I Tricked The Internet Into Thinking I Played Fortnite


  1. King RaSa -ω-

    King RaSa -ω-Хвилина тому

    no one cares ts just ur fault. just play another game and stream

  2. nascar fan 42

    nascar fan 42Хвилина тому

    yo jarvis vs.. epic boxing match

  3. nascar fan 42

    nascar fan 423 хвилини тому

    why does jarvis just play among us or fall guys

  4. Holland Gutke

    Holland Gutke10 хвилин тому

    i wonder what would happen if he actually did play fortnite.

  5. E

    E23 хвилини тому

    He wasnt even playing and he got his boys banned lmaoooo

  6. [DUCKC] Sparrow

    [DUCKC] Sparrow51 хвилина тому

    Bro who likes FoRtNiTe anymore it’s garbage with the season and the players are 6 year old Kitty cats

  7. Ayden Sharp

    Ayden Sharp54 хвилини тому

    Is it just me or did i see drwitneser comment POGERS

  8. Havier.

    Havier.55 хвилин тому

    Bro, can't he make a new account??? Epic Games won't even know

  9. Lil Tallywacker

    Lil Tallywacker57 хвилин тому

    who are you again?

  10. Moonlol

    Moonlol59 хвилин тому

    for legal purposes : *makes this video*

  11. Oof!3846 2.0

    Oof!3846 2.0Годину тому

    Just make a new account already



    Alex is wearing beats you can,t trust him....

  13. YTFB

    YTFBГодину тому


  14. RexifyFN

    RexifyFNГодину тому

    is no one gonna talk about all the food in the background

  15. Jooshy Sushi

    Jooshy SushiГодину тому

    I was at my uncles house and watched the stream

  16. Pxn B3y

    Pxn B3yГодину тому

    That’s y wee shoulder subscribe to faze Jarvis lies

  17. Toni Salazae

    Toni SalazaeГодину тому

    can i join faze plzzz

  18. Dank Leprechaun

    Dank LeprechaunГодину тому

    6:46 Nobody knew/cared outside the Fortnite gaming community


    SAFIR CHOWDHURYГодину тому

    Epic: Everyone in the faze house can’t play fortnite Jarvis: I trolled them!!!!!

  20. Kevo. The official swoly btw

    Kevo. The official swoly btwГодину тому

    Cant be the only one who doesn’t give a shit😭

  21. Heliya Divoone

    Heliya DivooneГодину тому

    17:07 but he has ps4 controller and the gameplay has Xbox controller I think you played fortnite Jarvis


    GH0ST EXILEГодину тому


  23. Gaebriel mendoza

    Gaebriel mendoza2 години тому

    I like when he call his brother a decoy.. XD

  24. Charlie Lyons

    Charlie Lyons2 години тому


  25. Charlie Lyons

    Charlie Lyons2 години тому


  26. Aryan Samya

    Aryan Samya2 години тому

    use a vpn

  27. i am janiza

    i am janiza2 години тому

    i was hacking and didn't get banned permantly

  28. Kevin Ivy

    Kevin Ivy2 години тому


  29. i am janiza

    i am janiza2 години тому

    how did he get banned permanlty

  30. Night Bleeding

    Night Bleeding2 години тому

    So thats why i could not play yesterday fortnite bruh i was about to end a 12kills match an i got DC ..... ty bro 😑

  31. A B

    A B2 години тому

    I cant even be mad

  32. Exavyz

    Exavyz2 години тому


  33. TheRuss1anGoat

    TheRuss1anGoat2 години тому

    I SEE WHAT YOU DID AT THE END LOL Epic hates Apple

  34. Chandler Carter

    Chandler Carter2 години тому

    Epic games are little girls

  35. PH6NT0M YT

    PH6NT0M YT2 години тому


  36. DiNOo Gaming

    DiNOo Gaming2 години тому

    wow!! NOW epic must live with that troll LMAO

  37. jardiel montero1

    jardiel montero13 години тому

    bruh we can see when you get banned your username

  38. Sylo Mystxc.

    Sylo Mystxc.3 години тому

    Use this as ur "I was watching the stream live, then saw this video the next day" button

  39. SavageNick Fio

    SavageNick Fio3 години тому

    Imagine Epic Games watching this lol!!!

  40. MadisonCDJ

    MadisonCDJ3 години тому

    Most epic video of all time, to be honest I think you guys would have won the match

  41. Savege killer

    Savege killer3 години тому


  42. Savege killer

    Savege killer3 години тому

    i see

  43. shane morgan

    shane morgan3 години тому

    Fortnite can't stop you. Just make another account lol. This is all for clout. A joke

  44. Hemmie Hendriks

    Hemmie Hendriks3 години тому

    Who's getting this in his recommended in 2025

  45. PixelStacker

    PixelStacker3 години тому

    Clix: he be so dumb yes!

  46. Amber Collins

    Amber Collins3 години тому

    Wow you really think you're something kid. You think you're that smart. You're not we have been watching you a very long time Jarvis. Your fortnite band was only the beginning . Stay tuned for more to come.

