IZ*ONE (아이즈원) - 환상동화 (Secret Story of the Swan) MV


  1. mimo pop corn

    mimo pop corn4 години тому

    str34m guys

  2. jazmin Rodríguez

    jazmin Rodríguez4 години тому

    sakura :-)

  3. Tesnime Ast

    Tesnime Ast4 години тому

    Wow 😍😍😍👍👍

  4. kaisooisreeeaaalll

    kaisooisreeeaaalll5 годин тому


  5. Kalvin Santero

    Kalvin Santero5 годин тому

    IZ*ONE has receive the title of the best selling in girlgroup... HANTEO's best girlgroup overall stores...

  6. Tam Tam

    Tam Tam5 годин тому


  7. Julen 100

    Julen 1005 годин тому

    I have one question? Hiw many sales have Bloom*iz in GAON???? 483k or 503k I'm not sure

  8. Stay Me

    Stay Me4 години тому

    483k last tracking, today gaon will annouce new sale, hope we will surpass 500k ^_^

  9. 케디

    케디5 годин тому


  10. Stay Me

    Stay Me4 години тому

    Fighting ^_^

  11. AAA U

    AAA U6 годин тому

    The world is a happier place because of IZONE.

  12. K i sH ¡ a Abarqz

    K i sH ¡ a Abarqz6 годин тому

    Hey just fyi. Few comments down there which are in minutes now are mine. Im streaming it with my multi accnts(str33ming with my 10th accnt now). IM WORKING SO HARD PLEASE DO UR PART ALSO. . Hwaiting wiz*one. Saranghae.


    STAN IZ*ONE6 годин тому

    Song of the year

  14. Bruh Shutthefaqup

    Bruh Shutthefaqup6 годин тому

    32,505,473 ---32.8m hwaiting!

  15. Ethe 322

    Ethe 3226 годин тому

    I Never had known who this group was.But now I’m paying attention.Im a multi.Maybe not even that due to how many fandoms I’m in.So many groups are amazing!

  16. Willyftsalseo

    Willyftsalseo6 годин тому

    Such a good song

  17. kwangbae’s Clown factory

    kwangbae’s Clown factory6 годин тому

    If ur here every day that means ur a true wiz*one

  18. Irrelevant Midzy

    Irrelevant Midzy5 годин тому

    hihihi me :)

  19. Tam Tam

    Tam Tam6 годин тому


  20. hamster1412

    hamster14126 годин тому

    I see a Carmen Ghia in a Kpop video. It is one of my favorite cars of the german classics. Now I can die happy.

  21. Bruh Shutthefaqup

    Bruh Shutthefaqup6 годин тому

    Any i-wiz str33ming there??

  22. remy

    remy7 годин тому

    fighting wizone

  23. Jamaal Williams

    Jamaal Williams7 годин тому

    K Pop is garbage. If you are over 18 years old and listen to this trash then I don't know what else to say.

  24. Amber Abarqz

    Amber Abarqz7 годин тому

    Sorry but we dont have time either espcially to a talking garbage like u. Lmao

  25. Ahmad Sy

    Ahmad Sy7 годин тому

    IZ*ONE - Secret Story of the Swan 08/7 00.12 KST 32,191,318 09/7 00.12 KST 32,494,613 Today *303,295*

  26. Stay Me

    Stay Me6 годин тому

    Yeay, maintain 300k uareporter.net/v/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-NJXC1B0Q9kA.html

  27. Jess Tessa

    Jess Tessa7 годин тому

    Maintain 300k per day! Thanks for the update btw

  28. yenodra daffa

    yenodra daffa7 годин тому


  29. idkwhattoput !!

    idkwhattoput !!7 годин тому

    im a stay -skz fan- nd this just came to my recommendation nd bruh i love the mv nd the song so much, its unique

  30. Adela Lee

    Adela Lee7 годин тому

    Wonyung is no longer giant baby.She is a giant swan.

  31. 정상훈

    정상훈7 годин тому

    올려줘 위즈원들 ㅠㅠ 한국인 댓글이 없다 위즈원이면 좋아요 누르자 !!

