I Bought 10 Products With The FUNNIEST Amazon Reviews!


  1. DOPE or NOPE

    DOPE or NOPE7 місяців тому

    Hey Guys! If you want to see the results on the voting, check out our Instagram @Hi5DopeOrNope in a couple days to see what everyone thought! Make sure you VOTE in the top link of the description! Also, THE BOARD GAME IS BACK IN STOCK!!! If you want to buy one check out the link in the description!

  2. Thomas Mcdougall

    Thomas McdougallДень тому

    Think you had the Carona Matt

  3. Three B.A.D. Boys

    Three B.A.D. Boys16 днів тому

    But I can’t play it with friends because I don’t have any like tanner

  4. Evan Games 368

    Evan Games 368Місяць тому

    @Bill Morgan yeet

  5. Ryan Lawler

    Ryan Lawler3 місяці тому

    Yeet yeet

  6. Guy Man

    Guy Man3 місяці тому

    DOPE or NOPE 👎🏼

  7. Dorkie Corgies

    Dorkie Corgies2 дні тому

    you arent gonna get electrocuted if it isn’t plugged in 😂😂

  8. Dorkie Corgies

    Dorkie Corgies2 дні тому

    Michael did you get that jacket from holister? I have one just like it

  9. Luna Wilson

    Luna Wilson3 дні тому

    DO WHAT AMAZON SAID THERE!!!!! MOVE! * yeets furniture into moving truck and voom voom to a new house* ahhh better

  10. Thomas Mcdougall

    Thomas Mcdougall5 днів тому

    Did matt have covid

  11. jordan evans

    jordan evans6 днів тому

    Pretty stupid video

  12. Callie T

    Callie T7 днів тому

    Why do you pretty much all men products say men or for men or masculine but then women products just like sales sent for the brand and some do you say woman don’t get me wrong but like just a realization of how men can use women’s products but women can’t use men’s products…?

  13. Jimena Zavala

    Jimena Zavala8 днів тому

    I have 3 three little cousin if all together there crazy and they butt, butty and fart they start laughing there butts off

  14. L Lonas

    L Lonas8 днів тому


  15. Reviews By Keshia

    Reviews By Keshia12 днів тому

    I Love Your Channel - I Do Product Reviews - Check Out Mine & Give Me Some Pointers As Well ;)

  16. black khan

    black khan13 днів тому


  17. Matt Mora

    Matt Mora15 днів тому

    10:08 I only laughed at the sound affeect laugh

  18. saad zaman

    saad zaman15 днів тому

    I miss liz

  19. Wolfwild

    Wolfwild15 днів тому

    Shes still here m8

  20. Callie Hinson

    Callie Hinson16 днів тому

    I’m a horse girl and tanners right we are kinda weird and a little crazy

  21. Fish_Review _com

    Fish_Review _com17 днів тому

    For the butt book: “After reading this I decided I needed a new butt. I looked up closest butt stores near me but I guess there’s only a special place you can get them. My mommas tired of driving me around but I need a new one. Update: She told me all of them have a crack. Nevermind. The book is a whole bunch of lies. Definitely don’t recommend

  22. Delaney Penrod

    Delaney Penrod17 днів тому

    You guys should do 10 products that don’t have any reviews

  23. Amelia Barton

    Amelia Barton19 днів тому

    Joke: One star. Though this Swiss Army knife had great reviews, it still couldn’t fix my divorce. ):

  24. Tate Ogle

    Tate Ogle19 днів тому

    20:18 that's Reddit not Amazon comments, it's not even a screenshot!

  25. sassy youtuber

    sassy youtuber22 дні тому

    When you run out of pepper spray just make your own with the hottest pepper in the world. That will keep away the creepers for sure no one will mess with you boo yah!

  26. Bash Blizzard

    Bash Blizzard22 дні тому

    For the multi tool one I would of said All these tools and it still can’t fix my problems

  27. Devilish Angel

    Devilish Angel23 дні тому

    here how about this for a book teaching people Spanish "Hola, I got this for a gift... I hate Spanish more now"

  28. Elena Singer

    Elena Singer23 дні тому

    There were so many opportunities for that’s what she said jokes 😂

  29. Ezra Simmer

    Ezra Simmer23 дні тому

    Mattheous has corrroooooonaviiiiirus jk!

  30. WhizKid Interviews America.

    WhizKid Interviews America.26 днів тому

    Calculator Review: Nobody: Not a Single soul: Not a Lifeform on earth: Dope or Nope: naH

  31. Cup of REEE

    Cup of REEE28 днів тому

    10:10 i didn't laugh because Tanner said butt but how he looked at the camera

  32. subbing to everyone who subs to me

    subbing to everyone who subs to meМісяць тому

    The horse thing is what sub wears

  33. master gameplay

    master gameplayМісяць тому

    Ok i am a kid and i laughed when you said butt but i laughed because it was weird and who wouldn't laugh at a grown man going "butt"

  34. Joshua Grey

    Joshua GreyМісяць тому

    Who is watching this remembering when michael was still in dope or nope

  35. Twisted Grimm

    Twisted GrimmМісяць тому

    She's gone from suck to blow!

