It is the first day of university


  1. Dominic Durant

    Dominic Durant5 годин тому

    I keep getting mental health related ads for this channel loll

  2. adri katzin

    adri katzin5 годин тому

    yew! I'm majoring in physics to and totally relate to people's reactions! goodluck sista

  3. Jose Carlos

    Jose Carlos6 годин тому

    Back to school shmooping? América explica

  4. Falling Beauty

    Falling Beauty7 годин тому

    Mom is turning into grandma

  5. Rattler

    Rattler7 годин тому

    OH MY GOODNESS YOU ARE ADORABLE. How did I end up here

  6. *Call Me PB please*

    *Call Me PB please*9 годин тому


  7. Nicole G

    Nicole G9 годин тому

    Dude I legit saw u in the staples and I lowkey looked like a stalker. I'm pretter sure ur mom heard me say, "Holy shit, that's Joana ceddia's mom."

  8. lazyeye x

    lazyeye x9 годин тому

    WOW, did my comment really get booted... I guess you are into sencership.. so sad.

  9. Diana Cruz

    Diana Cruz10 годин тому

    I had a lockdown at school so yuh 💘

  10. gillian stingley

    gillian stingley10 годин тому

    when she said she was glad she wasn’t taking humanities... i didn’t feel that

  11. Andrea Araniva

    Andrea Araniva11 годин тому

    Ok I’ll buy ... the stuff

  12. Smooth

    Smooth11 годин тому

    When I clicked on this video I was hoping for one of those skit videos...but now I'm not even sure what this video is LOL, my first time ever seeing a video like this, just random babbling about whatever.

  13. cry bxby

    cry bxby11 годин тому

    *Joana tapes her tiny microphone to her water bottle* Me:*shows my friends* Them:SHE HAS MY RESPECT (Btw congratulations on going to University Joana)

  14. Ko_Toriii

    Ko_Toriii11 годин тому


  15. sissyunicorn gal24

    sissyunicorn gal2412 годин тому

    "I lost my sanity in the third grade, so if you find it, please mail it to me," -John Cena

  16. sudhanshu sharma

    sudhanshu sharma14 годин тому

    Try jee exam , I bet you would feel your life is better than mine , try attempting all sections


    NEOTICA14 годин тому

    stunning as always

  18. Ellie Demetriou

    Ellie Demetriou15 годин тому

    This is real art

  19. aras & hazel

    aras & hazel17 годин тому

    Why no one is talking about the Percy Jackson book? BECAUSE LIKE I WAS DYING YES MY GIRL WELCOME TO THE FANDOM

  20. pressed

    pressed17 годин тому

    ”DID YOU BREAK ITS NECK-” **staring intensifies**

  21. Moogs

    Moogs17 годин тому


  22. Lily Cater

    Lily Cater18 годин тому

    When you were making ur lunch I wasn’t listening anything u were saying and I was contemplating why u were putting packaged grass in a jug

  23. Jalen Brown

    Jalen Brown18 годин тому

    Is the Emma chamberlains nerdy sister?

  24. Amy

    Amy21 годину тому

    Omg I just graduated from your university! I wish I could have seen you around campus

  25. Tom Jett

    Tom Jett21 годину тому

    whats the song in the beginning

  26. Acnili-chili

    Acnili-chili23 години тому

    Grade 6 is easy, grade 7 was bad

  27. Giglipuff Darumaka

    Giglipuff Darumaka23 години тому

    My Italian ass is shaking rn for what I had the misfortune to see at the end of the video omg pls DO NOT PUT RICOTTA ON A FUKIN STEAK

  28. kriti G

    kriti GДень тому

    7:15 How... do physics without vectors????

