I Bought 10 Products With The FUNNIEST Amazon Reviews!


  1. DOPE or NOPE

    DOPE or NOPEМісяць тому

    Hey Guys! If you want to see the results on the voting, check out our Instagram @Hi5DopeOrNope in a couple days to see what everyone thought! Make sure you VOTE in the top link of the description! Also, THE BOARD GAME IS BACK IN STOCK!!! If you want to buy one check out the link in the description!

  2. iimoonlights

    iimoonlights8 днів тому

    ligit cant find it

  3. Hi Hi

    Hi Hi12 днів тому

    best the I

  4. Luis Bravo

    Luis Bravo17 днів тому

    Ink Sans You should get the original game called snake oil

  5. Evan Tamez

    Evan Tamez20 днів тому

    Thierry face was a Larry us

  6. 구름정이

    구름정이21 день тому

    can you make review with TBH picnic basket?

  7. Xaffire009

    Xaffire009Годину тому

    The comment for the book doesn't exist :(

  8. Cleveland Browns

    Cleveland Browns2 години тому

    1:38 that’s what she said hahahahahahahahahahaha

  9. Rebekah Renner

    Rebekah Renner18 годин тому

    4:48 WHY COULDN'T YOU STICK WITH ALASKA? I live there!

  10. Artorius The'Bear

    Artorius The'Bear19 годин тому

    (pepper spray review). "Don't use on tacos..."

  11. Raf Przy

    Raf PrzyДень тому

    in polish mayaya would be majaja which means my eggs

  12. Ilovedogs Oakley

    Ilovedogs OakleyДень тому

    14:49 I thought it said BAGElss instead of bag less

  13. Gerrard Tristan

    Gerrard TristanДень тому

    3:18 Any kudalaper fans out there?

  14. Madison Gaughan

    Madison GaughanДень тому

    one of my favorite videos!!!

  15. Fire_Gamer 07

    Fire_Gamer 07День тому

    (23:00) Soap Joke , this cheese dont taste too good.

  16. Roblox Pro

    Roblox ProДень тому


  17. friendless art

    friendless art2 дні тому


  18. Jeramie Lopez

    Jeramie Lopez3 дні тому

    IDK. I just did a random time. 10:35

  19. Gacha Potato

    Gacha Potato3 дні тому

    When there’s no pole on the top right corner:b oof

  20. Zion Sims

    Zion Sims4 дні тому

    The dope or nope remembers you or snake oil leave a like

  21. Whitlee Halen

    Whitlee Halen4 дні тому

    am i the only one who looked up all the products on amazon to see the reviews lol

  22. shahbaz khan

    shahbaz khan5 днів тому

    Fkn love it

  23. Jacob Nussbaum

    Jacob Nussbaum5 днів тому

    18:11 that’s a Swiss army Pocket knife to me it looks more like an apocalyptic weapon

  24. Jacob Nussbaum

    Jacob Nussbaum5 днів тому

    Don’t you know police use pepper spray and Matt what does a limo have to do with pepper spray

  25. Cassandra Villanueva

    Cassandra Villanueva5 днів тому

    Yo yo homie G

  26. Hooves & Whiskers

    Hooves & Whiskers6 днів тому

    911 how can we help you? *Ahh yes, I’m just cooking, and I was wondering how much trouble you can be in for selling meth.* You wanna know how much trouble you can be in for having meth? *yeah, I mean you’re the ones to ask ask that.* Is this -- ---? *uhh no, -- is not here right now.* The police is coming to see you sir *oh shiii, gah! I mean, oh ok.* 😂😂😂

  27. Bto BaCh

    Bto BaCh6 днів тому

    Mathias wrote perfect one liners... then he ruined them all

  28. Chandy Sin

    Chandy Sin6 днів тому


  29. Lizzy Walkup

    Lizzy Walkup6 днів тому

    Y’all should review craft products from amazon!

  30. Torrential_Zephyr

    Torrential_Zephyr6 днів тому

    ★★★★★ “This vacuum is also good for transferring paranormal canines.”

  31. Juliet odd

    Juliet odd6 днів тому

    You guys are really not funny

  32. Landon Oelberg

    Landon Oelberg6 днів тому

    "I have a fear of holes!" ~Tanner Mamedal, 2019

  33. Hannah Banana

    Hannah Banana7 днів тому

    That I Need A New Butt book was at my book fair at school and I was so confused!

