I'm a Woman Living as a Man


  1. Baldi land

    Baldi land5 годин тому

    REALLY REALLY THE?worst!ending

  2. no_name_one_day

    no_name_one_day10 годин тому

    5:40 the shirts look different

  3. فدوة ملاك

    فدوة ملاك11 годин тому

    I didn't understand😕

  4. TheOneInTheOnesie

    TheOneInTheOnesie13 годин тому

    I’m transgender too... and i really wanna come out... do any of you have any tips on coming out? Also i’m gay...

  5. Fuzzy Btw

    Fuzzy Btw22 години тому

    I thought he was transgender at the end

  6. ÆmïRįça TäTęR_TõTęR

    ÆmïRįça TäTęR_TõTęRДень тому

    “Where’s the happiness in life?” -memes has entered the chat

  7. Kailey Luong

    Kailey LuongДень тому

    I think your just transgender

  8. Can You Survive Off Ass Hair Yes Or No

    Can You Survive Off Ass Hair Yes Or NoДень тому

    There is Homophobia Trans-phobia AND I HAVE LOCKED CAR DOOR PHOBIA L.C.D.P

  9. xXkianaXx xXmcintyreXx

    xXkianaXx xXmcintyreXxДень тому

    He will always be a he and he can't change it cause that want he was born to be a boy he can act like a girl and stuff but he isnt a girl dressing and all that thing still isn't a girl

  10. gaming and animation/only animation

    gaming and animation/only animation14 годин тому

    Rlly sure there it's a tratament, also i hope theres a tratament for old-mind-stupidy

  11. Gracie micolucci

    Gracie micolucci2 дні тому

    I want to be a girl wait never mind I am a girl

  12. Christiane Uwimana

    Christiane Uwimana3 дні тому

    Sooo we’re going to ignore the fact the father would’ve let her commit

  13. Volt

    Volt3 дні тому

    I'm a dog. I want to be... A CAT.

  14. Ben Miller

    Ben Miller3 дні тому

    If you think you can change your gender you have a mental disease

  15. Ashley R

    Ashley R4 дні тому

    It rodent.

  16. Cami ThePotatoWolfx3

    Cami ThePotatoWolfx34 дні тому

    I want to be who i am Oh wait i am who i am I AM A LESBIAN!❤

  17. This user loves anime

    This user loves anime4 дні тому

    Damn...i'm so jealous of him...because he has something what i really don't have... a girl in his heart....

  18. Lilac Kitty

    Lilac Kitty6 днів тому

    This is soo sad

  19. KagatsTwoOh

    KagatsTwoOh6 днів тому

    so are you a woman living as a man or a man living as a woman

  20. Skylar Futrell

    Skylar Futrell6 днів тому

    Am I dumb because when the story started I was so confused.

  21. Skylar Futrell

    Skylar Futrell6 днів тому

    Because of the title

  22. Ali Zia

    Ali Zia6 днів тому

    You have a d**k 😂

  23. sloth girl

    sloth girl6 днів тому

    Kool beanzzzzzzzzz ps this was sad

  24. Mikaela Koukouli

    Mikaela Koukouli6 днів тому

    I am so confused!!!! She/He is a girl and wants to be boy or she/he is a boy and wants to be a girl? Please someone tell me

  25. Maya goes gacha lol

    Maya goes gacha lol6 днів тому

    so basically you're just gay?

  26. Nasro Mohamed

    Nasro Mohamed6 днів тому

    Is he gay if he is a girl who likes guys

  27. Jasmeet Singh

    Jasmeet Singh6 днів тому

    Find the good face 😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬🤗😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬. Read more

  28. GachaGirlGamer -And More!

    GachaGirlGamer -And More!7 днів тому

    Well, the gender I actually am in my mind is mixed up... You see... I like to dress up as a tomboy. I found out when I was 6. Then, I was going to ask my mom if I could take hormone pills, since she had told me about them when I was 4. But then I realized, "OMG WHAT CUTE DOLLS!" "Mom! Can you buy me this dress?" "I want to wear pink!" "I want to wear these boy jeans!" "Omg this boy top looks cute." "Can I wear boy shoes?" When I realized all of this was happening, I realized I wasn't happy as a boy or girl... I love pink!! I love sparkles!!! I don't like to wear pants all the way up like girls. Plus, my mom hates transgender people, so no. I didn't take the pills after 2 years of thinking about it. I loved my long hair!! Except, the period. It makes me feel, depressed. I mean, I don't have mt my first one yet, but I'm showing signs that will really soon. So I decided that I wanted a penis. But wait, I want my long hair, pink clothes, and my sparkles!! I also want my boy clothes!!! I don't know what I am anymore... A mixed gender in a girl's body. T^T Yes, I have crushes on boys, but... Sometimes I would feel like I like a girl... But I want to like the opposite gender of me! So I started forcing myself to crush on boys just to become straight. I want to be straight... I want my tomboy clothes, my long hair, sparkles, EVERYTHING I've listed so far! I don't know what gender I am inside myself anymore...

