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    Where the merch at

  3. Connor

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    Can you spend a day with ADHDers, please, Anthony?

  4. Idk Lumity I guess?

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    Can you spend a day with people who suffered due to police brutality?

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    @cringe Nu you stole my joke >v>

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    Can you talk about ocd disorder?

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    Wasn’t Jan in a Netflix documentary? I think so?

  8. NarWhalePopTart

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    The first older woman’s story sounds exactly like a documentary on Netflix and I wonder if it’s her?

  9. Abigail Canales

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    Im sorry, LESS THAN A YEAR FOR REPETEDLY RAPING A CHILD?!?!?! I can't even fathom how that judgement could be just in any way. Get him out of society. At that point he has shown no remorse, no signs of wanting to change or become a better person because his morals are just so wrong and yet he has justified them to himself.

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    Is he a therapist he is so good at talking to people

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    Im a bad guy. But i hope people dont see me as i see these people. I really hope im not that bad.

  12. Anacristina Ruiz figueroa

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    Its disgusting when they claim what they are doing is not wrong when it is like the survivors feel traumatized by this and avoid mentioning it is sad

  13. Anacristina Ruiz figueroa

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    It's so weird that people make fun of this

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    i wanna be kidnapped. is that weird

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    Yes. You NEVER want to be kidnapped.

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    Love your videos but just a note for the future doing 2 interviews you should do them one after the other there voices are so similar this was really confusing and parts of the story were gone. I really wanted to hear their stories too.

  17. Anacristina Ruiz figueroa

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    Is it weird that this is not talked about

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    ( story that happens before I watched vid ) OO looks like a scary vid...YEET omg did I just do a 3.60 kick cracking my neck back, legs fingers and all in 2 secs all with my legs strait pionting my toes...

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    The girl in the thumbnail, Jan, her story is very interesting

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    These people are so strong 💗💗💗

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    I can’t imagine being kidnapped

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    These stories are terrifying

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    Can we please use p*dophiles for scientific experiments instead of animals? Thanks🥰

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    It’s disgusting that they got NO jail time

  25. {Gacha- Muffin}

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    This is horrible I feel so bad for those people dearly sorry.

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    Happy birthday!!!

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    So maybe two year ago, a 15 year old girl was kidnapped in the town next to mine. Everyone in the area learned about it. The story was that a young man in his early 20s I think watched her boarding the bus and figured out where she lived. Then one night, he came knocking on the door and killed the father. The mother was soon killed, too. Then he kidnapped the girl. The neighbors heard gun shots but the police weren't called for a while. By then it was to late. They knew who kidnapped her but couldn't find him because he cut his hair and was very careful. She was kidnapped for 4 months before SHE escaped. That's right, a 15 year old escaped, the man didn't turn himself in first, she escaped. But anyway, she escaped the house and went to a near house and told the woman at the house who she was. Immediately the police were called. When the man learned what happened, he turned himself in. The girl was taken into custody and questioned, but it was such a traumatic experience that a lot of information wasn't revealed for a while. I was in 6th grade at the time and our class had begged the teacher to let us watch the court video, so the teacher asked the principal. He was okay with it and the entire 6th grade came into our classroom to watch it. I am 13 now and my parents are definitely more protective because of this. I lived only around 10 minutes away from the girls school. My parents never leave me home alone and don't let me go anywhere without a trusted person. I later learned from my dad that people think that that poor teenage girl was being raped for 4 months. I do not understand why anyone would ever do that to a child. I just wanted go share this because it greatly impacted me.

  28. Marie T

    Marie T4 години тому

    The man also destroyed his life because of this and is in jail for a very very long time.

  29. Equestrian Torii

    Equestrian Torii4 години тому

    Isn’t the first case on Netflix ???

