I Googled Myself And Hated What I Found


  1. Anouska Donna

    Anouska Donna7 хвилин тому

    I was one my phone and sitting not the top bunk of me and my brothers bed (im just on my moms account) when he read laura at that moment I looked up and saw the name Laura on the tag of a pillpw

  2. Mykiea Mcafee

    Mykiea Mcafee41 хвилина тому

    You are cute but I also think anime characters are cute to 😂

  3. TheEpicElite117

    TheEpicElite11719 годин тому

    SJW: sees he owns a board game called Secret Hitler (13:22) Also SJW: "WRITE THAT DOWN!"

  4. Flowergirlovesflower :3

    Flowergirlovesflower :319 годин тому

    *Gotta make that 10 minute mark, mates.* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  5. Zander Mason

    Zander Mason21 годину тому

    Aww! Thanks for letting me be in the background!

  6. ramona

    ramona22 години тому

    5:00 lol

  7. Pepper Cat

    Pepper Cat23 години тому

    11:27 I’m dead 😂

  8. Regan Afonso

    Regan AfonsoДень тому


  9. Rishi Rajan

    Rishi RajanДень тому

    Danny measuring his arm was the funniest this ever. Either he really doesn't know or is playing it up,

  10. Kallie Thymble

    Kallie ThymbleДень тому

    11:17-11:43 *_so true it's scary_* no but literally. he's hot

  11. Single Cheznut

    Single CheznutДень тому

    The articles forgot to mention his haircut is the same haircut jimmy neutron had.

  12. Chris Olivo

    Chris OlivoДень тому

    I like that he doesn’t flex tho

  13. Dhruv Gupta

    Dhruv GuptaДень тому

    Wait is Danny actually married???????

  14. Awsome catlover

    Awsome catloverДень тому

    I saw my little sister talking about chad wild clay and I asked her to show me and she turned on the shareier family. Or however you spell it

  15. Ruby-Rose Godber

    Ruby-Rose GodberДень тому

    Iam sorry but I just had to say ALL of your video’s make me laugh out loud and I have shown your vids to soooooo many of my friends

  16. Makenzie Clarke

    Makenzie Clarke2 дні тому


  17. Mr. A3R0

    Mr. A3R02 дні тому

    Can anyone explain to me what Secret Hitler is??

  18. Lilly Hejhal

    Lilly Hejhal3 дні тому

    Peanut is so cute!

  19. Tea Time

    Tea Time3 дні тому

    Nobody: Litterally nobody: Danny's house:🌪

  20. Maja Kolpe

    Maja Kolpe3 дні тому

    The artikel was right about your good looks😍

  21. Jacob Marmo

    Jacob Marmo3 дні тому


  22. John Kalaski

    John Kalaski3 дні тому

    Danny also did videos with Corridorcrew

  23. Heuristic School

    Heuristic School4 дні тому

    Yes we are happy thanks Danny

  24. Simply Running

    Simply Running4 дні тому

    Nobody: The sharers: Finds a random *abandoned safe just chilling in their house*

  25. Alexis Trejo

    Alexis Trejo4 дні тому


  26. Ana M

    Ana M4 дні тому

    "Where does this go again? Right in my mouth" "Oh my god-"

  27. Madeline Intravia

    Madeline Intravia5 днів тому

    LMAO omg you thought it was the length of your arms 😅😅😅

  28. It's TJ MJ 잭슨

    It's TJ MJ 잭슨5 днів тому

    5:40 I CAN'T XD

  29. Have a great day.

    Have a great day.6 днів тому

    1:53 shes on high ladder 2:45 shes scared just come off a much more stable elevated platform. The logic of these people is just unbeatable.

  30. Lyndsay Benson

    Lyndsay Benson6 днів тому

    Billion Surprise toys made a video new video on Chad marrying his wife

  31. Dawar Munawar

    Dawar Munawar6 днів тому


  32. Scarlet Hatake

    Scarlet Hatake6 днів тому

    I never hear the word hunky the same anymore thanks sml...

  33. LL 1Shot

    LL 1Shot6 днів тому

    Sharer family strat

  34. Pomeranian Bread dogs

    Pomeranian Bread dogs7 днів тому

    Ok but Danny actually looks like a model at 9:03. Like dang.

  35. Iri Furnea

    Iri Furnea8 днів тому

    i'm moving too ...

  36. Beatnik

    Beatnik8 днів тому

    Awww it's so adorable how Danny thought 'arm measurement' meant the *length* of his arms!! Oh Danny 😝😝😝

  37. ItsHoods

    ItsHoods8 днів тому

    “...eApisode...” 0:02

  38. Fawn Boettler

    Fawn Boettler9 днів тому

    this is how many safe videoes the sharer fam has \/ \/ \/

  39. Maddie Pierzchala

    Maddie Pierzchala9 днів тому

    The arm measurement are around your arms not the length of your arms😂

  40. Alex PotatoeAnime

    Alex PotatoeAnime9 днів тому

    I thought you were 23-

  41. mr. ghost

    mr. ghost9 днів тому

    Did you just assume vines gender?

  42. Shadow Gaming

    Shadow Gaming10 днів тому

    In 13 June

  43. PuffyPanPig

    PuffyPanPig10 днів тому

    You know he's a keeper when he have good board games :flushed: :flushed:

  44. SEK

    SEK10 днів тому

    I realized danny and i have the same birthday

  45. Loco Lemon

    Loco Lemon10 днів тому

    This is the second video I've ever watched from Danny, oh look how far I've come

  46. Kris R-K

    Kris R-K10 днів тому

    No one: Danny: *eats his dog*

  47. s o p h !

    s o p h !10 днів тому

    o shii ur bday is a day after mine

  48. Kris R-K

    Kris R-K10 днів тому

    I'd call you a rapper, not a singer

  49. Kris R-K

    Kris R-K10 днів тому

    I just earned you a new subscriber in my friend, glad to welcome her to the fastest growing army on UAreporter

  50. memoIShigh _

    memoIShigh _10 днів тому

    Danny can’t you at least close the door?

  51. slidesandspoons

    slidesandspoons10 днів тому

    yes he is so hunky

  52. Silly Goose

    Silly Goose12 днів тому

    How was it living in Illinois, Gorgia?

  53. Mine Gamer

    Mine Gamer13 днів тому

    Ayy june 12 is exactly a month before my bday... wouldve sounded better if it was on the same day but yknow ...

  54. Viola Landry

    Viola Landry13 днів тому

    And what I don't love Danny I don't know him that well too.some girls hate him

  55. Viola Landry

    Viola Landry13 днів тому

    13 what 😂🤣how did some one thing that

  56. Iss Spady

    Iss Spady14 днів тому

    Is the last one a joke?? It says this hunker man and crap lol

  57. Heaven Knox

    Heaven Knox14 днів тому

    Lmao I read this very article earlier bc I wanted to know if you were Hispanic it was all over the place but I loved the variety in pictures they used of you

  58. caitlin m

    caitlin m15 днів тому

    i'm talking catcher in the goddamn rye up in this bitch

  59. Nortina A

    Nortina A15 днів тому

    That audible bit in the end reminded me of Fanboy Flicks.... :(

  60. Francis

    Francis16 днів тому

    Who tf thinks that you're 13???