  29. Leslys

    LeslysДень тому

    ayye we’re both first year students taking calculus! lmao my calculus professor has a very THICCCC chinese/mandarin accent and it’s hard to understand him sometimes but he’s cool

  30. Sieg Nihil

    Sieg NihilДень тому

    Manic Pixie Dream Girl with a side dish of Reddit rhetoric and a considerable IQ boost that fails to negate the insufferable snowflake aura. GWS kek

  31. *meme master87*

    *meme master87*День тому

    Joana If you see this my sweet relish ~ Pin this

  32. V S C O

    V S C OДень тому

    can’t believe you’re growing up so fast 😢 mother goose must be so very proud

  33. Saraf Wasima Siddique

    Saraf Wasima SiddiqueДень тому

    Bruh I was watching your video randomly and realized we go to the same university :) is your calculus prof Igor or Emmanuel?

  34. Bianca Marchetti

    Bianca MarchettiДень тому

    serena williams? what about our fellow canadian bianca andeesscu🇨🇦

  35. Camron Holdcroft

    Camron HoldcroftДень тому

    *When u go to college knowing u make a bunch of money already on UAreporter so you’re just wasting your time*

  36. Timi Agiri

    Timi AgiriДень тому

    rip joana for buying physical textbooks

  37. lovesins •

    lovesins •День тому

    sigh, :c

  38. Elijah Johnson

    Elijah JohnsonДень тому

    In the tennis and calculus demonstration u kinda forgot to wear a bra

  39. Ashley

    AshleyДень тому

    How does a person end up enrolled in Calcus and Algebra simultaneously? Algebra is a prerequisite for Calculus on pretty much every campus, and I'm thinking that our heroine can probably waddle through the coursework blindfolded. So weird.

  40. Cass LuLu

    Cass LuLuДень тому

    I wonder why her parents are thinking when she films the voiceovers and screams..lmao..they seriously need and award..and tbh i want a daughter like this when im older lol.

  41. I’m Peter

    I’m PeterДень тому

    What university you go to?

  42. Kee Glanzmann

    Kee GlanzmannДень тому


  43. Firelightdaisy

    FirelightdaisyДень тому

    You are like a modern day Rory Gilmore

  44. Martin G

    Martin GДень тому

    Why would they make you take algebra and calculus concurrently

  45. Spoiled Milk

    Spoiled MilkДень тому

    If Josmoe central was ever a anonymous type of hacker thing aka 11:58 we would know it was her

  46. Macy Mclaren

    Macy MclarenДень тому

    Ok I’m sorry, but Socials/History is AMAZING, Science is FUN, English is OK, and Math is HORRIBLE

  47. Hiba Al-badarneh

    Hiba Al-badarnehДень тому

    You're weird I like weird people God i really enjoy ur videos Keep going🌻

  48. CatsAreCool

    CatsAreCoolДень тому

    I'm good at math and get A's but your coarse load is way too much, I would be so overwhelmed taking those classes all in my first semester.

  49. Toga Himiko

    Toga HimikoДень тому

    Joana : all funny throughout summer posting School : *Im gonna ruin this whole womans career*

  50. Erin Rae

    Erin RaeДень тому

    where did you get those wonderful boots from 1:46?? i need to get me a pair of those!

  51. Karleigh V

    Karleigh VДень тому

    So many cuts between each sentence 😭😭😭

  52. Haylee Moore

    Haylee MooreДень тому

    As a third year university student, I cackled during the entirety of this video, especially when you got school supplies and talked about textbooks. (also I’m Canadian too!)

  53. Ruth Uday

    Ruth UdayДень тому

    she needs a talk show.

  54. Myken Hassler

    Myken HasslerДень тому

    PERCY JACKSON HELL YEAH.. the best book to reread

  55. Roy K

    Roy KДень тому

    Doctor: can you tell me about your symptoms Me: I forget everything in a split second I’m suffering from high end memory loss Dementia: am I joke to you?

  56. Hannah C.

    Hannah C.День тому

    She lookin snazzy

  57. Zoincer_ Oo

    Zoincer_ OoДень тому

    Are you planning on doing UAreporter full time as a job

  58. cj

    cjДень тому

    The bootleg mac n'cheese at 6:07 legit looks like a carpet my therapist has in her office

  59. Jessi Callahan

    Jessi CallahanДень тому

    The Mac and cheese looks nasty but why do I want to try it so bad..

  60. mrbxrns

    mrbxrnsДень тому