I WANT MY MONEY BACK CRAYOLA! ...Blend & Shade Marker Review


  1. kaylyn 27

    kaylyn 2751 хвилина тому

    Can you review master markers I'm not sure about them and I wanna make sure... Thanks rae if you even read this lol

  2. Phoenix Fire

    Phoenix FireДень тому

    Yeah they suck

  3. Gigantic Ho

    Gigantic HoДень тому

    Rae I want to start off by saying... wow you are amazing at drawing and you are so talented but crayola is a company for kids and they target their products at children. I'm not saying that adults aren't allowed to use crayola products, what I'm saying is children wouldn't be that talented and they wouldn't be putting detail into their drawings. Crayola should have made a proper skin tone colour and a brown too. Children also love neon and bright colours so I'm guessing crayola didn't think about detail when they wee making this set, they were thinking about what children like and what they would be drawing. Please no hate I'm just sharing my opinion Btw love you Rae

  4. Eden Avocado

    Eden AvocadoДень тому

    There actually great markers have a set😡

  5. Noor Fatima

    Noor Fatima2 дні тому

    ✍🏼👩🏻🤷🏻‍♀️ this is u 🥰

  6. Noor Fatima

    Noor Fatima2 дні тому

    Ray u are pressing hard no need to be rude love you 😍

  7. Oi Gucci

    Oi Gucci2 дні тому

    I think the crayola markers should be used for calligraphy because they look really good for writing and stuff not just for coloring my opinion just whatever floats your boat

  8. Brett Barban

    Brett Barban2 дні тому

    these are probably pretty nice for calligraphy and hand lettering right?

  9. Brett Barban

    Brett Barban2 дні тому

    i kinda love the drawing

  10. Vivians.oasis

    Vivians.oasis2 дні тому

    im sorry but i dont like your contacts

  11. Sienna Serrato

    Sienna Serrato2 дні тому

    Omg ur eyes

  12. kawii gang

    kawii gang2 дні тому

    Ohuhu squad where u at

  13. AaAaaAaaaaaAAaa

    AaAaaAaaaaaAAaa2 дні тому

    i have a crayon called like razzma-something or other, sadly theres no french or spanish name. i wONDEr WHy cRaYoLa

  14. Arianna McCabe

    Arianna McCabe2 дні тому

    its magic

  15. Zamand Zerya

    Zamand Zerya2 дні тому

    Do you have eye contacts in

  16. Shiba Lover

    Shiba Lover3 дні тому

    I found it for 9.99 at Walmart

  17. Moonlight Swirl

    Moonlight Swirl3 дні тому

    I have these markers and they feather out always and peach dries peach

  18. Iris Brower

    Iris Brower3 дні тому

    i love your channel but maybe the where for kids

  19. Amarah Wilson

    Amarah Wilson3 дні тому

    Your colored contacts are SO UGLY🤮😡

  20. xXunicorniXx •

    xXunicorniXx •3 дні тому


  21. Wrong Turn

    Wrong Turn3 дні тому

    I think that these colours are really good. They are just meant for a different kind of artwork. I think crayola is designed to be more towards kids. And kids enjoy drawing catoons and using bright neon shades. I think, even with the blendability, drawing something like flowers and cartoons would have been something these markers might have been better for.

  22. Milagros Gabriela Vargas

    Milagros Gabriela Vargas3 дні тому

    Maybe the colorless blender is for the blending like yellow orange yellow? :/

  23. Kelly Kitty

    Kelly Kitty4 дні тому

    *i love these pencil*

  24. panda corn

    panda corn4 дні тому

    I like it because instead of having the natural colors of the drawing you have all kinds of different colors and it makes for a beautiful piece of art because of its contrast.

  25. Avery spills tea

    Avery spills tea4 дні тому

    *the moment you realize you bought these yesterday and loved them*

  26. Kluadia The Wolf

    Kluadia The Wolf4 дні тому

    My art teacher has these, i was gonna get them cuz the only markers i got is stupid _cheap_ Walmart markers and Crayola. None of them blend. I'm gonna get off brand Copics soon -in a few months-

  27. Gayngar420

    Gayngar4204 дні тому

    Sis you look STUNNING!!!

  28. Sadie Nitzan

    Sadie Nitzan5 днів тому

    She could have drawn Sebastian Bails. Disappointment😠😥

  29. Elorah💜

    Elorah💜5 днів тому

    I think it looks cool lol 😂

  30. Xeno Arts

    Xeno Arts5 днів тому

    *ahhhh! don’t leave me!*

  31. The Almighty Flabigail

    The Almighty Flabigail5 днів тому

    When i bought those i didnt even get all the colors. I got like 2 peaches and 2 reds so i didnt get mint green or even just green

  32. Mika mi

    Mika mi5 днів тому

    I would totally buy these they look nice

  33. Mini Crafty

    Mini Crafty5 днів тому

    OMG l live that tho because lt looks soooo much like pop art!!!

