I Sent Pictures To A Boy I Liked And Shouldn't Have


  1. Adrian2.0 27

    Adrian2.0 27Годину тому

    The views are a bunch of thersty 12yoldsXD😂

  2. Peachy girl English,Spanish

    Peachy girl English,Spanish2 години тому


  3. Snow Leopard Lover

    Snow Leopard Lover2 години тому

    I am a guy but I would never do that. That’s just... WRONG!!! He probably just asked for that because he wanted to have fun.

  4. Stephanie Turner

    Stephanie Turner3 години тому

    stupid boy

  5. rotem peleg

    rotem peleg12 годин тому

    Wait, wait, wait... Why the hell you got grounded?!

  6. MMD Cross Chara

    MMD Cross Chara4 години тому

    Are you an idiot? She got grounded for semding those pics you dumbass

  7. Bibie Girlz

    Bibie Girlz12 годин тому

    the eggplant was his dick

  8. Iman Adan

    Iman Adan13 годин тому

    Boy: send a picture of nudes Girl: *sends a picture of an eyeshadow called nudes* Boy: show me your wet kitty Girl: *puts water on her cat* *sends picture of wet cat* Boy: why the fuck are you so stupid Girl: you are the one who asked for pictures! Boy: *unfollows*

  9. TRLX Zaco

    TRLX Zaco15 годин тому

    Im A Boy *BUT* im never gonna do that -_-

  10. TheMysteriousBlackFox

    TheMysteriousBlackFox3 години тому

    That's good

  11. Dante Watts

    Dante Watts17 годин тому

    This comment section is cringey

  12. TheMysteriousBlackFox

    TheMysteriousBlackFox3 години тому


  13. Laith Rafid

    Laith Rafid18 годин тому

    Cmo'n, why nudity stories are getting higher than normal stories in storybooth??

  14. Allie Siruta

    Allie Siruta22 години тому

    Guy: hey send nudes Me: sends all of my nude lipsticks

  15. Eleni Gerodimos

    Eleni Gerodimos2 години тому

    Allie Siruta HAHAHAHAHAHAA

  16. The Hager’s Life

    The Hager’s Life22 години тому

    I feel bad. I was that dude once. I kept asking for nudes. Then I sent the girl pics of my thing. And she said fine. I really wish I didn’t do that.😖

  17. SandGirl

    SandGirlДень тому

    Never add your face and *ALWAYS* use sc

  18. black man

    black man2 години тому


  19. John Maximo

    John MaximoДень тому

    Roses are red Violets are blue PLZ dont to this Im talking to YOU!!!!!!!!

  20. Cailey Shae Reardon

    Cailey Shae ReardonДень тому

    Why have a crush on these kinds of people this angers me !!!! 😠😕

  21. Maria Peace

    Maria PeaceДень тому

    I can definitely relate, one of my best guy friends asked me out of nowhere for nudes, I obviously said no, and obviously he kept begging, I still said no and I told him to leave me alone, anyway I found out that he had been doing the same thing to other girls, so girls, if a guy ever asks you for nudes, NEVER do it because you might regret it for the rest of your life.

  22. Camilla Toivanen

    Camilla ToivanenДень тому

    How can i send my story there? And can i write it?

  23. Eleni Gerodimos

    Eleni Gerodimos2 години тому

    Camilla Toivanen there’s an app

  24. George S

    George SДень тому

    Gay boy such a gay

  25. Erick Diaz

    Erick DiazДень тому

    Can I share it

  26. Erick Diaz

    Erick DiazДень тому

    I have a story

  27. Sofia Salas

    Sofia SalasДень тому

    H Hi H This took FOREVER so can I get 1 like

  28. Kike ThePlayer

    Kike ThePlayerДень тому

    Im a boy but what ever Boy:send me nudes Me/boy/girl no Boy: why not? Me: fine Me:sends a pic of naked potato