  30. helleswahn

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    what the hell is wrong with someone to say "that's not that bad" when someone was TORTURED, beaten and raped for 4 days straight... and I admire these women so much for getting through it and talking openly about it

  31. poslavy

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    I saw a documentary about Jan's story a few months back... it's so much more complex and scary, he truly was a psycho

  32. aye- dri

    aye- dri5 годин тому

    People will do this more and more because our justice system lets them off with a slap on the wrist

  33. Lets do this DIY style

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    Sees Anthony drop in *laughs* *weezes* This.., this is Anthony Padilla???????? *weezes*

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    Just knowing that my house is far away would kill me

  35. helleswahn

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    omg I think I saw a documentary about Jan

  36. Wolf Morgan

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    I recognized Jan from the Netflix documentary and that made me click.

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    There is a forth type kidnapers who sell kids for many purposes

  38. Aree ree

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    Holy shit, I thought the title was "I spent a day KIDNAPPING SURVIVORS" and I got v e r y concerned

  39. elle

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    if this happened to me i wouldn’t be able to talk about it they are so brave 🥺

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    I heard the first one story before ❤️👀

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    i that moment i knew i subscribed

  42. Hayleigh Hall

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    This tears me up i was almost kidnapped when i was 8 and it was at a church, im so happy growing up my family had a safe word to say if we ever felt like we was in danger i remember church ending and so all the kids would head outside with our youth pastor if our parents just dropped us off and we would hang out and play until our parents or rides would get there and i heard a girl call my name so i started looking around and i see this girl with brown hair and green eyes waving at me she came up to me and told me that my mom and asked her to pick me up which my heart had dropped and i jsut had a really bad feeling so i asked her what her name was and she told me she was April she worked with my mom and that my mom had got stuck at work so she could pick me up today and asked her to come and pick me up and take me back to my moms job since no one was home it just didnt make sense to me cause when my mom cant pick me up she would call the youth pastor and tell him i needed to get on the church bus so i went to my yputh pastor and told him i needed him to call my mom and when she answered i asked her if she sent anyone to pick me ip she said no she was so i told her our safe word and she told me to stay by the youth pastor shes almost there and once the girl realized i was on the phone with my mom she got in her car and drove off to this day we cant figure out who she really was and what she was planning and since then ive never been back to that church its terrifying to think of what could of happened if i didnt listen to my gut because she knew things only someone my family would know about me...

  43. •Gacha Linda•

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    Imagine Finding Out the Man who Kidnapped, Raped, And Beaten You was released early from Prison. What kind Of a system Is this

  44. KateMiles44

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    Oh... is jan the girl from that documentary?? Her parents were thick, not just brainwashed.... :( poor girl x

  45. Camila Reis

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    I was abused for 2 years for my biological father, since 18 until 20. He said he waited for me to be at legal age. I didn't had any place to go, because my mother was in another country, my parents were in another state, and I didn't had any money... He hit me, hurted me, said that he knew I liked, and manipulated me in so many ways... and I felt so guilty, because my stepmother was so kind to me. I felt I was betraying her. I felt it was all my fault. If I did wear different clothes at home, if I had the courage to talk, but... he was respected. I knew no one on my "family" was going to support or believe in me, and I was right. I was able to get free when I moved alone to another city, trying to be on a college, but my plan was to actually die after getting my music degree. My crisis became so bad, that I was left on a mental hospital and, after 6 years without seeing my mom, I told her everything when she was there to get me out and... She just asked money to him, for my "medical expenses". She made me talk to him, and discourage me to report. I thought that she, as a woman that was also abused by him, was going to understand me. I saw on my childhood how much she suffered, and she herself moved away! She sent me to live with him after 5 years without contacting him, because she wanted to move to another country. I'm still heartbroken with her. She never was a caring mom, but... I still had hope at that point. I wasn't able to continue my degree, but fortunately, I found a wonderful boyfriend, that listened, believed, and cried with me. Thanks to him, I was able to cut ties with my blood relatives, and now I have him as my family. Things aren't easy, and I know he suffers and feel hepless when my memories come back, but he believe in me, even when I don't. Please, don't doubt yourself, you know your pain. Don't let anyone discourage you from reporting. Family is the people that love, not just shared DNA.