  29. VanePane 04

    VanePane 047 днів тому

    Title: "I am a woman living as a man" Me: What The Fuck?! Is this allowed??? I'm confused, like " I'm a woman" is to me that you have a V and "Living As a Man" that's like to me "I have a V but I act like I'm a boy" an I wrong??

  30. Sarah Game

    Sarah Game8 днів тому

    what evil parents

  31. FAIL mymy

    FAIL mymy8 днів тому

    But why?

  32. Michelle Sithole

    Michelle Sithole8 днів тому

    I thought she was tomboy

  33. Heidi Santosa

    Heidi Santosa8 днів тому

    Everyone have a problem everyday,and being beaten up and being ashamed of them self......Well don't be like that don't give up yourself on who you are and what you are, Everyone is different and different is special...

  34. Omar Al-Joulani

    Omar Al-Joulani9 днів тому


  35. Iris Liang

    Iris Liang9 днів тому

    I want to be a girl Cause I am

  36. Urmomgay Likeyou

    Urmomgay Likeyou10 днів тому

    *I’m a transgender kid, except I’m ftm*

  37. Urmomgay Likeyou

    Urmomgay Likeyou2 дні тому

    Mr Homophobic fuck you

  38. Mr Homophobic

    Mr Homophobic2 дні тому

    Nah you’re just a cisphobic Woman

  39. Aurihora

    Aurihora10 днів тому

    Not sure if ur trans or like me like just be a femmine guy like longe hair long nails make up girls clothes but still use he/him and keep ur biological gender

  40. Videogamer lao

    Videogamer lao11 днів тому

    U can be a kpop idol cuz u get to wear makeup but a boy

  41. Videogamer lao

    Videogamer lao11 днів тому

    U can be a kpop idol cuz u get to wear makeup but a boy

  42. yuni sunjayq

    yuni sunjayq11 днів тому

    I think if It just crossdressing it's still fine😊

  43. Charlie Drawz

    Charlie Drawz8 днів тому

    yuni sunjayq transphobic **cough cough**

  44. chadev malcolm

    chadev malcolm11 днів тому

    You gay

  45. gaming and animation/only animation

    gaming and animation/only animation14 годин тому

    No u mind

  46. Caroline-Louise Thiesen

    Caroline-Louise Thiesen11 днів тому

    Just be a woman if wil

  47. PJ Bananas

    PJ Bananas12 днів тому

    I wanna be a boy

  48. Roxy The Blue Fox

    Roxy The Blue Fox12 днів тому

    Trans gender!

  49. Namdad

    Namdad12 днів тому

    People w/their religious excuses can suck my ass. NOWHERE inside those damned religious books does it tell you to hate others. literally. fucking. nowhere.

  50. Sky 201

    Sky 20112 днів тому

    *a woman living as a man? KPOP XD*

  51. Emma Swan

    Emma Swan12 днів тому

    so sad ;-; I love it

  52. Rawan Kaiksow

    Rawan Kaiksow12 днів тому

    Just be a dude and endure

  53. tan natalie

    tan natalie12 днів тому

    Are you a transgender?

  54. DominikPlayzHD

    DominikPlayzHD12 днів тому

    You can become woman with operation lol

  55. Itz Kat :3

    Itz Kat :312 днів тому

    This is something called.. *TRANSGENDER*

  56. Shahd Almalky

    Shahd Almalky12 днів тому

    Honey ur just gay.

  57. Master Ryan

    Master Ryan12 днів тому


  58. Simple Ways

    Simple Ways13 днів тому

    why is the narrator speaking as a woman even tho that its clearly a man that's being represented? Not gonna lie, thats kinda bothering me... Jk Jk

  59. Top_Hats_Off _

    Top_Hats_Off _13 днів тому


  60. Kawaii WolfySpirit

    Kawaii WolfySpirit13 днів тому

    Your lucky u dont have to felllll CRAMPSS

  61. Bri DeFriece

    Bri DeFriece13 днів тому

    Haha loser😝

  62. Antonio Valentine

    Antonio Valentine13 днів тому

    ewww I don'tcare what y'all say but it's disgusting

  63. gaming and animation/only animation

    gaming and animation/only animation14 годин тому

    Disgusting? Pls excuse him/her for trying to be normal

  64. Honeyy Girl

    Honeyy Girl13 днів тому

    I wish I could pour out the things I want to say but somehow it’s not that easy

  65. Naina Padda

    Naina Padda13 днів тому

    You're a man acting like a girl

  66. James Gurhy

    James Gurhy13 днів тому

    The title is the wrong way round

  67. Potato

    Potato13 днів тому

    I thought it was a women as a man?

