I'm a Woman Living as a Man



    XANX IETY25 хвилин тому

    Wow this really breaks my heart

  2. TaeJin Min

    TaeJin MinГодину тому

    I can't understand what is his/her gender.. pls answer

  3. im stew pid im stew pid

    im stew pid im stew pid3 години тому

    Im batshit crazy i also thot about suicide cuz my terrible school just idk just it changed me for worst me rebelled against parents doing stuff never thought i would just acting crazy still think about suicide after 4thgrade parents are trying to get me in different school been almost year lack socializing just idk i wish could just change all this

  4. Sophia Zi Lyn Chong

    Sophia Zi Lyn Chong3 години тому

    i cried

  5. Jose Sibarani

    Jose Sibarani7 годин тому

    Im a kawaii anime highschool girl living as an islamic terrorist

  6. Lil Solomon

    Lil Solomon9 годин тому

    Aww, well lemme just say being a girl sucks...we got periods and labor of having a child. Hey! Be you boo! :D Dont die, I support in every way.

  7. The spook Pro

    The spook Pro9 годин тому

    "breaths" "BOI STOP DE BULLSHIT"

  8. Lucky Libra

    Lucky Libra11 годин тому

    There’s a thing called Trans Gender, you know that; right?

  9. McFnaf nobots

    McFnaf nobots12 годин тому

    A man living as a woman :0

  10. Venom

    Venom13 годин тому

    You have a mental illness called genderdisphoria

  11. Next gen snip3r

    Next gen snip3r14 годин тому

    Good for u

  12. George B

    George B20 годин тому

    I’m a boy and all my friends are girls

  13. Tony keller

    Tony keller21 годину тому

    You can be whatever and or whoever you want to be!

  14. Kris

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  15. Sleepy Darkie

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  16. Kris

    Kris21 годину тому

    0:00 nope

  17. Jillian Anderson

    Jillian Anderson23 години тому

    I would reccomend a gender therapist to her

  18. Solid Cake

    Solid CakeДень тому

    what the *FUCK*

  19. Ivan M

    Ivan MДень тому

    I think this person is a trans woman but has had to suppress their identity all their life just to make their parents "happy" and now they're completely unsure of how they feel they identify. I hope that some day soon they finally find some sort of peace and happiness with themselves.


    REESE STARNESДень тому

    This is man living as a woman

  21. Albi

    AlbiДень тому

    So thats trans?

  22. B c

    B cДень тому

    Bruh u aint a woman fool. You got a dick nigga.

  23. Alex Eos

    Alex EosДень тому

    WHo else cried?

  24. TheKiboWolf Angels

    TheKiboWolf AngelsДень тому

    I'm not crying, what? Pffft, im totally not broke inside, hahaha- *iternally screaming* Also... EMBRACE YOURSELF, INSPIRATION!

  25. pickle slyer

    pickle slyerДень тому

    that was so touching i nearly cried

  26. saadet zeynep

    saadet zeynepДень тому

    It should have been I am a man living as a woman

  27. Manikih

    ManikihДень тому

    Trans bitch

  28. Manikih

    ManikihДень тому


  29. KaiserRedGamer

    KaiserRedGamer2 дні тому

    A woman reincarnated as a man and remembers her past life... I guess

  30. joel prince

    joel prince2 дні тому

    Wow this was very througth provoking i hope whoever this person is does find peace and joy in thier life

  31. Chantelle Orton

    Chantelle Orton2 дні тому

    His parents ashamed me it’s so sad they didn’t except him as who he is

  32. itz_Amgtv

    itz_Amgtv2 дні тому

    I want to become a girl Well I am girl lol XD

  33. Fatma Amr

    Fatma Amr2 дні тому

    Are you a girl

  34. Alyssa

    Alyssa2 дні тому

    I wish that we didn’t have genders so we would have stereotypes or sexism.

  35. Amaya B

    Amaya B2 дні тому

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  36. Awesomebamboo 1

    Awesomebamboo 12 дні тому

    Look I don’t want to be mean it’s just being trans is not what your looking for it’s GOD ok

  37. Prxl

    Prxl2 дні тому

    idc what ya'll say this if I was this MANS parent this wouldn't slide this gay

  38. David Taylor

    David Taylor2 дні тому

    Yooo what doesthiddiuudelooklike

  39. Blair Flair

    Blair Flair2 дні тому

    Even I’m a girl I don’t like skirts,dresses. I’m boyish don’t judge

  40. TwiistedTiger

    TwiistedTiger2 дні тому

    *no offence but your very gay*

  41. Jessica :D

    Jessica :D2 дні тому

    Am I always the one crying?

