I Survived On $0.01 For 3 Days - Episode 3


  1. Ryan Trahan

    Ryan Trahan10 днів тому

    I’m sorry 😭😭😭😭

  2. Christian Mancini

    Christian Mancini11 годин тому

    its ok there was a rule but no specific rule about using your car using your phone or anything, oh and the class it was funny but it ok

  3. Emma Marietta

    Emma Marietta11 годин тому

    Denis Li you don't have to be rude he dedicates his life into making content for people like you

  4. Justin Lazala

    Justin Lazala14 годин тому

    Do another one and finish pls

  5. Zoe Parker

    Zoe Parker15 годин тому

    Ryan Trahan you technically weren’t lying. You’re teaching yourself.

  6. Zikanglim09 YT

    Zikanglim09 YT16 годин тому

    Ryan Trahan is this the last episode?

  7. DatGamerBoi1738

    DatGamerBoi1738Хвилина тому

    Wassup BUDDY

  8. Hydra Beast

    Hydra Beast5 хвилин тому

    this video was very sad but you talked alot

  9. Elitekirayt LOL

    Elitekirayt LOL6 хвилин тому

    Keep doing this plz I love watching these kind of vids

  10. SirPraefectus

    SirPraefectus11 хвилин тому

    do you guys really expect someone to live off a penny??

  11. Shelby Garrison

    Shelby Garrison11 хвилин тому

    I think it’s great that you knew what you did wrong and you fixed it


    GAVIN ROBINSON11 хвилин тому

    You forget you’re rule BUDDY

  13. Infinite Randomness

    Infinite Randomness32 хвилини тому

    u said euntrepreneuryueuioieuwyrirship PROJECT not class so u were right

  14. 585grubhub Life

    585grubhub Life38 хвилин тому

    It’s not lying to say it’s for an entrepreneur project” saying a class is lying but realistically anyone could do that so it’s not that bad. The shady part was once you see a group of people you know that you sold mints to just because of who you are... that’s when it becomes cheating... the whole point of the video I would assume is to show people it is possible to do this. But that’s not the case when you use the power of who you are as a UAreporterr . That part is cheating I would say

  15. AJ Fitzg

    AJ Fitzg39 хвилин тому


  16. Brighton Evans

    Brighton Evans47 хвилин тому

    U didn’t survive but u made like $70

  17. iPaapiixFlappy Xx

    iPaapiixFlappy Xx51 хвилина тому

    fuck that this vid is good and not only that who cares if u lie or not im a motherfucking gansta rank lier

  18. Blake Human

    Blake Human51 хвилина тому

    It could be a class in a way of use leaning from him

  19. Kodi Mills

    Kodi Mills58 хвилин тому

    He did not mean to lie in the videos what was he ment to say

  20. Brighton Evans

    Brighton Evans59 хвилин тому

    👌Dab on the haters

  21. Jeremiah Brady

    Jeremiah BradyГодину тому

    🌹🌹🌹 There is no need to be sorry: Like what Laura Klien said so expiring

  22. Athan stammer

    Athan stammerГодину тому

    Bud not buddy

  23. Awesome Wolf

    Awesome WolfГодину тому


  24. maiko pangilinan

    maiko pangilinanГодину тому

    I subscribed after watching this because i really think that you deserve millions of subscribers keep it up

  25. Kyle Gamache

    Kyle Gamache2 години тому

    Your not a liar the people who wrote the comment can’t not last one hour

  26. Pro Pro

    Pro Pro2 години тому


  27. Trent Lopez

    Trent Lopez2 години тому

    I just found this channel and it’s awesome

  28. ArtWithAva 123

    ArtWithAva 1232 години тому

    I think this video was staged

  29. Matthew Hahn

    Matthew Hahn2 години тому

    Hi I’m very positive on your channel but this video I have to be nicer

  30. forntiegamer1247318 23

    forntiegamer1247318 232 години тому

    I thought the sound of the Rubiks Cube turning was a Glock reloading at 3:35.

  31. Modern Bladesmith

    Modern Bladesmith2 години тому

    to be fair, it is an entrepreneur class in the aspect that he is teaching us how it works.

  32. Bryce Laffer

    Bryce Laffer2 години тому

    Imagine watching an interesting series and commenting on one mistake that technically wasn’t a mistake. *Why*

  33. Officialgamer2000swe [GD]

    Officialgamer2000swe [GD]2 години тому

    Buddy its ok

  34. Glamoure

    Glamoure2 години тому

    You said you would give him 10$??

  35. Bear Playz26

    Bear Playz262 години тому

    Delete it buddy buddy buddy

  36. Matthew Del Cristo

    Matthew Del Cristo3 години тому


  37. D dog

    D dog3 години тому

    Problem: ryan needs to get to 10 min Solution: put 5 minutes of dramatic content at the beginning

  38. Jeffery Thunder

    Jeffery Thunder3 години тому

    Don't be too hard on yourself. I'm surprised how come up with good idea. If you can make 0.01 dollar into 57 dollars then we all work hard to achieve life goals . This is really inspiring

  39. Recoil_Rush

    Recoil_Rush3 години тому

    yo this series was so good but they ruined it.... it cold of been a hulu show or some shit LMAOO

  40. Élizabeth Cadrin

    Élizabeth Cadrin3 години тому

    Try again pls! You can change the rules if you want! It was rlly entertaining!

  41. LSDRockiest

    LSDRockiest3 години тому

    BUT you did cleary state the rules

  42. Firefox

    Firefox3 години тому

    This many pennys doesn't make any cents

  43. Ninja YT

    Ninja YT3 години тому

    Delete it guy

  44. The Hyper Realm

    The Hyper Realm3 години тому

    GET ROASTED KID FOR LYING xD THIS KID IS FAKE Also Can We Get 20 Likes on this comment if hes a liar Thank You.

  45. noah nesbitt

    noah nesbitt3 години тому

    Why i love this UAreporter channel

  46. XxTvanderb

    XxTvanderb3 години тому

    Why are there so many people in your house?

  47. Dino Nugget

    Dino Nugget3 години тому

    I think I learned I should have a lemonade stand because that makes some serious dough 😂

  48. Thirdy Cotiangco

    Thirdy Cotiangco4 години тому

    Dont be hard on your self men everybody mistakes

  49. Batman1235

    Batman12354 години тому

    Proceeds to make a UAreporter video using his previously paid for equipment.

  50. Reef Newport

    Reef Newport4 години тому

    U are not a lier

  51. Reef Newport

    Reef Newport4 години тому


  52. EndGamer 101

    EndGamer 1014 години тому

    Delete the Chanel

  53. fixedreflex 47

    fixedreflex 474 години тому

    Hey I live in Texas too and I have been in some places u have too do u live near Austin?

  54. Mr.GAMEING Kirk

    Mr.GAMEING Kirk4 години тому

    Do not delete your channel pls

  55. Rmg _JEFF

    Rmg _JEFF4 години тому

    that’s dumb I should have kept making money this video was boring the other ones was great I subscribed when I seen the first video