I Don't Like My Parents Because They Don't Accept Who I Am


  1. Hazama

    Hazama2 хвилини тому

    Your parents are true? Muslims cant be gay...

  2. itsme7679

    itsme767946 хвилин тому

    i feel like you shouldn’t be that harsh on your parents instead convince them that what they are doing is wrong


    KHALED MUDAIHISH2 години тому

    Im a muslim and a girl my parents allow me to be whatever I want and everything he said is completely false girls in any muslim country would conform that our parents allow us to do basically whatever we want we don’t have to be housewives or get married unless we want to Islam believes that we have equal rights.married men give more than half of their salary to their wives

  4. Shaon Jahan

    Shaon Jahan2 години тому

    You are a gay and you are a aithest . you should die

  5. Jaliyah Miel Javier

    Jaliyah Miel Javier8 годин тому

    Lyra curthoys your mean

  6. ProGxl

    ProGxl8 годин тому

    I see everyone hating on other right wing comments... First of all its not that LGBTQs themselves are bad., it's the way they act. It's almost annoying and if you even watch UAreporter then you would see liberals beating conservatives for being conservatives. So clearly if you're going to hate conservatives, don't be dillusional and just hate for no random reason. There's always a cause. Look into it first. And I thought liberals were the ones ranting on conservatives about having opinions, but my opinion is that I'm a Damn conservative. So try to respect that leftists. And second LGBTQs are acting like they deserve ALL the rights, dont they have enough already? We gave them LGBTQ support. What more do you expect? Acting like Hitler like you guys are all supierior and we are all inferior. So I'm seeing a lot of hypocrisy here, you guys are the ones who said that everyone should be equal. But nowdays, the place im living in seems like we are giving like 75% of rights to LGBTQs.

  7. TheOdd1sOut Fan

    TheOdd1sOut Fan9 годин тому

    I ❤️ U STORYBOOTH!!!

  8. Tophat Gator

    Tophat Gator10 годин тому

    Why are PELPOL gay girls have buttholes to BREACKING NEWS GAYS LEVELS DROP TO 0%

  9. Kaylee howell Agent Wommy Gamer

    Kaylee howell Agent Wommy Gamer11 годин тому


  10. Purple Omelette

    Purple Omelette12 годин тому

    No wonder, he is a liberal

  11. janakz

    janakz12 годин тому

    No homo

  12. Mary Olukayode

    Mary Olukayode14 годин тому


  13. Cat Lady 20678

    Cat Lady 2067815 годин тому

    So my mom doesn't think that girls should fo house eork and be house wifes but my grandma does and i hate it btw im muslim but i will never change my mind about being muslim

  14. joshua baraiac

    joshua baraiac15 годин тому

    idk why being gay isnt a choice l0l its your mindset you can say "not gay no more boi" and decide you like gils m0re anytime l0l

  15. ali gay

    ali gay16 годин тому

    I'm not homophobic but why is it in everyone's lifestyle now

  16. ali gay

    ali gay59 хвилин тому

    +ツKrosstopher it's better to be normal

  17. ツKrosstopher

    ツKrosstopher3 години тому

    Why is that

  18. ali gay

    ali gay4 години тому

    +ツKrosstopher that's not necessarily good

  19. ツKrosstopher

    ツKrosstopher11 годин тому

    Because people are becoming brave enough to come out since the community has been growing

  20. Justin Playze777

    Justin Playze77722 години тому

    The first guy who invented the computer was gay :0

  21. Super Nova

    Super Nova23 години тому

    I don’t give a shit about religion who actually gives a fuck do what you want with the time you have

  22. Albanian Mafia AKSH

    Albanian Mafia AKSH23 години тому

    Being gay is a crime on Muslims countries at asia But Albania, Turkey, Bosnia LIKE WE ARENT EVEN RACIST BTW Albania has 3 religions but mostly Muslim

  23. Raven •

    Raven •День тому

    If I were him I would just Sparta kick those parents and just swear at them don't even comment about how mean i am coz I don't even respond to comments

  24. DrAw SpOnGe SlAsHeR X98

    DrAw SpOnGe SlAsHeR X98День тому

    I am on the kid side

  25. Doolang's Channel

    Doolang's ChannelДень тому

    EW a Atheist

  26. Your Church Friend

    Your Church FriendДень тому

    He sounds like a dick tbh

  27. Gacha kitty cat

    Gacha kitty catДень тому

    Don't judge a book by its cover it's okay to be gay and also *IM GAY!!*

  28. Justine S

    Justine SДень тому

    UCLA is where lonzo ball played basketball

  29. Superownagethomasツ

    SuperownagethomasツДень тому

    Being gay is th beiges this gay.

