I Don't Like My Parents Because They Don't Accept Who I Am


  1. Abdiwahab Farah

    Abdiwahab Farah51 хвилина тому

    Very logic a muslim mother with no hiqab

  2. Neromite

    NeromiteГодину тому

    They’re religious, you’re an atheist and you’re gay. Tf do you expect, of course they’re not going to accept it that easily.

  3. Una Bråten

    Una BråtenГодину тому

    I have the exact same story myself exept that im not a lesbian

  4. aqiela aaisha

    aqiela aaishaГодину тому

    I'm muslim and I really dont like living in this society because the people around here are just so racist and hate the LGBT community...I dont say that I support the LGBT because we cant support them..but I respect them because they wanna be themselves..everytime I say something about the LGBT community to my friends all of them Hate me and make fun for them...and I do really hate them...I really respect you because your brave than anyone else. you dont have to be like them if you dont lile them...but being yourself is more important (Im love being muslim and proud) ✌

  5. Hamed Al Nuaimi

    Hamed Al Nuaimi3 години тому

    This video is portraying Muslim parents in a bad way. That's not cool story booth.

  6. พัชราทิพย์ เวชประสิทธิ์

    พัชราทิพย์ เวชประสิทธิ์3 години тому


  7. Allyson4747

    Allyson47474 години тому


  8. Sameeha Mohamed

    Sameeha Mohamed4 години тому

    You only think about the bad things your parents do you don't think about the good thing they do like if you agree

  9. Fowzia Chowglay

    Fowzia Chowglay5 годин тому

    In our religion .muslim our god siad we must not be man and man we must be women and man

  10. Kãłłîę Røçhė

    Kãłłîę Røçhė5 годин тому

    “and girls belong in the kitchen” ....

  11. CalamityTheSniper

    CalamityTheSniper7 годин тому

    Every video I see from this channel that is about parents and kids that don’t get along well, I just wan’t the parents to watch that video. That would be such a relief.

  12. heyits adi

    heyits adi9 годин тому

    *Welcome to the comments grab your popcorn and get ready the beef is real her*

  13. Rahma Ganamo

    Rahma Ganamo9 годин тому

    If u are Muslim u can’t be gay it clearly says in the holy Quran that being gay Is prohibited I don’t want to be rude but yeah and I don’t have any problems with gay people

  14. Shock Wave

    Shock Wave12 годин тому


  15. Ali BVBarmy

    Ali BVBarmy12 годин тому

    (a little backstory my parents are absorbed in my younger siblings,themselves, work, or their phones, leaving pretty much no time for me or my older brother which led to me having severe depression, anxiety, struggles in school, and being suicidal) so pretty much everyone calls me “emo” it doesn’t bother me bc emo is cool and i was totally fine until one day my parents told me to stop being “emo” and i started to cry i cried bc i realized my parents didn’t like my the way i was and it broke my heart now that was awhile ago and since then i’ve pretty much grown up heartless some ppl call me satanic bc of the bands i listen to such as ❤️ ANDY BLACK ❤️ ❤️ BLACK VEIL BRIDES ❤️ motionless in white, palaye royale, panic at the disco, my chemical romance then again i listen to this bands bc they have such important messages through their music SO MY MESSAGE IS DONT LET PPL CONTROLYOU AND MAKE YOU FEEL BAD ABOUT YOURSELF

  16. MyGirlSel01 23

    MyGirlSel01 2313 годин тому

    I'm a Muslim and I think you know what happens if you be gay in Islam right

  17. Syed Abir

    Syed Abir13 годин тому

    *PROVE IT*

  18. Reymen Starshine

    Reymen Starshine13 годин тому

    Muslim What Umm Rude parents But your parents HATE gay People And do they HATE EVERYTHING

  19. im.a.good.child ok

    im.a.good.child ok13 годин тому

    Right im a muslim and i dont care bout gay people etc but muslims cannot be gay or lesbos im sorry but they cant im just being honest

  20. Luna TheFeline3

    Luna TheFeline313 годин тому

    You made a good decision of getting far from your parents. They should support you for the way you are. ❤💛💚💙💜

  21. Pinhead Larry

    Pinhead Larry15 годин тому

    They deleted my comment about saying what's wrong with the video I'm done

  22. Rose Stone

    Rose Stone15 годин тому

    SO HE WANT HIS PARENTS TO DIE ALONE... Well that's sick.