  29. Gameing with chloe

    Gameing with chloe2 дні тому


  30. iCoNiC aLyA

    iCoNiC aLyA2 дні тому

    What about her dad 😂😂💀

  31. cece's world

    cece's world2 дні тому

    I did it once honestly on god I did

  32. cece's world

    cece's worldГодину тому

    Lol mabey

  33. Eleni Gerodimos

    Eleni Gerodimos2 години тому

    cece's world I hope you learned your lesson



    I don't text nude I mail them

  35. ☆Cries in Gucci☆

    ☆Cries in Gucci☆2 дні тому

    I swear this title has change like 20 times

  36. Pamela Alejo#

    Pamela Alejo#2 дні тому

    YO LEAVE HER ALONE YOI WEIRDO😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  37. Mazenlogy1604friends The bestie

    Mazenlogy1604friends The bestie2 дні тому

    This guy he Impolite he not good

  38. Tails. exe

    Tails. exe2 дні тому

    Your crush:nudes🍑 pls? *Sends Porn instead*

  39. Hân Gia Lê

    Hân Gia Lê2 дні тому

    I want to record my story for you guys but my English SO BADDDDD. And Because I from Vietnam , so i would ask that can I record my story in Vietnamese ?

  40. Cash Mendoza

    Cash Mendoza2 дні тому

    This is the most popular video on storybooth, pervs

  41. Susan Abad Santos

    Susan Abad Santos2 дні тому


  42. abbie smith

    abbie smith2 дні тому

    the mum is amazing wow. good job


    OVER LORD2 дні тому


  44. lit litten paul

    lit litten paul2 дні тому

    Ok but sometimes I might will send my girl a pic of my 🍆if she wants to see it

  45. Alluring Angel

    Alluring Angel2 дні тому

    My story is called first period, when I was like 14 and I have period and I was so scared wtf just happen and I was in the airplane and I was screaming at everyone was looking at me so ya even a kid in my school was there

  46. Gian Albino

    Gian Albino2 дні тому

    Send nudes (random guy pic)

  47. RandomBeast

    RandomBeast2 дні тому

    That's what some peverts might do. They earn your trust then use you for bad stuff.

  48. Allan Mendoza Ortega

    Allan Mendoza Ortega2 дні тому

    *send x-ray pics*

  49. fatimah anwaar

    fatimah anwaar2 дні тому

    Someone: (Sends and eggplant emoji) Me: (puts a knife emoji next to the eggplant emoji)

  50. fatimah anwaar

    fatimah anwaar2 дні тому

    I hate how parents blame their daughters if their boyfriends blackmail them into sending inappropriate pictures like this needs to stop now

  51. Fried Vegetables

    Fried VegetablesДень тому

    She clearly had a choice to refuse, and block him.

  52. cancermemedogdragon

    cancermemedogdragon3 дні тому


  53. Beatrice Sanfilippo

    Beatrice Sanfilippo3 дні тому

    0:22 That face XD

  54. Chad Mendyk

    Chad Mendyk3 дні тому

    Guy: *sEnd* *nUdes* Me: *Sends nude cat* Guy: *fUck* *yOU*

  55. Marta Nowak

    Marta Nowak3 дні тому

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  56. LexieBucky

    LexieBucky3 дні тому

    I sent nudes because i was blackmailed. I wish my parents were as understanding as her mum was

  57. Anonymous

    Anonymous3 дні тому

    This happened to me too me but I never told anyone, please help me guys should I tell my bestfriend who likes him🤕

  58. Anna Alpers

    Anna Alpers3 дні тому

    I have some valuable advice for if a guy asks for inappropriate pictures 1. Send a picture of your bare arm or something 2. After you sent the picture if your arm screenshot the conversation. WITH THE PICTURE OF YOUR ARM so people know you did not send anything inappropriate 3. Block him 4. Show an adult the screenshot This is a valuable lesson. Dont send nudes kids

  59. True Tresocray

    True Tresocray3 дні тому

    I submitted my story please upload 🤗🤗

  60. Cip Campos

    Cip Campos4 дні тому

    If I did that my mom woulded kill me and take my phone away for 1 year

  61. Roblox Queen

    Roblox Queen4 дні тому

    Should have sent nukes instead

  62. hollywood in arabic هوليوود بالعربي

    hollywood in arabic هوليوود بالعربي4 дні тому

    Men are fucking pervs

  63. VenomGrave

    VenomGrave4 дні тому

    Doesn’t this girl know that if you send nudes it’s on your WiFi? The only way To get rid of the nudes is destroying the source it came from..