  30. Hailey C

    Hailey CДень тому

    The amount of homophobia in the comments here is disgusting. And the amount of validation for his parents. Money means nothing when you’re not accepted. Their values may be reasonable years ago but today they’d be considered abusive. It’s not being soft, this dude was forced into a body that wasn’t his own and that shit is depressing and extremely painful. Y’all are horrible people for agreeing with his parents and clearly don’t know enough about abuse or the LGBT+ community.

  31. Hailey C

    Hailey CДень тому

    Y’all are so beyond clueless lmfao

  32. Hailey C

    Hailey CДень тому

    Don’t even bother trying to argue w me because You can’t lmao

  33. Annaleah vs Cats 🐈

    Annaleah vs Cats 🐈День тому

    So now u live at the same state, as me

  34. Lahmonz 2

    Lahmonz 2День тому

    thats why you jump off the counter and say "I'M GAY!" so they think its a joke

  35. Lil giant on YouTube

    Lil giant on YouTubeДень тому

    Who tf said that Muslim are homophobic we are just not allowed to be gay but we don’t need to be homophobic so this is making Muslim look bad

  36. Joe Wood

    Joe WoodДень тому

    That nigga gay i hate gays

  37. ツKrosstopher

    ツKrosstopher11 годин тому

    Because they dress better than you after spending so much time in the closet?

  38. Rachel N

    Rachel NДень тому

    i fucking love that gay shit

  39. narisha

    narishaДень тому

    I'm a Muslim it is okay :)

  40. trash can 101

    trash can 101День тому

    There not bad parents that’s just there views and I am a atheist I don’t believe in being gay

  41. jade sparling

    jade sparlingДень тому

    Nothings wrong about being gay I'm gay and I don't let that hold me back if my mom and dad didn't respect me for being gay wich I am I would stand up for myself btw I'm a girl

  42. Minty Animations

    Minty AnimationsДень тому

    The only thing wrong with his parents is how their saying how his parents don't want him to be gay even though nothing is wrong with that

  43. 34103070674978532046

    34103070674978532046День тому

    Hallucinations - the person has invisible friends who (s)he insists are real, and to whom (s)he speaks daily, even though nobody can actually see or hear these friends. Delusions - the patient believes that the invisible friends have magical powers to make them rich, cure cancer, bring about world peace, and will do so eventually if asked. Denial/Inability to learn - though the requests for world peace remain unanswered, even after hundreds of years, the patients persist with the praying behavior, each time expecting different results. Inability to distinguish fantasy from reality - the beliefs are contingent upon ancient mythology being accepted as historical fact. [Which has been proven recently to be fact] Paranoia - the belief that anyone who does not share their supernatural concept of reality is “evil,” “the devil,” “an agent of Satan“. Emotional abuse - religious concepts such as sin, hell, cause feelings of guilt, shame, fear, and other types of emotional “baggage” which can scar the psyche for life. Violence - many patients insist that others should share in their delusions, even to the extent of using violence.

  44. meme daddy

    meme daddyДень тому

    I hate my parents to they ground me for no reason

  45. Wafa AlAmir

    Wafa AlAmirДень тому

    this should be reported !!! he is showing people that being a muslim is like being in hell. the only person thats going to go to hell here is him. im so disappointed. yes being gay is haram. yes drinking alcohol is haram. yes yes yes and yes. but lets think about it. the point of marriage is children!! alcohol does ruin your health. Allah has reasons for everything he does. this dude will regret it in the end

  46. ツKrosstopher

    ツKrosstopher11 годин тому

    How is being gay haram? 😂

  47. Wafa AlAmir

    Wafa AlAmirДень тому

    this is so inappropriate literally hes showing people that us muslims are crazy!! i am a muslim and this is all fake. you can be happy you can drive a car you can do ANYTHING you want. being a muslim is NOT like being in hell. this guy will definitely go to hell "i hope my sisters follow my footsteps" I HOPE YOU GO TO HELL!!

