1. Amy Upjohn

    Amy Upjohn4 хвилини тому

    U know that's a pup? Lol. But I don't care SHES SO DAM CUTE

  2. Hunter P

    Hunter P32 хвилини тому

    THATS A DOG lol

  3. Julie Gulev

    Julie Gulev53 хвилини тому

    Omg that is such a cutee cat!

  4. nathan mendoza

    nathan mendozaГодину тому

    That is a dog not a cat

  5. nathan mendoza

    nathan mendozaГодину тому

    And It Dog

  6. nathan mendoza

    nathan mendozaГодину тому

    That's not a cat

  7. nathan mendoza

    nathan mendozaГодину тому

    Open is not is that not a

  8. Joshua Frias

    Joshua FriasГодину тому

    WT H thats a puppy not a cat are u kidding me

  9. Alex AYALA

    Alex AYALA2 години тому

    Denis: Here’s my cat Me: YAY *excited* Denis: *shows dog* Me: *looks at comments*

  10. 4JC M

    4JC M2 години тому

    that cat is so cyoot omg

  11. Ryan Vlogs 2

    Ryan Vlogs 22 години тому

    It’s a fricken Dog

  12. Marcus Snyder

    Marcus Snyder2 години тому

    Not a cat but I’ll play along

  13. StansChannel

    StansChannel3 години тому

    Um that's a puppy not a cat

  14. Jayetri Talukder

    Jayetri Talukder3 години тому

    0:22 I m not thinking about her name. i m thinking about that is there anyone that sees that cat a dog?

  15. Oopizootics

    Oopizootics3 години тому

    I just found out thanks to comments it wasn't a cat..... Lol why Denis?

  16. Michelle Rivera

    Michelle Rivera3 години тому

    Es gast a doge

  17. Noor Muaref

    Noor Muaref3 години тому


  18. Hadley TV

    Hadley TV4 години тому

    That’s a dog

  19. Rowan

    Rowan4 години тому

    Wait is he allergic to cats? Or is that actually a cat? 😮

  20. Nery Osorio

    Nery Osorio4 години тому

    Ummm denis thats a puppy

  21. Neutron Star

    Neutron Star4 години тому

    Wainaminute Thats a 🐕🐶 ⭐️⭕️⭐️ I love doggos

  22. Call me anything-

    Call me anything-5 годин тому

    Denis: i got a cat SirMeowsAlot ( da best ) : *am i a joke to you*

  23. troy hetherington

    troy hetherington5 годин тому

    that's a dog not a cat

  24. NathaielVeilkov

    NathaielVeilkov5 годин тому

    It’s a puppy lol it’s not a cat

  25. Jebzz

    Jebzz5 годин тому

    I loved masha and bear when I was younger thanks for reminding me

  26. Anthony Gutierrez

    Anthony Gutierrez5 годин тому

    Is a dog not a cat

  27. Rose O'Dell

    Rose O'Dell5 годин тому

    it's a dog

  28. Lizza Extras3060

    Lizza Extras30606 годин тому

    Denis what the heck man

  29. Dylan_Yeet

    Dylan_Yeet6 годин тому


  30. Original Soph

    Original Soph6 годин тому

    All the dislikes are the people who got mad because it’s not actually a cat.

