iPhone 12 Pro Leaks! Navy Blue, Thinner, 6GB Ram & Huge A14 Gains


  1. katy gaga

    katy gagaДень тому

    Can I get a iPhone 😭??

  2. Patricia Rivas

    Patricia RivasДень тому

    I thought my Apple pro max 11 was the bomb and of course I have to get the 12.

  3. Thor Odinson

    Thor Odinson2 дні тому

    Does it have usb c tho

  4. Fresh Produce

    Fresh Produce2 дні тому



    HENKEN SENSEI2 дні тому

    Not going to lie I’m not a iPhone junkie but your vids and presentation are amazing love it keep it up u got a new sub

  6. Why are you gay?

    Why are you gay?2 дні тому

    I got the Xs I skipped the 11 pro will be getting iPhone 12

  7. J A

    J A3 дні тому

    Too many phones . I’m confused

  8. Ashton Bosah

    Ashton Bosah3 дні тому

    Where did the square housing come from

  9. Varinder Sindwal

    Varinder Sindwal3 дні тому

    Did u see get lost u dreamer

  10. LukasMe

    LukasMe4 дні тому

    Have the Iphone 6. This year i will upgrade to probably Iphone XR/XS or so. I would love to have a iphone 11 or better, but of course its too expensive.

  11. Fabio Speranza

    Fabio Speranza4 дні тому

    Hahahahahaha amazing

  12. Hardik Agrawal

    Hardik Agrawal4 дні тому

    Are there any leaks on the new airpods or shall I get the pro ones?

  13. Asjath Shakir

    Asjath Shakir4 дні тому

    Excellent great

  14. Pranav

    Pranav4 дні тому

    lmfao imagine believing that they will remove all ports, i will come back to this comment in 2021 to prove you all wrong

  15. Donatas Nilakshan

    Donatas Nilakshan4 дні тому


  16. Arthur Peter

    Arthur Peter5 днів тому

    I need to win d s20 ultra pleaseeeee

  17. MJ

    MJ5 днів тому

    iPhones are like the Ferrari of phones and Sami is the Mercedes Benz or the Mclaren

  18. Moh Darwish

    Moh Darwish5 днів тому


  19. Md Mehedi Hossen

    Md Mehedi Hossen5 днів тому

  20. Isa Del rosario

    Isa Del rosario5 днів тому

    I love your voice ita crystal clear

  21. gustavo c.a

    gustavo c.a5 днів тому

    Who won the AirPods pro?

  22. Blaise Dahl

    Blaise Dahl6 днів тому

    Will the thinner girth sacrifice battery life?

  23. Garett W

    Garett W6 днів тому

    Why do y’all keep saying these are leaks. No....they are not. You can’t even get invited to an Apple conference. You get invited to samsungs

  24. W Cook

    W Cook7 днів тому

    Bruh apple got a bunch of u guys under their thumbs. You don't need to upgrade annually if u can't afford it

  25. Glizz9

    Glizz97 днів тому

    It’s gonna feel like an android with the square frame Keep the curves

  26. issaKorean

    issaKorean7 днів тому

    So the iphone has 6gb of ram while all of the s20s has 12gb...

  27. Pavan Krishna

    Pavan Krishna9 днів тому

    Since I have never won any of your giveaways and I am a subscriber from 90k can I bypass and can you send me an iPhone or a watch or airpods ? Thanks in advance Lol

  28. Pavan Krishna

    Pavan Krishna9 днів тому

    I feel wierd asking this way

  29. Muhammad Haris Mir

    Muhammad Haris Mir9 днів тому


  30. Neezy Ceezy

    Neezy Ceezy9 днів тому

    Still reppin the 7 😂 Broke gang

  31. Paul in Ireland

    Paul in Ireland9 днів тому

    Usb type C... No notch... Expandable storage.... 5000 mah battery .... 90 htz 4k super amoled display with gorilla glass 6 ..... And I will think about purchasing.

