Insane How-To Videos from the 50s



    WAFFLES FOREVER23 дні тому’re weird lol.

  2. Consilium Pacis

    Consilium PacisГодину тому

    Please perish due to natural selection. You are abominable.

  3. Summaiya Ali

    Summaiya AliДень тому

    - 1 poop

  4. iL

    iLДень тому

    poop 386

  5. yoongle boongle

    yoongle boongleДень тому

    Schnemley *gasp* do you know what a turd burglar is 🥴

  6. Schnemley

    SchnemleyДень тому

    The Turd Burglar strikes again 💩

  7. Gabby Kane

    Gabby Kane10 хвилин тому

    As a skinless, mouthless lesbian I have never been more powerful. No boys for me thank you, currently seeking a witch gf to craft me skin and a mouth. Let this eldritchian nightmare show you a good time!

  8. Josiah Morris

    Josiah MorrisГодину тому

    Is hello fresh even sponsoring him anymore or is he just that obsessed

  9. Thomas Morgan

    Thomas Morgan2 години тому

    I wish I could like your videos twice

  10. Erich Linha

    Erich Linha3 години тому

    1:29 by far the best part

  11. Spam Mail

    Spam Mail4 години тому

    5:56 *any female born after 1993 can’t cook... all they know is mcdonald’s , charge they phone, twerk, be bisexual , eat hot chip & lie*

  12. Felix Productions

    Felix Productions6 годин тому

    I’m no Democrat but JESUS F**KING THATS SEXIST

  13. cherripoxi

    cherripoxi8 годин тому


  14. Allison

    Allison8 годин тому

    Your videos actually make me laugh out loud every time 😂

  15. Yeetus Defeatus

    Yeetus Defeatus14 годин тому

    This happened a year ago, but PewDiePie called you Drew Gordon. Lol

  16. Spencer Wilson

    Spencer Wilson14 годин тому

    Back in the day they could change men gay by making a good cuppa coffee

  17. Chaywatchesvideos

    Chaywatchesvideos18 годин тому

    You, john mulaney and Jenna marbles are the only people who make me laugh

  18. dogman

    dogman21 годину тому

    *we do live in a society*

  19. Lil Napkin

    Lil Napkin22 години тому

    I watched the second video in English class last year. Hands down one of the best school experiences I’ve had.

  20. Joe Paddy

    Joe Paddy23 години тому

    10:24 got a legit belly laugh out of me

  21. bodysnatchers 4 ever

    bodysnatchers 4 ever23 години тому

    girls with skin😍😩

  22. Meghan Kirby

    Meghan Kirby23 години тому

    All girls after 1940 know is dress well be bisexual eat hot chip and lie

  23. Ike Fan

    Ike FanДень тому

    Wait, since when have we lived in a society?

  24. Julia S

    Julia SДень тому

    You’re hilarious

  25. Cloverblossomed

    CloverblossomedДень тому

    Drew, you’re doing a good job and you should feel good about yourself.

  26. Radhé Osborn

    Radhé OsbornДень тому

    The last guy was speaking a different language. I can also speak this language so I understood him perfectly. It was the language known as 'Auatralian'.

  27. Rodney Sihlangu

    Rodney SihlanguДень тому

    4:00 - 4:13 what is the song that samples this part of the video?

  28. Velo Young

    Velo YoungДень тому

    I’m now getting 1940’s instructional videos in my recommended help

  29. reuben aucote

    reuben aucoteДень тому

    10:15 oh poor old man works to hard for the wife who has got nothing to do

  30. TheBluePoncho

    TheBluePonchoДень тому

    You’re what hank green and Cody ko’s baby would be

  31. Sophia Deitch

    Sophia DeitchДень тому

    My mom said you should watch the old videos about exercises... I haven’t seen them but she acted like she was scarred by them

  32. Toxic Gamer

    Toxic GamerДень тому

    I'd hit that though. Even with those ghastly socks.

  33. Chaos20X6

    Chaos20X6День тому

    Any girl born after 1939 don’t know how to cook coffee, all they know is park in cars, dress well, be bisexual, don’t get into trouble and lie

  34. abigail zagar

    abigail zagarДень тому

    shit im only bisexual 😤😭

  35. NonsensicalVids

    NonsensicalVidsДень тому

    "that skin" I bet doesn't just refer to her having nice skin...

  36. Miu

    MiuДень тому

    This video is GOLD. Best. reaction. ever. I subscribed!

  37. ASAP Killerr

    ASAP KillerrДень тому

    10:16 "Poor old man, he works so hard the wives got (have) nothing to do" . He sounds australian, i think thats why i can understand

  38. Kimjongsplooge ‘em ‘ em

    Kimjongsplooge ‘em ‘ emДень тому


  39. Hardcore Guro

    Hardcore GuroДень тому

    This is propaganda why can’t you call it by its name

  40. Shadow

    Shadow2 дні тому

    all popular 50's girls know how to do is dress well, be bisexual and not lie.

  41. Cassy Higgins

    Cassy Higgins2 дні тому

    Wait... I think we do live in a society

  42. Lee C

    Lee C2 дні тому

    New favorite UAreporterr

  43. Lauren

    Lauren2 дні тому

    7:00 the way he says “bad taste” is like Stanley Tucci in Devil Wears Prada reading someone because of their tacky outfit

  44. Lauren

    Lauren2 дні тому

    “She’s as interested in girls as she is in boys” okay phew, I’ve got that one down

  45. Lexie Tibbs

    Lexie Tibbs2 дні тому

    Call me sexist, but as a female I actually agree somewhat with the first ones. I personally don't think there's anything wrong with embracing traditional femininity, as long as respect goes both ways. The commercials are fucking hilarious though, I cant lie. "Honey I'm sorry but dear god this coffee just tastes like shit"