I Spent 50 Hours In Solitary Confinement


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    I can't drive

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    You should do last to leave roof

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    Hey j

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    I'm here from my sub feed twice

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    Hola muchas Gracia's amigo latino

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    I don't have a fortnite account so you can't delete mine ha gateem ha oh goteem ha

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    1:48 you... Omgg. 😂😂😂😁😂😁

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    He did tareq dirty

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    They will annoy you all day and night

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    Why did you do it 😂

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    For drake

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    Jimmy:please kill me Me: NO YOUR TO SPECIAL TO DIE

  18. RavenTheTT

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    2:13 How zombpiggy escaped isolation.. (Why Zombie is a bot in the metro) (Piggy) (That Boom the LOL)

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    Mrbeast play arsenal

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    I still wonder why the camera man got punished though he helped me beast a lot

  24. Marques Alyas

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    Why didn’t he break the tv?

  25. hunter barnett

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    did ya know jimmy sayed hole in the wall but it is the roof

  26. MattAlex

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    10:08 that’s some anime stuff

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    Mrbeast IQ:over 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for getting so many subscribers

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    10:10 even I flinched

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    You’re the best thanks for filming

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    My dad do this chalange 17 years

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    You should post the rap, I want to hear it 🤣

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    Raw blocks raw blocks raw blocks

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    Where’s my lambo, *jimmy* ?

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    Who's here in corona

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    Jimmy tell your friends they are nerds and all others I hope you win all you do

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    Please kill me you mean

  39. I H

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    I wanted him to win at first but then he started cheating by breaking everything

  40. Memeley 2

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    This reminds me of that mega mind scene

  41. Jason Hu

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    how come tyler got off easy

  42. Matt hunter

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    I did this for 13 months straight

  43. amogh dinavahi

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    10:08 when he throwed that siren🤣🤣

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    You should of plated baby shatk

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    Can I have shout out please

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    Is mrbeast name is jimmy?

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    Please buy drone from me iam form India

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    i thought the screaming goat was karl

  50. danish

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    Its so funny when chris say Huggies 😂😂

  51. olivia stanley

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    10:08 😂😂

  52. 1k with no vids challenge

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    You 2000 iq Jimmy BTW Read my name

  53. Noel Micah Lim

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    is this a vid of his violence but cool vid

  54. Mr. Gaming

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    Karl’s voice crack at 9:20 is hilarious

  55. Emily Seifert

    Emily Seifert7 годин тому

    I love you Mr. beast

  56. Hippy hippo Lol

    Hippy hippo Lol8 годин тому

    Jimmy is a master escape artist

  57. Neco Ellis

    Neco Ellis9 годин тому

    *me*why is there a roblox head on the screen O-O

  58. Neco Ellis

    Neco Ellis9 годин тому

    if i were you i would screm untill they give up UvU

  59. brightside pokemon

    brightside pokemon9 годин тому

    Why did tareq get slimmed if anything tareq helped him

  60. Bilal rrafing 987

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    Jimmy said that play all the Luigi screaming sound n couple mins later he said what did I do to deserve this

  61. De Man

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    Please make an episode 2!

  62. Jordan Huffman

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    Your making us subscribe

  63. Den Zel

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    Uhhhh... Kingsman?

  64. Tygo Djendoubi

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    8:03 the speaker came on mr beast

  65. Weeaboo Boi

    Weeaboo Boi10 годин тому

    Tareq: is a cameraman and helps jimmy. Tyler: puts alarm clocks on the room and helps Karl bully jimmy. Guess who gets slimed

  66. Julan Dintharu

    Julan Dintharu10 годин тому

    i just love that song in the ending

  67. GamWithLegendSpark 55

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  68. rexy texy

    rexy texy12 годин тому

    èéêëēėęěĕə ģğ ňņńñ þťțţ ďđ e g n t d

  69. Korsi Dorene

    Korsi Dorene12 годин тому

    Who noticed 2:27 it was usernames oof town road lol

  70. Thomas Taylor

    Thomas Taylor13 годин тому

    Honestly if they just left him by himself for 50 hours he would have gone insane 😂

  71. J chowdhury

    J chowdhury13 годин тому

    Tareq is the best camera man in the world

  72. Frankthe_flamingo437

    Frankthe_flamingo43713 годин тому

    What is worse fifty frickin hours in solitary or slime

  73. Lucian Ivanov

    Lucian Ivanov13 годин тому

    Y in the world did his camera man get slimed? He literally helped all the way.

  74. Bailey

    Bailey13 годин тому

    Bruh, the door said nerd inside

  75. Salvatore Deluca

    Salvatore Deluca14 годин тому


  76. Amya Meusa

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  77. Classified Javii

    Classified Javii15 годин тому

    did anyone notice there is "Fortnite Kinda Dying" in the page

  78. Jackson Ensu

    Jackson Ensu15 годин тому

    This is how many times he got annoyed 👇🏻

  79. Theresa O'Brien

    Theresa O'Brien15 годин тому

    I did

  80. Morgan Sjaifuddin

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    but i dont have a fortnite acc so i cannot subscribe :)

  81. Bakhodir Raupov

    Bakhodir Raupov16 годин тому

    Why did Chris says clowns lol that’s so weird

  82. TheBackup ONE

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    Why don't you use the tri-pod to smash the window?

  83. Toys and friend villegas

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  84. Zack Tom

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    That moan at the ending 🤣🤣🤣

  85. xX Elizabeth Xx

    xX Elizabeth Xx16 годин тому

    Everyone seeing that the slime is blue and expected it to be green: 😨