  23. Hannah Whisman

    Hannah Whisman16 годин тому

    Be yourself , BE GAY AND PROUD!!!! Stay strong 👌😊

  24. Nobody *

    Nobody *17 годин тому

    OMG, gay with muslim parents?

  25. big man

    big man17 годин тому

    ur right and have commen sence

  26. Wolfgirl 505

    Wolfgirl 50518 годин тому

    Is it just me who skreeed when he came out lol

  27. Aaliyah Richardson-Charles

    Aaliyah Richardson-Charles20 годин тому

    I think Buddy is right His parents are very demanding and controlling because they want their children to control their life like crazy Control their religion while their children controlling their own Extremely homophobic while they accept their sexuality And treating dem like animals while they want to rebell And worst of all they want their children to follow in their footsteps If they continue to treat Buddy's sisters I swear to God I will give them two curse words and see how they feel about their children so that they can fix all mistakes MORAL:Think about the children,be responsible and loving and let them live their teenage life ( depending on the situation )

  28. Kaitlyn

    Kaitlyn20 годин тому

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  29. Erin Connelly

    Erin Connelly20 годин тому

    As a gay, liberal, and atheist girl living in a somewhat conservative area, I relate. I’m out to my parents, who accepted me (yay!) but I deal with homophobia in school. Insults are often thrown my way, and some of my friends really don’t like me being atheist. I hope the narrator of this video will continue to receive the love and support he deserves!

  30. Mahmoud Boukharraz

    Mahmoud Boukharraz21 годину тому

    Nah nah i am a MUSLIM my parents DONT care about the things THAT i do but they care about Me!!!!!!!!

  31. Aaron Castellon

    Aaron Castellon21 годину тому

    Hold up was he the only brother? 😕

  32. Nejat Nur Hussen

    Nejat Nur Hussen21 годину тому

    Muslims are not bad

  33. Comet the fox

    Comet the fox21 годину тому

    My dude, I give him DIBS for the fact He got into UCLA. But I'm also proud of his strength. It's a tough world out here and I'm glad He stepped up. 'w'

  34. hadi  assadi

    hadi assadi21 годину тому

    eeew gay ur gross

  35. Thatdino Girl

    Thatdino Girl22 години тому

    The narrator himself is being rather rotten. You don’t remember the good times with them, only the bad. Like people say, You don’t miss something until it’s gone. You should really fix your relationship with your parents until it’s too late and they are gone for good

  36. Malia Hale

    Malia Hale22 години тому

    You do you ❣️

  37. the leader of the cyborg ninja

    the leader of the cyborg ninja22 години тому

    You're full potential is to fuck a man

  38. Bella Riddle

    Bella Riddle22 години тому

    Women belong in the kitchen. Men belong in the kitchen. The kitchen has food.

  39. Heather hall

    Heather hall22 години тому

    Have gayyyy

  40. Aisha Rahman

    Aisha Rahman23 години тому

    This is so far the worst storybooth story I’ve ever heard in my entire existence of life

  41. Rayman

    Rayman23 години тому


  42. Just Yeera

    Just Yeera23 години тому

    It made me sad how he and his sisters were treated

  43. Lindsay Lance

    Lindsay Lance23 години тому

    Pepole shudit make fun of pepol that are gay

  44. The cray cray Tomboy girl xox

    The cray cray Tomboy girl xoxДень тому

    This makes me feel thankful for parents

  45. Alex A.

    Alex A.День тому

    Religion is for s m people who want an imaginary man/book to be their d

  46. Ayan Aktar

    Ayan AktarДень тому

    I’m Muslim and my mom doesn’t want me to be Gay, but she isn’t homophobic. She allows me to watch gay people in the internet ( James Charles, Etc.) I had a gay guy friend in 6th gr, and my mom doesn’t want me to be a housewife .

  47. iSA mEmE

    iSA mEmEДень тому

    I have to say this without scrolling. I am Muslim and I am about to dive into some extremely Islam racist comments. Keep me in your prayers...

