bought every color i could find and wearing them daily. Next on the list, the retro's for sure, done with adidas for now x-)

  53. Alfonso Salazar

    Alfonso SalazarРік тому

    I got a good steal at Nike Outlet. Mamba Rage for 25$(Size 7)

  54. lolface 333

    lolface 333Рік тому

    I just bought the adidas cosmic 2, they came 2 days ago and I love them!

  55. TheCornerGuy

    TheCornerGuyРік тому

    I have all the sneaker head shoes (disclaimer) there fake Nike mags Yeezys (zebra) Master 12s

  56. Sumofdat

    SumofdatРік тому

    So...went to the thrift store and got son Jordan Dub Zero Laser’s for 5$...idk if it’s fake or they just wanted to get them off the shelf

  57. Florina Petean

    Florina PeteanРік тому

    Started with JORDAN 1S! 💪💪

  58. Green Tea Hot Wings

    Green Tea Hot WingsРік тому

    This video is high key motivational to get what you like.

  59. 250 Subscribers before Easter

    250 Subscribers before EasterРік тому

    when he was like ayysix i was like whaaa it took me like 10 seconds to realize he was talkiing about axis

  60. Jumeen Piacinto

    Jumeen PiacintoРік тому

    Im into vans . Got 4 pairs in a day

  61. WHN Thoughtz

    WHN ThoughtzРік тому

    I wanna be one I’m 13 but my mom won’t buy me shoes

  62. Destiny Jackson

    Destiny JacksonРік тому

    I’m a girl and have size 6 in men.. nothing fits me because the smallest sizes are 8 or 9

  63. Giovanni Flores

    Giovanni FloresРік тому

    Speech at beginning made me sub.