Joe Rogan on Trump & Jim Acosta


  1. Remote Viewer 1

    Remote Viewer 15 днів тому

    Acosta is simply an ass. Begging to be slapped down; no one wants to, no one will, but he wants it so badly. Yawn and ignore. Have CNN fire him.

  2. Stephanie Preston-Mullins

    Stephanie Preston-Mullins8 днів тому

    ..... "Because Texas would just start invading everybody"!! Lmao....

  3. griffin lamp

    griffin lamp10 днів тому

    Sarah Sanders is rude and dismissive but no one seems to care because any problem with trump is just “fake news” apparently. Ridiculous logic

  4. griffin lamp

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  5. Dan Tayler

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  6. Nelson Guzman

    Nelson Guzman13 днів тому

    Hilarious that they shit on Acosta, who has 0 effect on policy, yet Trump gets a pass because he is the President. I know Joe is not biased towards Trump or anyone but this comes off as sketchy and petty criticism of someone who is insignificant as Jim Acosta is. Trump made his CAREER out of being obnoxious and self-aggrandizing, now that Jim is doing its a big deal. Again, we fall for the news bit and fail to see the grand scale of things.

  7. Spartacus Forlife

    Spartacus Forlife14 днів тому

    The press honest and objective? 1- their lack of questioning the iraq war 2- the phone hacking scandal in the u.k. 3- a corporate agenda which means they do not question correctly or honestly 4- the growth of talking heads over investigative journalism 5- regular overreach 6- contract journalism v legitimate journalism by fawning to just your viewership 7- public journalistic hanging of accused people before a court case even comes to court

  8. Rich Evans

    Rich Evans19 днів тому

    Joe Rogan... nevermind...

  9. Brian Henry

    Brian Henry22 дні тому

    Hmmmm? Maybe some Acid in that Monster too.

  10. Josh Reed

    Josh Reed23 дні тому

    You don’t hear much about his ass anymore.

  11. Nick Hulfeld

    Nick Hulfeld24 дні тому

    These two should have a podcast together

  12. ca bo

    ca bo27 днів тому

    Super stupid people.

  13. ca bo

    ca bo27 днів тому

    Worst part getting old. Sarah pahlin

  14. Ssj Perez

    Ssj PerezМісяць тому

    “Let’s separate America into different countries . Texas and New Jersey are basically different countries” Great intellect guys , really showing your ass on that dumb ass statement

  15. kiran hill

    kiran hillМісяць тому

    Maybe have the Federal government a lot less powerful and have individual states have more independence

  16. Zyz zyz

    Zyz zyzМісяць тому

    The Press is not being attacked. cnn and acosta are not The Press. They are one media company among thousands. They can be replaced by another company and The Press would continue to do their job. If you want to see the press being attacked, go to Venezuela.

  17. thedavid00100

    thedavid00100Місяць тому

    Secession would not fix political dysfunction.

  18. clone abe

    clone abeМісяць тому

    Boy he’s stupid

  19. Knight Delta

    Knight DeltaМісяць тому

    7k Dislikes the heck?

  20. No Ah

    No AhМісяць тому

    This guy seemed ok until the whole "America needs to be divided" thing... It shows how small minded he really is... He is a leftist who is hardcore. He is hiding some of his true feelings...

  21. CountArtha

    CountArthaМісяць тому

    The only reason there's a White House Press Corps at all is so they can all sit in a room and listen to every word the White House says and report it as news. These people don't even realize they are nothing but glorified stenographers.

  22. cikhed

    cikhedМісяць тому

    He asked a question, the president gave a vauge evasive answer and the president didn't want to actually be accountable.

  23. Mark Christian

    Mark ChristianМісяць тому

    Who is this guy with Joe Rogan? I think Ive seen him in a movie or a tv show.

  24. Draco

    DracoМісяць тому

    Monster has that yummy bull seamen. #Knowledge.

  25. impractical smoker

    impractical smokerМісяць тому

    Nah he speaks English he went to school in Britain or some shit. Obama went after reporters too. They wont allow it , its been tried my guy it didnt go so well. We're united on the values of America.

  26. Dwd X

    Dwd XМісяць тому

    This President truly represents American Excepcionalism. Shining city on a hill? more like a cesspool of racists, bigots, conspiracy theorists, inbreds and uneducated rednecks. America, you got what you deserve.. just try not to bring the whole world down with you.

  27. Mr E

    Mr EМісяць тому

    Harvey Levin is Jim's Acosta's Father.

  28. Bully Soares

    Bully SoaresМісяць тому

    Joe is more OBJECTIVE than ANY journalist out there...PERIOD! #FuckFoxNews #FuckCNN

  29. JohnFruscianteMarkLa

    JohnFruscianteMarkLaМісяць тому

    funny how 90% of the delusional, dildo-licking fartknockers today just "happen" to be Democrats

  30. Rediscover Film

    Rediscover FilmМісяць тому

    Acosta is a pile of human excrement.