  48. Chocolate Mochi

    Chocolate MochiДень тому

    I'm muslim but I'm not homophobic...cause there are humains too and I respect them.

  49. Amy Moore

    Amy MooreДень тому

    He doesn't believe in god I hate him

  50. Justsomeone Random

    Justsomeone RandomДень тому

    I dont believe in god and even if he did exist i wouldn't care.

  51. Ivan Sebastian

    Ivan SebastianДень тому

    Your gae!?!?

  52. Carmen Al Saleh

    Carmen Al SalehДень тому

    I. muslim But My Parents Aren’t Control Freaks

  53. FL0ppyB0NEs

    FL0ppyB0NEsДень тому


  54. Polka Pojkarna

    Polka PojkarnaДень тому

    I f-ing love that guy

  55. I’m Bored

    I’m BoredДень тому

    Well yeah if your Muslim it’s haram to be gay

  56. denello angelo

    denello angeloДень тому

    Disrespecting your parents and hating them is a sin to god and you will get karma And you will regret when you will be old and when you die god will let tou watch whatyou did

  57. Dat random Monster

    Dat random MonsterДень тому

    I'm Lesbian and An Atheist.

  58. Pu3aisya

    Pu3aisyaДень тому

    I'm a happy Muslim teenage girl; to be honest, seeing this video really hurts me in some way, but I know that people has their own rights and believes. In a way I'm very happy for you!😉

  59. Maya Cadili

    Maya CadiliДень тому

    As a Muslim myself I believe you are disrespecting our religion. So, your saying that your parents let you date? Sorry, but that’s not allowed in Islam. Your only allowed to kiss and hold hands when your married. Your not even allowed to do it when your engaged. Why are you gay? In Islam is is a sin (haram) to be gay/lesbian. You see, god created different genders so that the opposite genders could marry, have kids and each parent would do something. The dad would work and the mom would cook/feed or it could be the opposite way around. But if the same genders are together your ruining the whole point and your basically denying the way god (allah) decided families should be. Escaping? At the end when you said you wanted your siblings to escape that is also a sin. God said that you should always listen to your mother even if the outcome is not as you hoped it would be. And to encourage your young may I say it again, YOUNG sisters to follow in your footsteps? Your parents are trying to make your life as amazing as it could be and that’s why they are being so hard on you. And to just throw all that opportunity out the window? What is wrong with you young man? You need to listen to god. This is the devil (shatan) influencing you do do this. I am sorry to say this but it is definite that your going to hell. OKAY PLEASE DONT HATE THIS IS MY OPINION DO WHATEVER YOU WANT IDC

  60. Eonni Duno

    Eonni DunoДень тому

    ungrateful son


    GAMERON BETДень тому

    نحن مر تصميم نحن بوابة بو))؟😂😂😂☺

  62. The Tornado Exterminator Gameplay

    The Tornado Exterminator GameplayДень тому

    I live in California, and my Sister is in UCLA O.o

  63. amina firdous

    amina firdousДень тому

    broooooo, can i begin on how wrong this is you believe your parents are the wrong ones and want the bad for you but really its the world, what you fail to understand is that all your parents want is the better for you and you want your sisters to follow your path just stop and what is "fake relationship" to you is "real relationship" to your parents. what you see the world as beautiful green plants and sparkling water is what god created and the society you call "supporters" are the ones who ruined it i hope that one day you realize that all your parents wanted was the better. and remember your dad you called "too busy to attend to you" WAS the one providing the roof over your head and food on your plate all you see is the flaws of you parents not their pain they hold to take care of you. don't get me wrong i do agree with some of the things he said but only the fact that his parents allowed him to DATE *cugh cough* haram *cough* and dont take it to the heart broo its just my opinion

  64. Isaac The Fire Ninja

    Isaac The Fire NinjaДень тому

    Isaac: this guy is like me. Doki: Ha GAAAAAYYYYY! Isaac: Doki! Doki: what? Isaac: don't judge people. Shade: I agree. Isaac: where did you come from? Shade: I was here the whole time. Isaac: My bad.