  36. jaredjs42

    jaredjs42Місяць тому

    Just purchased dope or nope cant wait to play . GREAT Videos guys keep up the good work

  37. Teddy Davis

    Teddy DavisМісяць тому

    Im 9


    THISTHINGMINT28 днів тому


  39. Nathan Sandy

    Nathan SandyМісяць тому


  40. Spandan Shinde

    Spandan ShindeМісяць тому

    Dang tanner looks like bill from "IT"

  41. Mind Zapper

    Mind ZapperМісяць тому


  42. roman naikee

    roman naikeeМісяць тому

    Hey...lol!! I would recommend next level ninjas - they're probably the safest platform I had a chance to use, reviews done by normal people not the usual deal seekers whose reviews are getting flagged

  43. The A-BOMB

    The A-BOMBМісяць тому

    I use dr squatch

  44. Adrian Fierro

    Adrian FierroМісяць тому

    I know its been months but for the Toilet Brush one i wouldve put "This works like a charm. Ive seen these in all of my friends bathrooms so i decided to buy one. Dont regret it considering my placque has been at an all time low."

  45. Bryson Nieves

    Bryson NievesМісяць тому

    Is it bad I think liz is cute


    THISTHINGMINT28 днів тому


  47. Joshuaofjoshuas 17

    Joshuaofjoshuas 17Місяць тому

    The case was so good my son started flainling his arms around in the water

  48. A Aa

    A AaМісяць тому

    For the vacuum i would have put “this thing sucks so far its getting dirty“

  49. Boris

    BorisМісяць тому

    It's nice you fellas are growing beards together... like little beard buddies

  50. Bryson Seubert

    Bryson SeubertМісяць тому

    Forshadowing when Mathis goes bald

  51. Bryson Seubert

    Bryson SeubertМісяць тому

    What's the writing on the dope or nope helmet

  52. Taco_ Cat

    Taco_ CatМісяць тому

    That comment in the thumbnail really is true tho lol

  53. ACK it’s me ACK

    ACK it’s me ACKМісяць тому

    not funny didn’t laugh

  54. Erik Hefflefinger

    Erik HefflefingerМісяць тому

    Like for Horse Girl!

  55. useless54868

    useless54868Місяць тому

    As someone living in WI, I will say pepper spray isn't necessary. In this state you just buy a gun.

  56. Ninja-D

    Ninja-DМісяць тому

    For the vacuum my joke would have been “It sucks more than your mom”

  57. orlando Mccullah

    orlando MccullahМісяць тому


  58. mr killer

    mr killerМісяць тому

    We have pepper spray here in Michigan it’s weird that they say that lol

  59. Sonali Patil

    Sonali PatilМісяць тому

    I love how these comments are just bad memes and not votes 😂😂😂😂😂😆😂

  60. rip alexei

    rip alexeiМісяць тому

    Did he have the Rona

  61. Arianna Montealegre

    Arianna MontealegreМісяць тому

    For the pepper spray I would’ve put “i ran out of pepper so i bought this, i put it on my salad, it does not taste good!! Dont buy!” Yeah im stupid

  62. Ricardo Olvera

    Ricardo OlveraМісяць тому

    I’m posting this on every video from now on. Petition to bring back “shook nasty”

  63. Amy Rose Price

    Amy Rose PriceМісяць тому

    They predicted bald Matt

  64. ARcindian

    ARcindianМісяць тому

    The Swiss army night. "I have been planning a murder but all the tools I would have to use would be to many to carry around. Thanks to the swiss army knife I can steal a car and disassemble my wife."

  65. Caleb Abraham

    Caleb AbrahamМісяць тому

    15:24 did Michael just use the n word or am I dumb?

  66. ChickenDoidles

    ChickenDoidlesМісяць тому

    Yes you spent 2 years ripping off snake oil- it’s a good game but seriously, that makes me dead inside

  67. Alexis Tremblay

    Alexis TremblayМісяць тому

    Ha-ha Ha-ha ha Tanner

  68. Alexis Tremblay

    Alexis TremblayМісяць тому

    The butt was funny

  69. Diego Negrete

    Diego NegreteМісяць тому

    15:47 foreshadowing Matt’s haircut

  70. wtmarcum

    wtmarcumМісяць тому

    Mathis: I'm a little sick Person in quarantine: .....im sorry what? 😕

  71. Maddi Crowder

    Maddi CrowderМісяць тому

    For the multipurpose knife tool thing I would have wrote “Very handy in helping me fix stuff around the house. Too bad it couldn’t fix my marriage.”

