I WANT MY MONEY BACK CRAYOLA! ...Blend & Shade Marker Review


  1. EvonyStar Plays

    EvonyStar Plays3 години тому

    They are on amazon Now!

  2. Ben Hardt

    Ben Hardt7 годин тому

    There not for coloring sketches for blending

  3. Neo Dingus Deku

    Neo Dingus Deku11 годин тому

    12:20 mine craft eating?

  4. Seru Chan

    Seru ChanДень тому

    //cap rolls// Rae: Eyy dont leave me

  5. BATMAN 19

    BATMAN 19День тому

    Why are your eyes blue?

  6. Father Thanos

    Father ThanosДень тому

    My most useless talent is imitating my friends’ laughs

  7. Julie Monzon

    Julie Monzon2 дні тому

    I love how Fur Elise is just playing in the background 😂

  8. Dragan Atanasovski

    Dragan Atanasovski2 дні тому


  9. Talan Gniewkowski

    Talan Gniewkowski2 дні тому

    4:28 ya flipped me off

  10. Nidhi Patel

    Nidhi Patel3 дні тому

    So........you can’t go to dollar tree and get five highlights for 1$

  11. •Cinnamon Paws•

    •Cinnamon Paws•4 дні тому

    I prefer the crayola super tips

  12. ItsJazmin DatUnicorn!

    ItsJazmin DatUnicorn!4 дні тому

    Uh, btw Rae you said in the title it was the worst markers, but, you really liked it in the vid.

  13. ItsJazmin DatUnicorn!

    ItsJazmin DatUnicorn!4 дні тому

    Everyone, SUBSCRIBE! Rae is almost up to 1m subs!! :D

  14. Rainbow show

    Rainbow show4 дні тому

    Chill out! Crayola is for starter artists like kids. Chill out!

  15. Tigra Cat

    Tigra Cat4 дні тому

    My most useless talent is being able to push my nose down... I was born with less bones in my nose. (Read description box)

  16. Doodle Bug

    Doodle Bug4 дні тому


  17. RiaS30

    RiaS304 дні тому

    Sooo pretty 4:57

  18. Ayla Miller

    Ayla Miller5 днів тому

    WHY CAN I RELATE WHEN YOU SAID "david bowie,,,mmmm, so fine" 😂😂

  19. Alissa Sharp

    Alissa Sharp6 днів тому

    Are u wereing contacts

  20. sCuteOnyx _ gacha

    sCuteOnyx _ gacha7 днів тому

    4:30 really rae. (Pause it to see what I mean)

  21. Gwen Taco

    Gwen Taco7 днів тому

    I miss David Bowie ;-;

  22. Emily munoz

    Emily munoz7 днів тому

    Gurrrrrrlllll that makeup is fire tho

  23. Karolina Garcia

    Karolina Garcia8 днів тому

    They cost 9.97$ at target not 20

  24. Soldfynl3y

    Soldfynl3y8 днів тому

    why u have blue eyes you usually brown eyes

  25. Mīllý aņd Łøi

    Mīllý aņd Łøi8 днів тому

    Am i the only one who actually had these markers before i saw the video I got mine for 30$ at office works :V

  26. Strucx’s little Brother

    Strucx’s little Brother10 днів тому

    At first I didn’t think this was u because of your eyes

  27. Yazen Ali

    Yazen Ali10 днів тому

    I like the color of your eyes

  28. Rose the cat

    Rose the cat10 днів тому

    My god you're gorgeous

  29. Raza Ahmad

    Raza Ahmad10 днів тому

    You look so different

  30. afsana begum

    afsana begum11 днів тому

    I saw it before

  31. Ded Bloks

    Ded Bloks12 днів тому

    I got a pack of these and one marker was dry out of the box

  32. Baked Potato

    Baked Potato12 днів тому

    I know I am late but your contacts are on FLEEK

  33. i like green

    i like green12 днів тому

    4:30 ... to all her haters😂

  34. Type One Rose

    Type One Rose12 днів тому

    At the beginning Rae was me when my teacher says there is only 10 questions on the test. Rae at the end is me when the I see there are 10 parts per question 😂😂😂

  35. jessica mansour

    jessica mansour13 днів тому

    Omg did anybody realise that the peach turned into a skin tone btw I don’t get why she thinks these r the worst because I think these r meant for illustrations and not rlly realistic I mean it’s ur fault for not planning this right after the swatches but I mean it doesn’t even matter

  36. Leslee Minnich

    Leslee Minnich14 днів тому

    Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeereeeeeeeeeee÷eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey girl, plz subscribe to me I have no subs ( _ _ ) '

  37. JzzyWzzy

    JzzyWzzy15 днів тому

    Her swatches always make me uncomfortable 💆‍♀️

  38. Melissa Marshall

    Melissa Marshall15 днів тому

    Oh god. Right when you showed the markers I remember the day I saw them in target and bought the kind *next* to it. I mean... they aren’t THAT bad...

