International Candy Taste Test


  1. Maria Thelin

    Maria Thelin8 днів тому

    Pretty sure turkisk peber is eaten in all of scandinavia, and it's from denmark! :)

  2. Jesse Kang

    Jesse Kang8 днів тому

    I feel like link just copies Rhett lol 😂

  3. peyton the undertale lover

    peyton the undertale lover10 днів тому

    Link has a lot if r/ihadastroke moments

  4. Cathrine Lydia

    Cathrine Lydia11 днів тому

    Round 4 Tyrkisk peber is not finish but danish

  5. Kevin G

    Kevin G11 днів тому

    Links so odd.

  6. Rex Thrasher

    Rex Thrasher12 днів тому

    There are actually two imaginary countries, because Finland does not exist either. Best wishes, a man from Finland.

  7. Kasey Salinas

    Kasey Salinas12 днів тому

    I go for Rhett because link is a sore loser

  8. Melinda Luscomb

    Melinda Luscomb13 днів тому

    "Can I reach this time" while already grabbing the candy. 😂

  9. HamDerDanskeren

    HamDerDanskeren16 днів тому

    Tyrkisk peber is not from Finland, it's from Denmark!

  10. J

    J16 днів тому

    Damnit why is always the friggin Netherlands on the board and never Belgium... We have better candy than them by far!!

  11. Kylskåp

    Kylskåp17 днів тому

    I love Tyrkisk Peber and im from Sweden

  12. dave hultermans

    dave hultermans17 днів тому

    Jeah. Milk those vieuws..... great....

  13. DragonFireHype 1

    DragonFireHype 119 днів тому

    I like how link has green darts and the cartographer has a green dart in his hat

  14. Smiggle Smish

    Smiggle Smish21 день тому

    These are my favorite

  15. Josh Boggs

    Josh Boggs22 дні тому

    This is one of the last videos before the dark ages if GMM

  16. Treat U Right

    Treat U Right25 днів тому

    05:03 both of them turned their heads at the same time

  17. Rasmus Suhr-Hansen

    Rasmus Suhr-Hansen25 днів тому

    Tyrkisk Peber is Danish, but a Company from Finland produces it. Per Fjelsten invented it and he’s Danish.

  18. Celeste Casale

    Celeste Casale26 днів тому

    Does no one remember the krabby patty gummies?

  19. Forgiven By Grace Divine

    Forgiven By Grace Divine29 днів тому

    My favorite candy is chocolate.

  20. Miscolored Hub

    Miscolored HubМісяць тому

    Ive been eating everyburger for a while and its delicious nice to see you have it

  21. LimzVlogz

    LimzVlogzМісяць тому

    when link picks up a dart: 12:54

  22. Tanya Lykke

    Tanya LykkeМісяць тому

    Ehm.. I’m pretty sure that Tyrkisk Peber is Danish and not Finnish. Especially since it’s written in danish on the bag.

  23. Tanya Lykke

    Tanya LykkeМісяць тому

    Also the fact that Fazer is a Finnish label, does NOT stop the fact that it was Danish invented in Denmark. :D

  24. Julia Huebert

    Julia HuebertМісяць тому

    Let me says this once and only once. Not all Mexican food and snacks are spicy, Link.

  25. Julia Huebert

    Julia HuebertМісяць тому

    Where in the world is Carmen San Diego

  26. That Asian boii

    That Asian boiiМісяць тому

    When I grow up I want to go to the country of chad

  27. Christian Dinh

    Christian DinhМісяць тому

    Why does link try to act funny when he a clown

  28. Tenebrus • 10 years and

    Tenebrus • 10 years andМісяць тому


  29. Smofo

    Smofo2 місяці тому

    We have Turkisk Peber in Sweden too and it’s so good.

  30. Vuk Vukmanovic

    Vuk Vukmanovic2 місяці тому

    Me: looks at the map Also me: instantly notices that: 1. Turkmenistan is written as turzistan 2. Thats not even turkmenistan thats kyrgyzstan

  31. Tye

    Tye2 місяці тому

    rhett is eerily perfect at guessing

  32. Alicia Nefdt

    Alicia Nefdt2 місяці тому

    Weird... im from SA and never had or seen that nougat.. looks nice tho ! Awsome show guys!