  32. Nico las

    Nico las10 днів тому

    we would all have to get new power banks that can wireless charge haha

  33. Didar Farage

    Didar Farage10 днів тому

    youtube just unsubbed you without me doing anything lol

  34. Katherine Abelar

    Katherine Abelar10 днів тому


  35. Qumar Zaman

    Qumar Zaman10 днів тому

    Apple are good in ripping off customers with the same design used for at least 2 to 3 years, ☹️ and the 5G model coming out in Sep 2020, where as Samsung’s s10 is already available in 5G.

  36. A A

    A A11 днів тому


  37. Brandon K

    Brandon K12 днів тому

    I need those AirPods Pros. I hope I win

  38. Lunatic Beast

    Lunatic Beast12 днів тому

    They used to be the game changers, the best in segment. And that is why people used to buy i phones. Now its just the brand value and lazy upgrades

  39. Lunatic Beast

    Lunatic Beast12 днів тому

    I was going to buy 11 but was dissapointed. the things im looking forward to this year are: ▪︎C-type ▪︎No-notch ▪︎A proper design

  40. owen daboss

    owen daboss12 днів тому

    I want square housing

  41. Andre Cancelinha

    Andre Cancelinha12 днів тому

    I’ve stuck with the 8 plus bc I’ve seen no real changes in the past couple of years that made me really want a new iPhone. Hoping that iPhone 4/5 design comes back and no notch then maybe I’ll get the new one.

  42. Saleh Zubair

    Saleh Zubair12 днів тому

    We love you guys amazing videos ❤️❤️🤍

  43. Amine Miller

    Amine Miller13 днів тому

    Great video

  44. Lsk Strmz

    Lsk Strmz13 днів тому

    AirPods pro pls

  45. Tyler Dowd

    Tyler Dowd13 днів тому

    I hate how massive they're making these phones

  46. Tirth Detroja

    Tirth Detroja13 днів тому

    Nice job

  47. Kevin Barrios

    Kevin Barrios13 днів тому

    Rip kobe

  48. SWAX

    SWAX14 днів тому

    Where do I get these sick wallpapers on the iPads?

  49. Christopher Finn

    Christopher Finn14 днів тому

    Are you talking about Ming Cheese Everything Cr💩pple Kuo?

  50. Raj sugu

    Raj sugu14 днів тому

    I love it apple products

  51. Shadab74

    Shadab7414 днів тому


  52. Lainie Barbee

    Lainie Barbee14 днів тому


  53. Mario Zavala

    Mario Zavala14 днів тому

    I did lost a airpod it sucks😭

  54. Mario Zavala

    Mario Zavala14 днів тому

    Love your vids❤️❤️

  55. Charles Jovellanos

    Charles Jovellanos14 днів тому

    Nice man

  56. Abhijeet Selvan

    Abhijeet Selvan14 днів тому

    Hello everything apple pro can I get an AirPods pro

  57. Joshua Hull

    Joshua Hull14 днів тому

    I need the new apple air pods

  58. Shaquille Oatmeal

    Shaquille Oatmeal15 днів тому

    Apple is just getting 6 gb of ram? lol.

  59. Shaquille Oatmeal

    Shaquille Oatmeal13 днів тому

    @Nash Naubert yall dont even have a full resolution screen.. I dont want to hear shit coming from any iphone user

  60. Nash Naubert

    Nash Naubert13 днів тому

    Shaquille Oatmeal stale android joke. Only needs 6gb or less because os is much better optimized than other operating systems.

  61. Victorix

    Victorix15 днів тому

    The only necessary update needs to be made is preventing the phone from randomly switching off in the cold weather. That’s all I ask! With all these fancy-shmancy new models, can’t they just make low temperature resistant ones?

  62. John Leyva

    John Leyva15 днів тому

    Tbh I lost track of all the iphones, there’s so many now it’s really confusing

  63. Tony Gill

    Tony Gill15 днів тому

    Your backyard looks gorgeous. Incredible setting with those evergreens in the back