I WANT MY MONEY BACK CRAYOLA! ...Blend & Shade Marker Review


  1. Arcduck

    Arcduck43 хвилини тому

    Ooh, Crayola is getting fancy.

  2. Trash

    Trash3 години тому

    I like this first drawing better honestly

  3. sixty8whiskers

    sixty8whiskers7 годин тому

    Really disappointing that you didn't even read on the box that the markers are not alcohol based. Then didn't even do a different sketch "I was gonna do a human" *colors aren't made for skin tones* *does human*. I don't understand why you would talk so highly for them at first and then clickbait that they are the worst 🤔😂

  4. •Cup of Tae• .•

    •Cup of Tae• .•8 годин тому

    I saw the photo that you drew of David Bowie, and it’s so good! You’re really talented and I love your videos. I remember having a major crush on him when I was younger, and I still find him attractive like in the Labyrinth and everything. It’s sad he passed away...may he continue to r.i.p. 😔

  5. deppy Katie

    deppy Katie12 годин тому


  6. Asada Shino

    Asada Shino13 годин тому

    david bowie has never been brighter

  7. Mipsy The Fox

    Mipsy The Fox15 годин тому

    Please draw Donald Trump

  8. Kate Flaherty

    Kate Flaherty15 годин тому

    i think the blender is used to lighten the color

  9. melia crawford

    melia crawford16 годин тому

    “I love my sweaaatterr” we love Pandora ads

  10. mini bear

    mini bear16 годин тому

    16 ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  11. Martina Bzhetaj

    Martina Bzhetaj19 годин тому

    I just discovered your channel and I am in love with it

  12. Candy Garcia

    Candy Garcia19 годин тому

    Artistic David Bowie

  13. Descendants lover RoRo 2008

    Descendants lover RoRo 200819 годин тому

    Can you do a MASTER MARKER REVIEW they have a BRUSH NIB

  14. lauren duffy

    lauren duffy20 годин тому

    I think the crayola looks really good

  15. Little Lucy 28

    Little Lucy 2820 годин тому

    Can you review the Ohuhu watercolour brush pens?

  16. Felicity Fox

    Felicity Fox20 годин тому

    Are those alcohol-based markers

  17. Romina Colombo

    Romina Colombo21 годину тому

    the dark blue marker came with no ink for me ;-;

  18. Aqua Productions

    Aqua Productions21 годину тому

    I got mine at Walmart.

  19. Alexsandra Castrillon

    Alexsandra CastrillonДень тому

    Hi I love your vids but those markers are mostly meant for kids like me and yes you are right there better for kids and beginners I am 8 and i would love those markers not hating just saying my opinion

  20. Mandrake

    MandrakeДень тому

    Rae Protecc Rae Ataccccc Rae

  21. Logan Wiebe

    Logan WiebeДень тому

    I’m sorry to say this but you should’ve done something with more colour, not a person... Something such as a playground or something.

  22. Alyssa _DaNkMemeS

    Alyssa _DaNkMemeSДень тому

    She reminds me of Moriah Elizabeth

  23. Alyssa _DaNkMemeS

    Alyssa _DaNkMemeSДень тому

    EDIT: lol anyone else??😂😂😂

  24. Read More

    Read MoreДень тому

    I hunk that they are good I think u just picked a difficult thing to colour in with neon colours

  25. Nushin Nejad_835

    Nushin Nejad_835День тому

    Lets take a moment to appreciate her artwork

  26. Khouri Arnold

    Khouri ArnoldДень тому


  27. Alyssa Ontiveros

    Alyssa OntiverosДень тому

    I asked for those for Christmas. I personally want them for calligraphy. I wanted them to make my note taking neater(banners,fonts,etc)

  28. Gacha Lilly Xoxo

    Gacha Lilly XoxoДень тому

    Omg my mom got those for my bday once but they dried out quickly lol Edit: I just realized they where a different type of marker they hade two sides of marker so yea

  29. Hannah Collinge

    Hannah CollingeДень тому

    You shouldn't compare a chisel tip to a brush tip

  30. Stan Talent Stan Monsta X

    Stan Talent Stan Monsta XДень тому

    My weird/useless talent is I can make a weird noise with my tongue, I can also dislocate my hips, my wrists, both of my shoulders, and I can lock my knee/fingers in place.... I have too much time on my hands, if I have all of those useless talents-

  31. Aalayah Trash

    Aalayah TrashДень тому

    *_"Widely available"_* I have literally never seen these help.

  32. Harley Heartless

    Harley HeartlessДень тому

    8:09 Those beautiful TARDIS blues. I love royal blue way too much, man.

  33. sam serrano

    sam serranoДень тому

    her contacts are throwing me off

  34. Best Friend Films

    Best Friend FilmsДень тому

    I bought these and my pink was dried out!!!

  35. мιlα fιlмѕ!