  34. Oscar Alfaro

    Oscar Alfaro5 днів тому

    Why she wearing contacts

  35. Galaxy Artist

    Galaxy Artist5 днів тому


  36. Saniya Aleem

    Saniya Aleem5 днів тому


  37. Ellie leuschen

    Ellie leuschen5 днів тому

    17:26 *markers

  38. Bamba Beth

    Bamba Beth5 днів тому

    You should do a First Impression/Review on the Ohuhu Brush Markers!

  39. ItsFlippin JJ

    ItsFlippin JJ6 днів тому


  40. Øuter Çlub Productions

    Øuter Çlub Productions6 днів тому

    “ you see how hard I have to push to open them” * inhales * but didn’t you pull them?

  41. Diego Contreras

    Diego Contreras6 днів тому

    17:20 they are markers. Not pencils

  42. •Cyber•Blue• Tv

    •Cyber•Blue• Tv6 днів тому

    They released one that has 205 colors with only $68! Trust me! They’re soo good I have them and they have brown and they have a real blender!!!!

  43. •Cyber•Blue• Tv

    •Cyber•Blue• Tv6 днів тому

    If you liked them why’d you write that title?

  44. Chocolate 04 Chocolate

    Chocolate 04 Chocolate7 днів тому

    LOVE your nails sooooooooooo cute😘😘😍😍🤗🤗🤗❤️❤️❤️😜😜😜😜

  45. Batman Gamer 3

    Batman Gamer 37 днів тому

    Should’ve drawn a flower🤦🏼‍♀️

  46. Gatcha movies and crafts

    Gatcha movies and crafts7 днів тому

    you are really pretty wearing makeup

  47. • Alone •

    • Alone •7 днів тому

    Eye contacts??💙🦋

  48. gunlimars

    gunlimars7 днів тому


  49. Agnė P. Jakimavičienė

    Agnė P. Jakimavičienė7 днів тому

    what do you want? it said PEACH...peach colour is not a skin tone......take a peach now

  50. Kayla McLeod

    Kayla McLeod8 днів тому

    I really enjoy your videos, but I can't deal with how hard you press when coloring anything with anything. ESPECIALLY markers.

  51. Sunshine Surfer

    Sunshine Surfer8 днів тому


  52. Leila Catic

    Leila Catic8 днів тому

    I like these a lot and the color is nice, but I don’t like them😂

  53. aurryanna woods

    aurryanna woods9 днів тому

    i love how you buy art supplies and make a masterpice out of what u have

  54. Isabel Unrein

    Isabel Unrein9 днів тому


  55. Alfonso Hernandez

    Alfonso Hernandez9 днів тому

    R u wearing contacts

  56. Louise Kindangen

    Louise Kindangen10 днів тому

    *Soo Cool and Pretty*

  57. xsajal xo

    xsajal xo10 днів тому

    How is $20 for crayons markers lkke these cheap like bich wtf?!

  58. Yara's Universe

    Yara's Universe10 днів тому

    If you subscribe to me I will subscribe to you too

  59. Alwee 'N' Boo

    Alwee 'N' Boo11 днів тому

    I received Martha Stewart's color blend markers as a gift. Not stoked at all, but I gave it a shot.. they were total crap. I tried so many different ways to blend them but they suck so bad!

  60. Loki The fabulous

    Loki The fabulous11 днів тому

    I also ABSOLUTELY LOVED that u drew David Bowie!

  61. Loki The fabulous

    Loki The fabulous11 днів тому

    I love ur personality in these vids! U seem like such a funny and genuinely nice person! And such an amazing artist too!!

  62. Z0mbie L0ve

    Z0mbie L0ve11 днів тому

    I have them i dislike them also

  63. Kaitlynn Dao

    Kaitlynn Dao11 днів тому

    I literally love a good bright pigmented red I just loveeeee them they are just sooo beautiful in my eyes

  64. Linn Sjunnesson

    Linn Sjunnesson11 днів тому

    If you blend red and black together you'll get brown

  65. Linn Sjunnesson

    Linn Sjunnesson11 днів тому

    "Do you see how hard I need to push to open these." Maybe it's because you have to pull when you open a marker 😂😂

  66. Tamara's tales of cringe

    Tamara's tales of cringe12 днів тому

    aw.......I have those!!!

