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Is Ariana Grande's Voice in Decline? *PROOF*


  1. Aurora Bold

    Aurora Bold3 місяці тому

    As a grad student in speech pathology, I absolutely love this guy

  2. - -

    - -20 днів тому

    Aurora Bold damn everyone here is a speech pathologist 🙄

  3. Really Though

    Really ThoughМісяць тому

    What kind of job will you get with speech pathology?

  4. Ally May

    Ally May2 місяці тому

    Me too!!

  5. Alzbeta Simovicova

    Alzbeta Simovicova2 місяці тому

    haha me too :D love from Slovakia

  6. Brechje Bakker

    Brechje Bakker2 місяці тому

    Linguistics major here! I love what you're talking about, I get it now

  7. x Ally

    x AllyДень тому

    Demi Lovato or Ariana Grande?

  8. J Bear

    J BearДень тому

    She is def not in vocal decline, she's one of the most talented vocalist out! Beautiful performances both of them!

  9. rainfall sai

    rainfall saiДень тому

    tristan staning ariana for 11 minutes

  10. rainfall sai

    rainfall saiДень тому

    c h i l l s

  11. It’s Kaylee

    It’s KayleeДень тому

    Can we just address the fact that he laughs differently when it comes to Ariana...?

  12. Mònica Martínez

    Mònica Martínez2 дні тому

    WAS THAT ALEX LACAMOIRE ON THE PIANO? Where and when was this performance??

  13. Supergirl Tiger

    Supergirl Tiger2 дні тому

    I’m sure u have a crush on her ;))

  14. Ellie Glickman

    Ellie Glickman2 дні тому

    In my opinion her vocal abilities have improved, but her singing style has changed. I don’t love the new style. Also the style changes depending on the songs. I think she is a wonderful singer.

  15. Neil Robson

    Neil Robson3 дні тому

    I adore you

  16. Rina Maxhuni

    Rina Maxhuni3 дні тому

    Can you rect to zara larrson live

  17. Saul Carrillo

    Saul Carrillo3 дні тому

    Bessh no 🙄😑 Just because she can hit some high notes doesn’t make her a good singer Her breath is awful, and you can’t even understand her words “the ...zard and i”

  18. Maddie B

    Maddie B3 дні тому

    “I don’t get goosebumps I just cry” *mood*

  19. Katarina Jakob

    Katarina Jakob3 дні тому

    Is aloonalarionova your vlog channel or is the link wrong? :)

  20. BluuCat06 `

    BluuCat06 `3 дні тому

    He explains why her voice is way deeper in a more recent video

  21. Paula Gamio

    Paula Gamio4 дні тому

    4:27 Tristan starts to fan girl like crazy


    NAVYA RAWAT5 днів тому

    is he gay? #nooffence

  23. Just Skinny, Wig Snatch, Ass Clap

    Just Skinny, Wig Snatch, Ass Clap7 днів тому

    Who said Ariana can’t sing? 😌✨✨

  24. Jeremy Kline

    Jeremy Kline8 днів тому

    this might have been the peak of her vocals, she hasn’t performed like that in a while but maybe she’s just not displaying it anymore?

  25. Heather Pratt

    Heather Pratt9 днів тому

    I knew there was a musical theater nerd in there for as much as you hate on classical 😂

  26. mads

    mads10 днів тому

    heres my opinion even though nobody asked for it: Ariana grande's voice now is amazing, she's able to do so many more things with her voice and it is fascinating to listen to. her vibratos and the ways she switches between notes are so smooth and in control, and even though her voice may not be resonant, it still has this deep sound that feels powerful. however. I don't get that nice, ear porn like satisfaction listening to her sing when without the resonance. I can only listen to her songs for so long before her voice becomes annoying. I think that her voice would be perfect if she used her "new" voice in conjunction with a more resonant voice, like she did in the a cappella dangerous woman video.

  27. Lina Henriquez

    Lina Henriquez10 днів тому

    I teared a bit as well.. ♥♥

  28. Jacob Tran

    Jacob Tran11 днів тому

    When you smile I smile lol!

  29. Lucy

    Lucy12 днів тому

    i have a friend who is really into musical theater (like she's in college for it rn) and, at least the last time i heard her sing, she sounded almost identical to the older performance. so, ariana grande's newer clip sounds so different bc she was going with her own style over the traditional musical theater one.

  30. Cari Hendrix

    Cari Hendrix12 днів тому

    I'm so glad you said you started crying. I was literally like, "why am I tearing up right now?!" lol I always get goosebumps, but rarely cry when listening to music. So great!

  31. FlyForFunNaruto

    FlyForFunNaruto13 днів тому

    I tink that she lifts her head up because her hair is si heavy :3.

  32. The Spare Room

    The Spare Room15 днів тому

    I honestly wish she sang like this more often. I can actually understand what she's saying.