  72. Travis Martin

    Travis MartinМісяць тому

    Hah butt

  73. vjpearce

    vjpearceМісяць тому

    I was expecting to see the sugar free Haribo bears reviews in this video. Those reviews are funny. Saw a review of a portable washing machine and complained that they couldn't wash a king-sized duvet set in it. This other funny/stupid review wasn't on Amazon, but I saw this review on Aldi's website with their Mushroom pate and a customer gave it 1 star, complaining that it didn't say on the box "Not suitable for vegetarians" as she served it to a friend who was.

  74. Bloo_ Cookie

    Bloo_ CookieМісяць тому

    12:43 omg i can’t stop laughing “sCaReD mE”

  75. Jesus Garcia

    Jesus GarciaМісяць тому

    Is it weird that a product exists between tanner and mathias its a thing that when you press the button light flashes, pepper spray shoots out, and takes a pucture that picture is sent to the police and it calles it. The item is still in development but it's an interesting concept.

  76. Calvin McMillen

    Calvin McMillenМісяць тому


  77. Edwin Cintron

    Edwin CintronМісяць тому

    lol im nine and i laughed ;-;

  78. Goldie Da Furry Trash

    Goldie Da Furry TrashМісяць тому

    15:48 *f o r e s h a d o w i n g*

  79. dance squad

    dance squadМісяць тому

    coronavirus said no to my friends

  80. Yeee Wiggle

    Yeee WiggleМісяць тому

    I do

  81. Jennifer Auclair

    Jennifer AuclairМісяць тому

    Your a real OG if you remember when Luna was only a baby

  82. Jacob Castellon

    Jacob CastellonМісяць тому

    Let me lave a review here help I love you guys your the best

  83. h8r Raider

    h8r RaiderМісяць тому

    my review for the toilet brush "would be nice if it came in Brown "

  84. dinoman and icey

    dinoman and icey2 місяці тому


  85. Asphalt 100

    Asphalt 1002 місяці тому

    WATER PROOF CASE: tanner's one

  86. Muchacho 7554

    Muchacho 75542 місяці тому

    This game is like snake oil.

  87. zach lentz

    zach lentz2 місяці тому

    Dr. squash is trying to help men that is mean

  88. Redneck Cooter

    Redneck Cooter2 місяці тому

    Well if other people act like idiots like with a toilet brush just add on

  89. CharlieXAngel 13

    CharlieXAngel 132 місяці тому

    Did you see tanners Fãčė when he realised what he said at 15:33

  90. Emily ahaha

    Emily ahaha2 місяці тому

    0:57 Michael looks so uncomfortable after he puts his hand on Tanner's shoulder😂😂 "I'm nervous"

  91. Crystal Garcia

    Crystal Garcia2 місяці тому


  92. Prince Oberoi

    Prince Oberoi2 місяці тому

    all is you guys

  93. doge. inc

    doge. inc2 місяці тому


  94. Lunar _ Ariez

    Lunar _ Ariez2 місяці тому


  95. Squidnugget Reyes

    Squidnugget Reyes2 місяці тому

    Me watching this during quartine coronavirus

  96. Not So Daily

    Not So Daily2 місяці тому

    I love those ads lmao

  97. Jacob Nussbaum

    Jacob Nussbaum2 місяці тому

    Really Bathroom issues

  98. Donald Larose

    Donald Larose2 місяці тому

    I’m 9 and I still laugh at the word butt

  99. Morgan Gassaway

    Morgan Gassaway2 місяці тому

    22:07 I thought he was gonna slap him and i started dying when it was just that genuine reaction

  100. James Snook

    James Snook2 місяці тому

    Liz RULZ!!!!!!! Just saying

  101. Carlos Rodrigo

    Carlos Rodrigo2 місяці тому


  102. Aidan 9642

    Aidan 96422 місяці тому

    Say Aiden in the next video

  103. Caleb Jefferson

    Caleb Jefferson2 місяці тому

    The gasoline in the gun wouldn't catch fire, It would blow up.

  104. creative grant

    creative grant2 місяці тому

    Should have: Toilet Brush "Works as a tooth brush too... Pro Tip: go from the toilet straight to the teeth and save on toothpaste."

  105. Infinnity

    Infinnity2 місяці тому

    0:01 Me: (Sees Leonardo DiCaprio) Also me: This video is perfect already.


    RIOT SQUAD2 місяці тому

    Is no one gonna point out the fact that the pepper spray one wasn't a review. It was a question so that doesn't count

  107. sophie lambie

    sophie lambie2 місяці тому

    that extend on the awww 18:27

  108. Junior F

    Junior F2 місяці тому

    Can we just talk about how the woman in the review put theres still nothing between my legs