  39. LowKeyOut

    LowKeyOut16 днів тому

    I actually really like the way david bowie turned out, very unique

  40. Gacha Wolf

    Gacha Wolf16 днів тому

    My friend recently told me About her new pack of markers and they're really cool I couldn't find them on Amazon because she got them from Germany/where we live but I found another pack thats very similar in Colors and Price. They're called 'Cindeyar Brush Pen Fineliner Pinselstift Set Fasermaler Aquarell Pinselstifte Marker Stift Set Malstifte auf Wasserbasis 24 Farben(24) sry that's in German but it just says 'Cindeyar Brush Pen Finliner Brushpen Fiber(I dunno smth with Fiber) Watercolour Paintpen Marker Pen set Waterbased Pens 24 colours' ist only roughly translated and also word for word so it's probably not Grammaticaly correct sorry About that

  41. Molly Zolfaghari

    Molly Zolfaghari17 днів тому

    I actually like these markers

  42. Siamese Warrior

    Siamese Warrior17 днів тому

    “You know how hard I had to push to open these.” 🤨🤔

  43. Anna Logachova

    Anna Logachova17 днів тому

    17:27 I’m pretty sure they are markers

  44. Lucy Potter

    Lucy Potter18 днів тому

    It took me a solid 2 minutes to realise you were wearing contacts. This is the level of sleep deprivation I have reached

  45. Happy 566

    Happy 56618 днів тому

    I love your hair and contacts you do you boo boo lol!!!! I have those markers their okay for coloring I guess I don’t use them in a regular bases

  46. Arianna Irlandez

    Arianna Irlandez18 днів тому

    Your Just Like Moriah Elizabeth

  47. Piko Mpemnyama

    Piko Mpemnyama19 днів тому

    Crayola should stick to their crappy products.

  48. Марта Стойкова

    Марта Стойкова21 день тому

    *Rae: I wanna cryola*

  49. Stella’s Creations

    Stella’s Creations21 день тому

    I love the contacts

  50. hypbeast_ page

    hypbeast_ page22 дні тому

    I got the same mRkers

  51. DJ Febrezee

    DJ Febrezee25 днів тому

    7:53 Oh, that is a SEXY blue.

  52. WesternStar

    WesternStar25 днів тому

    If Rae says its good it’s good If Rae says it sucks it sucks

  53. Korah Stoddard

    Korah Stoddard25 днів тому

    Aren't your eyes brown?

  54. Thanos Rousopoulos

    Thanos Rousopoulos25 днів тому

    The peach color is a skin tone Donald Trump's skin tone

  55. Laurel

    Laurel26 днів тому

    Ummm..... Does she have..... Lighter eyes? Or is it just me.....

  56. Katie’s Crafts

    Katie’s Crafts26 днів тому

    You should make a playlist called Rae’s Reviews!! ❤️

  57. Peyton Gillies

    Peyton Gillies26 днів тому

    Ur eyes look so so pretty in this video

  58. Nia Jackson

    Nia Jackson26 днів тому

    I like the pop art better

  59. Anabia Asim

    Anabia Asim28 днів тому

    You talk a lot more than a normal person

  60. BadRedRae

    BadRedRae28 днів тому

    My most useless talent is tying a knot with a cherry stem with my tongue. Another is being able to toss a cigarette into my mouth.... Thank you so much for this review... you have saved me from flushing $20 down the toilet and showed me where it would be better spent. You Rock! Rachel (Rae) D

  61. Eden Neveah

    Eden Neveah28 днів тому

    Rae: ” This is the 14 count ” Me: *looking at the giant 16 at the top of the package*

  62. Hiro's Arts and Music

    Hiro's Arts and Music28 днів тому

    If you dont like it, give it to me (jk but maybe) I like calligraphy and pop art

  63. Pia V.

    Pia V.29 днів тому

    Rae love your Hair

  64. Gacha Girl

    Gacha Girl29 днів тому

    I never even tried them😾😹

  65. Millie Gacha

    Millie Gacha29 днів тому

    They’re trying to keep their pattern on being non-toxic but they still want some markers that blend and shade. That’s my two cents on it

