Is Pokimane Asian? I take a DNA test!


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    Thank you all so much for watching

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    Team francais on est la

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    At least you are arabian like me

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    Pokimane I thought you were Asian🤨🤨

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    Can you add me on fortnite my fortnite name is Green stiven

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    Whoaaat you speak frensh?

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    Are a half arab

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    Yay were of the same bloodline

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    I’m from marocco is well. Salam

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    Pokimane ( irl ) (DNA test)

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    Not to be racist or something , but Asian people suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck (For those who don't know it is a vine , don't get offended)

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    J'adore ta mère ❣

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    You are african WTF

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    Welcome to the Portuguese club

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    I can see where Poki gets her bubbly personality from

  16. blakespower

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    what you aren't asian? omg ...

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    PokiMane without makeup is EwwiMane

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    Fuck yea poke is ARAB

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    OMG POKI !!! I'm really in love with you speaking in franch... you are SOO DAMM COOOL!!!

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    Go Follow me pleas

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    Mike Perry is 1. something percent African and think he could drop the N Bomb does that mean you could say it lol

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    Personally i wouldnt mind a pokiclone lmfao

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    Is that the sims language?

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    Pokimane what is your real name ??

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    Imane PokIMANE

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    cloning is perfected, it's just super illegal and "unethically" but a company can not save your DNA so don't worry. it's alot of data and the physical dna will "die"

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    wait so do you know arabic?

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    I’m 80 percent Arabian

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    I’m Arabian and wala Ana ayez ashoofik

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    Holly shit

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    I pay for the pizza

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    Faze Jarvis likes you ;)

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    Now she has the official right to the n word?

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    I'm a big fan I talk to 100,000 strangers people just watch this video

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    FYI Spain and Portugal are pretty much neighbours to Marocko so it shouldn't be a shock to you.

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    She looks Asian cuz of her makeup

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    Poki u was right all along :o

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    I need that pokemon shirt

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    *poki u was right all along :o*

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    I thought you were French LOL but You’re Arab just like me 😼 but i live Norway --->🤜🏼🤛🏼

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    I was sure that she was mostly arabian cause shes thicc

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    Are u speaking France

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    This video could have been 10s long

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    To make it even funnier, the rest basically said the only parts of Asia her ancestry is from is Arabic. So she’s like .5% Asian in the manner she’s thinking of

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    U speak French!!!!!!!!

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    if your parents adopt you, should be when they in morroco right ? so that test didnt prove you are adopted or not , lest get your parent dna n compare lol

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    she still asian in my opinion


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    Pokimane has the funniest most cutest smiles and laughs of all time lol NO HOMO BTW

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    ti a rrun a veq brisk i hi ?

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    Wow I've never thought that u are arabian wow like me am from Egypt well half Egyptian and half iraqian 😅😅 really owo now i know love so much Amane wow اماني your name if u don't know in arabic 😂😂😂❤️

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    Who else was only looking at the Eevee and skitty on her short

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    Okay now I can grant u the n word pass it’s only a 1 day pass aight

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    I thought she was Asian 😂 like I swear she was born in China or Japan

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    Poki u was right all along :o

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    I have the same fucking things

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    يلبى بس والله انك حق نيك

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    Poki: 8:34 who Viewers: YOU

  61. Elite_ PhantomzYT

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    Viewers: 8:34 Myth: TRUE DAT TRUE DAT!!!


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    Sh3 sp34k fr4nch t00 l0l

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    we learn poki maracoo

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    u r an 80 % north african yayyy am egyption😁

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    She doesn't look Asian at all who ever says that is tweeking

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    pokiman just want to say n word lol

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    I am 50% pewdiepie

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    She is amazigh nord afrique not arabe

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    Poki can say the nword!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    You are so cute when you talk in france

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    So she can say the nword?

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    Finds out she is 84% North African Poki: I'ma go say the n-word! 🤣

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    Salut, ne confond pas l'Afrique du Nord et le reste de l'Afrique. L'Afrique du Nord est composé essentiellement d'arabe et de Kabyle alors que le reste de l'Afrique est noir. Après il y a des exceptions comme ceux qui habitent dans le Sahara qui sont foncé de peau presque noir mais sont nord-africain.

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    What is the link to the dna test?? +

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    So basically pokimane is black and she can say the *N* word?

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    I wanna take a DNA test but I’m broke •~•


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    What language was she speaking?

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    Poki now can say the n word all she wants and not get in trouble

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    Make fed to it next

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    you can say the N word now

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    She should do her make up tutorial I would love to see the that 👇🏻 If you agree

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    Poki officially has an n word pass

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    Is Poki Asian ?

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    The video starts at 0:00 your welcome.

  87. Ballance,TV,G,E OH

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    Is she Asian ?

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    Oh Pokimane parle français wtf 😂

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    11:54 Wait a minute is Myth ASIA

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    So poki is BlAcK

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    Je Parker Aussie francais

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    You speak french my girl

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    You speak French

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    No she is not Asian she is vegan

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    What language is she speaking? I speak Spanish and I understood so many words she said

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    poki can say the N word?

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    Does that mean... POKI CAN SAY THE N WORD😯

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    Tu parle français

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    What language does she speak, it kind of sounds like Spanish.

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    I am sub Saharan too

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    I am somehow 0.45 percent Asian

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    Did you now know your own culture??

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    Ayyye me too

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    I understood everything you said without even having to use the translate

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    Lol who understood the whole french conversation im in quebec so i did