  46. Emily McCallum

    Emily McCallum7 годин тому

    Me living in va 👁👄👁

  47. The kawaiikiller

    The kawaiikiller7 годин тому

    I feel bad for this lady who got sexualized and raped by a pedophile kidnapper..

  48. Milly Yenco

    Milly Yenco7 годин тому

    God really helped these two women ❤️

  49. MeanJean McCormack

    MeanJean McCormack7 годин тому

    Start a petition to AT LEAST get him released on some other day than her birthday! With Anthony's audience, it could get done!

  50. Kelly Buckwalter

    Kelly Buckwalter7 годин тому

    Omfg 19 days in prison that makes me so freaking mad also that he got released early from the mental hospital 🙄

  51. Ectropion versus

    Ectropion versus7 годин тому

    It makes me so sad to read so many comments here of survivors of abuse... So many people who can't have justice.. :( To each and every one of you, i'm so proud you're speaking up, even if it's in a comment section on YT, you will inspire another survivor to do the same. YOU are a crucial part in a chain reaction of survivors, finding their voice!

  52. Nayeli Padilla

    Nayeli Padilla8 годин тому

    in the first story isn’t she the one from netflix or like the show from netflix the documentary

  53. Chastadie Figueroa

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    omg thank you for sharing with us

  54. AMILY

    AMILY8 годин тому

    Y’all need to watch Abducted in Plain Sight! It has the whole story with the aliens.

  55. De boyz Z games

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    This must be super tromitiseing

  56. Karaleigh Loya

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    I hope that this video can bring attention to the horribly unjust punishment toward rapists and sex crimes. Literal torture and kidnapping gets off with a slap on the wrist. This are extreme, tragic cases and they’re treated as if it was a mistake on the mans part. Disgusting.

  57. Alauna C

    Alauna C8 годин тому

    I pray for those experiencing/experienced kidnapping god bless.😬❤😶😦🌐

  58. Adelaide J

    Adelaide J8 годин тому

    im scared now i live in virginia

  59. Nicole Thacker

    Nicole Thacker8 годин тому

    I can't believe people blaming the victim in situations like this. That's sad and uncalled for. It's easy to be a keyboard warrior and put people down until something like this happens to you. I showed Alicia's story to my teenage daughter to show her how dangerous the internet can be. She paid attention. I'm so sorry you went through that but I'm glad you're doing well and doing good with what happened to you.

  60. Neeel 41

    Neeel 418 годин тому

    U have to remmebr wht story it is since theres like 2 happening at once u should have made it story by story

  61. Eleanor Zeigl

    Eleanor Zeigl9 годин тому

    Getting tortured for 4 days, or 4 minutes - no fucking difference. It would still undoubtedly be the most traumatic event in your life. Being tortured longer, means it just CONTINUES being traumatising. From the first minute it happens. The level or intensity of trauma doesn’t change. It just is. It continues to be. You are in a consistent state of trauma until you are released from it. *REMEMBER THIS BEFORE YOU MAKE THESE INSENSITIVE STATEMENTS.* The lack of emotional intelligence in this day and age is absolutely shameful. Shame on you.

  62. Sekamek

    Sekamek9 годин тому

    Anthony’s face when he tried to fake cry is so cringe, he’s obviously trying to be empathetic but the face isn’t good

  63. Goodie

    Goodie9 годин тому

    these stories are so disgusting (in the obvious way) and it just makes me feel extremely sorry for vulnerable women and children because some of them are forced to live in constant fear and thats just heartbreaking to me

  64. DTPROG x2

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    omg your 33 i thought you where 20

  65. sunny fisher

    sunny fisher9 годин тому

    the lady with the story about the mission has a whole documentary about the case on netflix. it’s called abducted in plain sight or something like that

  66. Gabrielle Terry

    Gabrielle Terry9 годин тому

    @AnthonyPadilla boy i would have had a story for you. i have been kidnapped 3 times by the same person.