  33. JustaLovelyFangirl

    JustaLovelyFangirl15 днів тому

    Wow. I'm both in awe and shock every time I hear her voice

  34. J VG

    J VG15 днів тому

    Yeah I don’t understand why people hate on Ari. She is the new Mariah Carey, period.

  35. Daniella Ramirez Mejia

    Daniella Ramirez Mejia16 днів тому

    Am I the only one that didn’t know she had a TATTOO?!?


    BECCA ROBICHAUD16 днів тому

    she sounds great

  37. Ella Roberts

    Ella Roberts16 днів тому


  38. Alisha Pannell

    Alisha Pannell16 днів тому

    I think people don't understand that women singing voices do mature they get stronger

  39. jaylecia davila

    jaylecia davila16 днів тому

    I don’t think that her voice is in decline. I think that she thinks that she “deserves” all this success she has so she doesn’t try as hard. She cares less then she use to when she was young and hungry. She sounded good here but most of the time she sounds like a whispering, mumbling baby. Sorry not sorry. But I hate the way she sings. She is talented but the way she uses her voice is annoying.

  40. Samantha Kelly

    Samantha Kelly17 днів тому

    That wizard song is absolutely adorable she’s an angel

  41. nemesis

    nemesis17 днів тому

    what is the first performance?

  42. IcedTails

    IcedTails17 днів тому

    How do people know what note the artist is singing?

  43. Jas’s Grande

    Jas’s Grande17 днів тому

    Your so nice

  44. SingingSighs

    SingingSighs18 днів тому

    She could’ve been so good on broadway 😩 I understand she’s more famous and making more money this way. But she honestly could’ve been a broadway legend if she had trained in a more theater type of way. Not a fan of her recent take on this song because it’s too pop in my opinion. But there’s no doubting that her technique and big notes are tremendous. Just wish she hadn’t riffed as much 🙃 Yes, we riff in musical theater. But it’s different than pop riffing.

  45. Little Mixer

    Little Mixer18 днів тому

    Tristan : she is all green I love it My gay ass : DUH ELPHABA

  46. KatesInapropriateComments Lol

    KatesInapropriateComments Lol18 днів тому

    Honestly he might just be reacting to ari because he loves her, and honestly same

  47. Mantasha Dade

    Mantasha Dade20 днів тому

    FINALLY!!!! there is someone who knows the reality.... One thing I like abt Tristan is that he is always HONEST....

  48. A V A

    A V A20 днів тому

    A R I A N A G R A N D E

  49. SuperMegaPlushAdventures SMPA

    SuperMegaPlushAdventures SMPA21 день тому

    Okay, before I say this, I AM NOT HATING ON ARIANA! Broadway singers and Pop singers have 2 different qualities. When it comes to people on Brodway, they focus more on the words, but with the pop singers, they focus more on the notes. When you put them together, it's not bad, but they are two different things if you really pay close attention. When you hear a pop singer sing a Brodway song or a Brodway singer singing a pop song, it just sounds like something is missing. Correct me if you want, but please no hate, I'm just saying from the perspective of a person who listens to both kinds of music.

  50. jessie james

    jessie james21 день тому

    She looked so happy performing that. Like on the way

  51. Jermaine Williamson

    Jermaine Williamson22 дні тому

    The only difference in the performances is in the first one she sings it the traditional way “the wizard and I” is sung and in the second performance she sings it her way that’s more comfortable for her.

  52. Mariz - ArtOfLife

    Mariz - ArtOfLife22 дні тому


  53. Jordyn Murray

    Jordyn Murray24 дні тому

    roses are red violets are blue i’m stealing someone else’s comment and i’m liking my comment too

  54. Charlie

    Charlie28 днів тому

    I wonder what Xtina would be like if she had trained like Ari

  55. Rizzie Rotunno

    Rizzie RotunnoМісяць тому

    Ariana Grande is a talented singer but she doesn't use enough technique. Yet she still belts those high notes. If you listen to this and don't hear any faults that wrong. Immediately just from watching (if you're not listening which you should), she is lifting her head up so high. This is sooooo bad and offers no support! A lot of kids do this and singing teachers immediately try to stop this because for most, it stops them from reaching high notes. Now a lot of singers do this and sound fine but if you prolong excessive tilting of the head it can really damage the voice. Ariana's voice can be shown to be in decline from these two clips. And no its not a matter that they are in different styles as technique should be carried through into different genres ALWAYS. In the clip of her when she's young she has good stance and is not lifting her shoulders a lot when she breaths (also a sign of bad support). Also by keeping her head at a straight angle and not lifting it, she is able to hit those notes with more clarity and strength. In this new clip you can visibly see she's trying harder to get into her higher range. There are parts in this new clip of her where you can hear her becoming vocally tired from using bad technique. She also curls her lips in quite often when she prolongs high notes. Again this is wrong because actually putting your lips more forward is better in achieving this. Her voice is just overall a lot weaker than usual and I''m not hating on her because I think she is really good. Just imagine how much better she would be if she used better technique, she'd be amazing!! It is a common misconception that to change pitch you have to move your mouth or tilt your head but this is NOT the case. In the line "when you're with the wizard", on the first syllable of wizard she lifts her head to get to that note, but she doesn't need to! She can reach that note in her sleep. And no the lifting of her head is not just for performance purposes because if it purely was then she wouldn't have the need to do it so often and tilt it so high. No hate just saying her technique is off.


