1. 나영

    나영41 хвилина тому

    다 각자의 개성이 있는 외모 스타일..💗

  2. Pingki Rizki Cahyani

    Pingki Rizki Cahyani48 хвилин тому

    Gila sih ini keren banget. Terutama yeji, badass banget❤️ EXO-L here to support y'all baby girls❤️❤️❤️❤️🤗

  3. Jin Ming Chan

    Jin Ming Chan50 хвилин тому

    I'll say it again ITZY absolutely 🔥🔥🔥. They will be big time. 56million views and counting. ❤ITZY ❤Dalla Dalla.

  4. jisoo the queen

    jisoo the queen52 хвилини тому

    keep str22ming guuuuys

  5. Lama khaled

    Lama khaled53 хвилини тому

    They are beautiful and talents but this song it just too much 😅

  6. uwu bobohu

    uwu bobohu57 хвилин тому

    they are so talented and strong, i love them specially yeji

  7. Óðinn Þór

    Óðinn Þór58 хвилин тому

    do you pronounce it like IT-ZY OR IT-JI

  8. Serdar Koçbaş

    Serdar Koçbaş58 хвилин тому


  9. BangtanBoys Jungkook

    BangtanBoys Jungkook59 хвилин тому



    ITZY JELLYГодину тому

    *56M 💕🎉🔓* 57M 🔒💓 58M 🔒💗 59M 🔒❤ 60M 🔒💖

  11. bien caramélisé

    bien caraméliséГодину тому

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA they're so good i love them

  12. StrâyKîds X BägtÂn

    StrâyKîds X BägtÂnГодину тому

    Ryujin tiene pocas líneas :(

  13. ah chuu

    ah chuuГодину тому

    I was expecting something very different (it sounds confusing to me), but I am still supporting IZZY (you guys should do the same) BTW, I loved the lyrics

  14. 김철호

    김철호Годину тому


  15. La jeon Jk

    La jeon JkГодину тому

    Asumadre el mismo escenario de bigban y moster x :0

  16. jisoo the queen

    jisoo the queenГодину тому

    keep going bitzys let's get this to 100m before March

  17. La jeon Jk

    La jeon JkГодину тому

    Chama el escenario en donde bailaron monster x Bailan bien :3 💕

  18. Matthew Schwer

    Matthew SchwerГодину тому

    Yo chill out they killed them and respawn them all within 9ms

  19. videocollexion

    videocollexionГодину тому

    Great start to a fer sure music career! Congratulations to your win. Itzy Hwaiting 화이팅!

  20. Nandhini Ramachandran

    Nandhini RamachandranГодину тому

    We can do it guyss *~just keep on streamiiiiiiing woahhh~*

  21. jisoo the queen

    jisoo the queenГодину тому

    blink here to str22m our niece

  22. aatiya zubair

    aatiya zubairГодину тому

    Yeah you r different 😉😀

  23. ii.Mob. ii

    ii.Mob. iiГодину тому


  24. EXO IsMyPromise

    EXO IsMyPromiseГодину тому

    Tremenda sobrevaloración.

  25. EXO IsMyPromise

    EXO IsMyPromise57 хвилин тому

    +STRAYTWITZY UWU ¿te ardió?


    STRAYTWITZY UWUГодину тому

    Es una pena que tu envidia no pueda aguantarlo 😉

  27. a bella mais bella

    a bella mais bellaГодину тому

    I love it 😍

  28. M A

    M AГодину тому

    OMG IM A FAN RIGHT AWAY! Love the Empowerment, Love the Cheekiness, and I absolutely LOVE the Monolids!!!

  29. jaebum bias

    jaebum biasГодину тому

    56M go

  30. Jacob Tan

    Jacob TanГодину тому

    am i the only one that finds it weird that yuna is only 15

  31. jisoo the queen

    jisoo the queenГодину тому

    keep going bitzys let's get this to 100m

  32. jisoo the queen

    jisoo the queenГодину тому

    +ii.Mob. ii nah itzy haven't confirmed our fandom name yet so we are just calling ourselves bitzys

  33. ii.Mob. ii

    ii.Mob. iiГодину тому

    SO OUR FANDOM CALLED BITZYS ? how u know ?

