I Don't Like My Parents Because They Don't Accept Who I Am


  1. Ellia Babe

    Ellia BabeГодину тому

    What is wrong with you? Why do tou wan't your sisters to follow your DUMB creakin' footsteps? And yes, you parent's is mad at you cuz you are a MUSLIMS and you wan't to be gay? You can go to hell! P/s: No hate this is just for muslims

  2. Tariq Akbar

    Tariq Akbar3 години тому

    Muslims aren't supposed to be gay....

  3. hi blazquez sanchez

    hi blazquez sanchez10 годин тому


  4. Guillermo Jimenez

    Guillermo Jimenez12 годин тому

    Ur parents are right fags have no place in the world

  5. Durik Troler

    Durik Troler13 годин тому

    0:10 😑*laugh short* the gay?

  6. Roro Ira

    Roro Ira17 годин тому

    i'm so sorry bro....but your parents are right, Allah dont like gay people.....i know its hard to you but its true

  7. Andria Clapp

    Andria ClappДень тому

    Fuck you suck black dick fuck big pussy

  8. Olivia_ Playsroblox

    Olivia_ PlaysrobloxДень тому


  9. Kimoya Pinnock

    Kimoya PinnockДень тому

    What kind of "Fake" relationship aerial you keeping up of your parents don't accept your sexuality but they want to see you every now and then when you have the chance. Sorry but your the fake one they made it clear they don't like tht side of you but your going around saying YOU have to keep up this fake relationship😴And they don't know that, IDK if this is the point but if I'm wrong lemme know.

  10. kawaii echos aleyna

    kawaii echos aleynaДень тому

    Theres a nother Muslim like you like me

  11. Barack Bagatsing

    Barack BagatsingДень тому

    Be your self

  12. Gray's day dreamer

    Gray's day dreamer2 дні тому

    Your a selfish bastard

  13. Jamie Thomas

    Jamie Thomas2 дні тому

    My parents are awful.

  14. -Axlinvintoz -

    -Axlinvintoz -2 дні тому

    26 dislikes ok

  15. Takeo

    Takeo2 дні тому

    -Axlinvintoz - kid stop

  16. yo boi

    yo boi2 дні тому

    Your gay? I thought you where muslim

  17. Takeo

    Takeo2 дні тому

    yo boi stfu kid

  18. Joseph Agar

    Joseph Agar2 дні тому

    I honestly feel like this guy is more of a jerk than the parents, to be honest...

  19. Takeo

    Takeo2 дні тому

    Joseph Agar he is

  20. Jesmin Rahat

    Jesmin Rahat2 дні тому

    U r parents arent muslim muslim people arent like that some people follow iskam the wrong way very wrong w WAY

  21. Takeo

    Takeo2 дні тому

    Jesmin Rahat it’s islam

  22. Lyn lym Soda

    Lyn lym Soda3 дні тому

    My mom is an homophobic and she’s extremely strict And I hated it Cuz I’m lesbian And my mom forced me to be straight And I got some bad depression about it I even got a therapist about it My mom thinks lesbians and gays should go to hell And I disagree with it I love lesbians and gays We’re all the same

  23. Brian Brooks

    Brian Brooks3 дні тому

    I atgre with his parents

  24. Jose Eduardo Bejarano Paz

    Jose Eduardo Bejarano Paz3 дні тому

    17 second into the Video I couldn't stop laughing for some reason

  25. I'm not an 3mo YT

    I'm not an 3mo YT3 дні тому

    you're gay well you do you

  26. Saad Zia

    Saad Zia3 дні тому

    What a scumbag

  27. Saad Zia

    Saad Zia3 дні тому

    The kid

  28. Toby Bigs

    Toby Bigs3 дні тому

    this is inspiring as all hell

  29. Carolina Espino

    Carolina Espino3 дні тому

    Im sad for u. God is real jesus is real. I'm sorry but I think u know where u r gonna go when u die. :/

  30. Llamacorns And Pride

    Llamacorns And Pride3 дні тому

    I'm also gay! Me: yaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssss!!!

  31. Kim Taehyung

    Kim Taehyung3 дні тому

    I'm bisexual and my mom hates gays so much but my dad is supportive

  32. Takeo

    Takeo2 дні тому

    Kim Taehyung who cares

  33. Noman Abdullah

    Noman Abdullah4 дні тому

    My story

  34. Nguyệt Cát Đinh

    Nguyệt Cát Đinh4 дні тому

    I think that you also should find a way to get your sisters out of this too, they look like they're going through things much worse than you.