    SLAY MOONLIGHTМісяць тому

    in 2008 that was one of her best belts ever i think that note dont have no flaws, supported, sustained, resonant , great larynx position, her vibrato was nice , and she's not out breath , if she had been out of breath, then the note would not have sounded so good, but in 2018 she seems so happy and sounds so good and different, love both , she's the queen

  57. chelsea pruitt

    chelsea pruittМісяць тому

    She is da best.

  58. Emily Marie02

    Emily Marie02Місяць тому

    You should react to the original witches first performance so like popular/defying gravity that’ll be fun 🙃🙃

  59. Peachie. _.cosplays

    Peachie. _.cosplaysМісяць тому

    Honestly, I don’t like Ari that much cuz of how toxic her fans are. Ik she can’t control that, but I just try to stay away from the fandom lol. But, I will admit, she is singing good asf in this video💕

  60. Your Highness

    Your HighnessМісяць тому

    I want to cry

  61. Amy bridgland

    Amy bridglandМісяць тому

    I still get chills every time...😭😍

  62. Tiffany Kuo

    Tiffany KuoМісяць тому

    Because they didn’t see G5 in her performance

  63. Taya Tsunami

    Taya TsunamiМісяць тому

    Can you react to evergreen by yeeba the beats 1 version pleaseeeeeeeeee

  64. alexi v

    alexi vМісяць тому

    can you please react to the prettymuch boy band

  65. Wen SA Herrera

    Wen SA HerreraМісяць тому

    You should react to Adam Lambert! Comparative from Wicked to Queen

  66. Saskia

    SaskiaМісяць тому

    I fricking adore this performance from Ariana Grande, I hope she goes More towards her musical theatre background, she is amazing in character and her voice is stunning in musical theatre.

  67. Grace Lindström

    Grace LindströmМісяць тому

    Why did he have a german ad? Haha

  68. Coco Winch-Ackah

    Coco Winch-AckahМісяць тому

    still recovering from 4:28

  69. Volaire ♬

    Volaire ♬Місяць тому

    I did an ariana grande piano cover if you'd like to check it out thanks!

  70. Q_uinn

    Q_uinnМісяць тому

    Your titles are very provoking

  71. Julienne Masuli

    Julienne MasuliМісяць тому

    You should react to Francis aglabtin ( Never say another song ) plssss.

  72. Angela Morales

    Angela MoralesМісяць тому

    The thumbnail was me through the entire video

  73. Tobias Hørsted

    Tobias HørstedМісяць тому

    4:29 wasn’t even good. Very sloppy

  74. sophie head

    sophie headМісяць тому

    This song really connects you to ariana so much she makes me feal tingly in side

  75. Myotic Tesseract

    Myotic TesseractМісяць тому

    Ariana is beautiful, you cannot convince me otherwise. I don’t know why you’d even want to. She’s just incredible.

  76. Art

    ArtМісяць тому


  77. jora the explorer

    jora the explorerМісяць тому

    "i don't get goosebumps i just cry" ME

  78. Cullen Parrish

    Cullen ParrishМісяць тому

    can you please react to i’m here from the color purple by cynthia erivo, she’s literally INCREDIBLE

  79. Buttercup Traveler

    Buttercup TravelerМісяць тому


  80. good_vibes_ only

    good_vibes_ onlyМісяць тому

    4:37....anyone else here a voice change in Tristan lmao??? Kinds nasally..hahah love ya dude👌👌

  81. Eric Fultz

    Eric FultzМісяць тому

    No one will ever be as good Mariah Carey!

  82. Kayley

    KayleyМісяць тому

    I don’t even like vocal stuff and this kind of thing. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love to sing and I love music but don’t get into all the actual vocal trainings and technique etc. I literally just watch because I love how Tristan reacts and how passionate he is. It’s contagious. Dude, I don’t give a shit about what you give a shit about. I DO however give a shit about how passionate you are and how much you love it 🤷🏻‍♀️ does that make sense? You’re influential and passionate and it’s powerful. 🖤

  83. WróbelFrisky

    WróbelFriskyМісяць тому

    Ariana Grande drives me Bi-Sexual xd


    SOME PERSONМісяць тому

    Honestly i think she can do better hahaha

  85. Laura Musenja

    Laura MusenjaМісяць тому

    or have I just not seen it

  86. Laura Musenja

    Laura MusenjaМісяць тому

    It’s 2019 why has ari NOT STARED IN A MUSICAL YET

  87. Unoriginal

    UnoriginalМісяць тому

    I think she just sings in a different style. The previous performance was in a musical theater style while in the recent one she sings in a more pop style. I personally prefer music theater style but that’s just my preference. I don’t think her voice is in decline though.

