Is Pokimane Asian? I take a DNA test!


  1. Pokimane

    PokimaneРік тому

    Thank you all so much for watching

  2. FruitPunchSamurai

    FruitPunchSamurai2 дні тому

    Goddam SIMPS get a life

  3. Mauro Vanmaldeghem

    Mauro Vanmaldeghem10 днів тому

    Pokimane you get a free n word pass

  4. Bence Kiséry

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  5. EngelPro7 Garces

    EngelPro7 Garces21 день тому

    Poki why are u so hot

  6. King Gaming

    King GamingМісяць тому

    whaaaat u a little North African im South African lol

  7. OXO_vex

    OXO_vex11 годин тому

    Wait wtf I don’t get anything about race but you speak French?

  8. Mooshiros

    Mooshiros12 годин тому

    The amount shown in that pie chart was way less than 20 percent

  9. Pratyusha Nallapati

    Pratyusha Nallapati14 годин тому

    r u asian

  10. ii_LawZander

    ii_LawZander15 годин тому

    Since When did you Speak a diff Language.....

  11. Blodershade Donald productions

    Blodershade Donald productions20 годин тому

    She is from the same continent as KSI and this gives me the heebie jeebies

  12. H M.

    H M.День тому

    If I didn't know pokimane & saw her on the street, Asian would not be the thing that comes up in my mind. She looks more Mexican/Latina

  13. Saso Alkaibar

    Saso AlkaibarДень тому

    سوف نطعمكي الدولمة ان أتيتي الى الشرق الاوسط 🙂 welcome every time if come to middle east 😉

  14. HĒLĪX -] LSD [-

    HĒLĪX -] LSD [-День тому

    Poki is French WATT

  15. HĒLĪX -] LSD [-

    HĒLĪX -] LSD [-День тому


  16. Omgtuyf 121

    Omgtuyf 121День тому

    Imagine the video became like this Poki's mum:Your ADOPTED!

  17. awsomegamer 17

    awsomegamer 17День тому

    You have such an English accent in french

  18. awsomegamer 17

    awsomegamer 17День тому

    @Oskar Holm Beuschel Canadian

  19. Oskar Holm Beuschel

    Oskar Holm BeuschelДень тому

    English? Or Canadian?

  20. Seema Chandwani

    Seema ChandwaniДень тому


  21. soso saso

    soso sasoДень тому

    I’m life 100 percent Arabian lol ik how to speak Arabic and spell couple of words like door باب

  22. Brian Li

    Brian LiДень тому

    Why do u look asian

  23. Graham Leverett

    Graham LeverettДень тому

    Polo was right all along

  24. Zəlo

    ZəloДень тому

    Simps:*taking notes*

  25. Prenish Tmg

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  26. Prenish Tmg

    Prenish TmgДень тому

    R u an asian

  27. Oskar Holm Beuschel

    Oskar Holm BeuschelДень тому


  28. MatzeOx

    MatzeOxДень тому

    T H I C C

  29. Sa_Cuber_ PT

    Sa_Cuber_ PTДень тому

    I wont say it... I wont say it.... PORTUGAL CARALHO!!!!

  30. ハリウッドザコシショウ

    ハリウッドザコシショウДень тому

    fist time i saw this girl and found she is morroccan, i even went to see wikipedia Mongol empire had ever reached Morroco or not

  31. Oskar Holm Beuschel

    Oskar Holm BeuschelДень тому


  32. Manic

    ManicДень тому

    Does the make you know what I’m so sorry I’m not going to finish that. That was so racist

  33. Bunful

    Bunful2 дні тому

    Its not that uncommon to get features from your ancestors or grandparents that your parents dont have, e.g: My sister has blue eyes which I dont have and niether do my parents, but my grandmother does.

  34. what me!?

    what me!?2 дні тому

    No your Muslim stop acting white

  35. Jacob Zxm

    Jacob Zxm2 дні тому

    Is her first language French? She speaks really fluent in both languages

  36. Oskar Holm Beuschel

    Oskar Holm BeuschelДень тому

    Her first language is Arabic, and I don't think she speaks French fluently anymore, since languages get rusty if you don't use them.

  37. Squid Killer027

    Squid Killer0272 дні тому

    Hey Pokimane I am your big fan and I love your videos 😊❤️

  38. Travis Gleason

    Travis Gleason2 дні тому

    The year is 2025 and you were right

  39. David Nic

    David Nic2 дні тому

    i did not know poki new how to speek french

  40. Slusheeplaygh12

    Slusheeplaygh122 дні тому

    I’m Canadian and Moroccan too...

  41. QuantumPhayer

    QuantumPhayer2 дні тому

    8% spanish and Portuguese... "i have always wanted to learn spanish".... Me as Portuguese got quite triggered O.O

  42. Tree Man

    Tree Man2 дні тому

    Didn't know u speak French gg pokimane

  43. wolf master plays

    wolf master plays3 дні тому

    Every one if you want a girl like poki find a girl at morocco

  44. LT Kiaušai

    LT Kiaušai3 дні тому

    Are you Asian?

  45. Andres

    Andres3 дні тому

    Looks like Chinese even have infected Poke.This is a bad news.

  46. TLucario OiraculT

    TLucario OiraculT3 дні тому

    Just Hit 5.2 mill congrats

  47. Isrrael Fuentes

    Isrrael Fuentes3 дні тому

    can we make out

  48. Isrrael Fuentes

    Isrrael Fuentes3 дні тому

    your hot!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Amano Yuuji

    Amano Yuuji3 дні тому

    What ever it does in the future the Asians are not pround what its doing

  50. Fte_Wolfs Gaming

    Fte_Wolfs Gaming3 дні тому

    Quoi tu parle francais NANI??!!?!?!?!?!

