iPhone 11 - The Best iPhone in 2020


  1. Jesse Aflleje

    Jesse Aflleje23 години тому

    I swap phones a lot. I gave my 11 Pro Max to my son and just traded my Galaxy S10+ for the iPhone 11. Should have it next Wednesday.

  2. omynator 2000

    omynator 2000День тому

    I have a Samsung galaxy s9 sucker haha

  3. Audrey Marie

    Audrey MarieДень тому

    *I just unboxed the iPhone 11 on my channel, I already love the phone!*

  4. SphericPenny73

    SphericPenny73День тому

    The iPhone 11 has almost the same amount of pixel density as all the iPads to the current iPad released this year, which a lot of other tech reviewers claimed was very great, so I don't see the problem with the screen on the iPhone 11

  5. Sayirah Wilson

    Sayirah Wilson2 дні тому

    I have the mint green iPhone 11😍😍😍😍. It’s amazing. I’ve been using it for 3 months so far and it’s amazing❤️❤️

  6. Cheezyy Mac

    Cheezyy Mac3 дні тому

    getting myself and my lady one monday :)

  7. 100 subs with vids Challenge

    100 subs with vids Challenge3 дні тому

    I’m using the 8 And I’m grateful 💯 yessir

  8. Raymond Caligagan

    Raymond Caligagan4 дні тому

    Me plss first time iPhone 11


    EMPORIO4 дні тому

    wait, didn't the iphone 11 have overheating problems?

  10. Nafiun Al Amin

    Nafiun Al Amin5 днів тому

    I came from Moto G5 plus to iPhone 11

  11. Турецкие Сериалы TV

    Турецкие Сериалы TV5 днів тому

    I came from an iphone 6 to an iphone 11. I'm still learning everything about the iphone 11 through your channel. Thanks.

  12. Турецкие Сериалы TV

    Турецкие Сериалы TV5 днів тому

    I came from an iphone 6 to an iphone 11. I'm still learning everything about the iphone 11 through your channel. Thanks.

  13. Турецкие Сериалы TV

    Турецкие Сериалы TV5 днів тому


  14. Itz Scythe

    Itz Scythe6 днів тому

    One thing abt apple is if u join apple you'll never leave

  15. Zita Claes

    Zita Claes6 днів тому

    In belgium it’s 809 and if i would turn in my 8 it woul be 699

  16. ingobingo-2*_* Nese

    ingobingo-2*_* Nese6 днів тому

    This is how many people are sitting next to there parents hoping they listen 👇🏻

  17. Lasx - Games

    Lasx - Games7 днів тому

    My heart: iphone 11 pro max My phone: a30s and Huawei mediapad m3 lite 10 My piggy bank: untouched money

  18. Rob M

    Rob M7 днів тому

    It’s safe to say this is a step up from the 7plus?

  19. Irma Moreno

    Irma Moreno7 днів тому

    i'm wonder what an iPhone 20 would look like 🤔

  20. Brendan Hoffmann

    Brendan Hoffmann7 днів тому

    I just ordered an iPhone 11 black 256gb. I got a pay raise. Got it through my phone carrier. Upgrading from iPhone 7 Plus.

  21. Honey Bunny

    Honey Bunny8 днів тому

    Great video I'm trading my iPhone 8 plus for the 11 on Friday, I'm excited now thank you!

  22. The little dumpling

    The little dumpling8 днів тому

    In Canada the phone is $1004...😐😐😐

  23. Aneeqa Jasrah

    Aneeqa Jasrah8 днів тому

    Why do I keep watching these videos...

  24. Sport Adresi

    Sport Adresi9 днів тому

    İppppppppppeyin iyi pasibe

  25. John Dodson

    John Dodson9 днів тому

    I had iPhone 5s ,6,6s,6s plus but the iPhone 11 is my favorite iPhone

  26. Dave OsBeatz

    Dave OsBeatz9 днів тому

    Finally went a got my 11.. I had a 6plus and damn this is a huge difference..I can’t stand contracts and I like to own my phone..putting a screen protector on a sprint phone is like tinting a rental lmao just kidding..but cricket gave me 2 lines unlimited data 90$ a month and 2 new iPhones for really cheap..I was surprised to get the the 11 for 500$ and her XR for like 400$ .this 11 is a huge difference just not battery ..I got a red one and was lucky they had one in red..wish they had a orange 🍊but yeah I got a clear apple case though so the red stands out lol.. so is it recommended to use my bigger iPad charger? To make it charge faster? Not complaining cause the charge last forever but is it good to charge fast? Will it mess it up overall ..I keep phones for a while I’m tryna make it last