  68. XxPhantom_MelxX

    XxPhantom_MelxX13 днів тому

    If you were a girl you wouldn’t like periods and puberty

  69. Kajal Rampersad

    Kajal Rampersad13 днів тому

    im a girl i love being a girl but im a tom boy

  70. Elinimate013

    Elinimate01313 днів тому

    I couldn’t sleep, I felt stressed and irritable, I felt sick and tired of everything. BOI R U SURE U NOT A GIRL CUZ THAT SOUND LIKE U GOT URSLEF A....’that time of the month’

  71. For uf Xyxyx

    For uf Xyxyx14 днів тому

    Being fucked up is a choice this GUY is fucked up

  72. Adalyn Warren

    Adalyn Warren14 днів тому

    this story made me cry and i think the perspective of reality came down on me.

  73. TheGBZard

    TheGBZard14 днів тому

    If you were my son I would let you be whatever you want because this is America where everyone has rights PS if you ever feel bored you should check out my UAreporter channel I’m in need of more subscribers and if you subscribe to me I will give you a shoutout

  74. Galaxy kitten 75

    Galaxy kitten 7514 днів тому

    This always makes me happy , I'm a girl and I'm bi but I always feel how he feels... so sad I can never date a girl.. they don't like me .then i cry cuz there's nothing more in the word that I want to do than date a girl .. I feel lesbian but I don't know why I keep staring at guys I want to be lesbian... I want it so badly .... then I feel like a boy/ like the gender / other times AND I JUST CAN'T TAKE IT I want to die ... theres no way to be both a girl and a boy .. AND IT KILLS me it hurts so bad ... my friends hate me .. idk what to do it hurts badly .... if someone knows a way to make me feel better let me know ... if Minute videos , if you like I'd love it if you make this a video

  75. Mr Homophobic

    Mr Homophobic2 дні тому

    This would be a pretty trash video . Do you have a dick? 1-Yes Then you’re a man 2-no I have a vagina Then you’re a girl I don’t care about your feelings

  76. Fatjon Tredhaku

    Fatjon Tredhaku12 днів тому

    Same just that I'm a guy and attracted to my best friend and when I'm with him i feel like a girl and gets paralyzed I'm bi but not attractes to other dudes weird but only to my best friend I told him about this and he acceptes it but still no progress but at least he knows and still is my best friend and when were alone he teases me for fun to get to my girly side just to see what's wrong it's so embarrasing but also feels good when he does it I can never get enough of his silver eyes.

  77. YRN Juvy

    YRN Juvy14 днів тому

    Life is very fucked up we was born to die go to school get jobs sometimes struggle I'm 19 everyday I think about wat I will do I didn't do GD in skl but I will see how my life goes 😁😎🤗

  78. Addison Wolford

    Addison Wolford14 днів тому

    * kid wants to die * Dad: * calls family members *

  79. Hiba Mansour

    Hiba Mansour13 днів тому



    YUFUFU YUFUFU14 днів тому

    Hey does anyone know the real person in the story?

  81. lexa kom trikur

    lexa kom trikur15 днів тому

    Im girl and I wanna to looks like boys, there steal and play football And im kind lesbian.....

  82. Green Shaðes

    Green Shaðes15 днів тому

    These fucking transphobic comments are fucking 95% American people. Fuck you.

  83. She a Weeb

    She a Weeb16 днів тому

    First thought: Is she lesbian or gay?

  84. Carmen Bernardo Meme Owxus

    Carmen Bernardo Meme Owxus16 днів тому

    i want to be male because my own gender disappoints me

  85. Little Panda

    Little Panda17 днів тому

    Where is the happiness in life? *God* 😊

  86. gaming and animation/only animation

    gaming and animation/only animation14 годин тому

    Nah, as a christian, i can tell you, God maybe it's the love but that dosen't mean he mame evryone happy, that if my love it's god

  87. Hey Nay

    Hey Nay16 днів тому

    my cat isn't god!

  88. David Karjanen

    David Karjanen17 днів тому

    I'm also bisexual

  89. Angel Rose

    Angel Rose17 днів тому

    Each point of life has happiness. Be what you are and stay positive

  90. Chesh Noir

    Chesh Noir18 днів тому


  91. Maša Begović

    Maša Begović18 днів тому

    Do you know what is a gender swap?

