i made the tiktok whipped coffee


  1. The Baker

    The BakerГодину тому

    Does anyone else find it so cute that when Julian is on camera he's super chill but when Jenna comes on he's like super himself and a hit

  2. Ren the Slayer

    Ren the Slayer8 годин тому

    Jenna just got angry at you for not using the hand mixer, because doing it by hand is a task you would give to an annoying and overly energetic 6 year old But julien You are an annoying and overly energetic 6 year old

  3. Temporary Panic

    Temporary Panic19 годин тому

    the entire tasting portion of the video im laughing so much NASTY boy julien

  4. Claire Alexia

    Claire Alexia20 годин тому

    Lol I think the blender was on a D

  5. Dave 64

    Dave 64День тому

    the camera movement

  6. Amy Howell

    Amy HowellДень тому

    the camerawork in juliens videos is always amazing

  7. worship worm king

    worship worm king2 дні тому

    It looks like he coated everything in peanut butter

  8. Kayla Kennedy

    Kayla Kennedy2 дні тому

    julien rubbing the coffee all over himself gives me peanut butter baby vibes

  9. jennifer olivo

    jennifer olivo2 дні тому

    Fuck!!!! your personality is so hot!!! I love the comedy

  10. xanaminx

    xanaminx3 дні тому

    plz. I hope the mess is cleaned up. I laughed tho.

  11. lou woollard

    lou woollard3 дні тому

    I tried to make oat milk. I DID NOT have all the required equipment, no standing blender (so I used a stick blender) and no cheesecloth (so I used a regular shmegular fine sieve) It was all wrong. Ended up with real oily textured separated porridge flavoured water. it was vile 😐

  12. Lilli Manicaros

    Lilli Manicaros3 дні тому

    julian is like jenna if jenna was the girl who took edibles and did her makeup

  13. NeonRen

    NeonRen3 дні тому

    julien that looks just like feces. please

  14. Stephanie Sheline

    Stephanie Sheline4 дні тому

    the amount of NASTEE in the last 4 minutes of this video

  15. Non-stick Pan

    Non-stick Pan4 дні тому

    He is alot calmer in this video

  16. Account

    Account4 дні тому

    they missed the opportunity to cover themselves with it and recreate the baby covered in peanut butter meme

  17. AleishaKarissa

    AleishaKarissa5 днів тому

    Julien play too much 😂

  18. jace

    jace5 днів тому

    when ur allergic to cashews

  19. Gabrielle Litten

    Gabrielle Litten5 днів тому

    “remember when everyone hated on tik tok and now its all anyone ever wants to do” sToP cAlLiNg mE oUt!!1!!

  20. Gabrielle Litten

    Gabrielle Litten5 днів тому

    “remember when everyone hated on tik tok and now its all anyone ever wants to do” sToP cAlLiNg mE oUt!!1!!

  21. Maria Chiara

    Maria Chiara6 днів тому

    I’m sorry but whatever camera and slider you where using is making me nasueous, what the hell why is it going from side to side??

  22. Cam McWilliams

    Cam McWilliams6 днів тому

    Jenna he didn’t do it by hand

  23. Monty L

    Monty L6 днів тому

    When the 400th whisk hits

  24. A C

    A C7 днів тому

    Their breath laughs

  25. Stephi Allende

    Stephi Allende7 днів тому

    TIP if you dont have instant coffee u can use p much any type of ground coffee by crushing it with a spoon to get it to that powder texture. that way u can use your fave coffee blend. u also don't need all that sugar and all coffee to get a noice cup of iced coffee. 2 spoons of the coffee of your choice, 1 packet of sugar and bout 1 table spoon of water or less (probs less) should do it.

  26. vasiyliy

    vasiyliy7 днів тому

    Окей, на <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="781">13:01</a> я знатно присел, потому что услышал чёткое басовое "зайка"

  27. MadFoxMax

    MadFoxMax7 днів тому

    I believe the tone the blender makes is a C sharp

  28. Adi Jones

    Adi Jones8 днів тому

    Last week I made this exact coffee bc I found it on UAreporter and it looked cool lol I had no idea it was tik tok famous

  29. Jason Thorpe

    Jason Thorpe8 днів тому

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="504">8:24</a> Realisation that things have gone terribly wrong.