  31. Billy Dhillon

    Billy Dhillon6 годин тому

    Denis that a dog...not a cat

  32. quinn boone

    quinn boone6 годин тому

    That is a dog not a cat

  33. Saliex yt

    Saliex yt6 годин тому

    It’s a dog

  34. Rufus Matufus

    Rufus Matufus6 годин тому

    Only some one stupid would think that’s a Cat

  35. Jamie Mills

    Jamie Mills7 годин тому

    its a dog not a cat you pranked us

  36. Mr. Whiskers

    Mr. Whiskers7 годин тому

    Omg she sooo cute 😊

  37. Sorren Luna

    Sorren Luna7 годин тому

    Guys it’s an cat not an dog

  38. Kayoki

    Kayoki7 годин тому

    What a cute cat

  39. Mia Cordovamia

    Mia Cordovamia8 годин тому

    Can I see your dog/cat in 2020

  40. Devil XxShadow_DevilxX

    Devil XxShadow_DevilxX8 годин тому

    Thats a dog-

  41. Teresa Robinson

    Teresa Robinson8 годин тому

    Ummmm denis that’s a dog😐

  42. Mateo Bautista

    Mateo Bautista8 годин тому


  43. Nico guardian gaming 2011

    Nico guardian gaming 20119 годин тому

    Me:what a cute do- Denis: ITS A CAT! Me: it’s a dog Denis: oh it is

  44. Anaiah Vaughan

    Anaiah Vaughan9 годин тому

    clearly its a dog but he's talking so seriously and now im scared

  45. Ang Bitton

    Ang Bitton9 годин тому

    Such a cute cat

  46. Stikbot J

    Stikbot J9 годин тому

    while I was gone you got a mustache AND you’re blind!

  47. Edvard Mokin

    Edvard Mokin9 годин тому

    And dogs

  48. Edvard Mokin

    Edvard Mokin9 годин тому

    I love cats

  49. Christian Hawkins

    Christian Hawkins9 годин тому

    Denis: I GOT A CAT Me:what on earth,am I seeing things cuz dats a dog....... Also me: Denis are you dumb? This is how many people knows it a dog 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

  50. Bella Parent

    Bella Parent9 годин тому

    AWWW IT'S ADORABLE 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  51. ooferboiii

    ooferboiii9 годин тому


  52. Shiloh Rivers

    Shiloh Rivers10 годин тому


  53. Mia Loves cookies

    Mia Loves cookies10 годин тому


  54. Alexio Gobern

    Alexio Gobern10 годин тому

    Is that a dog 😂 XD

  55. Kjell Arve Lang

    Kjell Arve Lang10 годин тому

    It’s a dog

  56. Fishy Nibba

    Fishy Nibba10 годин тому

    Denis snorted to much g-fuel again

  57. armando Flores

    armando Flores11 годин тому


  58. Marianne for Lifexd

    Marianne for Lifexd11 годин тому

    Better then a cat

  59. Janis Cordell

    Janis Cordell11 годин тому

    its a dog

  60. Gamer Deku_88

    Gamer Deku_8811 годин тому

    It’s a deformed cat

  61. Lola the cat playz

    Lola the cat playz11 годин тому

    Im getting a puppy in 6 weeks

  62. Peerpy Reerpy

    Peerpy Reerpy11 годин тому

    Who else wants him to bring back cat of the week

  63. Joline Aucoin

    Joline Aucoin12 годин тому

    Denis you said you got a cat but you actually got a dog

  64. Arik Dastgeer

    Arik Dastgeer12 годин тому

    am i just crazy i'm pretty sure thats a dog

  65. Jacob Durazo

    Jacob Durazo12 годин тому

    Ahhhhhh that is a very cute “CaT”

  66. Egzon Sinanaj

    Egzon Sinanaj12 годин тому

    Thats a dog

  67. nelly montenegro

    nelly montenegro12 годин тому

    Denis that's a DOG NOT A CAT

  68. P Andrew

    P Andrew12 годин тому

    That is a dog

  69. Oliver Medina

    Oliver Medina12 годин тому

    I think that a dog

  70. Ethan Ethington

    Ethan Ethington13 годин тому

    Is this a April fools joke

  71. Blake Golz

    Blake Golz13 годин тому

    Is he jokeing about the cat because I see a dog.

  72. Doge Doge

    Doge Doge14 годин тому

    It's a dog

  73. Bobbybustacap

    Bobbybustacap15 годин тому


  74. uwu uwu

    uwu uwu15 годин тому

    What a pretty cAt

  75. Piper Ford

    Piper Ford15 годин тому

    I have two cats and they are each one of those breeds

  76. super gamer girl

    super gamer girl15 годин тому

    That is not a cat buttt it's sooooooooooooooooooooooo cuteeee

  77. Polar Regions

    Polar Regions15 годин тому

    Its a dogy

  78. Darla Balber

    Darla Balber15 годин тому

    Dennis nice cats * Oh my Good miss you so confused he really doesn't know that's a dog right*

  79. Aiden Sargent

    Aiden Sargent16 годин тому

    Cool cat

  80. Fire Kehan

    Fire Kehan16 годин тому

    r u ok?