Humor at work | Andrew Tarvin | TEDxOhioStateUniversity


  1. Benjamin Cox

    Benjamin Cox7 днів тому

    Thought this was Gabe from the Office smh

  2. starCO2oil

    starCO2oilМісяць тому

    God says to give praise in all times.

  3. starCO2oil

    starCO2oilМісяць тому

    It is more than 33% of time at work from our lives at 40 hours per work due to hour lunch and the commutes and the time preparing for work. Then of course overtime. US labor laws should lower time at work. It is sad.

  4. Nelida Flores

    Nelida FloresМісяць тому

    Thank you! Great message! I needed this.

  5. Prabhakar Rao

    Prabhakar RaoМісяць тому

    Back in1974 I did a stint as a high school teacher. Nearly everyday I used humor to motivate my students. It was by far the most powerful motivator ever deployed. I faced scathing criticism from my fellow teachers and the school principal. Needless to add all my ardent critics were absolutely gobsmacked when the results of the external exams came out and out of 117 students across 3 different classes only 1 failed and 86 passed with distinction. This was the best results the school had attained.

  6. Evil DelBono

    Evil DelBonoМісяць тому

    I had a friend that Applied for a job at a national Park. They asked what qualified her for the position? She replied years of watching yogi Bear as a child could guarantee that no one’s picnic basket would get stolen while she was on watch. She got the job.

  7. G.P.Braaten

    G.P.BraatenМісяць тому

    I want to be a Humor Engineer, but I am an ENTP-T like Luke Skywalker. :-( :-) LOL

  8. Blue Domino

    Blue Domino2 місяці тому

    How do you get closed friend?

  9. Shivonne Mckissie

    Shivonne Mckissie2 місяці тому

    This was amazing.


    AXEL RODRIGO COSIGUA4 місяці тому

    Amazing !!!

  11. James Duckett

    James Duckett4 місяці тому

    INTJ's UNITE!! I'm not sure why this excited me so much.

  12. Becky O'Neill

    Becky O'Neill5 місяців тому

    If you are a pharmacist you'll be harassed and annoyed for not being professional at all times 😄

  13. Laura Drinkwine

    Laura DrinkwineДень тому

    Becky O'Neill I’ve had a few pharmacists that were funny.....and to the CUSTOMER. So....that’s not true or doesn’t have to be.

  14. mentaleur

    mentaleur8 місяців тому

    Any book recommandation about this subject plz?

  15. Rachel Norrie

    Rachel Norrie8 місяців тому

    He really loves milkshakes, nice hair...

  16. Abhay Kumar Singh

    Abhay Kumar Singh8 місяців тому

    Why don't someone appreciate me at anything..??(inner me : good luck next time )😁

  17. Eric Lane

    Eric Lane8 місяців тому

    "It's not about making work funny, it's about making work fun!" Awesome talk!!

  18. karthiga rathinavel

    karthiga rathinavel9 місяців тому

    Superb.Thank you.

  19. nora*노라 *ノラ

    nora*노라 *ノラ9 місяців тому

    As much I would like to agree with Andrew and would rather work with someone like him. Certain cultures doesn't really adapt to that kind of work style and may in fact do you harm instead of brining you joy!

  20. donna cook

    donna cook11 місяців тому

    Thank you!

  21. Rogo Rega

    Rogo RegaРік тому

    HOES English Center Mty

  22. Shubhajit Roy

    Shubhajit RoyРік тому

    He should get a 🏅 from mankind. . God bless you and all of your followers. .

  23. alex gavronsky

    alex gavronskyРік тому

    I like how he kept trying to make jokes but they all sucked.

  24. Don L

    Don LРік тому

    I'm glad you posted this. I thought his jokes were mostly poor too. But what can you expect from an INTJ?

  25. Jazz

    JazzРік тому

    Awesome speech, would you accept a Mr SPOK in your team ?

  26. the waffle monster

    the waffle monsterРік тому

    I want to work under him.

  27. Gint Murphy

    Gint MurphyРік тому

    Eat spinach for it’s good for you

  28. Valeria

    ValeriaРік тому

    I love this guy and his talks

  29. Joseph Iparraguirre

    Joseph IparraguirreРік тому

    super dull crowd. cmon guys.

  30. Daniel Rus

    Daniel RusРік тому

    Absolutely brilliant!!! Thank you!!