  30. Squishy6452

    Squishy64528 днів тому

    Julien is an ACTUAL toddler

  31. Broooklyn Renfro

    Broooklyn Renfro8 днів тому

    Thank u julen for helping me get my mind of the current situation

  32. Janelle Musolff

    Janelle Musolff9 днів тому

    When this is the first video ever that julien is being normal

  33. Sophia Ayoud

    Sophia Ayoud9 днів тому

    the blender is So in the DoMiSoReDo scale LOL

  34. Megan Christensen

    Megan Christensen9 днів тому

    Watching Julien just wipe the counter and Jenna’s corresponding cringe makes me laugh too much. Not allowed! 😭😂

  35. kiki Love

    kiki Love9 днів тому

    Julien woooaaaa cheesecloth does an amazing job!!! EVERY Latina mom making coconut milk for DULCE DE COCOOOOOOO

  36. Anna Pruitt

    Anna Pruitt10 днів тому

    How the camera moves is very distracting and also kind of nausea inducing :(

  37. Shauna Mclouglin

    Shauna Mclouglin10 днів тому

    Julien has that jacksepticeye energy

  38. Elizabeth Vashro

    Elizabeth Vashro10 днів тому

    julien making whipped coffee by hand because he is an aries even though he has a mixer me making meringue by hand even though i have a mixer because i am an aries

  39. Hary P

    Hary P10 днів тому

    Ohhhhh Julien knows Dalgona coffee from South koreaaaaaa thankssssss

  40. mad swan

    mad swan10 днів тому


  41. pup reivax

    pup reivax11 днів тому

    i think its a d flat... when i heard it that scale went through my head.

  42. Luna Starbeam

    Luna Starbeam11 днів тому

    I can’t tell if Julien in jenna’s videos is how he actually acts, if Julien in Julien’s videos is how he acts, or if he doesn’t normally act like either of them, OR he just acts differently at different times which I can respect.

  43. Gopi Sotto Mayor

    Gopi Sotto Mayor11 днів тому

    "So let's keep going!... Should I get the hand mixer? .....oh my arm is so tired!"

  44. theloveleesarah

    theloveleesarah12 днів тому

    His camera angles give me chills 😍

  45. Queen_Bee

    Queen_Bee13 днів тому

    Yah Its milk time

  46. Riel Redwolf

    Riel Redwolf13 днів тому

    This is the first video of his I've seen (but I've been watching Jenna for years.) The coffee looks great, but oml he stresses me tf out. I'm not quite Virgo energy but I'm a normal human and living with Julien would make me nuts, I'm sure

  47. Katelin Parra-Castro

    Katelin Parra-Castro13 днів тому

    He sounds like a dad😭

  48. Wolfgang Rivas

    Wolfgang Rivas14 днів тому

    Everytime he said "yuhhh" I immediately thought "get into ittt" and when he didn't say it I would just short-circuit. Send help

  49. Dana Miller

    Dana Miller14 днів тому

    I believe that note would be the E above middle C

  50. Sangfugl

    Sangfugl14 днів тому

    Ah the sound of a power blender. It's a C

  51. nanyummyify

    nanyummyify14 днів тому

    Jenna is acting like she just woke up lol

  52. Nadia St-Onge

    Nadia St-Onge14 днів тому

    About the cashew milk, with a high power mixer (like a Vitamix, for example), there is no need to strain the milk. It's gonna be as good and creamier! :D However, with almonds, you need to strain it. But I don't know about the oat... I'd need to try it!

  53. Elp Smith

    Elp Smith15 днів тому

    "Let's pause to clean up our mess". Who are you and what have you done with Julien?

  54. RedIE Desiree

    RedIE Desiree16 днів тому

    THE COFFEE IS EXPIRED!! Repeat until the video ends and they’ll stop eating it

  55. Ian Brown

    Ian Brown16 днів тому

    It’s a C note!