  51. Noukey

    Noukey3 дні тому

    Ayy north African gang

  52. Fire fox

    Fire fox3 дні тому

    am i the only one who get's ip tracking on yt when i press a video it warns me am i the only one?

  53. rt craft

    rt craft3 дні тому

    تحياتي من الجزائر

  54. Bruno Y Leonardo Faour

    Bruno Y Leonardo Faour3 дні тому

    hola :3

  55. Shenandoah

    Shenandoah3 дні тому

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="380">6:20</a> her armmmmm

  56. Unrelatablexd

    Unrelatablexd3 дні тому

    she speaks french? o.0

  57. Alvaro Martinez Osaba

    Alvaro Martinez Osaba3 дні тому

    Oleee españitaa

  58. Abhiram Kolanu

    Abhiram Kolanu3 дні тому

    Results <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="398">6:38</a>

  59. Cabbage Patch

    Cabbage Patch3 дні тому

    I thought poki was Asian?

  60. Iara Sofia Mocho Dos Santos

    Iara Sofia Mocho Dos Santos3 дні тому

    ik why ur 8% portugese and spanish its cuz moroco and portugal and spain have smhg in comant i will not tell cuz it takes to long to write down but u can search on google

  61. Iara Sofia Mocho Dos Santos

    Iara Sofia Mocho Dos Santos3 дні тому

    what u look like ur 0% asian

  62. Hedia Ali

    Hedia Ali4 дні тому

    I mean you are Asian since Arabia is in Asia take it from an arab

  63. Oskar Holm Beuschel

    Oskar Holm BeuschelДень тому

    When people say "Asian" they usually mean East Asia. China, Korea, Japan.

  64. BullsharkSR

    BullsharkSR4 дні тому

    Ok but I didn't know that she spoke french

  65. Theft by Us

    Theft by Us4 дні тому

    I took DNA test I'm half Spanish and half OMG POKI VID SKIRR GANG GANG I 😍 POKI

  66. Jay Playz

    Jay Playz4 дні тому

    That girl speaks french

  67. Math Dantas Tav

    Math Dantas Tav4 дні тому

    the asianess is all in the make up

  68. Koen Wildeboer

    Koen Wildeboer4 дні тому

    I think ur african not gonna lie

  69. Nicolas Garcia-Carey

    Nicolas Garcia-Carey4 дні тому

    lol I got an ad for a dna test loool

  70. Victor Short

    Victor Short4 дні тому

    Nothing I don’t want to watch anything you do...I mean seriously you’re a teeny popper who plays video games and you role play...just go away...

  71. Roy Roldan

    Roy Roldan4 дні тому

    Poki Your hair is is back on the top of your head

  72. Khyle-Andrew Davis

    Khyle-Andrew Davis4 дні тому


  73. Lol5ter

    Lol5ter4 дні тому

    I love that now and then she will look off camera like am i doing this right should i smile now?

  74. Nainar Raivori

    Nainar Raivori4 дні тому

    A LOT of Moroccans look kind of east Asian even though they are African.

  75. Steam Gaben

    Steam Gaben4 дні тому

    Guys check ivana alawi she is moroccan and filipino

  76. Mouhammad Faye

    Mouhammad Faye4 дні тому

    pokimane like has the exact same parents as me, same french accent and all omg. just that im black

  77. Beetle Juice

    Beetle Juice4 дні тому

    Is her name Imane Anys?

  78. GrimaGaming

    GrimaGaming4 дні тому

    Can you share the company you did the test at?

  79. SBG Voltage

    SBG Voltage4 дні тому

    Poki u was right all along :o

  80. Little Valer

    Little Valer5 днів тому

    Congratulations the government now has your DNA

  81. bothboth like right now

    bothboth like right now5 днів тому

    When i met you on youtube your thumbnail with your face look like asian because I'm half asian and half British

  82. Kevin Chen

    Kevin Chen5 днів тому

    She Asian!!!

  83. Derek Caron

    Derek Caron5 днів тому

    Je ne savais pas que tu parlais français 🤣

  84. An0nymous2.0

    An0nymous2.05 днів тому

    Hmmm north african you say?

  85. Roblox_Playz

    Roblox_Playz5 днів тому

    She looks sexy without makeup.

  86. Oskar Holm Beuschel

    Oskar Holm BeuschelДень тому

    She has makeup on in this video.

  87. Sam C

    Sam C5 днів тому

    Poki why you not speak arabic

  88. Sam C

    Sam C5 днів тому

    When North Africans surprised that they have Spanish and Portuguese blood. Well duh hun, your people real close to Spain and the rest of Southern Europe.

  89. sick fox

    sick fox5 днів тому

    Oh you can speak French??

  90. Bows_YT -Bows_Yt

    Bows_YT -Bows_Yt5 днів тому

    My mom is from Morocco so where kinda homies even if I don’t live in Morocco i just visited in summer

  91. MarvelWatcher

    MarvelWatcher5 днів тому

    You are sooo beautiful

  92. MarvelWatcher

    MarvelWatcher2 дні тому

    Yop, i do

  93. AirMarshal

    AirMarshal5 днів тому

    have you seen her face reveal

  94. D7man

    D7man5 днів тому

    it's been a long time following you and i just know your name is IMANE and you originally from Morocco this video was fun. i love it :D