  67. • Brenda •

    • Brenda •9 годин тому

    Omg. I had listened to the older woman’s story on Crime Junkie. It’s so different just listening to it and then actually seeing the person who endured this.

  68. chat ninja

    chat ninja9 годин тому

    Anyone else remember the story of jacob wetterling? Jeez I'm shook

  69. Ashysavage 354

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    Let's be honest if we were Kidnapped we better prey it is a girl

  70. Ashysavage 354

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    @Jen ik but a woman would just pretend to be are mom

  71. Jen

    Jen8 годин тому

    Wtf- being kidnapped by anybody is traumatizing either way.

  72. Limes_annieluvvxx

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  73. Kammy Curley

    Kammy Curley9 годин тому

    4 days. 96 hours. 5760 mins. That’s a long ass time.

  74. Flying Away

    Flying Away9 годин тому


  75. Tiana Windsor

    Tiana Windsor9 годин тому

    Its horrifying knowing that there is people like this in the world 😖😭

  76. iiPinky

    iiPinky10 годин тому

    Moral of the story: Always stay with your parents and never I mean NEVER meet up with a stranger

  77. Sunset lovely

    Sunset lovely10 годин тому

    This is so sad that this is the world we live in what happend the the better days where there was no kidding I just wish I was alive in those days pls just help get those days back and life will be so much better and I'm so sorry for those too girls I wish this never happened

  78. Sarah H.

    Sarah H.10 годин тому

    Okay, but why...

  79. Sarah H.

    Sarah H.8 годин тому

    @Jen why make this video, he's a youtuber

  80. Jen

    Jen8 годин тому

    Why what?

  81. Andrew Salvi

    Andrew Salvi10 годин тому

    People spend years in prison for drugs, but these monsters get released after 19 days.

  82. Zaya G

    Zaya G10 годин тому

    The dislikes are the furious alt accounts for the kidnappers

  83. Mary Untalan

    Mary Untalan11 годин тому

    daanng she got kidnapped twice

  84. dragon

    dragon11 годин тому

    0:28 Hopefully you're not going by wikipedia descriptions which are pretty sexist like the wikipedia article on sexism saying its a women's issue, but no, women also kidnap boys and men for rape and ransom too. :)

  85. jaiden w

    jaiden w11 годин тому

    I just learned about the story of the girl who thought she was being watched by aliens a couple days ago. absolutely crazy story

  86. Jada Hattley

    Jada Hattley11 годин тому

    This is so scary I mean I would be terrified but I am glad that they are servievers

  87. Lenna

    Lenna11 годин тому

    There is a movie from netflix about the first girl :( it's really sad.

  88. zoekidd7992

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    The 2 one I’m not homophobic or nothing but don’t people learn y would you do that anyways yes I understand you felt save but y

  89. zoekidd7992

    zoekidd799211 годин тому


  90. Nymphish Kelly

    Nymphish Kelly11 годин тому

    I feel so bad for these ladies. Hopefully they have amazing therapists and lives now ❤

  91. TheWeirdLittleEmo

    TheWeirdLittleEmo11 годин тому

    Am I the only one who felt like Anthony didn’t take this as super serious as he should?

  92. TheWeirdLittleEmo

    TheWeirdLittleEmo7 годин тому

    Jen I just feel like his jokes and general demeanour was a little out of place but I see your point

  93. Jen

    Jen8 годин тому

    He took it the best way he could. He never asked any rude questions and he was respectful and knew not to cross any line.

  94. SashaZtoriez

    SashaZtoriez11 годин тому

    I just heard her talk about the fact there were torture devices on the wall and saw that photo (regardless of weather the photo was of the event or not). I’m so close to crying. They’re both so strong, I can’t even imagine the fear. The word torture being associated with a real life event is shaking me to my core. It’s absolutely horrifying and what that man said “it’s okay to cry” is even more disgusting and horrifying.