  42. Inasi

    Inasi2 дні тому

    How will she get in a relationship

  43. xAnnieInDaHallx

    xAnnieInDaHallx2 дні тому

    I always tell my mother i hi want to boy..She always gives mekind of bad word..It really hurts. She always said that "Girls are supposed to be girlie" It hurts really bad when she says that.Although my parents love me very much. They'll dissown me if they find out im Gay..

  44. RedSlimeball YT

    RedSlimeball YT3 дні тому

    It's called transgender

  45. Charlotte Crowley

    Charlotte Crowley3 дні тому

    I cried

  46. The Gamer

    The Gamer3 дні тому

    W We Wei Weir Weird Mmmmm ha


    GHOST_DA_GOAT3 дні тому

    5:16 I wish someone could tell me all of this words. I started to cry instantly

  48. Gia Fox

    Gia Fox3 дні тому

    literally tearing up.

  49. block masterYO

    block masterYO4 дні тому

    I'm a man living as a woman...

  50. Lempi & Lahja

    Lempi & Lahja4 дні тому

    Is it normal to be tomboy?

  51. Akward Girl

    Akward Girl4 дні тому

    Im trans boy to girl I feel the exact same thing.

  52. Gamer PLAYZ

    Gamer PLAYZ4 дні тому

    I just don't understand this..I need to re-watch

  53. Adapple

    Adapple4 дні тому

    Oof I just remembered when I was like this. When I longed for the time when I could dress up as a girl and how much I wanted to be one.

  54. MemeMechine

    MemeMechine4 дні тому

    always b urself. if ur family dont except u they dont deserve u. keep being u. y r unbelievebly strong.


    SAMANTHA LOVER5 днів тому

    i almost dropp a tear

  56. I DoNT CaRE

    I DoNT CaRE5 днів тому

    You haven't experienced having periods, and cramps boi😭

  57. Ruby Scizor

    Ruby Scizor4 дні тому


  58. LisV :3

    LisV :35 днів тому

    1. How does liking girl things make you a girl? 2. Too many people are confusing gender with gender ROLES. You can be a guy who's feminine, or a girl who's masculine. You don't have to change your biology.

  59. Ruby Scizor

    Ruby Scizor4 дні тому

    Exactly good to see someone here isn't retarded

  60. Maryam_ Maruam

    Maryam_ Maruam5 днів тому

    I cried😭😭

  61. LynxJackie Playz

    LynxJackie Playz5 днів тому

    This made me cry some

  62. 1-800 fxck-you

    1-800 fxck-you5 днів тому

    I hate being a girl, I hate how fat I am, and how I have a larger chest than boys I wish I could just be happy with my body/me in general I hate to rant like this but it’s true and I can’t keep up with it all, I wanna cut my hair and flatten my chest go for runs just...anything to make me feel like a boy, I was built more broad than other girls when I was younger I used to hate it, now I love it more than anything and I’d love to wear a suit or something less girly in the future but I’m scared to how my family will react to this I’ve never told anyone about this (except for online friends and my best friend) I was terrified to tell my best friend about how I felt and it doesn’t help I have a crush on her, I also really like boys am I gay? I think I’m just bi but go more towards boys everything is so confusing how is my mom even going to react when she sees this? Will she even accept me would she look at me again? I’m so scared I wish I was a boy I wish I didn’t have the same things as a female has im so pathetic

  63. N O T J E A L O U S

    N O T J E A L O U S5 днів тому

    My eyes are sweating, I cant-

  64. Michelle Anderson

    Michelle Anderson5 днів тому

    You don't even sound like a boy

  65. Angela M

    Angela M5 днів тому

    What's sad is my parents wish I would've committed suicide in the past ): and thats the truth....

  66. Natarific Studios

    Natarific Studios5 днів тому

    EEEEEEWWWWW! your mom is right, your a MALE accept it. Dont end your life, just ask a guardian for help, Or god (im NOT forcing you to be a christian just saying god will fill that hole that you have and help you realize what gender you are and how to love it :) ) But being Trans is NOT the answer. Please dont reply trying to argue with me, this is MY opinion and im NOT changing it.

