I Re-Created A Squishy | Squishies in Real Life


  1. M & Artroom

    M & Artroom17 хвилин тому

    I know you people are all about the fancy squshies but can you do your giant pink and white cupcake?

  2. Steven White

    Steven WhiteГодину тому

    Your really funny😁😋

  3. miley smith

    miley smith2 години тому

    CAN YOU...cough..can you bake?

  4. Dewi Tri Handayani

    Dewi Tri Handayani3 години тому

    Do it again

  5. Maryann Quintal

    Maryann Quintal4 години тому

    Wowwwwwwwowwwwwww and wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwow were ARE you can I no longer to go back to work next week and the kids go back to the pool and we all need to go buy some of the greatest Brooke uomlet

  6. GCS Racing Network

    GCS Racing Network5 годин тому

    moriah i brokedown through this whole video

  7. mikevk4congress

    mikevk4congress5 годин тому

    OW that's a knife 😂😂😂😂🔪

  8. Quynhvy Van

    Quynhvy Van5 годин тому

    The rainbow drip cake

  9. LpsCollie10

    LpsCollie107 годин тому

    Who’s my idol? Moriah Elizabeth! Who’s your idol?

  10. alora brooks

    alora brooks8 годин тому

    They make read made waffle taco shells at the store

  11. hdijs hdjfla

    hdijs hdjfla8 годин тому

    I love your videos-and you so much💟💙! I was so stressed for my finals and I would always watch your videos to laugh and feel less stressed! Ps IS THERE ANYTHING YOU CAN'T DO???

  12. Mia Eve

    Mia Eve8 годин тому

    “She’s a beaut” lol Moriah

  13. inue windwalker

    inue windwalker9 годин тому

    This was AWESOME tbh I didn't even think that was possible

  14. Addison Pajari

    Addison Pajari9 годин тому

    You should bakeover your desert bird house although it is not a squishy!😜🍦

  15. Mama Owens

    Mama Owens10 годин тому

    And the lemon and strawberry cake roll gess the tv show based on the hearts ❤💚💙

  16. Mama Owens

    Mama Owens10 годин тому

    Do the rainbow cake like if you agree

  17. Chris Brown

    Chris Brown10 годин тому

    to bake just to let you know

  18. Chris Brown

    Chris Brown10 годин тому

    do the strawberry ice-cream no the doeble cake pizzzzzzzzzz

  19. Chris Brown

    Chris Brown10 годин тому


  20. Chris Brown

    Chris Brown10 годин тому

    my name isn't Chris it is Bethany it is just that my dad sign in for me to subscrise

  21. Chris Brown

    Chris Brown11 годин тому

    I have never mist a video

  22. val Ruiz

    val Ruiz11 годин тому

    Why are so many people rageing in the comments of your channel 😂😂😂

  23. Topher Hodges

    Topher Hodges11 годин тому

    Moriah you should do a singing video plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  24. Barina Ishaq

    Barina Ishaq12 годин тому

    7:00,me when I get a notification that moriah let out a video😂

  25. Jalynn Larson

    Jalynn Larson14 годин тому

    Hey it's me cooking with Mariah

  26. Kelis M

    Kelis M15 годин тому

    That is my squishy

  27. Sidra Parvez

    Sidra Parvez16 годин тому

    Can you do more videos like this

  28. Gnat Hossam

    Gnat Hossam16 годин тому


  29. MarianaAmazing101

    MarianaAmazing10118 годин тому

    Moriah; Ya know it's not the most prettiest thing in my life... Maybe we can do better the second time. Me; That's probably what my parents sad about me... *Two months later I get a sister*

  30. •Førévèr Çrazy•

    •Førévèr Çrazy•20 годин тому

    Bootiful,woman!! Moooooooooreeeeeee

  31. KalDragonGacha !

    KalDragonGacha !23 години тому

    Moriah:”This is for a waffle cone.. But we’re making a taco.... Welp :)” Btw I adore your videos!!!

  32. april metzger

    april metzgerДень тому

    Waffle cone maker: BEEP. Moriah:AHH!! Waffle cone maker: y u scream at me?!

  33. _TheAnimeGirl_

    _TheAnimeGirl_День тому

    You should make the little strawberry and lemon swirl cake made in fixing your squishes episode 8

  34. Janna Krystal Porcalla

    Janna Krystal PorcallaДень тому

    Hi cheff moria 😂😂😂😂😂

  35. Xoxo Morgan Gacha Xoxo

    Xoxo Morgan Gacha XoxoДень тому

    She said “Banilla” and I totally thought she was saying Banana not Vanilla and got very confused 😂

  36. Maddie J Loves ABBA

    Maddie J Loves ABBAДень тому

    You should do the little slice of cake with rainbow sprinkles for your next squishy bakeover

  37. Natalie Boberg

    Natalie BobergДень тому

    You've just accomplished making me hungry! congrats!

  38. edwardsecurity

    edwardsecurityДень тому

    it doesn't matter how she does it y'all just need to chill

  39. edwardsecurity

    edwardsecurityДень тому

    What paint do you use

  40. edwardsecurity

    edwardsecurityДень тому

    Plz make more of the baking series

  41. Olivia Odom

    Olivia OdomДень тому

    I bet someday your gonna die if you eat these and your gonna keep it up, just warning you

  42. Unicornies Fam

    Unicornies FamДень тому


  43. Shawn Bouman

    Shawn BoumanДень тому

    You have to mix the chocolate

  44. Stefani Mica

    Stefani MicaДень тому

    You should make a squishy of opi

  45. Leana Marinica

    Leana MarinicaДень тому

    I love your singing XD

  46. Ruth Smith

    Ruth SmithДень тому

    Ice cream

  47. blue luiqid

    blue luiqidДень тому

    57 ssssss

  48. Cute wolf Gamer

    Cute wolf GamerДень тому

    don't pause it 48 seconds into the video please!

