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    haha grape

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    brazil how to gets subscribers say grapes

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    i watched this when i was full and it made me hungry.

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    You sounded like Batman yelling in a cup while he’s yelling at food.

  9. Avery Hoodie lover

    Avery Hoodie lover26 хвилин тому

    Don’t forget to like that smash button lol 😂

  10. Haley Silver

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    don't worry ill bring u ur choclate milk Adam

  11. Bluey The Legend

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    12:25 “don’t forget to like that smash button”

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    I cant stop eating

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    This is funny XD

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    like that smash button guys

  15. DragonPrincess 529

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    (Why does everyone have to be attractive damn you Adam)

  16. Sabrina McNeil

    Sabrina McNeilГодину тому

    One time my jaw locked shut for a whole day. I was eating a cheeseburger, and it locked. Couldn't talk or ANYTHING. It sucked. I had to get a mouth guard to wear at night, and then for some reason it basically went away. Can't complain too much, but I do kinda know what it feels like. Glad you're doing better dude!

  17. Sherene Walker

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  18. Mactorious50

    Mactorious50Годину тому

    Adam: I WILL FU**ING EAT YOU!!! Me: hey I wanted to do that to my music teacher... thanks for reminding me! Oh you think I'm weird. Well who's one reading it. 0-o...

  19. RainbowsPlayz

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    Moral of the video: give Adam his goddamn chocolate milk

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    Doctor: Oh yeah, btw, you might need to got mouth like this for, mmmmmmmMMMMMMMMMM.Another 6 weeks Adam: MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  21. Asim Chinoy

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    Yeah your a human boy But your not a man 👨. Jk

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    Discount Markiplier

  23. rukiagirl666

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    Finally. some else who ate tomato soup as much as me

  24. William Le

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    Has mouth wired = 2 months of depression

  25. Wil Carmona

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    Me when I lost to a tournament 3:53 4:00

  26. Jd Lamont

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    I’m surprised you don’t have a girlfriend

  27. Jd Lamont

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    U looked like one of those animated cave men or a flint stone r sothin

  28. songeebahh Frick you

    songeebahh Frick you2 години тому

    Why does he look like a discount markiplier?

  29. Bobbymiczobby

    Bobbymiczobby3 години тому

    This has to happen to my sister..and she can stop it but won't *STOP*

  30. hospital

    hospital3 години тому

    wtf i havent watched ur videos in literal years and the jump in quality has me shook. this was so much fun to watch 10/10

  31. Dezeray Hoycott

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    Hey Adam I had it to and I get you ow

  32. Addisyn Demarest

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    Since when does Adam have a tail? Did I miss something?

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    Why do u hate tomato soup

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    Why do you talk so low

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    You're fucking funny You just earned yourself a new dedicated subscriber

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    12:23 " Remember to like that smash button "

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    Chill out Kanye

  38. Ivan Miller

    Ivan Miller5 годин тому

    I had a major chest surgery 3 weeks ago and im still recovering so i feel you a bit. Also my nurses were amazing and i even nicknamed them. They’re names were nocturnal tie-die, red head out of bed, five of hearts, repetious walker, kick, and midnight pop.

  39. The Idiot Sisters

    The Idiot Sisters5 годин тому

    I woulda just blended burgers and stuff. And drank that

  40. M1KT Rustz

    M1KT Rustz5 годин тому

    Like that smash button

  41. Demonz eyez

    Demonz eyez5 годин тому

    1:31 *UAreporter waiting for the perfect time to strike* Adam:CENSORD CARD

  42. Komi Singh

    Komi Singh5 годин тому

    You make me think of Ronnie Radye

  43. Gacha Cupcake story’s

    Gacha Cupcake story’s6 годин тому

    You look like markilper twin 😂

  44. Trash Can

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    5:14 me asking my parents anything

  45. Laura Lomeli

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    Why is the sound so low?

  46. Rage Mz

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    I mean after Adam is SOMETHINGELSE

  47. Lemon_Willow

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    microwaves be like

  48. sUpEr aWeSoMe bRoS

    sUpEr aWeSoMe bRoS6 годин тому

    Favorite moment in my opinion: 4:47 Edit: 2nd favorite moment in my opinion: 6:37

  49. I-want-big- Death

    I-want-big- Death6 годин тому

    Why is Adam literally so handsome (it kinda makes me mad)

  50. Scoobarekt u

    Scoobarekt u6 годин тому

    I had 7 heart surgeries, but this sounds worse.

  51. EvieMay Movies

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    Like that smash button

  52. Oni Pon

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    I dislocated my jaw once, put it back real fast.

