Jacques Cousteau vs Steve Irwin. Epic Rap Battles of History



    MAINE GRAY2 години тому

    'Nazi Nazi Nazi, oy yoy yoy...' *phone catches on fire*

  2. moody owl production's

    moody owl production's3 години тому


  3. Sam Borgens Jr

    Sam Borgens Jr4 години тому

    Happy birthday, Steve!

  4. Iced Killer

    Iced Killer4 години тому

    The accent pick ups at the beginning of the first round was key

  5. Brian reynolds

    Brian reynolds5 годин тому

    Am I the only one that gets Harrison Wells vibes

  6. Chiaki Nanami

    Chiaki Nanami7 годин тому

    happy birthday steve ☺

  7. Michael Carmine

    Michael Carmine9 годин тому

    Steve Irwin sounds like Junket from Overwatch

  8. Jesse Smith

    Jesse Smith11 годин тому

    Why did the Steve Irwin actor sound like junkrat from overwatch?

  9. Arìdan Aragami

    Arìdan Aragami11 годин тому

    "go grope a nope rope" that line had me laughing too much


    CHEF GXYARDEE13 годин тому

    why does sueco the child look like jacques

  11. xXWilderGamerXx

    xXWilderGamerXx14 годин тому

    Steve would've been 58 today...

  12. Antiseptikk

    Antiseptikk15 годин тому

    Let this sink in, No cuss words *and possibly one of the most savage battles in erb*

  13. Johnathan Rebeck

    Johnathan Rebeck23 години тому

    I hope nobody finds this comment!

  14. Antiseptikk

    Antiseptikk15 годин тому

    I found you

  15. Talkindurinthemovie

    Talkindurinthemovie23 години тому

    Steve irwin killed it. *Don't go throwing c4 on the seafloor*

  16. Charles Zalusky

    Charles ZaluskyДень тому

    Steve Erwin smoked that guy

  17. Anime Deco

    Anime DecoДень тому

    That was SAVAGE. I need a moment to collect myself.

  18. Katheryn Chapman

    Katheryn ChapmanДень тому


  19. Jacob Hughes

    Jacob HughesДень тому

    Usain Bolt vs. The Flash

  20. Daniel H

    Daniel HДень тому

    Just noticed that neither Peter or Lloyd blinks once during the entire battle.

  21. Justin Makarov

    Justin MakarovДень тому

    “Now embrace your French nature, and quietly surrender” AAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  22. Mikael Hansen

    Mikael HansenДень тому

    Jean Luc Picard vs. Luke Skywalker

  23. taitoa tahere-ford

    taitoa tahere-fordДень тому

    Satan vs doom guy

  24. corinne sellers

    corinne sellers2 дні тому

    I miss Steve :(

  25. Antiseptikk

    Antiseptikk15 годин тому


  26. Chris Finch

    Chris Finch2 дні тому

    Captain Kangaroo vs Captain Jack Sparrow

  27. Jeremy Smith

    Jeremy Smith2 дні тому

    I swear Steve came back and killed it hands down🔥🔥🔥

  28. Psycrow

    Psycrow2 дні тому

    I love my countries accent, love ya steve

  29. Bryan Pedersen

    Bryan Pedersen3 дні тому

    Peter and Lloyd can look like literally anyone

  30. RLK III

    RLK III3 дні тому

    Fun? Try Mother Theresa vs Ghandi...

  31. Rapp Scallion

    Rapp Scallion3 дні тому

    This video should have had a guest appearance by Sir David Attenborough

  32. allan scott

    allan scott3 дні тому

    Jacques won

  33. Benjámin Kurilla

    Benjámin Kurilla3 дні тому

    Was the real man had such over the top moves too?