  47. jaden_gaming 1

    jaden_gaming 13 години тому

    Just make a new account and play without recording if you really wanna play Fortnite again

  48. R.G Vlogs

    R.G Vlogs3 години тому

    this is legendary

  49. Kobi Manderson

    Kobi Manderson4 години тому

    Clicks saying he’s f ing dumb me YOUR SO F ING DUMB

  50. Axzxy

    Axzxy4 години тому



    5K SUBS WITHOUT ANY VIDEOS4 години тому

    big lol everyone read my name :)

  52. mark cytber

    mark cytber4 години тому

    no one: literally no one: her: "jarvis is such a bad boy"

  53. No Name

    No Name4 години тому

    Insane video bruv

  54. LiamWilhelm TM

    LiamWilhelm TM4 години тому

    bro y don’t u create a new account

  55. Evan Chacon

    Evan Chacon4 години тому

    Hi BH notluc

  56. Vinywtf

    Vinywtf4 години тому

    Bro ong my whole zoom class was like Jarvis is going to play

  57. Adrian Ramos

    Adrian Ramos4 години тому

    Anyone notice the food

  58. ja sam kiki

    ja sam kiki4 години тому

    Do you know that others have feelings too... why man, why are you doing this?

  59. plotox

    plotox4 години тому

    poor faze house, the cant play now :(

  60. Jam Jam

    Jam Jam4 години тому


  61. Charlie Swecker

    Charlie Swecker4 години тому

    yooooooooo lets goooooooooooo you trolled us

  62. Person Rocket

    Person Rocket4 години тому

    it was just a joke bro

  63. Bqlln

    Bqlln5 годин тому

    ayy he not crying this time 😭😂

  64. Quinn.hyper Fortnite

    Quinn.hyper Fortnite5 годин тому

    Let’s all dislike because he tried to trick us

  65. Quinn.hyper Fortnite

    Quinn.hyper Fortnite5 годин тому

    I knew a UAreporterr already debunked it

  66. HR_ BladeZ

    HR_ BladeZ5 годин тому

    She so wet😂😂😂😭 Bruh

  67. Xmode Gamer

    Xmode Gamer5 годин тому

    Why don’t you stream on twitch

  68. Robin Kraschnewski

    Robin Kraschnewski5 годин тому

    play creative destruction

  69. Once u go Mack you don’t go back

    Once u go Mack you don’t go back5 годин тому

    So gay

  70. Donovan Gurrola

    Donovan Gurrola5 годин тому

    3:03 we gonna ignore the fact that their table is filled with pizza, candy, burgers, and chocolates

  71. Santi Damack

    Santi Damack5 годин тому

    How are your even banned just make an acc can they really make a person not play

  72. Crest on Mobile

    Crest on Mobile5 годин тому

    He acc played prob he just wants fn to forgive him and let him play after they found out


    DARE TIRION5 годин тому

    lol 22k dislikes

  74. Nice2347

    Nice23475 годин тому

    Jarvis your brother looks like Quaden_The_Kid 😂

  75. Kaden Ewing

    Kaden Ewing5 годин тому

    bro 9:55 it moves to jarvis and the guys hand cam . look at jarvis hands and then his monitor. bruh i feel likes it all a massive master plan and he really was playing...

  76. benall

    benall5 годин тому

    you should just move location, get another pc and make a new account and dont hack. then censor epic name and dont show id easy.

  77. Recruit 757 8

    Recruit 757 85 годин тому

    Bruh I knew it too

  78. Kyan Eden

    Kyan Eden5 годин тому

    Epic Games is typing...

  79. Gaming with Ahmad Baldwin

    Gaming with Ahmad Baldwin6 годин тому

    Bruh why would you do that you just waisted our time

  80. Adriel Idrovo

    Adriel Idrovo6 годин тому

    Bro im a bot dont think that

  81. Aiden Desouza

    Aiden Desouza6 годин тому

    I wanna see epic games comment to this

  82. Rona Tamihana

    Rona Tamihana6 годин тому

    Jarvis you were a god back in the old days. so maybe you should play and I wonder if you are still a god😂😂

  83. Baller28suprem

    Baller28suprem6 годин тому

    not cool4

  84. LJR Nation

    LJR Nation6 годин тому

    Tea wap camara man how didnt I know this

  85. Meliodas

    Meliodas6 годин тому

    Damn you know Epic hates you when they send 2 life time bans tuff FREE JARVIS

  86. DragonSaur

    DragonSaur6 годин тому

    Can anyone check out my latest video please it would be so much help

  87. Original_Pycture

    Original_Pycture6 годин тому

    The dislikes are from the people who got trolled. 😂

  88. LJR Nation

    LJR Nation6 годин тому

    Biggest fortroll of 2020 bruh

  89. Marcos.Miguel Ramirez

    Marcos.Miguel Ramirez6 годин тому

    I am unsubscribe

  90. Pro guest 1337

    Pro guest 13377 годин тому

    Why did this vid came when i searched teawap

  91. beatle boy

    beatle boy7 годин тому

    you should play roblox

  92. Kcheek 350

    Kcheek 3507 годин тому

    Ok so this is the first Jarvis video I’ve ever seen and I’m just curious, is this a Logan Paul clone? Edit: that was a joke btw little kids I just saw the similarities

  93. Giannina Ruffinelli

    Giannina Ruffinelli7 годин тому

    Faze kaz

  94. 64d3 a

    64d3 a7 годин тому

    okay buddy

  95. Giannina Ruffinelli

    Giannina Ruffinelli7 годин тому


  96. Giannina Ruffinelli

    Giannina Ruffinelli7 годин тому

    Not luc

  97. Ari Mendel

    Ari Mendel7 годин тому

    Apple should agree to put fortnite back on the App Store if Fortnite Unbans Jarvis. Thats the only way fortnite would agree to unban him

  98. Cloutzy

    Cloutzy7 годин тому

    first kona made epic look like clowns and now jarvis? man we really da

  99. Marz Gaming

    Marz Gaming7 годин тому

    You disgust me. I’m fine with you staying banned.

  100. NLE Cordae

    NLE Cordae7 годин тому

    Fun fact the fans trolled him to press on the option so that the fans can see his name. Smart🤓