  27. Luke Ingusan

    Luke Ingusan10 днів тому

    To iPhone Xr

  28. Luke Ingusan

    Luke Ingusan10 днів тому

    iPhone 6

  29. Angela Palma

    Angela Palma10 днів тому

    My mom is gonna buy one in my birthdayyyyy

  30. a totally random chick on the internet

    a totally random chick on the internet12 днів тому

    My heart : XR or 11 My Phone: a ZTE My wallet: 6s plus

  31. Cici C

    Cici C12 днів тому

    My heart: iPhone 11 My phone: iPhone 11 My wallet: a penny...

  32. HowToDo

    HowToDo12 днів тому

    Loving this phone! Also, guys you can check thegiveawayland .com as they are giving away different iPhones pretty every day.

  33. India Hawkins

    India Hawkins12 днів тому

    Can I get. One please

  34. Vedant Kulkarni

    Vedant Kulkarni12 днів тому

    IPhone 11 128GB edition costs a lot in india. I'm still hoping to buy an iPhone someday.

  35. Roblox Guy and fortnite pro

    Roblox Guy and fortnite pro13 днів тому

    I have the iPhone 11 and it’s great

  36. NoNewWorldOrder Warrior

    NoNewWorldOrder Warrior13 днів тому

    Wish it had the bottom button like the 7

  37. Luz Melina Lopez

    Luz Melina Lopez14 днів тому

    My heart : IPhone 11 green My phone: IPhone 8 Plus My wallet: 0$

  38. Billy Arabia

    Billy Arabia14 днів тому

    Watching this on my iPhone 11..

  39. Elliott Yancey

    Elliott Yancey14 днів тому

    So I'm thinking about switching from Android (Samsung) to iPhone. Is it worth it or should I stay on Android

  40. MR Br

    MR Br14 днів тому

    i really miss the phones with home button . iphone 7 or 8 designs are the best

  41. Avinash Poojary

    Avinash Poojary14 днів тому


  42. Kaye Linaza

    Kaye Linaza15 днів тому

    My heart: iphone 11 My wallet: ohh I forgot, I don't have wallet 😅

  43. Fútbol 4 Life

    Fútbol 4 Life15 днів тому

    I jumped from iPhone 6 to iPhone 11 any suggestions I’m still confused

  44. bobscho3310

    bobscho331016 днів тому

    My dad made a deal with me if he sold a old tractor he didn’t won’t he would buy me one I really hope he sells

  45. GG TV

    GG TV16 днів тому

    I'm poor HAHA

  46. David Corruthers

    David Corruthers16 днів тому

    Buy an otter box and the phone will look much bigger trust me

  47. Ehzraa_

    Ehzraa_16 днів тому

    Samsung >>>>>>> Iphone

  48. Jody Foster

    Jody Foster16 днів тому

    Stop making 4g phones!

  49. zollotech

    zollotech16 днів тому

    5g is not relevant yet and won't be for a couple years other than sub-6. I am sure they will have an option this year though.

  50. Elijah Lumpkin

    Elijah Lumpkin16 днів тому

    So I need some advice, Would it be worth upgrading from the samsung s9(my current device), to the iphone 11 I've been wanting to switch to iphone just bc I prefer the os and ecosystem, but I know for a fact my phone has an oled screen already and this has an LCD And yes I know I could go pro, but look, I'd rather save 300 bucks OK?

  51. Lilibeth Ibarra

    Lilibeth Ibarra17 днів тому

    I have the purple one 😊 I love it 😍

  52. Elicificent

    Elicificent17 днів тому

    Is it too late to shift into iPhone11 now? Or should I wait for 12, what can be the great decision?

  53. Ben Simon

    Ben Simon17 днів тому

    Can you do picture to picture with UAreporter?

  54. TOXIC

    TOXIC17 днів тому

    I’m getting it on Saturday

  55. Deion Crews

    Deion Crews17 днів тому

    Love this phone

  56. Double D

    Double D18 днів тому


  57. Jay Shen Lung

    Jay Shen Lung18 днів тому

    MY HEART: iphone11 MY PHONE: iphone 8 MY WALLET: 🤫

  58. sammy davis

    sammy davis18 днів тому

    Responding on iPhone 4S running IOS 6!!!!