  48. MM. GG.

    MM. GG.День тому

    In my opinion it doesn't matter what religion you belong to or what the color of your skin is (or anything else) everyone is different in their own way and no one should be treated differently for that.

  49. MlpDiamond Pink

    MlpDiamond PinkДень тому

    Homosexuality is unnatural.

  50. Daniel Vazquez

    Daniel VazquezДень тому

    I Don't Approve of this video... It is supposed to be Boy and Girl!

  51. ツKrosstopher

    ツKrosstopher11 годин тому

    But it’s not always.. Deal with it.

  52. Aualea Playz

    Aualea PlayzДень тому

    I'm Pan...

  53. Sarah Tai

    Sarah TaiДень тому

    Not all Muslims are like that I swear!

  54. Parable Vision

    Parable Vision2 дні тому

    U are wrong bro

  55. Denise Khaw

    Denise Khaw2 дні тому

    If his parent watches this: *Puts all their kids in an actual cell*

  56. Jose Gonzalez

    Jose Gonzalez2 дні тому

    If you gay and you know it clap ur hands *clap clap*

  57. Alexander LaBounty

    Alexander LaBounty2 дні тому

    OOOOOK, I get the atheist thing but, fags need to be wiped out

  58. ツKrosstopher

    ツKrosstopher11 годин тому

    Why 😂 It doesn’t affect you

  59. O Of

    O Of2 дні тому

    I go to the comment section to see all of the nine year olds talk

  60. Shouto Todoroki

    Shouto Todoroki2 дні тому

    I'm a lesbian and Christian, I know I'm gonna get hateful replies, but they don't bother me

  61. Sir Le Oof

    Sir Le Oof2 дні тому

    they were 100% my parents

  62. EPIC Panda

    EPIC Panda2 дні тому

    You moved just so you can be gay???

  63. Bethany Jackson

    Bethany Jackson2 дні тому

    Hey California is amazing we are all okay with different people

  64. paige barrett

    paige barrett2 дні тому

    How can you hate your parents idk boi idk

  65. Fut edits

    Fut edits2 дні тому

    🏳️‍🌈⃠ 🏳️‍🌈⃠ 🏳️‍🌈⃠ 🏳️‍🌈⃠

  66. Chris 101

    Chris 1012 дні тому

    I can relate to this video and a message to the haters : you wouldn’t understand because it never happend to you..... so don’t leave a hate comment for no reason

  67. - King -

    - King -День тому

    +Chris 101 that's what I said by faking a relationship plus the fact the parents have a belief that is important to them. He brought up politics in the vid making him look like a idiot. Who brings up politics in family matters? Most importantly his parents pay for him to go to college with THEIR hard earn cash. They do care about him and worry of their son for doing something that they believe in is a sin. None of them are in the right

  68. Chris 101

    Chris 101День тому

    - King - he only got money because he acted like a straight son. The parents were fucked Up because of how they treated their children. He’s the victim NOT THEM

  69. - King -

    - King -2 дні тому

    He's just as bad than the parents man. Faking a relationship is just fucked up. They give him money, they gave him food, they are caring about him but, when it comes to politics and beliefs, it's a different story.

  70. A aidan

    A aidan2 дні тому

    Fucking kill em This was a Joke, hope ur alright😂

  71. roaa hatem

    roaa hatem2 дні тому

    You're a big dumbass, i honestly feel bad for your parents. Pretending to love them only for food and money... Very immature. You're gonna regret this all.