  88. Elvina Gajieva

    Elvina GajievaМісяць тому

    He is totally fanboying😂😂❤️

  89. Nevaeh Mallory

    Nevaeh MalloryМісяць тому

    Her voice just got older and didn’t stay squeakier not that it was it’s just that her voice isn’t a kids or teens voice anymore

  90. Hello Sir

    Hello SirМісяць тому

    I feel like Ariana knows that she is almost perfect with her higher part of her voice so over these past couple of years she focused on her lower part and that is why her voice may sound a little deeper

  91. Alex Bssecret

    Alex BssecretМісяць тому

    such a talented queen, changing her voice and skin color in a couple of years :')

  92. Fernando Rivera

    Fernando RiveraМісяць тому

    This is probably best I’ve ever heard her sound

  93. Shmalimoo Ftw

    Shmalimoo FtwМісяць тому

    The only singing teacher (in senior of highschool and we only sang like a couple lessons with her) had forced me to sing in a “theatre” way she wanted me to sing with no vibrato no changing of notes or vowels nothing that made me me or that added to the emotion of the song. No mixing no head voice no feeling no attitude.She wanted it monotone emotionless or over dramatic (like a bad cringy pantomime) essentially sharp clear almost like i was talking and for me to pronounce every single letter clearly aka shouting and talk singing. It got to a point were id sing the way she wanted and loose my voice and sound horrible because i was forcing it to do something it wasn’t meant to do so in my exam i sang the way i wanted to and passed with flying colours. This is something i think ariana is experiencing of course IM NO WHERE NEAR as talented as her but she had training obviously not as bad as mine were when she first started she was told to sing a different way. Not that her voice has matured and shes more comfortable in her own voice and found her sound she sounds different. She has what makes her her and people that dont sing or that are like my teacher do not understand that.

  94. L. B.

    L. B.Місяць тому

    11:08 min of Tristan fangirling over Ariana Grande.

  95. Abigail Hutt

    Abigail HuttМісяць тому

    your editing along with ariana made this video

  96. FashionLoveSmile

    FashionLoveSmileМісяць тому

    It’s crazy how Ariana cannot enunciate when she sings. She has a great tone to her voice but majority of the time when she sings she fails to pronounce words. Is that truly a good singer that can be compared to the greats who you not only understand them, have a great tone, breathe control, and have technique? Ariana is good but but not great.

  97. Brian Stocks

    Brian StocksМісяць тому

    she is not, in fact, in vocal decline. i would argue, however, that she is in moral decline, which could become more serious if she doesn't correct course.

  98. Sarah Duncan

    Sarah DuncanМісяць тому

    I'm not a big fan of Ariana, I've never liked her voice much, but I can say she's talented. She is such a powerful and yes, consistent singer, yet I just don't like the almost stuffed up sound with almost no nasal airflow to some of her notes, just my opinion 😂

  99. Allison Thornton

    Allison ThorntonМісяць тому

    All the Ariana obsessed people commenting before watching the video and yelling saying her voice isn’t and getting all worked up

  100. Razis Racaza

    Razis Racaza2 місяці тому

    Im smilimg throughout the video

  101. hannah randle

    hannah randle2 місяці тому

    Ariana Grande..he voice is not declining. Her voice has matured and is getting better as she gets older. This was 2008 to 2018 thats 10 freakin years of course she sounds difference

  102. hannah randle

    hannah randle2 місяці тому

    Ariana Grande..he voice is not declining. Her voice has matured and is getting better as she gets older. This was 2008 to 2018 thats 10 freakin years of course she sounds difference

  103. Connor Brooo

    Connor Brooo2 місяці тому

    Holy shit. I love this clip of Ariana

  104. victoria p.

    victoria p.2 місяці тому

    I hate when people say her voice is declining. True, her sound isn't as forward and nasally anymore but that's because she doesn't do musical theatre anymore, she's a pop singer so obviously she's gonna opt for a more poppy sound as opposed to a nasally musical theatre sound (not that there's anything wrong with that sound though). If anything, I think she's gotten better because now that she's been working on developing different styles of singing, her voice is much more versatile and she's able to adapt to popular singing styles much more quickly, which is probably why she has stayed so relevant throughout her career.

  105. Megan Cramer

    Megan Cramer2 місяці тому

    His reaction is so cute😂😂😂