I Re-Created A Squishy | Squishies in Real Life


  1. Minnie Playz

    Minnie Playz16 секунд тому

    Tacos when dip chocolate you just put it in the water with ice

  2. Nia

    Nia46 хвилин тому

    4:42 *my 4"11 self*

  3. Kelsey Carr

    Kelsey CarrГодину тому

    A fork works better for beating the eggs

  4. G a c h a _ S i s t e r s

    G a c h a _ S i s t e r s3 години тому

    I recommend putting sugar on the strawberries. Makes them taste even better! ^^

  5. Riiiann W

    Riiiann W3 години тому


  6. Riiiann W

    Riiiann W3 години тому

    3:31 *two shots of vodka*

  7. Stella Granger

    Stella Granger3 години тому

    💖😍💕👍💟💞💝💝💝💝💝💝I have wacht you for 8 yers im 8

  8. XxxWolfiePandaxxX ;-;

    XxxWolfiePandaxxX ;-;4 години тому

    XD Lol when the oven Beepd Moriah screamed

  9. Jaelyn Tsinnijinnie

    Jaelyn Tsinnijinnie8 годин тому

    Do the giant ice cream bowl please 😀

  10. Winnie Pepper

    Winnie Pepper8 годин тому

    😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😐😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑 which one isn't correct?

  11. Winnie Pepper

    Winnie Pepper8 годин тому


  12. Lps Coconut

    Lps Coconut10 годин тому

    They have packs with the whole rainbow and white in sprinkles

  13. mamamoo is bae

    mamamoo is bae10 годин тому

    lol by beater it meant that thing that has the little whisk things you attach. like a beater is what it’s called i think lol i’m terrible at explaining but ya know

  14. One Silly Strawberry

    One Silly Strawberry11 годин тому

    Please do another it has been so long

  15. Sky :P

    Sky :P16 годин тому

    You are supposed to whisk untill the egg and sigar is pale yellow so you have to whisk fast for an long time Its better to use an machine thing:3

  16. ktmciver

    ktmciver17 годин тому

    I love you Moriah!

  17. Emma

    Emma18 годин тому


  18. {Mylife}

    {Mylife}18 годин тому

    6:44 when I try my best to do what the teacher told me

  19. Sakura Buschner

    Sakura Buschner19 годин тому

    DO MORE COOKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!🙏🏻🧁

  20. Abby Paige

    Abby Paige22 години тому

    Do the matalic rainbow icecream next!🍦🌈

  21. Eli Nader

    Eli Nader22 години тому

    I LOVE FOOD :3 ;-;

  22. Marlea Hamby

    Marlea HambyДень тому

    You are funny and the best😂🤩

  23. Knox D

    Knox DДень тому

    Moriah, u make food look SO GOOD 😋

  24. Molly De Lacy

    Molly De LacyДень тому

    hi moriah my kid loves ur show ur so very talented but just a hint u can use a ziplock bag as a piping bag too. just cut the corner piece off.

  25. Jordanplayz Jordanplayz

    Jordanplayz JordanplayzДень тому

    That was hard to make!!! You say you ain't good at it I think not UwU

  26. Unicorn 1950

    Unicorn 1950День тому

    Hey don’t judge people or in this case waffle cone taco shells just based on how they look that’s rude ☹️

  27. Unicorn 1950

    Unicorn 1950День тому

    I am sorry Maria 😥 I was just telling you to use a water bottle waaaaaa 😭😭😭😭😭

  28. what am I doing with my life

    what am I doing with my lifeДень тому

    "Ow! ThAt'S a KnIfE!"

  29. Jadiel Torres

    Jadiel TorresДень тому

    watch 5:50

  30. Nadia Arshad

    Nadia ArshadДень тому

    Your in real life squishie looks so delicous👍👍👍👍 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

  31. L0n3 W0lf

    L0n3 W0lfДень тому

    Btw i did not know that was for a different channel sorry!