  67. sa17m

    sa17m5 днів тому


  68. Nothing Non ya

    Nothing Non ya5 днів тому

    So sad

  69. Sodapop Izzy

    Sodapop Izzy5 днів тому

    Wow.I feel so happy after this. Be who you want to be,and dont let anyone else change it.

  70. Andte Lasas

    Andte Lasas5 днів тому

    Please kill your self idot

  71. Ahmed Seckinov

    Ahmed Seckinov5 днів тому


  72. Kawaii Potato

    Kawaii Potato5 днів тому

    tbh i like being a girl but i kinda want to be a boy.. probably most of my interests are identified as ''boyish''(Tbh that's a stupid thing) But i still like girlish things... ish. I'm not a tomboy i'm not bisexual or transgender but i still like ''boyish'' stuff more than ''girl stuff''... I really don't know how to explain this... ._.

  73. cup of tea & milky way

    cup of tea & milky way5 днів тому

    i know what you mean!!

  74. Anny the fuckin Trator

    Anny the fuckin Trator5 днів тому

    I'm queergender

  75. Fredrik government

    Fredrik government5 днів тому

    Kill yourself

  76. Fredrik government

    Fredrik government5 днів тому

    That's right bicht

  77. Lucia Butler

    Lucia Butler5 днів тому

    I am a boy, in a girls body 😔. I have felt this way some time. I over and over feel I am in the wrong body

  78. Ruby Scizor

    Ruby Scizor4 дні тому

    No, you're a boy in a boy's body

  79. loula chim

    loula chim5 днів тому

    *never be ashamed of who you are*

  80. Ariadne Leventi

    Ariadne LeventiГодину тому

    Never. Ever.

  81. Kz 241

    Kz 2415 днів тому

    Life would be easier as a boy No period No pregnancy Get paid more Become popular easily

  82. Kz 241

    Kz 2414 дні тому

    +Ruby Scizor they dont have harder jobs -_-

  83. Ruby Scizor

    Ruby Scizor4 дні тому

    Men get paided more because they work harder jobs and work longer shifts liberal scum

  84. Eva Maria Soare

    Eva Maria Soare5 днів тому

    you should love your self no matter what you should be happy with yourself be happy to the person you are today I don't know if I say it right or good just be happy 🙂

  85. tunmi atoloye

    tunmi atoloye6 днів тому

    This is a Really bad influence to kids. You know transgender is nOt cool

  86. a ness x paula shipper called sunset lover

    a ness x paula shipper called sunset lover5 днів тому

    right, if you want to change your gender, you're sick in the brain, you need to seek help

  87. gacha fox :3

    gacha fox :36 днів тому


  88. Mj Delaroca

    Mj Delaroca6 днів тому

    Hahaha gaaaaaayeeeeiiiiiiii

  89. Anuradha Varma

    Anuradha Varma6 днів тому

    Huh......? I... don't understand.

  90. Anuradha Varma

    Anuradha Varma6 днів тому

    Wait.. What about her voice?

  91. YoYo Miamigo

    YoYo Miamigo6 днів тому

    Don't cry... Don't cry... Don't cry...

  92. Deadsilence 100

    Deadsilence 1006 днів тому

    You nasty ass trap, wtf you are mentally ill bitch. If u were my kid I would of kicked out out the house

  93. Slimey Zzz

    Slimey Zzz6 днів тому

    Deadsilence 100 well no one forced you to watch this video.

  94. BrooklynTheGreat

    BrooklynTheGreat6 днів тому

    thi is so incredibly different from all the trans videos ive seen. Ive never been at peace with them, nor have i ever supported them, but this person is so different. im talking, i didnt know this kind of thing could happen. all the stories end with "shut the haters out of your life and care about no one but yourself, as long as youre happy being who you are", but this is different. He didn't let it take over his life, nor did he ignore it or push it away. He came to terms with it in such a peaceful way that didnt hurt anyone, anything, it didnt violate anyones beliefs or views; he just accepted it and moved on. I love that. Props to you, man. we need more people like you.

  95. timepickle

    timepickle8 годин тому

    Jesus now I understand why cis people are so hated. And I'm cis hetero. So disgusting and entitled and selfish that you think your dumbfuck beliefs are more important than another human being's mental health and happiness?! I feel ashamed for the trash that raised you. Indulge me. Who would be harmed by this person transitioning to be female?