  31. Zac Brentnall

    Zac BrentnallРік тому

    I got fired from a job once when I tried to use humour. I said, "Hey, if I can't have a laugh at work, you can find yourself another Undertaker!"

  32. Claytos Republic

    Claytos RepublicРік тому

    Pinky and the Brain - who else remembers them? ;-D

  33. Jaime Velazque

    Jaime VelazqueРік тому

    I used to watch Animaniacs after school in junior high.Hellooo nurse!lol

  34. Sofia Tsaliki

    Sofia TsalikiРік тому

    I love this guy :D

  35. babyrazor

    babyrazorРік тому

    dead on! Growing up as a child I also learned that humor was a good defense mechanism. make the biggest bully in your school laugh and he leaves you alone.

  36. Ani Chen

    Ani Chen2 роки тому

    OMG I knew he’s INTJ from the start Any INTJ fellows here??

  37. magnamia

    magnamia9 місяців тому

    How did you know? Like, what telling signs?

  38. Ching Ying Vanessa Li

    Ching Ying Vanessa Li2 роки тому

    I can't think of any jokes or pun

  39. Tasneem Khajanchi

    Tasneem Khajanchi2 роки тому

    Really enjoyed this video. :)

  40. Brian Miller: Author, Speaker, Magician

    Brian Miller: Author, Speaker, Magician2 роки тому

    Terrific. One of the best TEDx talks I've seen in ages.

  41. zappbraniggan

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  42. Oliver

    Oliver2 роки тому

    I decided to use humor work. Got fired. Now I'm free :)

  43. YoungGrasshopper

    YoungGrasshopper2 роки тому

    I still don't know how to be funny help!! Haha, great talk!

  44. Ghaliah Abdullah

    Ghaliah Abdullah2 роки тому

    For a second I thought he was gabe from the office 🙃

  45. C E

    C E2 роки тому

    Im surprised this wasnt cringeworthy

  46. C E

    C E2 роки тому

    Gabe from the office

  47. Likho Bazana

    Likho BazanaМісяць тому

    Jared from Silicon Valley

  48. Sydney Harrison

    Sydney Harrison3 місяці тому

    C E thank you

  49. Shannon

    Shannon2 роки тому

    Einstein was a notorious prankster. You could say he was relatively bright.

  50. starCO2oil

    starCO2oilМісяць тому

    Einstein was not a good person.

  51. Subarno Siraji

    Subarno SirajiРік тому

    Nice one 😂👍

  52. Otosaka Kaneki

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  53. Konstanty

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  54. AJ

    AJ2 роки тому

    I see what you did there!

  55. Nolan Conville

    Nolan Conville3 роки тому

    Gabe Lewis is that you?

  56. Nolan Conville

    Nolan Conville2 роки тому

    @Cody Evans you bet! Ciao!

  57. C E

    C E2 роки тому

    Nolan Conville no way i just said that. From the office?

  58. Netanel M

    Netanel M3 роки тому

    Is there a way to get the transcription of this?

  59. Son0fHobs

    Son0fHobs3 роки тому

    I suck at humor when it comes to work. So I gave up.

  60. Sharmin Hossain

    Sharmin Hossain3 роки тому


  61. mary quartana

    mary quartana2 роки тому

  62. Pookie Parks

    Pookie Parks3 роки тому

    Ya! I love this Talk! Now please, Part 2: How To Use It

  63. Miu

    Miu4 роки тому

    I don't know how. Yea. The thing is, when I make a joke nobody gets it or laughs.

  64. Likho Bazana

    Likho BazanaМісяць тому

    I start cracking up at my own jokes, the more I laugh they start laughing at me.

  65. SeouL

    SeouL3 роки тому

    stop tickling me

  66. Miu

    Miu3 роки тому

    @Pookie Parks wow Thank you!

  67. Pookie Parks

    Pookie Parks3 роки тому

    It wouldn't hurt to pick up a book about it if you're trying interested in making jokes that make more than just you laugh. (Personally, I think as long as I'm tickled, is a good joke and others can bask in or be jealous of my joy.) To get you started : -Learning to Be Funny by Mitch Earlywine -the Comic Toolbox : How to Be Funny Even If You're Not by John Vorhaus -the Big Book of New American Humor I also heard a comedian give their insight once. I've forgotten all their advise except for 3 bits: -Exaggerate ONLY 1 part of the truth. For example, if I want to joke about my height, instead of saying, "I'm so short is not funny," I would say, "I'm so short, I could milk a cow standing up." -The Element of Surprise. The thing one expects to hear least catches people off guard and tends to be funny. For example, drawing your power point presentation in Paint when it's expected to have a very serious tone. -Repetition. Refer back to a joke or pun you made before. It gets funnier the 2nd and 3rd time. It gets to a point where is not funny anymore, but often, if you push thru the unfunny phase sparingly enough, it becomes funny again. I hope this helps.