  72. Just watch Cause I’m wacky

    Just watch Cause I’m wacky2 дні тому

    Can i relate Kinda

  73. kimberly gavidia

    kimberly gavidia2 дні тому

    “And thrive as a young gay” WHAT A FUCKING QUEEN BE GAY AND PROUD SUS

  74. Firepaw 16

    Firepaw 162 дні тому

    I’m bisexual but my mom and dad thinks it’s a phase and don’t like it

  75. Melvin Hunt

    Melvin Hunt2 дні тому

    I have gays with u dislike gays press the thumbs down bottom

  76. Fariha Naz

    Fariha Naz2 дні тому

    My parents are the most amazing parents anyone could ever have they always supported me and always encouraged me and whenever my exams came and i got scared they would say , " dont worry we know that u will pass and if u dont you shouldn't worry because we knew that u tried ur best " every Muslims or non - Muslims parents should be like this. Im also a Muslim

  77. Raabia Sagheer nono

    Raabia Sagheer nono2 дні тому


  78. Rffrrs

    Rffrrs3 дні тому

    All i see is Caring parents

  79. Teta Soso

    Teta Soso3 дні тому

    This guy is beyond rude he's basically saying that he wants his sisters to follow in his footsteps and leave their parents who wasted YEARS of their life raising and spending money on him this guy is just toxic on the community

  80. XxJusaxX

    XxJusaxX3 дні тому

    Narator: “-fake relation ship” Me: ... ME: THEY RAISED YOU, FEED YOU, GAVE YOU BIRTH AND YOU SAY THESE CRAP ABOUT YOUR PARENTS?!!!! YOUR MOM LIKES TO HOLD GRUDGES?!! *GRUDGES* ?!!!! DUDE SEE YOURSELF IN THE MIRROR!!! Im sorry i dont like how he said about his parents, they just wants the best for him and clearly he was denying theyre love, they raised you they can get you to school and supported you when you want to go to California but you give your thanks by maintaining a fake relationship and insult them by letting the public know???? Im sorry, but arents you embarrassed and ashamed of yourself?? Cause if i was in your shoes i wouldve

  81. Clan Mitchell

    Clan Mitchell2 дні тому

    XxJusaxX his parents didn’t accept him for who he is, threatened him, forces beliefs onto him, and blew up in his face for something he couldn’t control, I’d be upset too

  82. Toastisyumaf

    Toastisyumaf3 дні тому

    Look the reason why u can't be gay in real life because there is another time to be gay what I mean is afterlife u can be gay or anything because life right now is just a test

  83. bolar bear

    bolar bear2 дні тому

    That makes no sense

  84. bolar bear

    bolar bear2 дні тому

    What the fuck

  85. imransab75

    imransab753 дні тому

    Boi your parents are saving your lives and you dont know it. Caz all you care about is being gay, also when you die you'll regret is and you will wish that you listened to your parents. AND WHY WOULD YOU WANT YOUR SISTERS TO ESCAPE!?

  86. ツKrosstopher

    ツKrosstopher11 годин тому

    You know multiple studies have proven that you can’t prove who you’re attracted to, yet nobody listens because of their religion. You don’t have to like it, but at least accept that you can’t change it.

  87. A Sip Of Gacha

    A Sip Of Gacha3 дні тому

    Tbh don’t attack me, but I’m the opposite of him..

  88. bolar bear

    bolar bear2 дні тому

    Sorry but gatcha is cringe.......

  89. Ali Harris

    Ali Harris3 дні тому

    This video showed me what I need to do after high school. Because my parents always say that I'm never allowed to go to an out of city university, get a drivers license, stay home by myself, or EVER live somewhere aside from our home city after I turn 18!! I'm SO SICK of it!!!

  90. fire fox

    fire fox3 дні тому

    Your GAY😲😲😲😲

  91. Christian Benson

    Christian Benson3 дні тому

    I'm a liberal atheist but isn't gay but I still support freedom for you

  92. Emily Traver

    Emily Traver3 дні тому

    Power to ya bud! I respect the gay even though I'm not!

  93. Nichole Dlp

    Nichole Dlp3 дні тому

    UCLA!!!!!?????? AMAZING

  94. Donovan Stokes

    Donovan Stokes3 дні тому

    I’m Bi and I get homophobic insults too so this kid is not alone

  95. Juan D

    Juan D3 дні тому

    Gay-ass video!

  96. Gaming time

    Gaming time3 дні тому

    I dont like that religion but i respect it gay too.. ur parents are just trying to look out with you but at the end i totally disgree with the parents u can be gay and thats where parents shouldn't have the rights to stop you.