  35. Shark Ham

    Shark Ham4 дні тому

    1:32 Man u need to run away or get away from ur parents or something 2:08 oh never mind

  36. muhammed efe koc

    muhammed efe koc4 дні тому

    youre parant are stipid agian i am not talking about storybooth i am talking about the guys parant

  37. B R U H

    B R U H5 днів тому

    I hate this kid

  38. gypsy freak

    gypsy freak2 дні тому

    Takeo islamophobe isn’t a word If anything you should be calling the Muslims Homophobia’s Also the Muslims killed my people in India years ago

  39. Takeo

    Takeo2 дні тому

    gypsy freak Islamophobe

  40. gypsy freak

    gypsy freak4 дні тому

    I hate Muslims

  41. •Boba Dreams•

    •Boba Dreams•5 днів тому

    *This comment section has enough fighting to make Taylor Swift’s exes jealous*

  42. saba chaudhry

    saba chaudhry5 днів тому

    he can die in a hole of poop!!!!!! lol

  43. saba chaudhry

    saba chaudhry5 днів тому

    this stupid man is very selfish and greedy

  44. Adeeba

    Adeeba5 днів тому

    How are they religious but the mum does not wear a scarf

  45. Moo Ahmed

    Moo Ahmed5 днів тому

    You escaped but that is wrong know one can be trusted that is why don't say that you're parents are not perfect becuz know one is don't tell you're sister's to run away I am a Muslim and I was scold and beaten but I love my parents and I can't even think of leaving them please go back to ur parents becuz they are important for u

  46. Najma Sheikh

    Najma Sheikh5 днів тому

    I'm a Muslim and my parents don't treat me like that then who exactly who I am I'm sorry what they done but don't tell them who to be you are you there. You be yourself kid

  47. Unicorn

    Unicorn5 днів тому

    I’m a Muslim too Actually they are right and you are wrong

  48. Lucas Macieski de Loreto

    Lucas Macieski de Loreto5 днів тому

    this is for disliking the video uareporter.net/v/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-mFRIJpU1k3A.html

  49. Rain’s Animations

    Rain’s Animations6 днів тому

    I live in California and I am lesbian 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈 GAY PRIDE!!!!

  50. Drunk Skull

    Drunk Skull6 днів тому

    Muslim not supposed to be gay!

  51. gypsy freak

    gypsy freak4 дні тому

    Drunk Skull Muslims are supposed to die

  52. Nouman Khan

    Nouman Khan6 днів тому

    I love it to

  53. shiny glow In the moonlight

    shiny glow In the moonlight7 днів тому

    Jesus: NOAH, GET THE BOAT. You don’t argue about religion if they believe well then they believe it.

  54. Ita Mayang

    Ita Mayang7 днів тому

    LGBT in Indonesia is Like when You Wanna Go to a Place but Soon died

  55. WaShaRee

    WaShaRee7 днів тому

    Mr your parents don’t allow you to be gay cause there Muslims and if your a Muslim you can’t be gay (I am a Muslim that’s how I know)

  56. Vegan4ever

    Vegan4ever6 днів тому

    But being gay is not a choice but religion is. If someone is gay then they are gay. They can't become straight.

  57. Warriors Claws

    Warriors Claws7 днів тому

    "Gay" Me: *_YAS SNAPS TO YOU QUEEN_*

  58. Olivia Bivens

    Olivia Bivens7 днів тому

    StoryBooth tips: Never comment until you understand what’s happening to them.

  59. Peachii Drawz

    Peachii Drawz7 днів тому

    My parents are both homophobic and religious my mom believes that woman and young girls stay at home and cook and clean and put food on the table for her husband and she takes care of the kids and that men go and get jobs and work and support the family.i am a gay and I’m scared to come out to them bc they said they will disown me and I want a roof over head,food on the table and a bed to sleep in.i wish I could leave this toxic place I call home and leave behind all the negative memories behind in this god forsaken place I still to this day call home,I’m glad ur life is better than mine,hope u are still happy rn!!!!🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈💗💗💕💕💘💘💓💓🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

  60. Xahra_2207

    Xahra_22078 днів тому

    I just think how people trying to force others to accept different religions is completely wrong. Islam should be nothing like that!! People should want to accept it! Not forced to!