  56. Chantelle Howkins

    Chantelle Howkins16 днів тому

    Everything was all normal until Jenna came in & then you started doing stupid shit to make her laugh 🤣 love it.

  57. KitKatYee235

    KitKatYee23517 днів тому

    julien, the note the blender made was a c#/dflat i’m one of the perfect pitch people and you asked so 🤷‍♀️

  58. Hafsah حفصہ

    Hafsah حفصہ17 днів тому

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="898">14:58</a> and onwards us virgos and clean freaks are SCREAMIN

  59. Hafsah حفصہ

    Hafsah حفصہ17 днів тому

    had to google it and i found out coffee can actually go moldy ooops

  60. cursedbees

    cursedbees17 днів тому

    julien it looks like you’re playing with fucking peanut butter

  61. Ashlyn Devine

    Ashlyn Devine17 днів тому

    “Frothy coffee, band name called it” okay Andy

  62. sef11996

    sef1199617 днів тому

    Sounds like a C, personally

  63. zigzoggy

    zigzoggy17 днів тому

    Julie the moving camera was REALLY distracting lol I wasn’t a fan but props to you for always being so creative!!

  64. Kodie Cray

    Kodie Cray18 днів тому

    Two otters, one tiktok coffee

  65. Sarah Sprogis

    Sarah Sprogis18 днів тому

    Your views to subscriber ratio is on spot

  66. Bailey Mercer

    Bailey Mercer18 днів тому

    The blender played a c

  67. JessC Reads

    JessC Reads18 днів тому

    i JUST wanted to see you wash your hands.

  68. TaylorVerse

    TaylorVerse19 днів тому

    I hear a g flat from the blender but I'm not sure cause I haven't been in band for years and my ears aren't trained anymore

  69. Jen M

    Jen M19 днів тому

    Fwiw, there is an even lazier way to make cashew milk, IF you can remember the first step, that is. Soak 1 cup cashews overnight. Next day, rinse cashews with water, blend, dilute with up to 4ish total cups of water (less water = thicker, more water = thinner). Pinch salt. Store in a mason jar for up to like 5ish days in the fridge. Soaking the cashews overnight, a high power blender, and a long blend time will make it so you don't even need the nut milk bag. Just shake it up before you use it. Great in coffee. Not sure how it would do in recipes, probably not awesome. However it is my favorite coffee diluent.

  70. Adrienne Sophie

    Adrienne Sophie19 днів тому

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="341">5:41</a> I wanna say it's either a C or an Ab but I'm not gonna spend ten minutes trying to figure it out (Edit: I know that there's going to be different notes in there but those are the two that I hear the most)

  71. Tayla Potayta

    Tayla Potayta19 днів тому

    I’m not a fan of this slow camera pan. It’s like making me have anxiety and motion sick lol

  72. melody13

    melody1319 днів тому

    I thought in the beginning he said “I’m back, I’ve vacuumed the kitchen.” I had to replay it to hear what he actually said. But if he did say that with no explanation afterwards, it honestly wouldn’t surprise me.

  73. Bunny

    Bunny20 днів тому

    Just that desperate, what is my life, "I need human interaction."

  74. Bernadette Murphy

    Bernadette Murphy20 днів тому

    I have never seen Julien so calm. And then so Aries. I appreciate this so much. And you killed it. Who knew milk was so easy to make?!

  75. Greer Rattray

    Greer Rattray20 днів тому

    people like julien make the world turn honestly

  76. Reagan Hammond

    Reagan Hammond21 день тому

    you know the peanut butter baby vine? that the vibe i got for the whole second half.... uareporter.net/v/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-ikf2abb_pho.html

  77. Tessa Clare

    Tessa Clare21 день тому

    julien nailed this tho!!!! its actually greek coffee and its called a frappe :))))

  78. LivingWithLife

    LivingWithLife21 день тому

    It's funny because this is ,y boy and I in the kitchen but goddamn I am Julien

  79. Miranda Bray

    Miranda Bray21 день тому

    Julien loves to make Jenna laugh and I love that for her. You always need a partner who wants to make you laugh. 💕 I love them

  80. curtis cobb

    curtis cobb21 день тому

    Blenders prolly like Bb