I paid for the Hooked app and immediately regretted it


  1. Crazy dachshund lady

    Crazy dachshund ladyГодину тому

    As soon as it started that advert came on

  2. dinsy512

    dinsy5127 годин тому

    It’s ... incredible! It’s ... poetic! It’s ... cringeworthy writing!

  3. Vib Srip

    Vib Srip12 годин тому

    Panty raid is just a rip off the iconic sponge bob episode Except mr. krabs is Roy

  4. PikaPlays

    PikaPlays14 годин тому

    Trevor Holt has the biggest you know what Sign up rn SIKE AD TIME

  5. ŁėointhėStårs

    ŁėointhėStårs17 годин тому

    I read it as hook-ed

  6. Bianca .G

    Bianca .G18 годин тому

    Could’ve just pushed the “X” my dude instead of signing up

  7. Jessica Bradley

    Jessica Bradley19 годин тому

    Half way through the video and I already got 2 Hooked ads

  8. Aldreth

    Aldreth21 годину тому

    You must be jerma985’s little brother

  9. Aldreth

    Aldreth21 годину тому

    dad there’s a man pulling in the drive-way, he looks sketchy Ok, stay calm and remember what I taught you, Ugh, Yes dad, My ar-15 is in my lap, the doors are locked as always and I have a clear shot and 911 is just 3 numbers Good girl.

  10. Aldreth

    Aldreth21 годину тому

    PANTy RAiD makes some pretty good music

  11. The Otter Slide

    The Otter Slide21 годину тому

    I got an add for hooked with Trevor in it and the same girl.😆

  12. Pepper Cat

    Pepper CatДень тому

    😂 got the advert in the middle of this

  13. Hadar Nahari

    Hadar NahariДень тому

    Hahaha this video was worth every second!!!! Let’s go out, I need to laugh like that more often

  14. ox bro films

    ox bro filmsДень тому

    Did anyone else get a Hooked ad on this video ???? Leave a Like 👍

  15. Sal R.

    Sal R.День тому

    The middle ad of your video, was the hooked Trevor story ad...

  16. stealth artist

    stealth artistДень тому

    I got the hooked ad on this vid

  17. Peridot Facet-2F5L Cut-5XG

    Peridot Facet-2F5L Cut-5XGДень тому

    2:59 he typed danny Gonzalez

  18. Milhouse Vanhoutan

    Milhouse VanhoutanДень тому

    Fun fact: neuronal tissue endogenously produces cyanide as part of certain perioxidase catalyzed reactions.

  19. Lynzee Eisel

    Lynzee EiselДень тому

    The only ads I’ve seen on this video is the hooked ad 😂😂

  20. Robin

    RobinДень тому

    tbh arsenic would have been a better long-term subtle poisoning

  21. [Astro Sama]

    [Astro Sama]День тому

    that girl roy b like stalking? dandruff

  22. Harry Hall

    Harry HallДень тому

    I got an ad for this midway through

  23. Cringe Central

    Cringe CentralДень тому

    Right when you purchased it I got a hooked ad

  24. Regretless TV

    Regretless TVДень тому

    I was watching the vid then the add for hoocked came on and I didn’t realise it was an add

  25. Michelle P

    Michelle PДень тому

    Don’t you guys hate it when you have to use your third hand smh

  26. subscribe 2 pewds x

    subscribe 2 pewds xДень тому


  27. Alexander Lea

    Alexander Lea2 дні тому

    I got a hooked ad on this

  28. Baylee Moore

    Baylee Moore2 дні тому

    The second one just came out you should watch it

  29. Hanna Pearl

    Hanna Pearl2 дні тому

    I don’t think I’ve ever laughed harder than watching you read the panty raid story😂😂 it’s so stupid but you make it so hilarious