  97. Katie Kieffaber

    Katie Kieffaber3 дні тому

    my mom and dad was saying that if im gay they will kik me out and i am gay and 9 shoud i tell them

  98. Gwendalynn Alvarado

    Gwendalynn Alvarado3 дні тому

    I’m catholic but I believe in gay marriage yes I am pro-life but definitely not sexist and extremely supportive to LGBTQ+ community

  99. geek freak17

    geek freak173 дні тому

    well done

  100. Nadyah Ahmed

    Nadyah Ahmed3 дні тому

    I am Muslim and my parents do not do anything like this and I am a girl, I love being Muslim and I love my parents. I also don’t judge others, so say what you want about your parents because that is your belief, but don’t associate Muslims with that disgusting behavior.

  101. maejoon

    maejoon3 дні тому

    *drops onto floor* i ‘ m g a y

  102. ClashWithMax Max Grant

    ClashWithMax Max Grant3 дні тому

    What if her parents saw this video...

  103. KazAnimatics

    KazAnimatics3 дні тому

    I’m Muslim, and I think his parents are just wrong.

  104. geek freak17

    geek freak172 дні тому

    KazAnimatics that’s islam in a nut shell Muslims hate gays

  105. KazAnimatics

    KazAnimatics2 дні тому

    They are not accepting who he is and they are sorting jobs by gender

  106. geek freak17

    geek freak173 дні тому

    KazAnimatics no I’m asking I agree they are wrong m But tell me why they are wrong

  107. KazAnimatics

    KazAnimatics3 дні тому

    Uhhhhhh non specific excuse

  108. geek freak17

    geek freak173 дні тому

    why are they wrong tell me in small details

  109. Husky lover MAD GUY

    Husky lover MAD GUY3 дні тому

    My comment was deleted fuck storybooth

  110. Michael Gorzelnik

    Michael Gorzelnik3 дні тому

    when I saw this I disliked. I dislike gays but they believe what they want and I do the same and I’m gonna get hate please this is some one who has different beliefs I know I have different beliefs but i hate gays it’s weird to see a man and a man together sorry hate all you want I don’t care I believe what I believe they do the same.

  111. Michael Gorzelnik

    Michael GorzelnikДень тому

    +Adriana is cool sorry i am homophobic AF sorry again

  112. Adriana is cool

    Adriana is cool3 дні тому

    why dislike us?

  113. Michael Gorzelnik

    Michael Gorzelnik3 дні тому

    Also if you tell me it’s bad to be homifobic it’s not it will not affect the way I live and they way I do things so stop

  114. Dayla Harris

    Dayla Harris3 дні тому


  115. dania baaj

    dania baaj3 дні тому


  116. Andrew Knowles

    Andrew Knowles3 дні тому

    1:13 That’s very upsetting. 😡

  117. Monika :3

    Monika :33 дні тому

    Gays are not accepted in any religion.

  118. Lucastvvlogs Tv

    Lucastvvlogs Tv4 дні тому

    This is abuse the parents should be more nice because there Muslims


    BACOOOT LUUU4 дні тому

    Not all muslim parent like that I’m muslim but My mom Let me do every thing but dont have relathionship until I dont at school :)

  120. ReAl slaV

    ReAl slaV4 дні тому

    gay people need to die

  121. Adriana is cool

    Adriana is cool3 дні тому

    f u donlad if I was as

  122. cougar boy

    cougar boy4 дні тому

    I'm half gay and half straight

  123. EX-elleration _

    EX-elleration _4 дні тому

    Also fuck your parents they suck

  124. EX-elleration _

    EX-elleration _4 дні тому

    I’m gay and I never told my parents I’m gay

  125. Adriana is cool

    Adriana is cool3 дні тому

    why not? they were so happy when I told them, and my silbings were all nice about it I love my famila

  126. Dauntless Dove

    Dauntless Dove4 дні тому

    4 % of the comments are about the video 96% of the comments are about their parents being Muslim.

  127. Panda Swag

    Panda Swag4 дні тому

    Gay boi

  128. Andrei Postelnicu

    Andrei Postelnicu4 дні тому

    This is a part from an anime

  129. dsasad

    dsasad4 дні тому

    fuck gay people