Humor at work | Andrew Tarvin | TEDxOhioStateUniversity


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    Cymbal crash

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    No entiendo Inglés :v

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    I can see the general idea behind this talk, but the truth is there is a big line, not a fine line, between executives using humor at work and lower class workers, who are struggling to meet their deadlines and all other requirements from their management...really, I think in most fields, where work is really demanding there is no time for humor. And don't even get me started on the colective idea: even if there is one person who uses humor, the other department colleagues might not be that approving of thei humourus colleague. So this is highly debatable. Maybe when you reach an executive position you can control things better, and so you can inflict the values you think are best of each situation.

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    Yes, more workplaces need to be like The Office

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    enjoy my funny videos in my channel bro lol

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    The Sherlock joke made me laugh because we don’t have middle school in the U.K. lol. Also it’s not called elementary school it’s called primary school lol

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    This was a great Tedx Talk, I totally agree with Andrew's take. To bad in 2020 the SJW's, identity politics, and virtue signalers have made humor in the workplace virtually impossible.

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    This is amazing, I relate so much with this guy, it really hit home when he referenced Animaniacs

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    How you get more friends ? Money ! And the truth ..... shall set you free !

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    at work is fine but what is work is the question?

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    This is one of the worst TED talks that I've ever inflicted on myself. I'm sorry Andrew but you are not funny.

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    @Steven Wright Now that is much more interesting as you have been specific and I actually get now what you didn't like. Your point that you feel that the banking system has limited social value is much more relatable (and of course debatable - as in something we could debate - I have sympathies with your viewpoint). My response was of course just mimicking your sentence structure back to you - which has actually provoked a great reflection back from you - which I must admit to having been touched by. Here's to a kinder world (and here's a song suggestion - Be More Kind by Frank Turner) Very best, Nic

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    Nic I believe that I deserved your rebuke but we are both wrong. We are neither of us sorry or right in our assertions. As a bipolar man my subjective anger takes control of me at times and Andrews arrogance and, in my opinion, unskilled comedic timing demonstrated what harm can also be done with comedy. A networking ex banker using comedy to justify an immoral status quo is a far darker humor than I think many of us, including him, are aware of. So this is an apology with conditions; I am genuinely sorry for causing the offence that I had intended to however Andrews insincerity and clumsy comedy need constructive criticism, We don't all see arrogant self promotion as a positive set of tools for the benefit of our species. Your statement that I am not kind should be restated; that was not a kind thing to to write and there I would agree. I hope that we can all get on better and I can be nicer ❤

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    I'm sorry Steven but you are not kind.

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    I don't chase happiness any more just balance ,I can't Imagine being HAPPY all the time , that would be boring and meaningless. If we were Happy all of the time then what about all of those other wonderful emotions ? It is unrealistic and senseless to chase happiness ,it is exhausting!

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    The flaw with the Sherlock Holmes joke is that we don't have 'middle school' in the UK...

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    Thought this was Gabe from the Office smh

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    God says to give praise in all times.

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    It is more than 33% of time at work from our lives at 40 hours per work due to hour lunch and the commutes and the time preparing for work. Then of course overtime. US labor laws should lower time at work. It is sad.

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    Thank you! Great message! I needed this.

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    Back in1974 I did a stint as a high school teacher. Nearly everyday I used humor to motivate my students. It was by far the most powerful motivator ever deployed. I faced scathing criticism from my fellow teachers and the school principal. Needless to add all my ardent critics were absolutely gobsmacked when the results of the external exams came out and out of 117 students across 3 different classes only 1 failed and 86 passed with distinction. This was the best results the school had attained.

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    I had a friend that Applied for a job at a national Park. They asked what qualified her for the position? She replied years of watching yogi Bear as a child could guarantee that no one’s picnic basket would get stolen while she was on watch. She got the job.

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    I want to be a Humor Engineer, but I am an ENTP-T like Luke Skywalker. :-( :-) LOL

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    How do you get closed friend?

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    This was amazing.



    Amazing !!!

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    INTJ's UNITE!! I'm not sure why this excited me so much.

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    If you are a pharmacist you'll be harassed and annoyed for not being professional at all times 😄

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    Becky O'Neill I’ve had a few pharmacists that were funny.....and to the CUSTOMER. So....that’s not true or doesn’t have to be.

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    Any book recommandation about this subject plz?

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    He really loves milkshakes, nice hair...

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    Why don't someone appreciate me at anything..??(inner me : good luck next time )😁

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    "It's not about making work funny, it's about making work fun!" Awesome talk!!

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    Superb.Thank you.

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    As much I would like to agree with Andrew and would rather work with someone like him. Certain cultures doesn't really adapt to that kind of work style and may in fact do you harm instead of brining you joy!

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    Thank you!

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    HOES English Center Mty

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    He should get a 🏅 from mankind. . God bless you and all of your followers. .

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    I like how he kept trying to make jokes but they all sucked.

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    I'm glad you posted this. I thought his jokes were mostly poor too. But what can you expect from an INTJ?

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    Awesome speech, would you accept a Mr SPOK in your team ?

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    I want to work under him.

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    Eat spinach for it’s good for you

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    I love this guy and his talks

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    super dull crowd. cmon guys.

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    Absolutely brilliant!!! Thank you!!

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    I got fired from a job once when I tried to use humour. I said, "Hey, if I can't have a laugh at work, you can find yourself another Undertaker!"

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    Pinky and the Brain - who else remembers them? ;-D

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    I used to watch Animaniacs after school in junior high.Hellooo nurse!lol

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    I love this guy :D

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    dead on! Growing up as a child I also learned that humor was a good defense mechanism. make the biggest bully in your school laugh and he leaves you alone.

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    OMG I knew he’s INTJ from the start Any INTJ fellows here??

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    How did you know? Like, what telling signs?

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    I can't think of any jokes or pun

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    Really enjoyed this video. :)

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    Terrific. One of the best TEDx talks I've seen in ages.

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    I decided to use humor work. Got fired. Now I'm free :)

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    I still don't know how to be funny help!! Haha, great talk!

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    For a second I thought he was gabe from the office 🙃

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    Im surprised this wasnt cringeworthy

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    Gabe from the office

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    Jared from Silicon Valley

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    C E thank you

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    Einstein was a notorious prankster. You could say he was relatively bright.

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    starCO2oil, are you f’n serious? Einstein was a noble human being is most all respects. He helped Dubois found the NAACP from his home in Germany, and shared his little house at Princeton with artists who were blacklisted in the McCarthy witch hunts. He paid them while they lived with him so they could house and support their families. He protested loudly the use of his genius to build the atom bomb. and gave support to the oppressed and marginalized. But it’s true he had a bad divorce in early life and so he offered to give his wife the entire Nobel Prize money he won in 1905, so yeah, she had to wait 9 years for her settlement. He gave her the total prize. Yes he later married his cousin and they remained together the rest of their lives, but at that time it was not illegal or considered immoral to marry inside extended family. And yes he was an agnostic who did not believe in the Judaic-Christian concept of God, and said so openly when interviewed about his religion. This made him a hated man in Christian America. Which part of his life leads you to say “Einstein was not a good man”?

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    Einstein was not a good person.

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    Nice one 😂👍