  31. Antoinette Demarie

    Antoinette DemarieМісяць тому

    Karate Chop Jimmy is an asshole.

  32. Kim Randall

    Kim RandallМісяць тому

    Kavanaugh, not mentioned until the end, and his treatment by at least 6 Democrats is what catalyzed me as a Republican. The Democrats in their Kavanaugh and Acosta behavior tells me I have chosen correctly.

  33. RebelRidersTx

    RebelRidersTxМісяць тому

    Texas could take over the world.

  34. Mon Rudker

    Mon RudkerМісяць тому

    8:09 that's what America was suppose to be you stupid son of a bitch. The states were suppose to govern themselves and D.C. was suppose to be a small time referee not some power hungry asshole dictating the worlds fate. I hope this douche gets ko by the K.O. game

  35. Sentry Syndrome

    Sentry SyndromeМісяць тому

    lots of snowflakes in the comments

  36. Nathan Brewer

    Nathan BrewerМісяць тому

    Jim Acosta was and still will be an ASSHOLE!!!!!

  37. Bass Ventura

    Bass VenturaМісяць тому

    michael malice looks exactly like i pictured in my head. lol

  38. Jacob Maldonado

    Jacob MaldonadoМісяць тому


  39. Joshua Tatter

    Joshua TatterМісяць тому

    With the Kavanaugh Hearing... It was the fact that there was no corroborating evidence... So it wasn't like the Right was trying to appoint a rapist. They were following due process.

  40. Jose Perez

    Jose PerezМісяць тому

    He hit the nail on the head, the news became propaganda. The news should be reported, and when it is over you took in information on who, what ,where, when something happened. Personal feelings should not be involved. Trump has something like over 90% negative news reported about him. That is impossible to happen in our country with an economy, and a decent stock market, unemployment lows... Right now things are going well since Trump came in, America can not deny that. If you like him or hate him that is your belief, but what does that actually have to do with anything. I have had bosses that were true aholes, but they were good at what they do. I had respect for them at work, but I wouldn't want to go to a party they are having. Somehow everyone in America thinks that they can be a president and do that job, and the fact is they can not. If everyone was so smart and talented why do they not have businesses where they are billionaires. It is easy to pick on a persons faults, but can you emulate their good, their success, their power... NO. We now live in a world where if somebody thinks something strange we all have to agree so we dont hurt someones feelings, all that goes is give the strange or weird or the awful a false sense of success and pride. There are certain things that are taboo, and some of these liberals have no edge or line to where they say enough. Like open borders, these are the people that lock their doors at night because of the what if. Would you let a illegal immigrant in your home without knowing their name, would you go shopping while he watches your 6 yr old daughter when you just met him? NO... To say there are no bad people in a group of 6,500 people is crazy. In 6500 people there is a pedo, a murderer, a rapist, a nutjob... just by statistics alone. These people are not coming out of America's best and wealthy town but from a country of violence. SO just think about things. The media pushes the agenda, your job is to get news from more than 1 source and weight the difference and form an opinion. Just saying whatever cause it sound like the right thing to do will kill the country, and maybe even you for that matter. Crazy times where people dont think then what, what happens after I do that... think... Stop worrying about what to call yourself from a non binary and 30 other choices and worry about what sh^t matters...

  41. Jamo 75 castnblast

    Jamo 75 castnblastМісяць тому

    Send Jim acosta's piece of s*** commie ass back to Cuba get the f*** out of here Emilio

  42. Daniel

    DanielМісяць тому

    Joes guest lost me at the american divorce bullshit. What a fucktard pussy ass thing to say

  43. Gillian Orley

    Gillian OrleyМісяць тому

    Otto was a moron who not only thought that North Korea was a good place to visit, but THEN was so STUPID that he went into a forbidden area. People have to learn that, when you are in ANOTHER country, you are subject to the LAWS of THAT country. You get no special treatment because you are an American. And when you are in country that is a totalitarian dictatorship, the law is, pretty much, whatever they want it to be.

  44. Max Review

    Max ReviewМісяць тому

    Donald Trump is a master at psychology.

  45. Ducki Flyerz

    Ducki FlyerzМісяць тому

    Fuck trump n America from the uk

  46. Jason Blakely

    Jason BlakelyМісяць тому

    You can blame Obama/Hillary esp for the division in America!!!!

  47. Jason Blakely

    Jason BlakelyМісяць тому


  48. JustLee MeAlone

    JustLee MeAloneМісяць тому

    I thought jim was asking why the president acting like the "caravan" was an invading army right before the election, the president didn't like that, so he tried to silence a member of the press instead of answering a real question with a real answer. Then they put out fake propaganda video, and these retards are talking about jim being rude, jfc these two are morons.