  32. L0n3 W0lf

    L0n3 W0lfДень тому


  33. L0n3 W0lf

    L0n3 W0lfДень тому

    Moriah I love your videos! I'm a subscriber, like if you are too!

  34. s al

    s al2 дні тому

    I love moriah Like If u agree 👇♥️

  35. Brandi on YouTube

    Brandi on YouTube2 дні тому

    Can you make a video about opey?

  36. Brandi on YouTube

    Brandi on YouTube2 дні тому

    Can you make more??

  37. Unicorn squad!!

    Unicorn squad!!2 дні тому

    im hungry now...

  38. belkhir abdou

    belkhir abdou2 дні тому

    squishies bakeover funny

  39. Kat Pat

    Kat Pat3 дні тому

    One lick of dat BOOM clogged arteries 😂🤭😹🥘🍲🍛🍜🥮🍤🍣🍢🍠🍡🥟🥠🍪🥡🍦🍙🍚🥪🥪🌮🌭🍕🧀🍖🥓🥨🍞🌰🥖🍄🥦🥒🌶🍎🥥🥦🍣🍢🍣🍢🍤🍥🥮🍨🍫🍰🍪🍩🍰please 👇🏻👇🏻

  40. Joseph Watts

    Joseph Watts3 дні тому

    Do the sea themed cake with the seal swimming in it! (If you want)

  41. UnicornLps Dreams

    UnicornLps Dreams3 дні тому

    I love you videos💕💕❤️👍

  42. Alfredo Gang

    Alfredo Gang3 дні тому

    Your kitchen looks so simular to laurenZside's kitchen lol😂

  43. Angie Wilson

    Angie Wilson3 дні тому

    you should make more of these

  44. Bir Quinlan

    Bir Quinlan3 дні тому

    everybody freaks about every little thing she does like if agreed

  45. stacy senecal

    stacy senecal4 дні тому

    Everything is is lava accept the floor and the air 1 2 3 4 5 Like if you’re to lazy to get up

  46. Anna Szulimowska

    Anna Szulimowska5 годин тому

    LOL how did you know I was lazy but anyways I no a bed with air above me

  47. Anshika Yadav

    Anshika Yadav4 дні тому

    Please make more of these!!! your vids are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Maeve Poppy

    Maeve Poppy4 дні тому

    I watched this when it came out but me and my friend and I are doing a bake off and I am watching your vids to find *good* tips :)

  49. hanneke rothengatter

    hanneke rothengatter4 дні тому


  50. kinzi tarek

    kinzi tarek4 дні тому

    You are so cool

  51. #Downtown Bunny

    #Downtown Bunny4 дні тому


  52. #Downtown Bunny

    #Downtown Bunny4 дні тому


  53. MessPlays YT

    MessPlays YT4 дні тому

    0:12 Me: a disappointment!

  54. Jirilyn Webster

    Jirilyn Webster4 дні тому

    You know you could buy Rambow sprinkles then buy white and add them to the mix


    ASMR ASMR4 дні тому

    Oh poop I almost lost my poop 😂

  56. Brenden Hendee

    Brenden Hendee4 дні тому

    ken you mac more uve thes viteo

  57. Sůnset Editz

    Sůnset Editz5 днів тому

    So ummmm--- ik you dont care at all but today my lil stupid ass brother decided to put cookie chunks all over my room while I was sleeping and so... I'm planning to put cookie chunks all over his backpack and inside his books. It's his first year of primary school and his books will already be ruined. Big sisters can be very evil sometimes :)

  58. Sara Diaz

    Sara Diaz5 днів тому

    Go on nalied it

  59. Genna Bumatay

    Genna Bumatay5 днів тому

    i just relized this was published on dogs bday

  60. Alana Mechanick

    Alana Mechanick5 днів тому

    Can you make a panda bun?

  61. Marjorie Sotero

    Marjorie Sotero6 днів тому

    you should but your hair up

  62. Dylann Adams

    Dylann Adams6 днів тому

    You should do the one with the strawberry bread with the creepy "strawberry" "Clifford" dog on top😂