  65. Dayris Martinez

    Dayris MartinezДень тому

    Parent should accept people who are lesbian ,gay, bisexual ,Transgender, and queer (LGBTQ)

  66. f l o w e r . f a c e

    f l o w e r . f a c eДень тому

    IM A JEW

  67. Prisilla Roberts

    Prisilla RobertsДень тому

    I could already see the comments saying that this kid could die because hes gay... don't, please?

  68. Prisilla Roberts

    Prisilla RobertsДень тому

    I am a very... weird child, I am good at reading but bad at math, the color of my eyes are both gold and blue, I have ginger hair, I am the only one in my class that cares where I want to go, I have a prescription for my glasses that are -1.25 (That's very bad), I'm ten years old and I think Jake and Logan Paul should stop everything they are doing, and finally, I think about my life way too often for a child in fifth grade. But I have something that I'm very grateful for... my parents, they let me decide what I can do in my life, they love me, and they care a lot about me.

  69. ItsPixia

    ItsPixiaДень тому

    I'm Muslim and my parents don't do that. They accept me and want me to succeed in life, never made me and my sister clean or anything like that.

  70. Yaya And Layla Time

    Yaya And Layla TimeДень тому

    I’m Muslim astifirallah

  71. Mochamad Alfath Rahman

    Mochamad Alfath RahmanДень тому

    If you A Muslim Do Not GAY

  72. chanel brown

    chanel brownДень тому

    Yasssssss queen

  73. samantha moran

    samantha moranДень тому

    you cant blame the parents as the kid said his parents grew up conservitied so you cant truly blame the parents if thats their opinion also you cant blame their beliefs if thats what they think is best and yeah its said to here that they couldn't accept you for who you are but can you really blame them for their beliefs their ideas their opinions

  74. Moxie Wolfi

    Moxie WolfiДень тому

    Guys stop hating. What if your parents didn’t accept who you were?

  75. jordanbdunkin

    jordanbdunkinДень тому

    So you chose to go to a far college not for a future, but to get away from your parents. That's one of the most pathetic things I've ever heard 😒

  76. Justsomeone Random

    Justsomeone RandomДень тому

    Maybe we can see it as a start for the future.

  77. Mahika Juneja

    Mahika JunejaДень тому

    I can’t believe his parents. They are horrible. Also disclaimer: I am not saying this because they are Muslim. I am saying this because they were being very sexist and homophobic.

  78. Afnan _iscool

    Afnan _iscool2 дні тому

    this guy made me really really mad coz he yelled at his parents >:( also he didn't listen to his parents! Like his parents were trying to help him! Even tho his parents were like mean just like you saw on the video, but his parents still cares about him! D:

  79. Afnan _iscool

    Afnan _iscool10 годин тому

    +Justsomeone Random but that doesn't mean that is mean or Really Mean coz he said 'Fake Relationship with his parents' :/ and that is not good

  80. Justsomeone Random

    Justsomeone RandomДень тому

    But his parents also yelled at him and didn't want to listen to him either.

  81. Armine Luke

    Armine Luke2 дні тому

    I don't give your parents wrong . Gay was never mentioned in the Bible and if you have Life you should praise someone because you have Life .

  82. Aisha Iqbal

    Aisha Iqbal2 дні тому

    U should really listen to Ur parents they know what's best

  83. Dat random Monster

    Dat random MonsterДень тому

    Think about what you said again, and imagine it from this boy's eyes. Would you want someone to control everything you do? Control who you love? No matter who it is, they need to help you feel safe, happy, not make you afraid and depressed.

  84. Dhay Albosalih

    Dhay Albosalih2 дні тому

    Not all muslim women have to be housewives, im muslim girl and my parents incourage me to become a docter and to travel often since i already speak three and a half langauges

  85. Rehana Akhoon

    Rehana Akhoon2 дні тому

    It’s absolutely disgusting how he says he has a fake relationship with his parents they have made mistakes but they were just trying to help you,Islam is about peace and that’s what they were trying to show you it’s difficult to help the youth gain strong faith because of the world we live in and that’s why they were strict if you saw how they reacted to your “coming out” maybe you should have asked them to explain why it was wrong there is no perfect Muslim I promise but it’s about trying to become a better Muslim

  86. Reci TV

    Reci TV2 дні тому

    No matter how much you hate 'em. They are still your parents, dude. Believe it or not, you couldn't go to california without your parents


    JADYN RIBERA2 дні тому

    For some reason I find it weird that I’m Christian and he’s atheist

  88. TheReview Channel

    TheReview Channel2 дні тому

    ??????? Whaaaa....