  53. Qvoele

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    to me he looks like a cat :3 3:07

  54. Kitty Cat

    Kitty Cat7 годин тому

    “Like that smash button”

  55. anais florit

    anais florit7 годин тому

    *c h o c o l a t e m i l k*

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    God's Cylinder: my fuckin favorite

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  58. Bubbles

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    So that’s why surgery on a grape was a meme

  59. Juuzou Suzuya

    Juuzou Suzuya8 годин тому

    First time watching his video, *WAS* planning to watch his face reveal after but... Nvm I guess. There's his face.. ok

  60. Caris Jordana

    Caris Jordana8 годин тому

    Oh shit you’re fucking hot 🔥

  61. Catt

    Catt8 годин тому

    Oh man I'm getting the same surgery tomorrow for the same slightly-less-severe problem and I feel this already, , time to whip out those mukbang vids

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    Why is this video so fucking quiet

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    I am drinking chocolate milk right now

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    ребят, тут есть кто с россии?

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    *I REally Liked That Smash button*

  67. Senpie Gold

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  68. Morgan F

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    omg this is crazy! when i had severe pancreatitis i couldn't eat anything and i watched alot of videos of people eating! it helped me for some reason

  69. Super Mayro

    Super Mayro9 годин тому

    4:01 That's Littarly Me

  70. Alex Kyle

    Alex Kyle9 годин тому

    Bruh. I was crying the day I got my braces removed. Just imagining that, but full wires constantly holding my mouth shut... my god!

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    4:54 turn on captions

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    family friendly

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    So head or no head

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    Hello, tell me about your girlfriend, or did you have relationship or were you gay!?

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    7:12 ima eat you lol chill it’s just tomato soup

  77. Karen Tensfeldt

    Karen Tensfeldt10 годин тому

    Food is what he can’t ever have

  78. Peridot the gamer

    Peridot the gamer10 годин тому

    He looks like Tony stark and Harry Potter combined

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    12:26 like that smash button 🤣

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    i love the way you animated this and made it so amazingly entertaining. love this

  82. theoddpawsout panda

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    Adam: im gonu eat u!!!!!

  83. Marc rg

    Marc rg11 годин тому

    Hope you r well also Dint u say that that like 10 videos ago Ps me bro has yo name Also eat him what the NO!**shoots the money thing w the friking pump shot gun * That's right😡 no money censoreur for me and Adam As I said fuk good also your aren't a grape ....😁your à Freking raging gost Peper 😑 it's funny cuz ur hodie of ur characters is red like a Peper and white skin like a gost

  84. TheRoblox KingDougal

    TheRoblox KingDougal11 годин тому

    How did u eat and drink?

  85. Biak Cung

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    Go checkout beat saber I’m something else it’s EPIC AND DOPE

  86. Joseph Catto

    Joseph Catto11 годин тому

    Where and when is vidcon? Ima huge fan and watched nearly all of your videos and I want to meet you.

  87. Idan Chen

    Idan Chen12 годин тому

    10:10 bare wasteland XD

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    I have horrible teeth too. You have a new subscriber. Haha you crack me up

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  90. arya play roblox

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    Your like iamwildcat

  91. Jamie R.

    Jamie R.13 годин тому

    Hello im Jamie, im a big fan of you, JaidenAnimation, and oddonesout, im wanting to try out animation, but im having trouble adjusting my artstyle to a more symple one, and I wanted to ask if you could help

  92. natalie kok

    natalie kok13 годин тому

    i am going through something similar to what he is going through, my lower jaw is also very forward and i have and fact,almost my whole family has it.and now i wear an ugly contraption on my head every night and it is very painful

  93. ItsGregBR

    ItsGregBR13 годин тому

    1:18 gradeAunderA

  94. Dylan Nally

    Dylan Nally13 годин тому

    That’s crazy. Yesterday I got a messed up Tongue me and my friend were wrestling his knee went up on my jaw and my tongue was near my molars so it hurt like heck and it was bleeding bad.

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    I like your channel your my favorite channel

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    Damn this man is Fine

  97. Sarunas Siaudvytis

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    4:00 "butt lolz" thats what u draw off frame?

  98. Atheists Anonymous

    Atheists Anonymous14 годин тому

    When my uncle’s jaw was wired shut he Gained weight cause he was blending up food like steak and shit.

  99. savage gamer2009

    savage gamer200914 годин тому

    Me: end run isn't it the lon... Adam: SHUT THE F... UAreporter demonitizeation: *punches Adam* Adam: you know what *cencored* you Demonitizeation: NANI Me: *secretly walks away*

  100. Oxtian Universe

    Oxtian Universe14 годин тому

    Adam: GIVE ME MY FRIGGEN CHOCLATE MILKKKK Me: grabs cold chocolate soup

  101. Ryan Bladich

    Ryan Bladich15 годин тому

    I had to go on a liquid diet because of a oral surgery and I just chugged box’s of cichin stock for protein

  102. Sally Sonnenschein

    Sally Sonnenschein15 годин тому

    6:28 is this sound from Fairy Tail?

  103. Dr Carrot

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    Adam: what would you do for one million dollars? Adam:probably suck a di- Me: closes out of vid OH MY GOSH I GOT 2 LIKES THIS IS THE MOST LIKES I’VE EVER GOT!

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    wow. 2 likes is your best -.-


    BROX MELGAR17 годин тому

    I love the animations!


    LE ROACH IZ HERE18 годин тому

    God's cylinder, more like THICCCCC CYLINDER!