  33. Jan kleynhans

    Jan kleynhansМісяць тому

    I also never had it Sally Williams yes 🤤🤤🤤

  34. april8tost

    april8tost2 місяці тому

    I can't find Turzistan in google maps, where on earth is that?!

  35. Captain Birch

    Captain Birch2 місяці тому

    Right next to Quebequador

  36. Guiness

    Guiness2 місяці тому

    Chase is kind of over dramatic.

  37. King Cole

    King Cole2 місяці тому

    12:53 a wild chase appears

  38. MasterOf TheFog

    MasterOf TheFog2 місяці тому

    Was link on speed during this episode

  39. Buckle 97

    Buckle 972 місяці тому

    Thinking the same think

  40. Sean Murphy

    Sean Murphy2 місяці тому

    Lol I just love the dart in chase's hat

  41. j

    j2 місяці тому

    turzistan isn't a real country

  42. John Thomas

    John Thomas2 місяці тому

    Idc but Rhett 100% won Link used 3 cheats. So no lol

  43. THUGamerZ 666

    THUGamerZ 6662 місяці тому

    9:17 Me trying to talk to people

  44. Lego Yoda Death Sound

    Lego Yoda Death Sound2 місяці тому

    Lappland isn’t in Finland, it’s in Sweden

  45. Dankulous

    Dankulous2 місяці тому

    6:04 WHAT THE FU...

  46. Celienet

    Celienet3 місяці тому

    Rhett hit Cancun!

  47. Celienet

    Celienet3 місяці тому

    I'm kinda new - Is Link Link, or Neil?

  48. i-ran-outta-waffels

    i-ran-outta-waffels3 місяці тому

    Ok but why is Ireland not next to the UK

  49. Kelly Mcsweeney

    Kelly Mcsweeney3 місяці тому

    I like the dynamic. And occasionally, Link is funny.. But I have to say, he would be a hard human to be around very often. Lot going on there.

  50. Judy Chen

    Judy Chen3 місяці тому

    8:36 angry birds also promoted this candy

  51. Judy Chen

    Judy Chen3 місяці тому

    7:14 7:15

  52. pugs910

    pugs9103 місяці тому

    Every burger are one of my favorite snacks. I get them at Walmart. I love them.

  53. klgonz

    klgonz3 місяці тому

    Always want Rhett to win the games because he’s always giving Link chances to win, he either uses logic to get right answers or doesn’t have any logic and gets right answers, and Link never tries to give Rhett advantages.

  54. Debbie Guthrie

    Debbie Guthrie3 місяці тому

    I was hiding with Links last fart

  55. Schmoops

    Schmoops3 місяці тому

    How is nobody talking about how Rhett was just a floating head and arms the whole video?

  56. TheCreepyArchives

    TheCreepyArchives3 місяці тому

    1/10 joke neck yourself

  57. norwegiandanish

    norwegiandanish3 місяці тому

    "Tyrkisk peber" is actually danish but was bought by a finnish company.

  58. Pappa Raven

    Pappa Raven3 місяці тому

    And they the didn't bite it, they never bite it 😡 i just want to see them bite it.

  59. KZ Official

    KZ Official3 місяці тому

    Wait, I thought Tyrkisk Peber was danish..

  60. Kani Hossian

    Kani Hossian2 місяці тому

    It is Danish.

  61. Matthew McGinn

    Matthew McGinn3 місяці тому

    Everyone: I’m secretly cheering for Rhett Me: what if I’m cheering for link it’s not a secret if u r all saying it Oh well I’m good

  62. Mr. Green Banana

    Mr. Green Banana3 місяці тому


  63. Ben Horn

    Ben Horn3 місяці тому

    שוקולד פרה פצפוצים מתתי

  64. moon book

    moon book3 місяці тому

    Ben Horn יאפ

  65. S T

    S T3 місяці тому


  66. Bønnie

    Bønnie3 місяці тому

    Rhett's answer is Link's answer

  67. TheWhale

    TheWhale3 місяці тому

    They make taste tests better by turning them into games

  68. Bark Dog

    Bark Dog3 місяці тому

    i cant stop laughing from watching the begining looking at link.