    мιlα fιlмѕ!День тому

    W-what? The video ended? I’m sorry, I was too busy staring at your lovely glass grey eyes =3=

  36. Keyana's gaming Studio

    Keyana's gaming StudioДень тому

    "14,15....20 dollars"

  37. Veronica Martell

    Veronica MartellДень тому

    he looks like hes glowing

  38. RR Sal

    RR SalДень тому

    Rae (repeatedly) : WHAT IS THIS?! Me: Draco's magic..... child...... please learn..

  39. Aeron Alarkia

    Aeron AlarkiaДень тому


  40. Ms. boi

    Ms. boiДень тому

    Why r u look so adgyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  41. Danna Samaniego

    Danna SamaniegoДень тому

    You said 14 set it clearly says 16

  42. Michael Baldemor

    Michael BaldemorДень тому

    Why are your eyes a different color Rae

  43. Raven Wood

    Raven WoodДень тому

    I think the reason you didn’t like them as much is because you’re an adult artist. Crayola’s demographic is towards children, and people who are not professional at art. They made these bright neon colors because they will appeal to kids, and they didn’t worry as much about transition shades because young children wouldn’t worry as much about having skin colors an colors to mix 2 colors together. (If that made sense, love ya Rae 😝)

  44. let's begin

    let's beginДень тому

    Wats up woman❤ i love you and you channel❤💖💗💓💕💙💚💛💝💞💟

  45. Paloma Gaxiola

    Paloma GaxiolaДень тому

    I don't think the markers are ment for drawing reall life drawings of people

  46. Kenneth _012

    Kenneth _012День тому

    17:25 pencils???

  47. Claire Newberry

    Claire NewberryДень тому

    David body is not as good as Dewey duck

  48. Someone :/

    Someone :/День тому

    Despite the bad colour options, your piece is still really good. That might just be your talent.

  49. IAmAnEvilUnicorn EVIL

    IAmAnEvilUnicorn EVILДень тому

    I dare 2 make an Anime drawing in 1 of ur vids!

  50. Katelyn Wallace

    Katelyn Wallace2 дні тому

    Rae they are *childrens* markers don't really judge them too hard

  51. Simple welsh girl Gordon

    Simple welsh girl Gordon2 дні тому

    Oh my lord you look so different

  52. Trash Can

    Trash Can2 дні тому

    When will crayola be good for once

  53. •Xx DaCollieLPS xX•

    •Xx DaCollieLPS xX•2 дні тому

    I have blended with markers which I believe to be water based. I have only blended from light colours to black and u gotta layer alot and use thicc paper or it'll go through and rip. And when I did this it required a light shade, a shade darker, up to the darkest shade of that colour and black, I used a ball point pen a tiny bit too. The result is rlly cool but I suggest using watercolour paper, and each brand may have a different outcome. I tried using PVA Glue with the same markers to blend ( experiment ) and tbh you don't rlly know the result. Sometimes it blends nice sometimes it feathers out weirdly, all I can say is when it comes to art, these are the keys: 1.Creativity 2. Extreme resilience 3. Imagination 4. Experimentafion 5. PRACTISE!!! EVEN US PROS HAVE COUNTLESS FAILS! P.S If u know a pro at art it's best not to rlly compliment them 24/7 bc I get bombarded with ppl looking at my every brush stroke/ mark on the page and stuff like 'Cool' 'You must never fail'.. Boi do I fail and I am VERY critical with my art ususally push myself alot... Alot of the time I think my art isn't good enough.. So plz don't do it cause it causes pressure! REMEMBER! US PROS HAVE 10× MORE FAILS THEN OUR SUCCESSFUL PIECES. That's all :D

  54. Felix boi

    Felix boi2 дні тому

    You could make a very modern art piece. With such limited yet bright colors it would've made more sense to make a more modern piece

  55. talia art

    talia art2 дні тому

    Touch markers are awesome review them

  56. J Polar

    J Polar2 дні тому

    You paid how much for them ? 😆😆😆😆😆

  57. Space Wolf

    Space Wolf2 дні тому

    i found a crayola crayon called "Macaroni"

  58. Madhvi Gupta

    Madhvi Gupta2 дні тому

    Sorry.................but......I don't think that you look good in those contacts. You look like a ghost 👻👻😱😱🙉🙉

  59. animu_lover 69

    animu_lover 692 дні тому

    Is it just me or dose rae have light blue eyes.....or am I missing out on something.?

  60. Bonnie King

    Bonnie King2 дні тому

    Your love of David Bowie makes me happy. I've been a certified Bowiefile since 1986.

  61. Olivia Baleno

    Olivia Baleno2 дні тому

    Do you have a boomoji???

  62. Lyfii

    Lyfii2 дні тому

    am i the only one that really likes this version of David Bowie?

