Jacques Cousteau vs Steve Irwin. Epic Rap Battles of History


  1. Master Blaster Outdoors

    Master Blaster Outdoors12 хвилин тому

    Micheal Jordan vs Tom Brady

  2. Simon Simonowitsch

    Simon Simonowitsch30 хвилин тому

    goethe vs schiller pls

  3. Ernei Ribeiro

    Ernei Ribeiro46 хвилин тому

    Mustard vs. Ketchup

  4. SolarFruit

    SolarFruit48 хвилин тому

    Andrew Jackson vs John Randolph famous Duelists

  5. Skigo Ristick

    Skigo RistickГодину тому

    Mother Teresa Vs Sigmund Freud



    Who has not yet understood what curse did the man gives in the starting when the epic rap battles of histroy is displayed 🤣🤣🤣

  7. David Theisens

    David TheisensГодину тому

    Dr. Phil vs Sigmund Freud

  8. Life_is_Harddd

    Life_is_HardddГодину тому

    Were you guys in Spongebob Out of Water?

  9. Biraj Acharya

    Biraj Acharya2 години тому

    Iron Man vs Batman

  10. Biraj Acharya

    Biraj Acharya2 години тому

    Messi vs Ronaldo next!

  11. BusterD

    BusterD2 години тому

    Neo vs. Mad Max (feat. Indiana Jones) Charlie Chaplin vs. Jim Carrey Vlad the Impaler vs. Bloody Mary Neil Armstrong vs. Yuri Gagarin Queen Victoria vs. Queen Beyoncé Marie Curie vs. Amelia Earhart Tony Montana vs. Vito Corleone David Bowie vs. Prince Margaret Thatcher vs. Mao Zedong Ruth Bader Ginsburg vs. Judge Judy Saul Goodman vs. Johnnie Cochran Jr. Serena Williams vs. Michelle Kwan Usain Bolt vs. Tiger Woods

  12. emanuel rasekh

    emanuel rasekh2 години тому

    Nicki Minaj vs Kim Kardashian would be cool!

  13. Gibran Adnan

    Gibran Adnan2 години тому

    We need Jimmy Fallon vs Jimmy Kimmel

  14. Dr. Red eye

    Dr. Red eye2 години тому

    How about a Rowan Atkinson vs Jim Carrey vs Charlie Chaplin and maybe Robin Williams showing up at the end like last time,it would be like with Abe Lincoln in the presidential battles And ofcourse no one would diss Robin

  15. Joshua Sanger

    Joshua Sanger2 години тому

    Tom Delonge v.s. Mark Hoppus

  16. Unlikely Suspect

    Unlikely Suspect3 години тому

    I think it obvios who won here

  17. 65 rogeryork

    65 rogeryork3 години тому

    Anyone else think Steve Irwin should've went up against Bear Grylls?

  18. Ben18ten

    Ben18ten3 години тому

    Antonio Brown vs. Terrell Owens

  19. A Wehrmacht Soldier

    A Wehrmacht Soldier3 години тому

    The Red Baron vs The Green Hornet

  20. Robert Frugoni

    Robert Frugoni4 години тому

    Crocodile Humper! lol

  21. Micah Psalms

    Micah Psalms4 години тому

    I have a suggestion: Do (Steven Kings) IT vs. John Gacey.

  22. mike bowser

    mike bowser4 години тому

    Kiss vs motley crue vs blue oyster cult vs rush

  23. justion •

    justion •4 години тому

    Mother Sawyer (Leatherfaces mom) vs Pamela Voorhees

  24. Wips-o- Wis

    Wips-o- Wis4 години тому

    That wasn’t an Australian accent

  25. Jonathan Larsen

    Jonathan Larsen4 години тому

    Pennywise vs Ronald McDonald

  26. Jamichael0303

    Jamichael03034 години тому

    You know what would be a hilarious battle? Vlad the Impaler (historical figure Dracula is based on) VS Edward Cullen (sparkly, angsty vampire from Twilight)

  27. Wikham the boi

    Wikham the boi4 години тому

    it was a tie

  28. Waka Ranger

    Waka Ranger5 годин тому

    Danny DeVito vs. Andre the Giant Martin Luther vs. John Calvin Benito Mussolini vs. Trajan

  29. Ruruka Shoujo

    Ruruka Shoujo5 годин тому

    Mother Teresa vs Sigmund Freud!