  68. Miu

    Miu3 роки тому

    @Prateek Choudhary Thank you :)

  69. Susan Scrupski

    Susan Scrupski4 роки тому

    So great. Humor at work. Watch.

  70. Richard Robert

    Richard Robert4 роки тому

    this guy has some good thoughts... its really fun as well

  71. David Tay

    David Tay5 років тому

    this is very very true.. thanks for the great sharing!

  72. KootFloris

    KootFloris5 років тому

    What a boring corporate guy, who never got much beyond the joke at work, that makes work, well almost likable work. We need stronger, better, more playful ideas that this.

  73. Lisa Linton

    Lisa Linton5 років тому

    What an inspiring talk! It takes courage to use humor in a work place where the corporate culture is very formal and staid. Just listening to Drew talk makes me want to be on a team with him. I want my coworkers to feel that way about me. Makes me want to take a few risks and give humor a shot. Improved health, physical, emotional, and financial, are worth the risk. Thanks, Drew.

  74. Goose Fuentes

    Goose Fuentes6 місяців тому

    You already are a greater leader than yesterday because you care enough about your team ✋

  75. Mary Ann Campbell

    Mary Ann Campbell5 років тому

    Drew, so glad you "drew" this to my attention. Great job! Excellent flow, useful points, awesome well-timed slides. Congratulations on being selected to present a TED talk. You nailed it! On your next TED talk, please include more how to find one's personal humor style and resources to help put humor into action at work. You definitely deserve TED Talk #2.

  76. J. Allen

    J. Allen5 років тому

    My Aerospace Engineering company is so dry it's really a drain. I use humor all the time and there is a significant percentage of the time it's unwelcome. Not because I use inappropriate humor, but because they are SO SERIOUS that they infer that I am not serious enough to handle projects efficiently. This is regardless of my impeccable record of project completion. We have training modules all the time for various reasons. This talk should be a mandatory training item. Wouldn't that be great. One last thing... to all you SQUARES out there... LiGHTEN uP !! Life is supposed to be fun!

  77. miiworld2

    miiworld22 місяці тому

    This should definitely be a mandatory training video

  78. Jas Gill

    Jas GillРік тому

    amol deshpande, I know right? Some People are so constipated at work......I lasted 15 years at my last work place only because I was able to incorporate some daily “fun and light hearted comedy” into the workplace.

  79. amol deshpande

    amol deshpandeРік тому

    Somewhat similar at my workplace too! I work in a Japanese company in Japan, and cracking small jokes or just laughing at workplace here, mostly inferred as you are "Not Serious" about your work! They work like damn, they even don't go to the toilet for hours! My Godd :D

  80. Russo Lewis

    Russo Lewis5 років тому

    A brilliant presentation Mr. Tarvin. Thank you. Learning how to use humor is so important. In show business we have a term..."he's always on..." To be "on" may be good for the person who is "on" but not necessarily for the listener, in fact may be disapproved of to the point of counterattack. Humor, must be tempered, if you will, to the audience, the circumstances or both, to be effective. Another consideration you underline that I like is that humor is different than comedy. Wonderful. One is immediate, the other is theater. Thanks for the opportunity to comment, the fun and the smiles woven into the fabric of your presentation.

  81. Ahmed Hamdy Hammad

    Ahmed Hamdy Hammad5 років тому

    he talks like Neil Patrick Harris xD

  82. Sadly Add

    Sadly Add5 місяців тому

    Ahmed Hamdy Hammad that, and gabe lewis from the office

  83. SK Rao

    SK Rao5 років тому

    So money does not buy happiness, as the old adage goes. But what nobody told was that happiness does buy money, eh!

  84. weewee33wee44

    weewee33wee445 років тому

    Great talk !

  85. Steph DeWaegeneer

    Steph DeWaegeneer5 років тому

    Drew gets "it". He's awesome!