  66. Boele Dries

    Boele DriesМісяць тому

    I like them

  67. I am Karen and I took the kids

    I am Karen and I took the kidsМісяць тому

    Did not expect crayola to be this good

  68. Theresa Tree

    Theresa TreeМісяць тому

    17:27 yup those are definitely pencils

  69. she-thing?

    she-thing?Місяць тому

    the peach drys to look like peach

  70. Nikki

    NikkiМісяць тому

    1:50 GURL yEs 9:45 love the Bowie content

  71. Esau Jimenez

    Esau JimenezМісяць тому

    No offense but your nails look to big for your nail size

  72. The Painter Daisy

    The Painter DaisyМісяць тому

    *serious alcohol marker users screaming in the distance* wasting so much ink in that blending Rae

  73. Yara Rivera

    Yara RiveraМісяць тому

    *MmMmM, gIrL, tHaT's WhErE iT's At.*

  74. Yara Rivera

    Yara RiveraМісяць тому


  75. LilBits Of Film

    LilBits Of FilmМісяць тому

    I got these markers and I really like drawing people, the peach color came with NO INK

  76. GalaxyChickenz - __ -

    GalaxyChickenz - __ -Місяць тому

    My most useless talent is singing, because even though I've always wanted to when I was smaller, I will NEVER be able to get a Career in it. (If you don't get it, read the description)

  77. Lilyana Park

    Lilyana ParkМісяць тому

    If Rae didn’t realize the peach wasn’t skin tone she possibly would’ve drawn Dora

  78. dd pie

    dd pieМісяць тому

    Even with those makers she STILL made it look cool 😱🤭

  79. GãmērWølf_Gîrl666Plåyz :P

    GãmērWølf_Gîrl666Plåyz :PМісяць тому

    I just bought the markers and I tried this out, and I saw that they didn’t work. So i searched up this on yt and I’m like wow they suck.

  80. Mr.ChickenNugget 07

    Mr.ChickenNugget 07Місяць тому

    U shouda drawed a plant

  81. Elora Hawkins

    Elora HawkinsМісяць тому

    I mean they are for kids....so...

  82. fajer osman

    fajer osmanМісяць тому

    7:54 dang that's better than Copic sketch

  83. Crazy Chris

    Crazy ChrisМісяць тому

    mine dont blend at all :(

  84. Melany Seoane

    Melany SeoaneМісяць тому

    Everyone’s asking why she drew something she knew she couldn’t and that’s because she’s comfortable drawing humans. Also, the picture looks like pop art which is super duper vibrant.

  85. Claire D

    Claire DМісяць тому

    I think if they made more of these sets like some pastels and skin tone sets I would be ALL OVER these. They should also make them refillable.

  86. S y n c

    S y n cМісяць тому

    1:50 Rae: mmmmm! He fine! Me:😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 *insert meme laughing*

  87. Millie Gacha

    Millie GachaМісяць тому

    They should’ve had another yellow, highlighter yellow and a normal yellow. And the brown.

  88. Giana Rosebelt

    Giana RosebeltМісяць тому

    I love crayola and right now I am very offended

  89. dan.wella 1234

    dan.wella 1234Місяць тому

    i got the super tips

  90. Maryam Rehman

    Maryam RehmanМісяць тому

    Can you test the staandler or elmers pencil crayons

  91. Aesthetic. Queen

    Aesthetic. QueenМісяць тому

    Wtf happened to your eyes Rae? 😂

  92. Senpai Artz

    Senpai ArtzМісяць тому

    **Donald Trupm has left the chat**

  93. Senpai Artz

    Senpai ArtzМісяць тому

    This is freakin TONY THR TIGER

  94. Leila Z

    Leila ZМісяць тому

    The Copics spoiled you.

  95. -Kiwi A.-

    -Kiwi A.-Місяць тому

    Am I the only one who hears classical music and is super late?

  96. Cosmic Tiger

    Cosmic TigerМісяць тому

    Did anyone else notice the black pen marks disappear at 10:41 to 10:44? Also show yourself drawing so I know you can draw.

  97. Amalie Lyngmo Johansen

    Amalie Lyngmo JohansenМісяць тому

    Draw somtimg els

  98. Olivia Stone

    Olivia StoneМісяць тому

    My question is why did she put a ton of yellow in the skin if she wanted it to make it look like a skin tone?

  99. kairo aranda

    kairo arandaМісяць тому

    Is still good

  100. Argos Weiss

    Argos WeissМісяць тому

    This is great for sketching and adding a pop of color 😋