  92. Halimah Smith

    Halimah Smith18 днів тому

    Typo? "How are you parents handling how you are" 5:14 did anyone else notice

  93. Luca

    Luca18 днів тому

    Don't call her he in the description pls

  94. Vikki L

    Vikki L8 днів тому

    Luca it’s fine

  95. Luca

    Luca9 днів тому

    +Vikki L sorry it's just not nice to misgender people

  96. Vikki L

    Vikki L9 днів тому

    Don’t be offended over little things lol

  97. Luca

    Luca18 днів тому

    I just hope that every trans person will be able to transition. Just like the girl in this video'

  98. Sgdh Ss

    Sgdh Ss19 днів тому

    I’m about to vomit 🤢

  99. gaming and animation/only animation

    gaming and animation/only animation14 годин тому

    Bc of the anti lgbt kr the stupidy of anti lbgt?

  100. Real Politics

    Real Politics19 днів тому

    The one and only reason you cannot bring out your inner girl is because society at large will not accept it and make your life hell. There is without a shadow of a doubt, that society is utter and absolute filth... Hatred and intolerence plagues majority of today's world.. People want to kill each other, death and destruction but dont want love and acceptence... Either we humans fix this or we will all kill each other...

  101. THE Sasa

    THE Sasa19 днів тому

    Rn srsly! Is he or she girl or a BOY? Pls guys write in a comentts!!!

  102. THE Sasa

    THE Sasa9 днів тому

    Luca aha THX I didnt understood but rn Im understanding

  103. Luca

    Luca9 днів тому

    +THE Sasa yup, bc she has a female brain but she's born in a male body'

  104. THE Sasa

    THE Sasa9 днів тому

    Luca srsly? THX anyway xd

  105. Luca

    Luca18 днів тому

    She's female

  106. Memeslist :D

    Memeslist :D20 днів тому

    I want to be a girl... *looks inside underpants* *"WTF is that!!!!!"*

  107. Hadiza Abdullahi

    Hadiza Abdullahi20 днів тому


  108. Elissya Laze

    Elissya Laze21 день тому

    Whyyyy !!!!! 😲😲😲😲

  109. Elissya Laze

    Elissya Laze21 день тому

    Why ?

  110. Elissya Laze

    Elissya Laze21 день тому

    Why ?

  111. Elissya Laze

    Elissya Laze21 день тому

    Today's world is sooo messed up ! 😡😡😡😡😡

  112. gaming and animation/only animation

    gaming and animation/only animation14 годин тому

    Ik, these "christian" who think they are just bc follow a book and give HATE on other like lgbt, rlly messed up

  113. Leeanna Kimbel

    Leeanna Kimbel21 день тому

    Pround yourself ❤️

  114. peazut

    peazut22 дні тому

    this story would be wholesome and good if it wasn't completely fabricated and preying on marginalised groups

  115. feral elf

    feral elf22 дні тому

    Y'all using 'he' pronouns for her in the desc makes me kinda... Ehh

  116. Luca

    Luca18 днів тому

    Same it makes me sad

  117. youngbart again

    youngbart again23 дні тому


  118. Claws long tail

    Claws long tail23 дні тому

    I’m a boy living as a girl.. my parents don’t know I’m trans. I am never happy about being treated as a girl. I’m Jake. I’m a boy. I wish my parents would see and understand... I wish they weren’t transphobic 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  119. xXkianaXx xXmcintyreXx

    xXkianaXx xXmcintyreXxДень тому

    +Claws long tail your a girl. And you can't change that cause you were born that way

  120. Claws long tail

    Claws long tailДень тому

    Mr Homophobic you’re the rude one! You’re the one being transphobic! im a 15 year old suicidal guy who’s currently crying because of you and the pain in my ear which is causing me to wanna die even more. The pain is so bad it’s even hurting my head. It’s hard to listen to anything.

  121. Mr Homophobic

    Mr HomophobicДень тому

    Claws long tail that’s rude . I thought women were Friendly.

  122. Claws long tail

    Claws long tailДень тому

    Mr Homophobic ok. But why are you on a video about people you hate? if you don’t have anything nice to say, piss off

  123. Mr Homophobic

    Mr HomophobicДень тому

    Claws long tail k. I ain’t gonna say anything too far .

  124. Quackoducko_ kitteno

    Quackoducko_ kitteno23 дні тому

    He sounds like a boy._.but I didn't watch the whole video

  125. lakeih williams

    lakeih williams24 дні тому

    I just don't like gay people and I never will

  126. gaming and animation/only animation

    gaming and animation/only animation14 годин тому

    Look, as a christian i can tell you some things: 1. They have a problem with hormons and can't controll 2. Pls die, even if god it's true or no we come from a single man and women, and if you hate my brothers and sisters (also they are your brothers and sisters) then pray you will never meet me or a waken up man/women, no as i have much power, but i still know the parts that hurt the most

  127. I'm A Nobody

    I'm A Nobody22 дні тому

    Ok. But why not? Just wondering.

  128. lakeih williams

    lakeih williams24 дні тому

    So what if I make fun of him 😒

  129. lakeih williams

    lakeih williams24 дні тому