  61. Salma Abu-Naser

    Salma Abu-Naser8 днів тому

    My parents are Muslims and nothing of that is true for me. I hope you and your sisters get better💛 Islam never enforced such things on girls or boys and this totally not true in islam because we are all equal❤

  62. NeonCyberWolf Mecha778

    NeonCyberWolf Mecha7788 днів тому

    This kid is spoileddddd

  63. Lizzy /Eliza

    Lizzy /Eliza8 днів тому

    Thank you ,next

  64. Oscar Portillo

    Oscar Portillo8 днів тому

    Ungrateful kid to his parents. Even tho his parents are stubborn you still gotta love them

  65. Emi’s Wild Life

    Emi’s Wild Life9 днів тому

    Don’t change yourself I have plenty of gay friends

  66. xGacha Wolf

    xGacha Wolf9 днів тому

    Your really making Muslims look bad huh they are not you should gave them a chance

  67. nickiinatsumii :/

    nickiinatsumii :/9 днів тому

    I’m gay

  68. Doky

    Doky9 днів тому

    I'm happy that my parents have no idea I'm lesbian, only my sister thinks that I'm BI. I have a crush on my friend who's also gay (lesbian) but she has also no idea about it. GONNA KEEP IT AS MY SECRET FOR MY FRIEANDS AND FAMILLY FOREVER!!!!!!!! XD

  69. Elyas Imad

    Elyas Imad9 днів тому

    Im a muslim and your parents should except you of who you are and not all muslims hate gays some of us except the gays

  70. Silva Vabyan

    Silva Vabyan10 днів тому

    My mom is muslim she is very kind and even tell me thet gay is little bad bcs one day a person (girl) ask me to be her girlfriend and i was shoch then i tell my mom and she said "dont say yes and dont be friend to her!" bcs im not gay and im a muslim sooo i say "sorry im not gay soo. Bye lol"

  71. Silva Vabyan

    Silva Vabyan10 днів тому

    Why are u a gay bcs sometimes u gonna have big...bad news and be carefull... god is waching u ever day even night

  72. UCantIgnoreJingolasOrUHeadbang

    UCantIgnoreJingolasOrUHeadbang10 днів тому

    Mom and Dad: *this vid pops up in their recommended list* Mom and Dad: *"DON'T COME BACK HOME U GAY ASS SJBFKDIXJWNSKJR"*

  73. Itz Adelina

    Itz Adelina10 днів тому

    If a muslim is LGBTQ then Allah will send you to hell

  74. Bro oZe

    Bro oZe10 днів тому

    It is wrong to be gay it say so in the quaran

  75. Vegan4ever

    Vegan4ever8 днів тому

    It's not a choice though. Gay people don't choose to be gay. They can't develop any attraction for the opposite gender. It's a part of their biology and existence.

  76. Cagayana LP

    Cagayana LP10 днів тому

    Tbh I don't want this video being representative of Muslim parents. So what's the problem being religious and wants their children lead them to the right path bcs what they believe? I know you're gay but at least don't bring religious to this kind of situation. It's about respect. They don't respect you not because of their religion, but because of their pride. In Islam, never force someone to believe what we believe, we respect the person's decision.

  77. marce party

    marce party10 днів тому

    you'll know and understand why your parents act like that, they want the best for you. xx

  78. marce party

    marce party10 днів тому

    you'll know and understand why your parents act like that, they want the best for you. xx

  79. Devan Shepard

    Devan Shepard4 дні тому

    I think they just don't understand him n that frustrates him

  80. Dr. Phil but stronger

    Dr. Phil but stronger10 днів тому

    Nigga you gay epic bruh moment

  81. Hammad Amin

    Hammad Amin11 днів тому

    Thats entirely my life in this video except I dnt hv enuf money to go to L A

  82. SuperIsaac4life1 Bolters

    SuperIsaac4life1 Bolters11 днів тому

    I’m a Christian and I respect what ever who they are Even y’all Muslim

  83. Noura 17

    Noura 1711 днів тому

    I’m muslim but I’m not like that,i live a great life💞💞💞


    MAD CLOWN11 днів тому

    I’m a Muslim girl but my parents let me do anything I want and I don’t have to work...I think there is difference between family’s...