  32. Lasantha Nandika

    Lasantha Nandika7 годин тому

    I am falling love with this song

  33. mimo milkyway

    mimo milkyway7 годин тому

    no one : wizone flapping hands out of nowhere

  34. 지유찡

    지유찡7 годин тому

    아이즈원 좋아요..♡♡~

  35. Willyftsalseo

    Willyftsalseo7 годин тому

    So close to get 700k likes wizones fighthing! ♡

  36. kuan helen

    kuan helen7 годин тому

    32 489 397

  37. Tam Tam

    Tam Tam7 годин тому


  38. Strawchae berry

    Strawchae berry8 годин тому

    In this song, i just hear: *So gay* , *Waouh one gay*

  39. Irrelevant Midzy

    Irrelevant Midzy7 годин тому

    i cant unhear it now ahdjajjd

  40. Murilo Santos

    Murilo Santos8 годин тому

    Eu estou a mais de 3 semanas viciado nessa música 😍

  41. R. chakma

    R. chakma8 годин тому

    Who is the girl at 0:25

  42. you so PRETTY

    you so PRETTY7 годин тому

    She is the visual of iz*one

  43. R. chakma

    R. chakma8 годин тому

    @Ahmad Sy thank you.. She is so pretty and slightly resembles tzuyu

  44. Ahmad Sy

    Ahmad Sy8 годин тому

    Kim minju

  45. kawa chan

    kawa chan8 годин тому


  46. Sharon Abraham

    Sharon Abraham8 годин тому

    32.5 and 700k likes letss goo wiz*onesss

  47. kawa chan

    kawa chan8 годин тому

    3:05 さくちゃんキター!

  48. JUNMO JU

    JUNMO JU8 годин тому


  49. Jun Abarquez

    Jun Abarquez8 годин тому

    Guys c'mmon lets atleast make it reach 32.8m before tomorrow. Wiz*one are you tired str33ming already.? No right???

  50. Meri Maria

    Meri Maria6 годин тому

    Nope. Still streaming this SWAN

  51. Jun Abarquez

    Jun Abarquez8 годин тому

    The mv views is rising very slow. we need to call all wiz*one out there to keep str33ming. Help me lets do some mind telepathy.

  52. lee chaeyeon

    lee chaeyeon8 годин тому

    Im not tired not a single one

  53. Sharon Abraham

    Sharon Abraham8 годин тому

    fighting wiz*ones

  54. Martin 81

    Martin 818 годин тому

    Ofcourse not we do what we can


    SKZ TREASURE8 годин тому

    imagine how powerful they could be if they were given a chance to be a group longer! in just 1 year they achieved so much that other idols strive to achieve, what more if they promoted for 5 more years.

  56. Last word

    Last word8 годин тому

    Global girl group

  57. lee chaeyeon

    lee chaeyeon8 годин тому

    So true

  58. Tam Tam

    Tam Tam9 годин тому


  59. Mai Hương Nguyễn

    Mai Hương Nguyễn9 годин тому

    IZ*ONE b-side songs you should listen: - - - - - ....i think you should listen to all of their song. They're all masterpieces

  60. lunaxzo

    lunaxzo9 годин тому


  61. Martin 81

    Martin 818 годин тому


  62. banana :p

    banana :p9 годин тому

    32 466 646

  63. banana :p

    banana :p9 годин тому

    466 646 is so satisfying hhhhh

  64. Faizaan L

    Faizaan L9 годин тому

    So I see talent runs in the family chaeyeon - izone and chaeryoung - itzy 💕😊❤️.

  65. Stay Me

    Stay Me9 годин тому


  66. 라둥

    라둥9 годин тому

    진짜 매력족이야ㅠ


    SAVAGE DAECHWITA9 годин тому

    We love iz*onee

  68. lee chaeyeon

    lee chaeyeon9 годин тому

    1k likes more for 700k likes

  69. 花札

    花札9 годин тому

    Hi, IZ*ONE and WIZ*ONE!!! 1. WhosfanTV uploaded "[HATNEO NEWS] 한터차트, "아이즈원 초동 판매량 걸그룹 부문 신기록" 공식 인증". I added it into my playlist "ToYou". HANTEO Chart officially certified as "New record of IZ*ONE initial sales volume in GG category". Congrats IZ*ONE and WIZ*ONE!!! 2. IDOLLIVE uploaded "Behind the Scene I Gelato & Golf & ASMR I IZ*ONE Eat-ing Trip (ENG SUB) I 아이즈원의 잇힝트립 비하인드1". I added it into my playlist "IZ*ONE Eat-ing Trip in Sokcho". I am so happy now.   I love IZ*ONE♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡   2020-07-08(Wed)

  70. Dila Fadila

    Dila Fadila9 годин тому


  71. Ateez Present

    Ateez Present10 годин тому

    Keep on str3aming Wiz*one, let's get that 20m vi3ws!

  72. Irrelevant Midzy

    Irrelevant Midzy10 годин тому

    Nearly 700k likes!

  73. Ateez Present

    Ateez Present10 годин тому

    Go go go, Fighting IM!

  74. banana :p

    banana :p10 годин тому

    32 452 329

  75. Muklesur Rahman

    Muklesur Rahman10 годин тому

    Is this Japanese song.. indian want to know

  76. Martin 81

    Martin 818 годин тому

    No it's Korean song

  77. Muh Farid FB

    Muh Farid FB10 годин тому

    Is this korean actually but they also have the japanese version

  78. Airyne Mayaut

    Airyne Mayaut11 годин тому


  79. Míriam López

    Míriam López11 годин тому

    1:34 Hitomi must be wearing heels to be almost as tall as Yujin

  80. Nadiah Amirah

    Nadiah Amirah11 годин тому

    I'm a BLINK. To be honest, i didn't know IZ*ONE release this song. While waiting for BLACKPINK's performances some days before, i watched IZ*ONE performed this song multiple times. THIS SONG IS SO CATCHY! I LOVE THE GROUP AND THIS SONG SO MUCH! literally became a fan :)

  81. 121

    1216 годин тому

    Omg wizblink win 🤧.Hi BLINK i love you!