  64. Kuumiko

    Kuumiko4 дні тому

    U know what sucks more. When u dont just imagine that it can ruin ur life. When it just ruins your life.

  65. Ariana Grande

    Ariana Grande4 дні тому

    creepo: send a pic of u in your bra Me:*sends a pic of a photo of me inside my bra* Now THATS smart

  66. somayah

    somayah4 дні тому

    شي جست هق مي!! ماراح اقول وش بيصير عندنا😭😭

  67. Rosli Idris

    Rosli Idris4 дні тому

    Guy: send nudes Me: send trash

  68. Selena Fattouh

    Selena Fattouh4 дні тому

    Am I the only one that hated the Voice of the women who is talking

  69. Raya Olson

    Raya Olson4 дні тому

    Boy : what are you doing?😄🦄 Me : getting naked Boy : send a photo💋 Me : *sends photo of naked (the juice)* Boy : Really your getting that kind of naked ok fare enough Me : yeah soooo......... Boy : send naked photos of you 💋💋💋🍑🍑🍑 Me : No thanks I think that you should be taking photos of the math test answers by now Boy : I don't do that😏😏😏😏 Me : And the titanic never sank makes sense 😒 Boy : ok bye I'm on to the next girl Please like 1 like = 1 less guy like this 👍👍👍👍👍 🤘✌️bye

  70. Devnaka Chandrakumara

    Devnaka Chandrakumara4 дні тому

    I I d I do I don I don’t I don’t w I don’t wa I don’t wan I don’t want I don’t want t I don’t want to I don’t want to d I don’t want to do I don’t want to do I I don’t want to do lt

  71. GALAXY STAR101

    GALAXY STAR1014 дні тому

    I love story booth i love you story booth

  72. Va Julita Xo Sandy

    Va Julita Xo Sandy4 дні тому

    I KNOW RIGHT THIS IS Y I HATE BOY but not my ship~~~okay sorry i can be creep sometime...

  73. Anton Kingsley

    Anton Kingsley4 дні тому

    *A quick scenario between two highschool students. Please enjoy. Boy: "Hey send nudes." Girl: *Sends picture of an high energy neutrino* Boy: "That is just an high energy neutrino. We are not in science class. Where are the nudes?" Girl: "Hey. Tell me, how small are high energy neutrinos?" Boy: "Uhh, smaller than atoms?" Girl: "Then that's your dick size. Have fun getting your girl."

  74. pikachu gamer

    pikachu gamer4 дні тому

    Heres how you do I Boy:send a pic if you with no bra Me:I'm gay Boy:so send them anyway Me:**sends pic of head and holds up middle finger** Boy:im telling Me:so dont test me (I would really do this if asked but I really am gay)

  75. Vera Reibel

    Vera Reibel4 дні тому

    With the Emojis and everything... SAVAGE!

  76. Zoomin

    Zoomin4 дні тому

    I just don't understand why

  77. Graciela Gonzalez

    Graciela Gonzalez5 днів тому

    uareporter.net/v/відео-3eT1UAMrdE4.html This story copied this one

  78. TheBiggestNoob OfDaCentury

    TheBiggestNoob OfDaCentury5 днів тому

    *Guy: Sent me some hot pics ;)* *Me: sends pictures of takis*

  79. Bravest Emvee

    Bravest Emvee5 днів тому

    Damn......good lesson!

  80. Rocket Gamer Girl [YT]&{VIP}

    Rocket Gamer Girl [YT]&{VIP}5 днів тому

    Whats so bad bout a 🍆 its just food...