  96. Maliyah The prune

    Maliyah The pruneДень тому

    BrooklynTheGreat boyyy stop

  97. SomewEird Guy

    SomewEird Guy5 днів тому

    Yeah, this was a strange exception.

  98. Artoria Pendragon

    Artoria Pendragon6 днів тому

    Questioning some parts of the story: how did he get hormone pills at a young age? It sounds like it was before high school and without being diagnosed with gender dysphoria or parents knowing. I thought minors need to have their parent's permission to take something as life changing as hormone pills. And the fact that he got it without a prescription makes me question this story.

  99. Colleen New Holy

    Colleen New Holy5 днів тому

    uh... If they had the "friend of a friend", then yes. They could get ahold of such items. As such, that's how young adults get their drugs and other items.

  100. itsa me mario

    itsa me mario6 днів тому

    Why the heck is her voice so soothing to me I love her voice I could fall asleep listening to her

  101. Edward Tsogbe

    Edward Tsogbe6 днів тому

    i hate trans hehehehe mayebe a joke or not

  102. Seth Cereal

    Seth Cereal6 днів тому

    If someone you love is hurt by the real you, they only love the you they want, not the one you want.

  103. Tropical Tabby

    Tropical Tabby6 днів тому

    It's really good

  104. Lauryn Carney

    Lauryn Carney6 днів тому

    I’m A girl my name is Lauryn Nichole I’m 17. I had an abusive childhood and I’m pansexual and I’m hiding something.. I want to be a boy I feel like a boy. As little kid I would always wear my brothers clothes and would go shirtless all the time until I was 7. I had to hide this inside. Me from age 8 and up until I was 13 I cut my hair off then realized I misse d that little boy in me, I started secretly taking hormone blockers.. my mom found them and yelled and yelled at me telling me I was crazy and confused she took me to therapy until I was 16 to get this figured out.. she never excepted me my dad got cut from life at 15for abuse.. I had sunk into depression and started cutting really bad, and I didn’t accept myself I hated everything about myself I went mute completely I didn’t talk for a year I was so sad and confused and hateful I attempted suicide 4 times.. the first one would have worked if my sister didn’t find on the bathroom floor because of a seizure.. I overdosed and had my stomach pumped and life support, I was sent to a suicide prevention place I stayed for over a month I was still mute but I met a girl there she helped me she was the on,y person I talked to.i was scared and alone. I have missed most of life and I wish I would have just dressed male I have changed my name to Nic no one calles me Lauryn only Nic, I dress male now and I’m accepted by most I live with my friend I have forgotten my family I never want to see them and they feel the same about me the last thing my mother said to me was “leave, and don’t expect me to come to your fucking graduation” but I don’t want her there I’m happy now without her or my father I see my sister sometimes they accept me for me, don’t be afraid to be you. Thank you for reading my story it feels nice to get it out❤️ Thank you Also getting top surgery next month🤗 really excited for that!!😄

  105. Tay K.T.

    Tay K.T.6 днів тому

    I feel the exact same way, except it's pretty much the other way around (FtM). It kind of sucks, because I really don't know what to do about it.

  106. J-HopeIsMyHope

    J-HopeIsMyHope6 днів тому

    I actually cried

  107. Yummy Rage

    Yummy Rage6 днів тому

    "Why is the channel called minute videos and not minutes"

  108. dd gg

    dd gg6 днів тому

    Sobs in French

  109. MagikarpThePerson

    MagikarpThePerson6 днів тому

    I’m a proud woman .-.

  110. Super Marshmallow

    Super Marshmallow6 днів тому

    I’m not crying, you are

  111. Osaretin Ukponmwan

    Osaretin Ukponmwan6 днів тому

    wait so do you like girls or guys that's my question. If you like guys, I feel sorry for you, there are gonna be a lot of guys that wouldn't want to date a former guy. Same thing if you like girls

  112. Maddie Things!

    Maddie Things!6 днів тому

    If he wants to be a girl he can transgender

  113. Harry Doum

    Harry Doum6 днів тому

    What is she, he called. Gay or girl?

  114. Seto Kaiba

    Seto Kaiba6 днів тому

    I only watch these videos so during the video i can either mock the person make fun of the person and just overall act like a smartass why you may ask? Because it's fun