  82. Nadiah Amirah

    Nadiah Amirah8 годин тому

    @kwangbae is my religion yesss but still this song is my fav >

  83. Nadiah Amirah

    Nadiah Amirah8 годин тому

    @lee chaeyeon sure :)

  84. kwangbae is my religion

    kwangbae is my religion9 годин тому

    Have u listened to other songs from them?

  85. lee chaeyeon

    lee chaeyeon9 годин тому

    Thank you please keep str34ming

  86. Tam Tam

    Tam Tam11 годин тому


  87. Chester Hervie Marudo

    Chester Hervie Marudo11 годин тому

    Happy Str34ming WIZ*ONES!

  88. wiz*one baby

    wiz*one baby11 годин тому

    Like swan swan swan

  89. 우린할수있을 거야!

    우린할수있을 거야!11 годин тому


  90. Asya Firdaus Nurrahman

    Asya Firdaus Nurrahman11 годин тому

    kenapa mereka pada cantik dahh:v

  91. Asya Firdaus Nurrahman

    Asya Firdaus Nurrahman11 годин тому

    i like this song

  92. Julen 100

    Julen 10012 годин тому


  93. Julen 100

    Julen 1005 годин тому

    @Stay Me but if we have 420k sales in HANTEO?!?!? We need only 80k sales Thats no very much

  94. Sharon Abraham

    Sharon Abraham8 годин тому

    @Stay Me naaa 500k is not possible but atleast we can make 400k i guess

  95. Stay Me

    Stay Me8 годин тому

    Hope we get 500,000k but i know it hard because of production problem, can't manage album properly, last track we only sold 386,000k in 27th june

  96. lee chaeyeon

    lee chaeyeon9 годин тому

    @izone cuties if im not mistaken the current holder is twice with 565k sales

  97. izone cuties

    izone cuties10 годин тому

    lee chaeyeon who is the current holder? and how much the sales?

  98. kuan helen

    kuan helen12 годин тому

    32 433 685

  99. Tam Tam

    Tam Tam12 годин тому


  100. Raileigh Ynessa Monserrate

    Raileigh Ynessa Monserrate12 годин тому

    I always str3am this everyday it's like my day is not complete without str3aming this aesthetic mv

  101. winwinhoe

    winwinhoe12 годин тому

    I literally just come here every day because the song and mv are THAT good

  102. lee chaeyeon

    lee chaeyeon12 годин тому

    Yes were the same. No matter how many times i str34m this im still enjoying this music

  103. Irrelevant Midzy

    Irrelevant Midzy12 годин тому

    same same same

  104. Becci Kinomoto

    Becci Kinomoto12 годин тому

    La Vie En Rose = They are Queens Violeta = They are Fairys Fiesta = They are Mermaids Secret Story of the Swan = They are Swans

  105. jessica joy viola

    jessica joy viola12 годин тому

    Izone is killing me❤❤❤❤❤

  106. BlueChanz _ gaming

    BlueChanz _ gaming12 годин тому

    Chaeyeon 💜

  107. 펭수

    펭수12 годин тому

    이번 뮤비 퀄이 좀 낮은 것같은건 기분탓이겠죠...?

  108. Thuc Ng

    Thuc Ng13 годин тому

    dont they have any wins on music show for this cb?

  109. Sharon Abraham

    Sharon Abraham8 годин тому

    7 all kills

  110. Julen 100

    Julen 10012 годин тому

    7 and all kill ( wins in all the music shows of the week )

  111. Only Alexz

    Only Alexz12 годин тому

    7 is better than fiesta era

  112. lee chaeyeon

    lee chaeyeon13 годин тому

    Yes they have 7 wins for this cb

  113. 아영

    아영13 годин тому

    1:05 이 뮤비 하이라이트

  114. kwangbae is my religion

    kwangbae is my religion9 годин тому

    맞아.. 표정이 좋다

  115. afhidha블링크

    afhidha블링크13 годин тому

    The only terrible thing this song have *IT ENDS*

  116. Irrelevant Midzy

    Irrelevant Midzy13 годин тому

    I dance only for you With elegance~~ Iz*one x Wiz*one forever~~

  117. eee lee

    eee lee13 годин тому

    32 408 833

  118. Stay Me

    Stay Me13 годин тому

    I wish that this moment right now will stay forever ♡

  119. Stay Me

    Stay Me13 годин тому

    I wake up with your magic ♡

  120. Stay Me

    Stay Me13 годин тому

    There is no sad ending here ♡

  121. izone cuties

    izone cuties13 годин тому