  49. StarGamer YT

    StarGamer YTДень тому

    Moriah: OW! That's a knife Me: Moriah why are You so blind and stupid LOL

  50. Chiuaualin and Bunnyleen

    Chiuaualin and BunnyleenДень тому

    Can you do the same to your rainbow cake? 🎂

  51. Ascia Rodriguez

    Ascia RodriguezДень тому

    Me I never miss a video

  52. StarGamer YT

    StarGamer YTДень тому

    Moriah you should make The Cotton Candy Cream Puff squishy into its REAL form! Btw If you like this Then Moriah will see how much you want to see a Real Cream Puff on camera and not in a photo

  53. Mayra Tan

    Mayra TanДень тому

    OMG hahaha

  54. Justyna Haniecka

    Justyna HanieckaДень тому

    You relly popeler becuse today my school showd your your UAreporter channle and i love your vids

  55. adhamto100

    adhamto100День тому

    Can you do the ice cream 🐻 🍦 “please “

  56. Lucy Tovey

    Lucy ToveyДень тому

    Love your t- shirt shirt shirt

  57. Kaitlyn Keller

    Kaitlyn KellerДень тому

    Do the ginormous sundae!!!

  58. phillip dransfield

    phillip dransfieldДень тому

    do the giant ice cream sunday

  59. Trasirshall

    TrasirshallДень тому

    They might not have looked identical but you managed to make the real one look yummier. Bravo! I'm not sure I'll stick around if you're going to re-create all those poo squishies though. :P

  60. Bounce Houses R US

    Bounce Houses R USДень тому

    Hi I Cherrish///. 123

  61. vivian gamer !!!!!

    vivian gamer !!!!!День тому

    Make more bakeovers

  62. Kylie Guzman

    Kylie GuzmanДень тому

    When I was watching this I was making pancakes by myself for the first day time

  63. claude roy

    claude royДень тому

    Recreate the big fruit bowl pls moriah

  64. Hannah Combs

    Hannah CombsДень тому

    I forgot all the food squishier that you did, Moriah...😔😔😔😖

  65. Huyu Binch

    Huyu BinchДень тому

    it’s okay to remove the yolk with your hands. chefs do it :)

  66. Girl In Moonlight

    Girl In MoonlightДень тому

    Oh no! Now I want to eat it too!! 🤤

  67. So Panda

    So PandaДень тому

    This actually already exists it's a Choco toco

  68. Crepper96

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  69. Ellabella 3eb

    Ellabella 3eb2 дні тому

    I am being onset I could not tell to deference

  70. Bea

    Bea2 дні тому

    morah: *sneezes* me: *says out loud* bless u

  71. Leslie Lewis

    Leslie Lewis2 дні тому

    looks yuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Erin's Outlet

    Erin's Outlet2 дні тому

    I'm just realizing it now, but did you name your cat Opie because of Opie from the Andy Griffin Show? Lol I love that show btw

  73. Alexabella Jones

    Alexabella Jones2 дні тому

    That looks so good and do that big fruit bowl pls. Ps you are the best and good job on the 🌮 🍦👐🏻👏🏻👐🏻👏🏻👐🏻👏🏻👐🏻👏🏻👐🏻👏🏻😀😀😀😀😀

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  75. ItiacCyber Betancourt

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    Oh I’m just sooo normal with you making mistakes.no effens

  76. lacky charm

    lacky charm2 дні тому

    This may be weird but... I wanna see a cupcakes decorated like pickle the dinasour ...

  77. Gemini Twins

    Gemini Twins2 дні тому

    You should do the cocoa bear

  78. Esther T

    Esther T2 дні тому

    It is hot so do ice

  79. Esther T

    Esther T2 дні тому

    Do the big sunday

  80. Janea Christensen

    Janea Christensen2 дні тому

    hi Moriah! Brynlee specking MAKE MORE OF THESE VIDEOS! THEIR AWESOME !!! I recommend the rainbow smooth

  81. A#lexs ii

    A#lexs ii2 дні тому

    Bite mark is not pretty, so I got to do it again! Ughhhhhhhhhhh, “Opie look away, I do not want you to see this” lol

  82. blyhill

    blyhill2 дні тому

    The chicken family but maked made out of food

  83. D J Rainbow Diamond

    D J Rainbow Diamond2 дні тому

    Can you make the banana splet Next plz😁🍧🍦🍨🍌

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    Angelena2 дні тому

    Please do this again and can you possibly make your 2 tiered cake with ice cream on it

  85. Rene Burch

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    You should do a cake

  86. IAmAHumanToo

    IAmAHumanToo2 дні тому

    Her neighbors are probably like: Guuuurrrrl, you ok hun?

  87. Robert Lopez

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    I disliked only because you’re making me want ice cream :(

  88. Maria Rodriguez

    Maria Rodriguez2 дні тому

    I love your videos, you,opie,squishes,and create this book soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooomuch😍😘😍😘😍😘😍

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    You have a BEAUTIFUL voice!!!


    CHLOE VASQUEZ2 дні тому

    Do the two tear cake

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    do da big bowl! or the cat cotton candy

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    YOUR funny

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    Actually, for beginner bakers u should use your hands cause its the easiest way.

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    Can it next door be ur cat squishy

  96. JD AS Jordyn & Domino

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    Cat burger *

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    Thanks, now I'm hungry Again

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    Strawberry lemonade cake role please

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    Rosanna Pansino eat your heart out

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    ai wot wor av disi