  85. ermac kid

    ermac kid11 днів тому

    thats gay no homo

  86. Diviya Prakash

    Diviya Prakash11 днів тому

    Please make a video on the topic ' my parents did not like me they are liking my sister and brother and I am there's first child

  87. Adela Hernandez

    Adela Hernandez11 днів тому

    Why do you said you gay if u have a gf

  88. Angelina Fuentes

    Angelina Fuentes11 днів тому

    Ungrateful brat

  89. I love pugs-79

    I love pugs-7911 днів тому

    This kid is a hipicrit

  90. Ayla 143

    Ayla 14311 днів тому

    Wait,why your mom didn't wear a hijab

  91. Kitten mu mu-chan

    Kitten mu mu-chan11 днів тому

    ALL PEOPLE THAT LOVE THE SAME GENDER UNIGHT!!! - if youre straight Dont Speak To Me - if youre lesbain hey! - if youre GAY Yay! Yourself - if youre bisexual then youre good!

  92. Sonii BD

    Sonii BD12 днів тому

    Keep calm and be happy to be homofobic

  93. Fathur Andika

    Fathur Andika12 днів тому

    Gay is lozer

  94. ref the generic

    ref the generic12 днів тому

    This is somewhat related to me too i'm 13 soon 14 but i haven't even been to the cinema i'm not allowed to be friends with girls and feel suspicious if not muslim saying if i start being them or swearing im following white "culture" and breaking our "culture" which it isn't it's religion

  95. firegamer341

    firegamer34112 днів тому

    and saw the video

  96. firegamer341

    firegamer34112 днів тому

    he does realize if this is real his parents would be mad if they realize the truth about why he moved very far away

  97. Ghost Killzzz

    Ghost Killzzz12 днів тому

    Wow Muslim parents that are strict about not being gay but letting him date which is not allowed unless your married lol

  98. Henry The Roblox GuyTM

    Henry The Roblox GuyTM12 днів тому

    Eww that guy is gay

  99. 2 T

    2 T12 днів тому

    I am bi

  100. Meow Meow

    Meow Meow12 днів тому

    I feel like I’m gay sometimes and my parents and family are extremely religious and homophobic. So I’m legit terrified to even mention the LGBTQ+ if any of y’all have advice please tell me ;^;

  101. Vegan4ever

    Vegan4ever8 днів тому

    Personally I think it is best for you to do university abroad in a country where LGBT have equal rights such as Canada and seek a job their. Once you are able to support your own self financially and are independent you may want to come out to your family. Even if they are mad at you, they won't be able to punish you at that point.

  102. Ayla love dogs

    Ayla love dogs12 днів тому


  103. shayzee time

    shayzee time12 днів тому

    Yikes..... these parents are not good parents. I know loads of Muslims and they are very accepting and nice and don’t believe in stereotypes.

  104. Alem Hajroski

    Alem Hajroski13 днів тому

    Its haram to be gay

  105. Luxitos

    Luxitos11 днів тому


  106. Jeff Lane

    Jeff Lane13 днів тому

    Me: trying to come out as bisexual to my parents My homophobic parents: STOP YOU VIOLATED THE LAW

  107. Rteel Alhajji

    Rteel Alhajji13 днів тому

    I am Muslim and my parents are better

  108. Anonymous Rex

    Anonymous Rex14 днів тому

    So how liberal are you 1.) buzzfeed liberal 2.) angry liberal 3.) ok liberal 4.) feminist liberal 5.) SUPA LIBERAL

  109. Denzel Gutierez

    Denzel Gutierez14 днів тому

    Why they so sexist to the sisters😡 🌈✔️ what the problem with being homosexual you sexist as* bi*ch

  110. Riverdale_Lover

    Riverdale_Lover14 днів тому

    My sis goes to UCLA!!!

  111. Mirmir's Diys

    Mirmir's Diys14 днів тому

    Hey, me and my family are all atheists and very liberal as well.

  112. cosplayer friends

    cosplayer friends14 днів тому

    My parents is like this too

  113. Some random GUY

    Some random GUY14 днів тому

    Ungrateful moron

  114. sharkiipolarpup tiger

    sharkiipolarpup tiger14 днів тому

    My mom is fine and stuff but I mean I love her but she doesn't let me be a tomboy even tough that's what I want to be and will be she always say your a girl not a boy wear girl stuff I get angry and sad and when I'm an adult I will be a tomboy

  115. Hockeyboi

    Hockeyboi14 днів тому

    He went to UCLA you know what? You’re fine the way you are gay and went to ucla

  116. Snowy Gacha XD

    Snowy Gacha XD14 днів тому

    I don’t care if I’m Muslim I just care if I live a good life cause I am a muslim