  30. Tai Miah

    Tai Miah5 годин тому

    Naruto/konoha vs Area 51

  31. Wincent 97

    Wincent 975 годин тому

    Amelia Earhart vs Ferdinand Magellan

  32. JinIsAVeryHandsomeMan

    JinIsAVeryHandsomeMan5 годин тому

    Barack Obama vs Donald trump

  33. Joshua Skelton

    Joshua Skelton5 годин тому

    Saitama from One Punch Man vs Mike Tyson

  34. Ross Perry

    Ross Perry6 годин тому

    Shia Laboeuf vs Emperor Palpatine

  35. Andrew Redd

    Andrew Redd6 годин тому

    Jotaro Kujo v.s. Kenshiro

  36. JoEJu90

    JoEJu906 годин тому

    Nathan Drake vs Lara Croft would be awesome.

  37. David Brinnen

    David Brinnen7 годин тому

    Suggestion for a scientific battle, Michael Mann v Tim Ball - Some of the things Dr. Tim Ball have said are quite spicy, hence the court case uareporter.net/v/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-e92U5HzBuLI.html

  38. Zap Strike 45

    Zap Strike 457 годин тому

    They should make eminem vs tupac

  39. MrJasper24 :/

    MrJasper24 :/7 годин тому

    Rowan atkinson vs Charles Chaplin Like of you agree

  40. Matias Myllymäki

    Matias Myllymäki8 годин тому

    GERALD OF RIVIA VS MASON (from black ops 1) This battle would be interesting considering both characters made tons of missteps and have lots of skeletons in their closets.

  41. justicecaparros

    justicecaparros8 годин тому

    Iron man vs batman

  42. Robin Horgan

    Robin Horgan8 годин тому

    Roger Ebert vs Simon Cowell

  43. Me Me

    Me Me9 годин тому

    Make one of pewdiepie vs T-series pls

  44. Ravenclaw Captain

    Ravenclaw Captain9 годин тому

    Please do judge Judy vs judge Rinder

  45. Dylan's Review's

    Dylan's Review's9 годин тому

    Do frank miller vs alan more

  46. The global Ninja

    The global Ninja10 годин тому

    Chick fila vs poppies va kfc vs other fried chicken restaurant

  47. Skigo & Romeo

    Skigo & Romeo10 годин тому

    Mother Teresa Vs Sigmund Freud Darkseid Vs Thanos Cardi B Vs Nicki Minaj The Undertaker Vs Uncle Sam Coyote Peterson Vs Jeff Corwin T-900/Cameron Vs Leni Loud Arnold Schwarzenegger Vs Rocky Balboa Billy Ray Cyrus Vs Ariana Grande Will Smith Vs Adam Conover Kevin Hart Vs Hannibal Buress

  48. William G

    William G10 годин тому

    Where's the new rap battle?

  49. Regal Garcia

    Regal Garcia10 годин тому

    Hey guys which erb video was the quote “ oh look who’s talking! A lowlife dickwad who sucks dick for a living” from?

  50. Дмитрий Спириденко

    Дмитрий Спириденко11 годин тому

    Yuri Gagarin vs Alan Shepard

  51. jacob nicks

    jacob nicks11 годин тому

    Pennywise vs baby from FNAF

  52. Commu Nism

    Commu Nism11 годин тому

    A bunch of battle ideas -hans christian anderson vs. Jacob&wilhelm grimm -monty python spanish inquisition vs. IRL spanish inquisition -john wilkes booth vs. ahn jung gun(famous korean assassin from the 1900s that assassinated a major japanese leader when korea was ruled bh japan) -hercules vs. he-man -bascou(idk if im spelling this right) dagama vs. marco polo

  53. Brian Naylor

    Brian Naylor11 годин тому

    Oh. Just thought of another one maybe people have suggested before: Tony Stark VS. Margaret Thatcher. (Iron Man VS. The Iron Lady)

  54. flippin perv

    flippin perv12 годин тому

    Chuck Norris vs Chuck Norris (pioneer of forensics!)

  55. thunder cloud

    thunder cloud12 годин тому

    Jack skellington vs skeletor

  56. Luka D Neville

    Luka D Neville12 годин тому

    I seen this in the comments and i think its amazing. Kurt Cobain in one of them, someone suggested to match him with Jimi Hendriks but id be more into him versing Anthony Kiedes from RHCP

  57. A Wet Tombstone POV

    A Wet Tombstone POV12 годин тому

    Steve Irwins lines are, in my Opinion, has the best lines in ERB history

  58. scorpianz studioz

    scorpianz studioz12 годин тому

    What if you did thanos v.s kylo-ren?

  59. Sir William Touchabs

    Sir William Touchabs13 годин тому

    NEXT ONE IS GONNA BE Mother Teresa vs Sigmund Freud

  60. Anil mehta

    Anil mehta13 годин тому

    Fred and George Weasely vs. Pippin and Merry