  59. Zeus Gomez

    Zeus Gomez18 днів тому

    My phone rn iPhone 8 Gunna get the iPhone 11 it was a hard decision but not any more

  60. Kevin Mañalac

    Kevin Mañalac18 днів тому

    I bought mine last 29th February. No regrets at all. 👍🏻

  61. Arieas Hill

    Arieas Hill19 днів тому

    Wish I had an iPhone 11 😕😕😥😥 I got an iPhone 6splus


    JOE PRETE19 днів тому

    @zollotech Do you recommend a lens Protector?

  63. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright19 днів тому

    If the iPhone 11 came with three cameras I think I 100% would of went with the product red iPhone 11. I’ve wanted that color for awhile now but I had to go with the Pro Max.

  64. Anil Naik

    Anil Naik20 днів тому

    I want to buy latest iphone , maybe iphone 11 pro max.

  65. haven wallace

    haven wallace20 днів тому

    his hands are too big

  66. haven wallace

    haven wallace20 днів тому

    @zollotech im getting the 11 this week so im learning all about it from you haha

  67. haven wallace

    haven wallace20 днів тому

    @zollotech thats true haha

  68. zollotech

    zollotech20 днів тому

    Or maybe your hands are too small. 😀

  69. Fawaz Ghazanfar

    Fawaz Ghazanfar21 день тому

    you need to get a better mic, just a suggestion :)

  70. antlou123

    antlou12321 день тому

    My wife got the iphone 11 and the phone screen didn't last 2 months before ot started flicking and as what the iPhone sales rep in apple store said " display image quality" issue. 👎

  71. Albert Lefebvre

    Albert Lefebvre21 день тому

    I am a phone tech enthusiast and I have an iPhone 11. I absolutely love it

  72. Jesica Norsworthy

    Jesica Norsworthy22 дні тому

    I want a iPhone 11 and I am using iPhone7+

  73. RobloxerMartin

    RobloxerMartin22 дні тому

    In 🇵🇭 almost every carrier and apple store ran out of iPhone 11 stock due to 2019 coronavirus

  74. sinkiy

    sinkiy22 дні тому

    Best phone in 2020? Seriously bruh? The s20 camera, screen, memory size, cpu speed, size of phone, bezel of phone and it also has micro SD which iPhone never does for expansion. Everything on the s20 are better than IPhone 11. How can you name a video title iPhone 11 is best phone of 2020? Shame on you man. Make an actual scientific video and not fanboy crap. I seriously can’t remember a time where same gen flagships have been so different from Samsung and apple before this years. I think 2020 is the worse year for Apple phone. Everything a phone is s20 is better at than iphone 11 everything. Wtf. If you ever have wanted to switch your iPhone this is the time, because the next few Samsung phones are gonna be the same. Galaxy 11 will blow iPhone 12 out of the water just as the s20 is doing to iPhone 11.

  75. sinkiy

    sinkiy22 дні тому

    zollotech I gotcha. I just wanted to text rant. I love you.

  76. zollotech

    zollotech22 дні тому

    I think you read the title wrong. It says best iPhone, not best phone and that is a very subjective thing.

  77. Rori Ramokolo

    Rori Ramokolo22 дні тому

    My wallet has left the chat

  78. Beekibye

    Beekibye22 дні тому

    Isn't the title a bold statement? It is the best iPhone on 2020 but is it the best phone ? I think that's more useful than saying what everyone already knows.

  79. zollotech

    zollotech22 дні тому

    It doesn’t say phone, it says best iPhone

  80. des sy

    des sy22 дні тому

    So it means that camera of the 11 and the pros are the sane except without telephoto 🤔 i should buy iphone11 if that's the case.

  81. zollotech

    zollotech22 дні тому

    Correct. They are identical.

  82. One

    One22 дні тому

    Using a 6s for 3 years now. I’m thinking about upgrading to a 11 this summer.

  83. John Cervantes

    John Cervantes22 дні тому

    One dude same!

  84. Tomas Jansson

    Tomas Jansson22 дні тому

    I got mine iPhone 11 yesterday😝

  85. Hamda Aljassmi

    Hamda Aljassmi22 дні тому

    My brother have iPhone 11 blue colour and,my mom have iphone 11 pro MAX

  86. Hamda Aljassmi

    Hamda Aljassmi22 дні тому

    My brother and my mother have iPhone 11

  87. Navjot Singh

    Navjot Singh22 дні тому

    I don't I phone11 phone I win this phone but no my winter Da phone

  88. Jamari Wilder

    Jamari Wilder22 дні тому

    Where did you get that wallpaper from ?

  89. iOS_PC

    iOS_PC23 дні тому

    iPhone 6 to iPhone 11