I paid for the Hooked app and immediately regretted it


  1. Alyssa PC

    Alyssa PC2 години тому

    This is the first video of yours I’ve watched and I definitely through you were British before you talked but that’s besides the point

  2. Samuel Paddock

    Samuel Paddock4 години тому

    I literally got an ad for Hookd in the middle of this video

  3. ReginaPlayz Roblox

    ReginaPlayz Roblox5 годин тому

    U watch the office!!! Issuiehfudisnrhdi :DDD

  4. David Gray

    David Gray9 годин тому

    For all of us who have forgotten to opt out after the trial period. Sign up for the free trial and then immediately cancel it. You’ll still have your trial period, but you won’t be automatically locked in when it’s finished cause you’ve already cancelled it.

  5. Missus MojoRisin-Ackerman

    Missus MojoRisin-Ackerman11 годин тому

    The last one is literally the Dennis Quaid movie DOA

  6. Hazel Olsen

    Hazel Olsen20 годин тому

    i thought it was a texting app......

  7. The Silliest Of Salmons

    The Silliest Of SalmonsДень тому

    My name is SKSKS and I am a radioactive child

  8. Greg McGregginton

    Greg McGreggintonДень тому

    his dick is like voldemort, we don't speak of it. the one that shall not be named.

  9. Superstar

    SuperstarДень тому

    Ya'll ever just pay your bills at Starbucks

  10. Frontyardigans Rule

    Frontyardigans RuleДень тому

    3:00 the user name is Danny Gonzalez?????? And the ad at the last part of the video was from hooked

  11. Melissa Barr

    Melissa BarrДень тому

    16:50 didn't that story happen in Coco with the music sheets

  12. Logan Crawford

    Logan CrawfordДень тому

    Well played hooked... I got the ad on the video

  13. worms

    wormsДень тому

    cyanide? man, what a lame murder. cyanide poisoning is SO common, its ridiculously easy to cure. Dan's a really bad murderer.

  14. Jayne

    JayneДень тому

    Wait, boys don’t peel off their skin when they get home?

  15. Greg Saunders

    Greg SaundersДень тому

    Did anyone else press the skip add button?

  16. McRazzles

    McRazzlesДень тому

    I got a ad for hooked on this video

  17. Corinne Haack

    Corinne Haack2 дні тому

    13:34 is my favourite part

  18. Corgis n’ Muffins :3

    Corgis n’ Muffins :32 дні тому

    Hold up, Hold up... ‘Poisoned’ is just a rip off of Coco.. Except music is a unfinished book written by a women with no writing experience

  19. Abby A

    Abby A2 дні тому

    it turns out that drew longhorn is... me: GAY him: a douchebag me: mine was better🤷🏽‍♀️

  20. Lacey Nicole

    Lacey Nicole2 дні тому

    First name: Danny Last name: Gonzalez

  21. Elza Madison

    Elza Madison2 дні тому

    Anyone else notice that when Bri was at Eve's house they were still texting each other???? Like WHAT?????

  22. 《s w e e t p o t a t o》

    《s w e e t p o t a t o》2 дні тому

    He named himself,,,danny gonzalez. . ....

  23. Claire Bear

    Claire Bear2 дні тому

    2:58 i LoVe hOw CaSuAlLy hE PuTs DaNnY's NaMe AnD iNfO

  24. notrailmix4u

    notrailmix4u2 дні тому

    “Mmm good sandwich” “I made spaghetti...”

  25. Ann Margaret H.

    Ann Margaret H.2 дні тому

    This man is John Mulaney

  26. Artie B.

    Artie B.3 дні тому

    I completely agree with you, Danny.

  27. Jake Depwe

    Jake Depwe3 дні тому

    You skipped the part where you can wait 15 min and watch it free!!!!!!! Buying isn't the only option so don't make it sound like it is.

  28. josh sheler

    josh sheler3 дні тому

    The music at 16:32 makes it so much better

  29. Unknown Gaming

    Unknown Gaming3 дні тому

    Bro I just got a hooked ad different story but still-

  30. Gloria Barrera

    Gloria Barrera3 дні тому

    U talk way to much

  31. Lauren Zollars

    Lauren Zollars3 дні тому

    This is literally written, with some changes, from the Netflix show “You”

  32. My other account Got banned

    My other account Got banned4 дні тому

    I like how even after dan was proved to be innocent they still eve still thought otherwise

  33. Spaghetti Man

    Spaghetti Man4 дні тому

    Nobody: Hooked: tREvoR BiG pP

  34. The angle Former Devil

    The angle Former Devil4 дні тому

    I feel like an idiot... i pressed the "skip this ad" in the beginning

  35. PikaSheep

    PikaSheep4 дні тому

    Ok two things: 1. A Hooked ad actually popped up while I was watching this video 2. That story about the book is exactly like Coco lol

  36. Marquis de Lafayette

    Marquis de Lafayette4 дні тому

    I was dedicated to the video once you made a reference to the office

  37. Lauren

    Lauren4 дні тому

    he sounds like john mulaney

  38. Benjamin Knapp

    Benjamin Knapp4 дні тому

    I like this app. I just didn’t watch the Trevor Holt thing. I pressed Scary and got a different one. Brad sucks. No offense for those who are named Brad. I mean the Brad in the story. Also got a Hooked ad during this.

  39. Andy And Tea

    Andy And Tea4 дні тому

    “She stores it in her cheeks” THEY CYANIDE WOULD STILL GET TO HER WTF

  40. Vaughan Stephens

    Vaughan Stephens4 дні тому

    During The texting story in the middle his voice sounds like villager news lol

  41. Allyson Beck

    Allyson Beck4 дні тому

    wow my dumbass actually tried to press the skip button at the beginning

  42. Slim Villain

    Slim Villain4 дні тому

    And I felt bad for paying for 1 month of tinder

  43. Lord Quacksツ

    Lord Quacksツ4 дні тому

    I got the Trevor and the virgin add during the story

  44. IvanEpixzz Iurceac

    IvanEpixzz Iurceac4 дні тому

    Lmao these aren’t bad but poisoned shit was meh

  45. Daisy Morgan

    Daisy Morgan4 дні тому

    I got the ad for Hooked before this video...

  46. Hoshi Galaxy

    Hoshi Galaxy4 дні тому

    I got an ad for the hook thing

  47. xander

    xander4 дні тому

    someone beat me to the Rasputin joke

  48. hello W0rld

    hello W0rld4 дні тому

    Trevor Holt has the biggest My little pony collection

  49. Luluworld

    Luluworld4 дні тому

    Did anyone else reach for the skip ad button when it popped up? 😂

  50. J. D. R.

    J. D. R.5 днів тому

    I want Drew to read me bedtime stories