  95. letmeleeknow

    letmeleeknow12 годин тому

    I wonder how many times anthony has needed to repair his roof

  96. Kinley Lester

    Kinley Lester12 годин тому

    Bro this is what’s wrong with the media... they look at all the bad cops and just determine that all are bad. But there are obviously good cops that saved these strong, resilient victims. We do *not* need to defund the police, it’ll just bring more havoc to the world than there already is.

  97. Abby Williams

    Abby Williams12 годин тому

    Would you do a "I spent a day with eating disorder sufferers/survivors (recovered)"?

  98. CC

    CC12 годин тому

    Remember when joe dirt was kidnapped

  99. Natalie Kate

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  100. irreleventology

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    this was so lit, plant grew, lip balm cool

  101. Bronte Stewart

    Bronte Stewart14 годин тому

    The documentary jan was in on Netflix was the most bizarre thing I’d ever seen.

  102. Sisi Alkhaled

    Sisi Alkhaled15 годин тому

    one time me and my sis almost got kidnapped by a man the man said let's play rock paper sizzer if i win you HAVE to hug me if you win You can go but then we backed upp he said ok I understand and started calling someone we were scarred if it was hes friends that was coming so we started Running the my moms and dads restaurant there we told them and then they drived in the car around the place but they didn't find him but then few weeks ago something like this happened to my friend but instead of rock paper sizzer it was hide and seek then he grabbed her arm and he let go for a second den she was running home she called me few minutes later we told each other how he looked like and we think hes the same person so we went to report it to the police and now we're just waiting for a answer.

  103. Shaylene Brown

    Shaylene Brown15 годин тому


  104. LynnMae

    LynnMae16 годин тому

    if you think you're gonna die, even 10 seconds can be an eternity

  105. PJ Daugherty

    PJ Daugherty16 годин тому

    Oh, Christ.... I missed the "with" in the title when I saw in feed and was SO CONCERNED.

  106. Whitney Blue

    Whitney Blue16 годин тому

    janes story is actually insane there are so many documentaries on it, her kidnapper actually kidnapped her i think it was twice, he made her believe they were the last two people on earth and told her they needed to reproduce.

  107. Valencho

    Valencho16 годин тому

    Man... the US justice system is so fucked up...

  108. oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiu16 годин тому

    if sangwoo willkidnapp me :D

  109. Madam Bad

    Madam Bad17 годин тому

    People shouldn’t say U oNlY wEnT tRhOuGh 4 DaYs. Have you ever been abducted? Or torchured

  110. MartinaLatina Roa

    MartinaLatina Roa17 годин тому

    i saw the lady on Netflix doc, the full story is their

  111. Bente

    Bente18 годин тому

    “She was not seriously hurt” 14:40 w h a t

  112. Poo Slide

    Poo Slide19 годин тому

    19 DAYS? Are you serious? He took 4 years of her life, harrassed 7 other children and basically brain washed them. All of that for 19 DAYS.

  113. Lilac

    Lilac19 годин тому

    I thought you meant kidnapping a lot of people

  114. Cookie Nuggetey

    Cookie Nuggetey20 годин тому

    I have an online Bff, and after watching this, I’ve been starting to trust her less, we’ve planned Zooms to meet, sh cancelled though. My parent don’t approve, but I really want to know if she is real. My parents think she is a fake, idek anymore. I do t want to be rude, but I don’t want to lose her either...idk what to do

  115. snailteeth

    snailteeth19 годин тому

    have you seen pictures of her or heard her voice? and i'm not talking like one picture, but multiple consistent pictures? here's my checklist for staying safe on the internet because i frequently talk to people on here -have i seen their face more than once in multiple photos and they're clearly not from the internet -have i heard their voice -have i talked to them long enough to learn what i can about them and keep myself safe from emotional manipulation