  67. sophsmegoats

    sophsmegoats12 днів тому

    My immature self laughed so hard when you wrote poop

  68. BEANZ 24

    BEANZ 2412 днів тому

    Anyone notice that she had blue contacts in? No? Just me? Ok.

  69. Jasper Simon

    Jasper Simon5 годин тому

    I did

  70. BTS supportive Fan

    BTS supportive Fan10 днів тому

    I felt like something in her eye color

  71. Weird Girl55

    Weird Girl5512 днів тому

    I have these and I’m very happy with them

  72. Holta Caka

    Holta Caka12 днів тому

    Why are your eyes blue

  73. Lalla Does gacha

    Lalla Does gacha13 днів тому

    i think their pretty hood beginner markers...

  74. Its Mini

    Its Mini13 днів тому

    I love brush nibs too!

  75. M&MSisters

    M&MSisters13 днів тому

    17:28 “And the reason I’m being so harsh on these PENCILS” was I the only one that noticed that

  76. Skybreaker plays

    Skybreaker plays13 днів тому

    When you wrote "poop" all I could think about was my brother lol, and why are the caps 80% of the size of the hole marker?🤔🤔🤔🤔

  77. fun with alex

    fun with alex13 днів тому

    Hey Rae! I have a suggestion. This is VERY late but, can you review the Crayola gel pens? They have the same tin container. Thanks :D

  78. It'z Cadhla

    It'z Cadhla14 днів тому

    She could've drawn all the simpsons . She has the right colours

  79. It'z Cadhla

    It'z Cadhla14 днів тому

    Omg your eye contacts are soooooo pretty . Your pretty without them aswell !!

  80. the gaming monster

    the gaming monster14 днів тому

    Ground control to major tom... I have a idea! XD so funny and i was listening to the song to!

  81. Sitabelle Nkeh

    Sitabelle Nkeh14 днів тому

    At first i th thought these markers were made for Rae.at the end I was sad

  82. r!ss bellë

    r!ss bellë14 днів тому

    R.I.P. I bought this like 3 months thinking they would shade and I was so pissed

  83. Dtx.Hannah.

    Dtx.Hannah.14 днів тому

    4:30 She Stuck Out Middle Finger 🖕 OOF

  84. Potato Tasha

    Potato Tasha14 днів тому

    If you pause @ 4:30 it looks like Rae just flipped me off 😂 jkjkjk

  85. Monica The Artist

    Monica The Artist14 днів тому

    5:42 if you want to just want to watch the drawing click the time

  86. Kendal's Krafty Krafts

    Kendal's Krafty Krafts15 днів тому

    I love David Bowie!!!!

  87. Paitynn Schatz

    Paitynn Schatz15 днів тому

    I love my blending markers they don’t take out the colour at all definitely worth the purchase

  88. Emma Zanin

    Emma Zanin15 днів тому

    why'd she say 14 but theres 16

  89. Mckenzie Cariño

    Mckenzie Cariño16 днів тому

    That nail is fake i knew it already

  90. Queen K

    Queen K16 днів тому


  91. Holly Estep

    Holly Estep16 днів тому

    I saw these in the store so I looked them up on UAreporter and I picked yours and thank you so much I love to color with markers and blend them but these would just not work out for me.

  92. ArtistChibi

    ArtistChibi16 днів тому

    I found those Crayola Blend and Shade marker set on Amazon for $20.00. And they look like markers more for abstract art than sort of realism. But that's my opinion on them.

  93. Hey Girl hey Hi

    Hey Girl hey Hi16 днів тому

    Since when were Rays eyes blue

  94. Sanur-chan

    Sanur-chan17 днів тому

    My most useless talent: I can put mah leg behind mah head :3

  95. Olivia luiz

    Olivia luiz17 днів тому

    Ur eyes look beautiful

  96. Shawn Carmack

    Shawn Carmack17 днів тому

    Uhhhhhh why is Rae so cute.

  97. Meow Meow Kapow

    Meow Meow Kapow17 днів тому

    The best thing about these markers, BY FAR, is the cute tin. I'd use it to store paints or something but that's really not enough of a saving grace for me. Could get multiple cute tins for $20, not just one!

  98. Isabella Bird

    Isabella Bird17 днів тому

    Maybe she wanted to make a neon David Bowie?

  99. Kaitlyn Huey

    Kaitlyn Huey17 днів тому

    U should do a review on Ohuhu water color brush markers

  100. PsychoKitty사랑

    PsychoKitty사랑18 днів тому

    Ohuhu markers are nice but they dry out so fast

  101. jj Gavin

    jj Gavin18 днів тому

    You push to open thing hmmm

  102. Just Tom Here

    Just Tom Here18 днів тому

    Crayola I really need a brown here how am I supposed to draw trees