if god talked how people on facebook said he did


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    Friends! Last night I spoke to God and he told me that you guys need to follow me on twitter "or else"???? Twitter: @Gusbuckets

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    This is true.

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    @Kinga Tobiás hahahahah you're a tobias too I see

  5. Tobias Barnes

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    @Kinga Tobiás hahahahah you're a tobias too I see

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    @Tobias Barnes t HD majd kg j dg g fű g fű h g HD i fd

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    “...ya Christ” lmfao!!!!

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    was that a binding of isaac joke?

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    D A M N I T L A W R E N C E

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    Needed 1 min to carefully read the caption

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    That escalated quickly. I mean, that really got out of hand fast.


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    Satan is a chad gamer

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    Hail satan


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    U better or your going hell

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    How bout no

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    Oh my god the ending 😐

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    As a Christian who has a baby that means the world to me. That’s last joke was dope af!!!

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    Damn! That last one tho

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    Depends on who or what is tampering with the subliminal mind fkg

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    Suddenly, I feel very threatened. - a person whose mom's name is Paula

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    Wig+Santa-beard=win! (The old Dumbphone also adds funny)

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    hahhaaha GUS PLAY ME IN DUCK GAME??????????????

  24. NoltheSol

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    hahhaaha GUS PLAY ME IN DUCK GAME??????????????

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    That last line is based.

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    I was not expecting that ending.

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    Not my god, the only god I know has blonde hair and stands on the roof with a hose

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    The last one got me

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    That's definitely not How Jesus talks

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    Great job!

  31. Dirty Heretic

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    Hey, this is the resident heretic here and I can confirm this is how the christian god talks

  32. Drumset

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    Ohhh, you cheeky bastard, Gus ! That Jesus....Christ joke was Louie CK's and plus you're god not Jesus.

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    Any one else watching all of Gus’s videos just to hear the outro over and over?

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    Dont blaspheme

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    God can’t afford an IPhone?

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    the last line cracked me xD

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    Fr my dad almost named be obadiah he said my nick name would have been obi. I'm so glad he named me james Lee bogart IV, that's way better.

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    "figured I'd kill your child" OMG I haven't laughed this hard in a while

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    nice phone gud

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    But where does his angels go off to?

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    We looking for a full back tat buddy?

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    Obadiah will never not be funny

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    damn, that last one got me lmao

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    I like how the title says god, but then he called himself Jesus

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    How did god how talk to Facebook how did he and hoW it do?

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    I don't have Facebook so this is all very obscure

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    OH! OH SHI..... "figured I'd kill your child".... HOLY FUCK DUDE

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    The “Yeah Jesus here, Yeah Christ” was just- I became a tea kettle with Dream.

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    @M Green I-

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    Ikr! Crazy!

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    "Jesus here...yeah Christ" such an underrated line

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    Ah that last joke... so good.

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    Name them Ezekiel or some shit lmao

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    Love God's cordless telephone!

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    “If you like Paul’s new post, I’ll make your mum live forever”

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    I had a stroke reading the title

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    The *truth* in this is what makes it sad and hilarious

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    Dang right jesus

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    Oohhhh that last one 👌👌👌

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    "hey bro them doctors who went to school ain't do nothing to heal that cancer, that was all me baby" -Facebook God

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    Has anyone noticed how if a comment even mentions God and it all goes to shat

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    This is so right lol

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    Hey Jesus here Ya Christ Just kills me😂😂

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    Your so close to 3M

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    Friends! Last night I spoke to God and he told me that you guys need to follow me on twitter "or else"???? Twitter: @Gusbuckets

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    0:37 was incredibly funny hahaha ye aha christ yes

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    The title: God speaks like people on Facebook says God on video: hey, Susan, Jesus here Me: wait a minute

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    I'm offended

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    Was not expecting that ending... 😂🤣

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    When he looked left and right at the end I got flashbacks to ‘there’s an endangered species right there’.

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    Alt title god messing with people on Facebook

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    ?? But enjoying the video. ????

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    Actually, according to scripture, and common Christian cannon, people, and children don't turn into angels when they die. It is a common mistake, and every time someone comments on their grandmother's facebook obituary that heaven just got a new angel I always make sure to correct them. I wonder why people don't want to be my friend.

  79. HansEinar Fuglum

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    I definitely like this

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    Sacrifice* for more garbage

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    As a Christian myself I'm not even mad that is oddly accurate

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    Americanization of Christianity KJV really kinda sus

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    That angel one made me laugh so suddenly that I had a 5min long coughing fit

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    You forgot that he’ll spare someone’s dog if they get one million page likes.

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    Ok that last ones a bit harsh

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    SO cute...I love it! Perfection!

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    Ok dude

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    Hey Ken how’s your private jet, you like it?

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    Friends! Last night I spoke to God and he told me that you guys need to follow me on twitter "or else"???? Twitter: @Gusbuckets

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    The funniest thing about this is the phone

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    “Running a bit light on angels up here, figured I’d kill your child”😝🤣

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    whats facebook?

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    My name is Jedidiah

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    thank you for this nice video ??. I like it.

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    Best video yet 👌

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    My mother's name is paula 👀

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    I unsubscribed and then re-subscribed just to make sure I was in god's good books.

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    Honestly though. Like, if he spoke to you why isn't your Facebook post in the Bible? He's already revealed himself my dude.

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    cummy nuts

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    The last one was fantastic

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    Okay but I grew up Catholic and this is exactly how he talks in the First Testament.

  109. Lucas Egeland

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    I didn't realize they had Chevy Malibus in 2 ad

  110. MonsterBxtch

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    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not still a Catholic 😬

  111. Cameron Wright

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    This is not even funny. You think that since you dont believe in it making fun of what we believe. I just want to warn you that Mocking God and his people has some serious consequences. For example, two children were making fun of a prophet and the prophet called on two mother bears to come and eat the children, they were all eaten and killed.

  112. Lucas Egeland

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    @Cameron Wright no i wont, sky daddy told me i was gonna live forever. You just have to believe ofherwise you will be sent to hell

  113. Bagel

    BagelМісяць тому

    @Cameron Wright my point still stands

  114. Cameron Wright

    Cameron WrightМісяць тому

    @Lucas Egeland your going to spend eternity in hell if you dont repent and believe

  115. Lucas Egeland

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    @Cameron Wright i already have eternal life

  116. Cameron Wright

    Cameron WrightМісяць тому

    @Bagel Im not catholic, im Reformed

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    Gus is the funniest man on this platform

  118. Jacob Broome

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    0:24 i just got a cross tattoo on my thumb/wrist 3 days ago 😂

  119. Morgan Germani

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    Was waiting for the moment he tells someone how graceful and forgiving he is and that they better share it with everyone on their FB or they’ll have bad luck for ten years.

  120. J-エリコ

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    dont be blasphemin' now

  121. Ruby Cooper

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    Why does god even need to test people if he knows everything, and therefore knows how people will respond under certain circumstances?

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    Yeah ... Christ

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    I can’t turn notifications on it’s says that ur content is made for kids like Tf no it aint

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    @bilij pdan ok and like I don’t even give a shit

  125. bilij pdan

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    Horrific incident occurs Karen: "Time to update my FB with thoughts and prayers" God: "Bitch, it's Sunday gimme a break"

  126. Zephyr's Requiem

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    Funny yet infuriating

  127. bilij pdan

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    when he makes fun of your name

  128. Nikaluss

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    “Running a bit light on angels up here, figured I’d kill your child”😝🤣

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    Gus Johnson is really funny he is the God of jokes