  34. Yeetus Da Fetus

    Yeetus Da Fetus7 днів тому

    Tanner: this vacuum sucks and blows Me:😳🥴😏

  35. RUSH & CO.

    RUSH & CO.7 днів тому

    That comment about safety not being allowed there is pretty ironic coming from Commiefornia.

  36. Kainalu Garcia

    Kainalu Garcia7 днів тому

    I have sprayed myself with mace i feel your pain

  37. Hi Two

    Hi Two7 днів тому

    love you guys

  38. Nintendo Plays

    Nintendo Plays7 днів тому

    What if you gave 5 stars but in the comments you say 1 stars

  39. qwerty 1234

    qwerty 12348 днів тому

    My grandma bought my 3 year old sister that Butt book for Christmas last year

  40. Darth Dawn

    Darth Dawn8 днів тому

    Hey this video can out on my dads birthday

  41. Yuan Zheng

    Yuan Zheng8 днів тому

    Probably wierd that I got the same soap as in this video

  42. Bounty-King 88

    Bounty-King 888 днів тому

    Nickels dope or nope creation takes away the purpose of pepper spray it’s not ment to kill them it’s to hurt them to get away from them

  43. shane thomas

    shane thomas9 днів тому

    Dr.squatch soap is the best. I like the pine tar, but they have quite a few good scents

  44. SnakeTube :3

    SnakeTube :39 днів тому

    If you haven’t already, you should buy the gummy bear skeleton from Vat19

  45. skelemimisplays

    skelemimisplays10 днів тому

    Sometimes I wonder how much alike you guys are to candles because your 4heads r so frickin shiny and he probably has the most on his head that's why he wears the hat. Love u guys tho

  46. Logan Carpenter

    Logan Carpenter10 днів тому

    The dope or nope game is so stupid..love the videos but you should have spent maybe 4 years on the game because 2 wasn’t enough.

  47. isaiah trujillo

    isaiah trujillo10 днів тому

    Mikes review about pepper spray sucked. It stings.

  48. Eren Jaeger

    Eren Jaeger11 днів тому

    what do you guys do with these products after you're done reviewing them? do you use them at home or in the studio?

  49. N3rd H4wk TV

    N3rd H4wk TV11 днів тому

    I laughed LOL IM8

  50. John Herzog

    John Herzog12 днів тому

    Tanner you almost made me pee

  51. Darryl Johnston

    Darryl Johnston12 днів тому

    Wonky donky is a austrailan kid book

  52. Music and game Play by pea

    Music and game Play by pea12 днів тому

    You guys have the actual worst jokes

  53. Flying pig cop Grayson

    Flying pig cop Grayson12 днів тому

    I’m 10😐😐😐

  54. Natalie The Blue-eyed Weirdo

    Natalie The Blue-eyed Weirdo12 днів тому

    BIZZARDVARK!!!!! Tanner stole Horse face guy's head!!!!

  55. sadie ladie

    sadie ladie12 днів тому

    My brother has that I need a new butt book its so funny

  56. Natalie

    Natalie13 днів тому

    Oh god anything but the horse girls, they’re the actual worst

  57. Yaileima Yumnam

    Yaileima Yumnam13 днів тому

    Fell in love with tanner... that's the main reason i watch dope or nope

  58. Mia Love

    Mia Love10 днів тому

    Total cutie

  59. NickTheOne PB

    NickTheOne PB13 днів тому

    14:01 this is getting scary

  60. Kandy Data

    Kandy Data13 днів тому

    If I buy it I'm breaking one of the rule for the pepper spray

  61. Harley Kay

    Harley Kay13 днів тому

    21:25 looking fo fwens

  62. IcyGamer 49

    IcyGamer 4913 днів тому

    The self promos are grate 👍

  63. Themosquito44

    Themosquito4413 днів тому

    Please make your videos under 20 min cause they’re to long

  64. Michaela Schaeffer

    Michaela Schaeffer13 днів тому

    I will assure you...after watching this video I went to the products to see if they actually put the review and they did, the sad part is...86 people found the kindle waterproof case one helpful 😂😂😂

  65. cookiemansboy

    cookiemansboy13 днів тому

    aww man, i cant pepper spray people?

  66. Asher The LBJ Fan 23

    Asher The LBJ Fan 2313 днів тому

    So horse girls a furry