  89. Cuphead

    Cuphead2 дні тому

    There’s nothing wrong with being gay man...(I’m not gay)

  90. Addison Patrick

    Addison Patrick2 дні тому

    Keep doing story booth

  91. Mathius Polson

    Mathius Polson2 дні тому

    I hate gay

  92. Huzayma 143

    Huzayma 1432 дні тому

    No offense but you doing this video is making muslim ppl look bad tbh...And not all muslims parents are like this.

  93. Amanda Radewonuk

    Amanda Radewonuk2 дні тому

    Now what if his parents watch this video

  94. C Guevara

    C Guevara2 дні тому

    His parents need to be in jail for verbal abuse to their own child.

  95. Airis Rania

    Airis Rania2 дні тому

    I swear once your parents died you will regret. I had this one friend who hated her parents and then one day her parents divorced and her father is in the hospital in a coma right now..

  96. David Echeverri

    David Echeverri2 дні тому

    The creepy sneaky message of this video is “forget about any sort of family values, hate your parents, fake the relationship and run away with their money” Im not muslim bit this video is sick

  97. Ambre De Vita

    Ambre De Vita2 дні тому

    I think this story is a caricature of Islam.I think he should have specify it.😑

  98. Online Rn

    Online Rn2 дні тому

    U might as well kill urself like what the actual fuck ur Muslim and ur GAY? come on seriously no...

  99. Sid Heffler

    Sid Heffler2 дні тому

    It’s good to be GAY

  100. Martha Meek

    Martha Meek2 дні тому


  101. Martha Meek

    Martha Meek2 дні тому

    Im Glad others are happy

  102. Martha Meek

    Martha Meek2 дні тому

    Im Glad hes happy and that he lerned to love himself cuz I never could...

  103. أريج الشهراني

    أريج الشهراني3 дні тому

    i am a muslim

  104. Syed Haris Rehman

    Syed Haris Rehman3 дні тому

    My mom is not like that she is muslim

  105. Nilufar Yasmen

    Nilufar Yasmen3 дні тому

    They care about you.... they want to feel that having a child is WORTH IT.... im a muslim too, muslim girls should be obedient. But not having phone, friends, extra activities is not normal.... Edit: also... if u love ur religion Islam, being a gay will not send u to heaven. Because Mohammed (S) married girls not guys that's why.

  106. let it be animated

    let it be animated3 дні тому

    look I do respect people no matter what their relegation is but some of yous (not all only some) need to realise that it is 2018 nearly 2019 and we are all equal it's not the 19 hundreds anymore

  107. Sarah Riache

    Sarah Riache3 дні тому

    You're parents are amazing dude . I think that you're just a loser . In islam you can't be gay it's haram . Your parents "want to protect you" You "i hate my parents" LOSER

  108. Sarah Riache

    Sarah Riache3 дні тому

    +let it be animated oh and god will blame his parents. So that is why they are acting like that

  109. Sarah Riache

    Sarah Riache3 дні тому

    +let it be animated well i know my religion really well and i know that he has the same religion. In our religion there are rules you really must follow or you'll go to hell and he is breaking one of those rules and besides what his parents are doing is just to protect him from breaking his religion rules like every muslim parents would do and dude i have gone through almost the same problem so many times and my parents punished me and tried to teach me & protect me just like his parents did to him so yeah i know what it feels like . And you shouldn't hate you're parents because they protect you , that's not fear to them and also you shouldn't be gay if you're a muslim it's haram . God created two genders and not more then two it's written in quran . You wouldn't know because you are not a Muslim

  110. let it be animated

    let it be animated3 дні тому

    why'll I do believe everyone is intiteld to their own opinion and beliefs I don't think you should be posting something rude or hurtful about or to someone who has been through something like this