  63. Ella Barken

    Ella Barken2 дні тому

    I wanted to get this for my mom now but don’t thanks alot

  64. Doggies are Awesome

    Doggies are Awesome2 дні тому

    That says 16

  65. Axtronia

    Axtronia2 дні тому

    Omg I just noticed something. That star wars music would be a perfect song suggestion for playing in band! Btw somewhere near 6:34 is a candy corn color

  66. winter stars

    winter stars2 дні тому


  67. winter stars

    winter stars2 дні тому

    *looks at purple blending* Wow I need these my colouring pencils won't do anymore.... *sees yellow blend with colourless blender* I think I'll wait, my colouring pencils will do.

  68. The Unstable Unicorn

    The Unstable Unicorn2 дні тому

    How do your eye color change from vid to vid?

  69. Luna Lucifra

    Luna Lucifra2 дні тому

    Those lips though

  70. Callie Calamari

    Callie Calamari2 дні тому

    can we fangirl over David Bowie lol

  71. • tealk •

    • tealk •2 дні тому

    this is more over for brush lettering

  72. PNut Productions

    PNut Productions2 дні тому

    Wait, is it just me, or does something look different on Rae?? 🤔🤔

  73. ioana Norina

    ioana Norina2 дні тому

    It makes me so uncomfortable to see her with lighter eyes.

  74. Unaisa Irfan

    Unaisa Irfan3 дні тому

    I love the yellow you used 💛 it was so bright

  75. nancy v

    nancy v3 дні тому

    to be fair, the peach marker did dry down much more skin toned and not as neon as it looks at first.

  76. Otaku Momm

    Otaku Momm3 дні тому

    You also have the small kit, whichnis the one i got for my self. The one i got for my sister has brown


    RIDA SHAHAD3 дні тому

    that black can be used as an eyeliner

  78. HaleIce16

    HaleIce163 дні тому

    Rae isn’t gentle with the markers 😰

  79. Gracie Gray

    Gracie Gray3 дні тому

    What did the librarian say? Read more

  80. Abraham Nasir

    Abraham Nasir2 дні тому

    Almost but nope

  81. Gracie Gray

    Gracie Gray3 дні тому

    Comment on this if I got u

  82. Jin Hitchcox

    Jin Hitchcox3 дні тому

    Omg I just bought it today and the first thing I noticed BEFORE I bought it was that it had NO brown

  83. Lily Furgison

    Lily Furgison3 дні тому

    Your makeup tho!!😍😍😍😍

  84. Jin Hitchcox

    Jin Hitchcox3 дні тому

    They are also sold at Michaels

  85. Anisa Rampersaud

    Anisa Rampersaud3 дні тому


  86. Melody Trotter

    Melody Trotter3 дні тому

    Looks like an anime character! LOL

  87. Shit Multiverse

    Shit Multiverse3 дні тому

    "supposed to happen" more like "uhm... when you open the markers they splatter all over the place... what do we do?" "...just make it look like a feature"

  88. Water PG

    Water PG4 дні тому

    1, your eyes are beautiful. 2, my most useless talent is, I can read upside down and backwards letters. Seperate, but not together.

  89. Cali’s World

    Cali’s World4 дні тому

    I think they have alcohol inside so it makes it blend.

  90. Queenpotatotv Animal jam

    Queenpotatotv Animal jam4 дні тому

    Omg your eyes look so diff in this vid

  91. Dragon Foam

    Dragon Foam4 дні тому

    17:26 *says pencils but is holding a box of marker* 👌🏻👌🏻😂😂

  92. Queen Dede

    Queen Dede4 дні тому

    David bowie is in the simpsons???

  93. RainnyRuu

    RainnyRuu4 дні тому

    that blue is aesthetically pleasing

  94. Lalo Ruvalcaba

    Lalo Ruvalcaba4 дні тому

    Dang ur beautiful 😃

  95. Dragab 1119

    Dragab 11194 дні тому

    Am I the only person on this planet who dislikes brush tips? Maybe it’s because I apply and inhuman amount of pressure when I draw, and I use cheaper markers, but I’m team bullet nib all the way lol.

  96. the Goosegaroo

    the Goosegaroo4 дні тому

    I heard non toxic and I was confused as to how they're alcohol based, guess it made sense that I couldn't wrap my head around it.

  97. its aec

    its aec4 дні тому

    Now Rae and her dog both have pretty eyes

  98. Holly Wills

    Holly Wills4 дні тому

    Mine looked completely different

  99. Isaac 230813

    Isaac 2308134 дні тому

    Good lord she’s gorgeous😍

  100. The Person To Your Left

    The Person To Your Left4 дні тому

    Was it just me or did the colours hurt your eyes

  101. my unicornlovemorouj

    my unicornlovemorouj5 днів тому

    I mean you did better than I would ever done

  102. Olivia Baleno

    Olivia Baleno5 днів тому

    Nice contacts

  103. Lily Easter

    Lily Easter5 днів тому

    Why do we drink water Because we can’t eat it lol