Identical Twins Switch Places | Will Bailey’s Boyfriend Notice?


  1. Brooklyn and Bailey

    Brooklyn and Bailey2 місяці тому


  2. Xai Vang

    Xai Vang23 години тому

    UAreporter recommended but you can tell by the voice tone. Ones higher then the other.

  3. Patrick Mcguire

    Patrick Mcguire23 години тому

    I have only watched the swapping places in drive thru video and the driving cars behind each other drive thru video. I can see bailey face is a little longer and voice is a little more high pitched. Brooklyn face is a little smaller rounder and a slight deeper voice.

  4. Adrian Nugroho

    Adrian Nugroho8 днів тому


  5. Leo Ramos

    Leo Ramos8 днів тому


  6. Josh Roark

    Josh Roark8 днів тому

    Brooklyn and Bailey

  7. Andi

    Andi9 хвилин тому

    I can see a little diff. One of their face is kinda more round compared to the other

  8. Zyah Rivers

    Zyah Rivers21 хвилина тому

    U can tell the difference one of them has a wider face than the other

  9. Mariah's fashion desires

    Mariah's fashion desires26 хвилин тому

    Could tell from the start different personalities how they act and ones face is slimmer than the other

  10. Xdcookieman

    XdcookiemanГодину тому

    Umm I have twin classmates, and I can tell them apart. You can do it too because not all twins are exactly the same there are also flaws witch can probably indicate if whose who.I know this but since I'm always with them i can differrentiate between them.But if you're not close or you aren't with them you can't easily identify like me watching them for the first time this episode, at first i can't differentiate but i look for differences so that can also help in defferitaiting them.

  11. Britt's Little Bunch

    Britt's Little BunchГодину тому

    I’ve only seen few videos and I can tell who is who by face structure. I draw faces a lot so you can tell slightly but you have to be paying attention and I can only tell when facing camera

  12. Lucy G.

    Lucy G.Годину тому

    Omg!! I am shock there friends see the differences right away ! I can’t !! Lol!! Who is who!!

  13. OB city

    OB cityГодину тому


  14. 1234 5678

    1234 5678Годину тому


  15. Jacheline Alberto

    Jacheline Alberto2 години тому

    To me they do look different. And their voice is way different~

  16. Noway

    Noway2 години тому

    This showed up as my recommendation but I think it’s good it did, UAreporter finally fixing recommendations lol

  17. Adidashat Games

    Adidashat Games3 години тому

    This is a cute video ´ω`

  18. Marie Lestrange

    Marie Lestrange3 години тому

    Their noses are slightly different, otherwise they are exact copies of each other, I sometimes wish I was a twin too :(

  19. Dhhdhd sbxbdbd

    Dhhdhd sbxbdbd3 години тому

    The necklaces

  20. HavershamJoe

    HavershamJoe4 години тому

    If I was an identical twin I would forget which one I was

  21. Marius Groth

    Marius Groth4 години тому

    That's scary

  22. ashley

    ashley5 годин тому

    you can tell who bailey is by her nose

  23. Edd Marie Avila

    Edd Marie Avila5 годин тому

    I am new to this channel, recommendations brought me here, but I could tell them apart (their hair, facial structure, voice and eyes are kinda different). Maybe it's because I also have friends that are identical twins. Two pairs of identical female twins. All four of them are my elem and high school friends but they don't know one another because I studied in different elem and high school, like they are literally 5 municipalities apart. I also have a juniors in high school that are identical male twins and seniors who are identical female twins. So yeah, it taught me to be more observant of people. In my opinion, anyone could tell who's who especially if you're frequently hanging out with them because people would always give off a different vibe and aura no matter how identical they seem to be. Anyways, they're soo cute and socially active! New subscriber here. ❤

  24. DujkiPRO

    DujkiPRO6 годин тому


  25. ggonzalez101010

    ggonzalez1010107 годин тому


  26. Henna Dane

    Henna Dane7 годин тому

    6:00 her friend sounds so fake

  27. Cosmic Peach

    Cosmic Peach7 годин тому

    And some people can't even tell the difference between a Japanese and a Vietnamese.

  28. 1v1Me OnTetris

    1v1Me OnTetris7 годин тому

    Asa is the tallest he can’t really see wDYM

  29. Derin Fashae

    Derin Fashae8 годин тому

    You reckon they can't tell each other apart sometimes

  30. Steve Finesse

    Steve Finesse10 годин тому

    It’s kind of easy you guys don’t exactly have the same voice but you are both really pretty 👍🏼

  31. Ania Wasilewska

    Ania Wasilewska10 годин тому

    Tina is sooooo pretty

  32. Tc_ Kicks

    Tc_ Kicks10 годин тому

    They have completely different face shapes Brooklyn’s is very round and baileys is skinnier and longer and this is my first time ever seeing them

  33. John Doe

    John Doe11 годин тому

    Let me see if I can tell the difference by your anuses.

  34. Shadow Gamer

    Shadow Gamer12 годин тому

    The difference between them is The jaw lines especially the chin

  35. Rebecca Ball

    Rebecca Ball12 годин тому


  36. Elle Niña

    Elle Niña12 годин тому

    Who's who?

  37. Haziq Azri

    Haziq Azri12 годин тому

    They look like Dani Daniels

  38. Jackson R

    Jackson R13 годин тому

    Lmao anyone else think of the Marty scene from Madagascar escape 2 Africa 😂

  39. Song lyrics&Rythm

    Song lyrics&Rythm13 годин тому

    Bro why did she say ew

  40. Iceyscope

    Iceyscope13 годин тому

    Brooklyn a bit more hyper. Bailey is calmer

  41. Anna Redmile

    Anna Redmile13 годин тому

    Omg Asa and Bailey are so freaking cute ahhh

  42. isaac Miller

    isaac Miller14 годин тому

    Is one of them single 😻😅😂

  43. Ethan Burns

    Ethan Burns14 годин тому

    Bailey has a beauty mark on her upper lip. Duh

  44. Gangsta kittie

    Gangsta kittie14 годин тому

    I think its kinda sweet that asa didnt notice


    REE REECORDING14 годин тому

    I'd be able to notice if i had a gf with an identical twin

  46. Private

    Private14 годин тому

    Only way I can tell you guys apart is by your teeth😭 This is so sad and weird but it helps

  47. ChamLee

    ChamLee14 годин тому

    Your voice is different I can tell.

  48. Celephinn

    Celephinn14 годин тому

    Your noses are slightly different. I noticed it right away.

  49. Jerry Jerri

    Jerry Jerri15 годин тому

    EwWw, eWwWw EwWw, why is it ew?! Lmfao

  50. Bethany Campione

    Bethany Campione15 годин тому

    "That was *dramatic pause* rude."

  51. Madison Messier

    Madison Messier15 годин тому

    You can tell

  52. Yana Anne Calma

    Yana Anne Calma16 годин тому

    Too obvious

  53. Autumn Marie

    Autumn Marie16 годин тому

    Am I the only one who thinks Asa looks like Hayden Byerly?

  54. Nutcracker Gurl

    Nutcracker Gurl16 годин тому

    It took 1 hour for me to find a difference then I realized there eyes are a little different

  55. James Pittman

    James Pittman16 годин тому

    Baily has a more curved jaw then Brook. Brooks eyes are smaller. I grew up with 3sets of Identical twins . So I see differences more easy then most.