  34. SpicyHerbs

    SpicyHerbs3 дні тому

    This is the worst Australian accent I’ve heard, but the lyrics slap so 😕

  35. Tootsie roll

    Tootsie roll3 дні тому

    Michael Myers versus Jason Voorhees

  36. Tootsie roll

    Tootsie roll3 дні тому

    With them silent but with subtitles

  37. Tootsie roll

    Tootsie roll3 дні тому

    Michael Myers versus Jason Voorhees

  38. Tootsie roll

    Tootsie roll3 дні тому

    Michael Myers versus Jason Voorhees

  39. Shoto Todoroki

    Shoto Todoroki4 дні тому

    I know Steve Irwin died a while ago, but, when the other dude said something about the animal that killed Irwin. I said, "Too soon.*

  40. Kylie Guerin

    Kylie Guerin4 дні тому

    Pewdiepie vs. Bill Cosby


    ERR SANES GAMING4 дні тому

    Irwin won this no cap

  42. Dinosaurio DlodocusKing

    Dinosaurio DlodocusKing4 дні тому

    Steve Irwin w9n

  43. Asian republic of socialist Micronation

    Asian republic of socialist Micronation4 дні тому

    R.I.P Steve Irwin also fuck PETA

  44. Kiritsugu Emiya

    Kiritsugu Emiya4 дні тому

    Pump your brakes kid, That man's a national treasure

  45. Tawie Mhandu

    Tawie Mhandu4 дні тому

    Indiana Jones vs Nathan Drake

  46. Emery Calame

    Emery Calame5 днів тому

    It wouldn't make any sense at all but...do Freddy Kreuger vs. the Dukes of Hazzard.

  47. Emery Calame

    Emery Calame5 днів тому

    "Welcome to the southern Atlantic Ocean. Today we will look deep into the hidden depths of its beauty and discover its ageless mysteries...I am Jacques Cousteau. Now, all of my children are dead."

  48. Arthur and John 14

    Arthur and John 145 днів тому

    He never should stepped to the wildlife defender

  49. Beachy

    Beachy5 днів тому

    Australian accents are very hard to replicate and u guys did pretty well but as an Australian listening to this hearing Steve Irwins voice was painful

  50. OogaBooga

    OogaBooga6 днів тому

    I wish they did Steve irwin vs David Attembra

  51. The_Venomous_Viper 123

    The_Venomous_Viper 1236 днів тому

    American people doing Aussie accents sounds like Aussie people doing American accents

  52. Krystal Pino

    Krystal Pino6 днів тому

    (Jacques) my raps cause forest fires (Steve Irwin) you shouldn't be talking I'm global warming (Pennywise) hold my beer

  53. Krystal Pino

    Krystal Pino6 днів тому

    I have Oscars your in doctor Dolittle 2 Just to be clear because I'm no veterinarian were you killed by a fish kids pet at the aquarium (Fire) but not the best

  54. lostkarai

    lostkarai6 днів тому

    Addams family vs Cullens, I think that could be an interesting battle

  55. Caleb B

    Caleb B6 днів тому

    Steve won🐊🥇

  56. PaPa StALiN dA GrEaT

    PaPa StALiN dA GrEaT7 днів тому

    I honestly thought Jacques Cousteau was Mr. Smee.

  57. Seth_Nile

    Seth_Nile5 днів тому

    Lmao 😅

  58. just a gAmER

    just a gAmER7 днів тому

    Best disses: Steve Best flow : jaucques Winner: wildlife

  59. Colin Roper

    Colin Roper7 днів тому

    Embrace your French nature and quietly surrender. BEST. LINE. EVER.

  60. jieqiang luo

    jieqiang luo7 днів тому

    Ingrid Newkirk VS Steve Irwin?

  61. Krystal Pino

    Krystal Pino7 днів тому

    Don't throw c4 on the sea floor

  62. Sean Egan

    Sean Egan7 днів тому

    R.I.P you true blue legend

  63. Leslie Gilbraith

    Leslie Gilbraith8 днів тому

    Indiana Jones vs Shaun Connery

  64. Cheyenne Schilreff

    Cheyenne Schilreff8 днів тому

    I haven’t watched ERB in years, and when I finally come back to the channel to see what’s new I see my 2 idols having a rap battle against each other. Thank you.