  34. TbhNvmb

    TbhNvmbГодину тому

    Lesbihonest ryujin is the gayest. We stan🤰🏼🤧

  35. Anikiu

    AnikiuГодину тому

    Why is no one talking about 3:00? that part is awesome!

  36. ii.Mob. ii

    ii.Mob. iiГодину тому

    ikr lol

  37. W-Harmony

    W-HarmonyГодину тому

    A girl in this band have a relationship with BTS JIMIN

  38. W-Harmony

    W-HarmonyГодину тому



    STRAYTWITZY UWUГодину тому

    They are all minor in korea 🤦

  40. - p a r a d i s e -

    - p a r a d i s e -Годину тому

    Este grupo me parece realmente badass 🔥🔥🔥

  41. Laryssa Gabriela

    Laryssa GabrielaГодину тому

    É impressão minha ou uma das integrantes participou do sixteen?

  42. ITZY

    ITZYГодину тому


  43. Cornelia Comisie

    Cornelia ComisieГодину тому

    So its been 9 days and they are famous FUN

  44. roby kurniawan

    roby kurniawanГодину тому

    Kep atreaming guys soon 60.000.000

  45. ii.Mob. ii

    ii.Mob. iiГодину тому


  46. Kim Poney

    Kim PoneyГодину тому


  47. roby kurniawan

    roby kurniawanГодину тому

    Up up up

  48. roby kurniawan

    roby kurniawanГодину тому

    Fighting itzy

  49. G Xo

    G XoГодину тому


  50. ii.Mob. ii

    ii.Mob. iiГодину тому


  51. jisoo the queen

    jisoo the queenГодину тому

    jyp knows how to make queens

  52. Marlene Fam

    Marlene FamГодину тому

    a bop for sure

  53. Pizza Lovegood

    Pizza LovegoodГодину тому

    What should be the Fandom name?

  54. WooWoo

    WooWooГодину тому


  55. Carlos Paul Jimenez Fulle

    Carlos Paul Jimenez FulleГодину тому


  56. WonWoo square

    WonWoo squareГодину тому

    Are they the fastest girl group to win an award after debut?

  57. ii.Mob. ii

    ii.Mob. iiГодину тому


  58. Vitor kaua Lima de comédia

    Vitor kaua Lima de comédiaГодину тому

    I Love Itzy

  59. karimi karimi

    karimi karimiГодину тому


  60. Lattecat

    LattecatГодину тому

    Been obsessed with this song since it came out! Great debut Itzy!

  61. michelle moronez

    michelle moronez2 години тому

    Where could you buy their album at?

  62. Nothing better to do

    Nothing better to do2 години тому

    I’ve watched this so much now I’m actually in love with them I’m so proud of them they already got their first win💜💜

  63. Rose Pasta Forever

    Rose Pasta Forever2 години тому


  64. Rose Pasta Forever

    Rose Pasta ForeverГодину тому

    +STRAYTWITZY UWU I'm trying to give the fans a name 💗


    STRAYTWITZY UWU2 години тому

    What are you trying? 😂

  66. Mira Miara

    Mira Miara2 години тому

    Bravo the fasted group win in music show contrat 👏👏

  67. SMarie

    SMarie2 години тому

    I'm still shooketh at how strong they came out and it has been 11 days since debut 🖤

  68. ii.Mob. ii

    ii.Mob. iiГодину тому


  69. Bb1234 Bb1234

    Bb1234 Bb12342 години тому


  70. Mιcнael 「ѕєσk」

    Mιcнael 「ѕєσk」2 години тому


  71. jisoo the queen

    jisoo the queen2 години тому

    it's interesting because ryujin got the least amount of lines but she stood out the most to me

  72. Rina _ ar

    Rina _ ar2 години тому


  73. Bb chaeyoung bts suga Twice

    Bb chaeyoung bts suga Twice2 години тому

    I love yeji

  74. p a s t e l

    p a s t e l2 години тому

    1:34 she's so pretty 💞

  75. 잇썹의 똥구멍

    잇썹의 똥구멍2 години тому


  76. Freedom L

    Freedom L2 години тому

    The lyrics, message, the tempo, the dance and their performance, OMG, PERFECT!

  77. tinfawn

    tinfawn2 години тому

    IZ*ONE Chaeyoung breaking the first win record at 10 days and now ITZY Chaeryoung breaking the record at 9 days.. *THE POWER THESE SISTERS HAVE*

  78. Ðïãƞå

    Ðïãƞå2 години тому

    Hm. Why all like it so much?...