  30. smarteesrok

    smarteesrok2 дні тому

    The ad I got was for Trevor and the Virgin 😂

  31. XxxxX

    XxxxX2 дні тому

    I just got a hooked add

  32. Sksj Sksj

    Sksj Sksj2 дні тому

    Lmao right when he said let’s watch this I got a add from hooked for the same god damn story fuck me sideways hook jesus

  33. TB44

    TB442 дні тому

    XD I got a hooked add

  34. Gacha RoseTears

    Gacha RoseTears2 дні тому

    Who had the trever and the virgin add

  35. Lilly Stevens

    Lilly Stevens2 дні тому

    The Roy and Jim story has me rolling 😂u narrating it😂

  36. Lucas Peters

    Lucas Peters2 дні тому

    I got a hooked ad.

  37. Not Repiteren

    Not Repiteren2 дні тому

    I got a hooked ad on this vid wtf

  38. Dream Blossom

    Dream Blossom2 дні тому

    I literally just got a hooked app ad during this video

  39. Hydro Burd

    Hydro Burd3 дні тому

    I just saw an add run for this show here on youtube. It was the strip beer pong scene. I was trying to find the song thats playing when he help her with her throwing form?

  40. PixelThe Vlooger

    PixelThe Vlooger3 дні тому

    I got a freaking ad for hooked on the same video

  41. A Strawberry Muffin

    A Strawberry Muffin3 дні тому

    Lmao Wattpad is better

  42. Maura Finnerty

    Maura Finnerty3 дні тому

    6:53 ...*dislike*

  43. V Wagstaff

    V Wagstaff3 дні тому


  44. Brooklyn Richy Quiñones

    Brooklyn Richy Quiñones3 дні тому


  45. ShadeRG

    ShadeRG3 дні тому

    No Joke I got a hooked ad in this

  46. TheGeekyYoutuber !

    TheGeekyYoutuber !3 дні тому

    ”Is the girl's name Pam by any chance?” Thank you, Drew, for being a cultured individual

  47. sara xoxo

    sara xoxo3 дні тому

    i got a hooked ad on this video -

  48. 「 s t r a w b e r r i e ちゃん 」

    「 s t r a w b e r r i e ちゃん 」4 дні тому

    you look like my math teacher

  49. Ashley Guerrero

    Ashley Guerrero4 дні тому

    “anyway lets watch the rest of this story-“ gets cut off for a hooked ad

  50. Jared Cortez

    Jared Cortez4 дні тому

    This vid is sponsored by Hooked lol

  51. Rachel Lampkin

    Rachel Lampkin4 дні тому

    I got the add while watching the video

  52. Animator Ben

    Animator Ben4 дні тому

    OMG I got an add for the hooked app on this video about the hooked app! Coincidence? I THINK NOT!!!

  53. 「 s t r a w b e r r i e ちゃん 」

    「 s t r a w b e r r i e ちゃん 」4 дні тому

    Animator Ben lmao yt knows lucky me I got a Duolingo ad and I already have it 😌

  54. 25 Dynamics

    25 Dynamics4 дні тому

    FUNNIEST REVIEW OF HOOKED ON YT!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣 thank youu for this

  55. Pizzapizzapizza Donut

    Pizzapizzapizza Donut4 дні тому

    I literally got the ad while watching this

  56. adele

    adele4 дні тому


  57. Meghan S.

    Meghan S.4 дні тому

    There was an ad for Hooked while I was watching this.... conspiracy!

  58. n e u t r a l

    n e u t r a l4 дні тому

    No one: *N o o n e* *_LEGIT NO ONE_* Hooked stories: Mom: _Honey lock your doors you’re being haunted by your dad’s child he was pregnant with years ago_

  59. ozgur siir çetin

    ozgur siir çetin4 дні тому

    You re the best

  60. Every fortnite Youtuber

    Every fortnite Youtuber4 дні тому

    Who else got a hooked ad

  61. Lisa Hill

    Lisa Hill5 днів тому

    You would not believe I had the exact same Trevor’s you know what Hooked app ad 3minutes in