  81. Drxxpy. Lema

    Drxxpy. Lema5 днів тому

    Person: *SeND NAkEd pIcCz* Me: *send picture of the drink *NAKED*

  82. Horseless Headless Horseman

    Horseless Headless Horseman5 днів тому

    It’s too late she is a concubine of a Arab

  83. Rahman Serajur

    Rahman Serajur5 днів тому

    A girl once asked me a photo of my cucumber 😂😂😂 I didn't send tho.... was it right thing to do? 😂😂😂

  84. rian Samii

    rian Samii4 дні тому

    definetly was not the right thing to do faaaceepaaalm. Guys caaan send nudes if girls ask but u have to play it slow. if she asks for a cucumber, send her a real cucumber. if she asks fora d pick send her a pic of u with clothes on saying "are u sure" or something funny but not saying no ever. After u finaly send the pic (try and not send it for 4 pics then the 5th one will be the pic) u can ask her to send 1 back

  85. Makai Brown

    Makai Brown5 днів тому

    Yikes. Sad story if the girl doesn't wanna send those nudes after a certain point you should just give up


    MORE ROBLOX5 днів тому

    At least she has a mom who don't get her belt out like mines

  87. Candice Perry

    Candice Perry5 днів тому

    I wouldn't send pictures to my boyfriend

  88. Lencin zerzan

    Lencin zerzan5 днів тому

    Who wants a dick pic. Am sorry

  89. kaylah

    kaylah6 днів тому

    Her mom is hella chill, first off... mine will go through my phone and find out herself, and then if I admitted to the truth, she would beat my ass

  90. Jon Cheatwood

    Jon Cheatwood6 днів тому

    People always cry about doing that. Why?

  91. Jake Knksksk

    Jake Knksksk6 днів тому

    This usally never happens if u send nudeees

  92. Layna Luv

    Layna Luv6 днів тому

    my boyfriend asked me to send nudes i sent a elephant and he showed me a dog lol

  93. Jada Apraku

    Jada Apraku6 днів тому

    got grounded

  94. Jada Apraku

    Jada Apraku6 днів тому

    omg actually

  95. Dynamic Ant

    Dynamic Ant6 днів тому

    Guy: send nudes Me: I’m a child predator Guy: ...

  96. Yun Hin

    Yun Hin6 днів тому

    Moral of the story never send nudes, get away from people who wants your naked pictures, never trust people who wants your picture of being naked

  97. Hi I'm Aria

    Hi I'm Aria6 днів тому

    2:36 Hi, Daphne!

  98. Axwy 12

    Axwy 126 днів тому

    *ooh* *La la la la*

  99. Marcos Nava

    Marcos Nava6 днів тому

    Flat #notitties

  100. Icy Morganna

    Icy Morganna6 днів тому

    Weirdo: Send booty pic Me: Sends a pic of boots from Dora

  101. OrisAndVeloci

    OrisAndVeloci6 днів тому

    Can I make a story?! I’ll tell u about “something”

  102. pasque girl

    pasque girl6 днів тому

    if someone ever asks you to send innapropriate photos here are some steps to follow. Step one: refuse Step two: take a screenshot of his text, and block him/delete his number and show your parents Step three: let people know; you might stop another girl from this sort of fate if their warned before hand--if thy still do it, thats their choice and they will have to suffer the consequences

  103. BurtleCuber

    BurtleCuber6 днів тому

    Yea why are your friends talking about it in ur car they're fucking retarded

  104. Veronica Servin

    Veronica Servin6 днів тому


  105. Kim Carla

    Kim Carla6 днів тому

    What's with the audio

  106. Disco Bird

    Disco Bird7 днів тому


  107. XxLOLLI POPxX

    XxLOLLI POPxX7 днів тому

    but WOWWWWWWWWW *howww smmmarrrttttt* Doesn’t EVERYBODY KNOW THAT WHO WOULD DO THAT ! she probably will go to hell. I’m sorry But I feel bad for you


    OMGITZSTICH7 днів тому

    Ahh that's your fault u ruined ur own life by sending the nudes in the first

  109. Toe Tori

    Toe Tori7 днів тому

    those are some shitty ass friends

  110. Lily Brown

    Lily Brown7 днів тому

    Some guy: send nudes Me: send picture of nail with no nail polish