  79. feminime

    feminime2 години тому

    20 secs and i'm alrdy into it..

  80. maria simbron

    maria simbron2 години тому

    OMG .. tzuyu

  81. Rosé in sweatpants

    Rosé in sweatpants2 години тому

    The fact that they are so young yet SO talented SENDS ME, ROOKIE LEGENDS

  82. Muchin pandanliuk Sigmchi

    Muchin pandanliuk Sigmchi2 години тому

    1:46 목소리 개 ㅈ같다


    SUHAILAH THE WEIRDOs2 години тому


  84. into bangpink

    into bangpink2 години тому

    can't pick a bias 😭

  85. Tinara Nathania

    Tinara Nathania2 години тому

    uhm i have the same age as chaeryeong and ryujin but here i am.....laying on my bed, eating some cookies and watching them. i feel like an unaccomplished lump of fats.

  86. Diego Boom

    Diego Boom2 години тому

    Who think RYUJIN is hot - cool ? 👇💜

  87. Diego Boom

    Diego Boom2 години тому

    57 Millions today?

  88. H Hu

    H Hu2 години тому


  89. 킹갓준혁

    킹갓준혁2 години тому

    있지 누나들사랑해요

  90. o c e a n b l u e

    o c e a n b l u e2 години тому

    Check out their song "want it" too. ^^

  91. Casper the bitchy ghost

    Casper the bitchy ghost2 години тому

    Ok I'll be honest I didn't like this song at first but it has seriously grown on me. I can't stop listening to it now!

  92. Adrian Valencia

    Adrian Valencia2 години тому


  93. あ あ

    あ あ2 години тому

    Why Korean cheat their views????

  94. GORIson

    GORIsonГодину тому

    Not cheat view...go vevo...

  95. Tinara Nathania

    Tinara Nathania2 години тому

    lol ok, at first i don’t like this song because it’s just too new and different for me. it takes quite a while to get it stuck in my head. BUT NOW I CAN’T STOP SINGING THIS SONG AND IT’S JUST SOOO GOOD...i need some help 😂😂😂

  96. Vulix Ø

    Vulix Ø2 години тому

    The fact that half of them are my age (or younger) and that they look so fucking stunning makes me sad. Just another reason for me to stan them

  97. hyungi yoongi

    hyungi yoongi2 години тому

    i want a colour changing dog now

  98. Uiyy

    Uiyy2 години тому


  99. ให้คุ๊กกี้ทํานายกัน moblieBNK48

    ให้คุ๊กกี้ทํานายกัน moblieBNK482 години тому


  100. Patricia Ramírez

    Patricia Ramírez2 години тому

    Omg I instantly like this group

  101. itzyglitch

    itzyglitch2 години тому

    Person: "This song is all over the place." Me: "Bitch, shut the fuck up." (:

  102. Zwei 25

    Zwei 252 години тому

    Wow still Trending #1 in Singapore

  103. biha mansor

    biha mansor2 години тому

    Blink here supporting itzy💝


    BLACKPINK Y G2 години тому

    Who wants a pizza 🍕 {\__/} ( • . • ) /> 🍕 Cost = 1 like

  105. Huang Ivor

    Huang Ivor2 години тому

    Holy shit 55 million views in 6 days This is crazy

  106. Merry Go Round

    Merry Go Round2 години тому

    Still trending in Philippines. #32 on Trending as of 1:38 AM 2/22/2019.

  107. Miran

    Miran2 години тому

    still #4 trending malaysia . whattttttttt

  108. jia mir

    jia mir2 години тому

    I hate people saying that their win was partly because they belong to one of the 3 big companies. Excusme. Are you blind? can't see the talent?

  109. blink carat

    blink carat3 години тому

    me at first: not my taste, thank you next me right now: keep playing 24/7 btw fighting Itzy! 💖💝

  110. jia mir

    jia mir3 години тому

    the views , wooaah ,

  111. Keto Janashia

    Keto Janashia3 години тому

    Yuna really looks a like actress Jo Bo-ah O.o

  112. Zuziq Amza

    Zuziq Amza3 години тому

    Really addicted

  113. Rehana Akther

    Rehana Akther3 години тому

    How many people love 🧡🖤❤ ITZY ??