  49. Manuel DeAbreu

    Manuel DeAbreuМісяць тому

    Karma would be someone showing up at Acosta's home, executing his family right in front of him and then slowly burning him alive. It would be even better if it was taped, put online so we could all enjoy it.

  50. Enrique Ferreira

    Enrique FerreiraМісяць тому

    Trump would take Acosta down.. and Trump is very old

  51. Max Casey

    Max CaseyМісяць тому

    Texas would never invade another State because we don’t want their problems to become ours. We are however to becoming our own country again and building our own walls

  52. Donald Pump

    Donald PumpМісяць тому

    Our government needs to be way more strict, & make examples of people We tolerate way too much

  53. gi Man

    gi ManМісяць тому

    Press conferences should be for authentic journalists ! Acosta is most def not a journalist.

  54. Owner of a Busted Ricecooker

    Owner of a Busted RicecookerМісяць тому

    7k libstards heads just exploded

  55. Joe Jacques

    Joe JacquesМісяць тому

    The “press” never treated Clinton or Obama this way. And those two sucked big time.

  56. mr nuggets

    mr nuggetsМісяць тому

    .this got me listening to michael malice's podcast's pretty damn good :)

  57. GenericGenerator

    GenericGeneratorМісяць тому

    Isn’t that how the US was set up originally? The idea of multiple “countries” with a single foreign policy? It’s just that the Federal government has grown so large and powerful that its messes up?

  58. billy nelson

    billy nelsonМісяць тому

    Most those reporters are actually activist

  59. Jordan Guillory

    Jordan GuilloryМісяць тому

    How can you defend Acosta?

  60. The Meister

    The MeisterМісяць тому

    I think Jim is really just longing for his butthole to be fisted some more.

  61. Ivan Jorven

    Ivan JorvenМісяць тому

    The Left is cancer. Trump is chemotherapy. Nobody expected it not to be ugly.

  62. Neil Johnson

    Neil JohnsonМісяць тому

    Give me a freaking break! The fact is that if you ask a question Coward Trump doesn’t like, he will try to shut you down. Therefore you have to be obnoxious just like him. Coward Trump. Couldn’t go to Vietnam because his feet hurt but acts like a tough guy and wanted a military parade. He should be grabbing himself.

  63. Cliff Block

    Cliff BlockМісяць тому

    CNN is DNC propaganda

  64. Bruce Lee

    Bruce Lee2 місяці тому

    The guest is totally clueless on history at 8:30 he just loses all respect of understanding what made America great. Our union is our strength. Breaking our union up is NEVER acceptable!!!!! It’s exactly what your enemy wants.

  65. Wanderson Deoliveira

    Wanderson Deoliveira2 місяці тому

    Boycott them

  66. Dancier Hall

    Dancier Hall2 місяці тому

    Does joe rogan just acquiesce to anyone that goes on his show. Did he even see this event with Jim Acosta? Or is he being agreeable? I feel like he didn't. Plus who is this guy?

  67. Choppy

    Choppy2 місяці тому

    Trump is Gemini. Not unreadable

  68. the9thhell

    the9thhell2 місяці тому

    Acosta was grandstanding. He wasn't asking questions as much as he was preaching at (and chastising) Trump, like: "Mr. President, you have referred to the migrant caravan as an invasion. But as you KNOW, it is NOT an invasion..." etc., etc. He was baiting Trump, and Trump (of course) rose to the bait. They're both ridiculous...

  69. NDS Mudlogger

    NDS Mudlogger2 місяці тому

    Michael "Big Top of Head" Malice


    HEADBANGRR2 місяці тому

    Dim-Jim is NO journalist he IS A PROPAGANDIST for the ComedyNewsNetwork. AND THAT'S A FACT!

  71. Conan the Destroyer

    Conan the Destroyer2 місяці тому

    “Straight up propaganda” word

  72. Tinker bell jones

    Tinker bell jones2 місяці тому

    He was,doing his job and trying to ask a legit. question, only to be called names by Trump. that’s how I see it.

  73. drounds6774

    drounds67742 місяці тому

    That’s because they act like school kids . They’ve there to ask questions, not to argue, debate and grandstand. Ask questions real people want the answers to..🙄

  74. Mithilesh Kuncham

    Mithilesh Kuncham2 місяці тому

    Acosta is an a-hole ... plain and simple

  75. Niko N

    Niko N2 місяці тому

    Here's a thought on the issue, so under Barrack Obama more journalists were prosecuted under espionage acts than all people under all other presidents combined right? So now that Trump has proven he won't do that are they feeling like they are finally free to ask questions and they've just forgotten how after living in fear for 8 years?

  76. Jason Larsen

    Jason Larsen2 місяці тому

    Jim Acosta loves himself some Jim Acosta

  77. Ownyx

    Ownyx2 місяці тому

    Pretty bad preschoolers have better understanding of sharing and "It's Robbies turn to talk Jimmy". The press need to realize they aren't on some righteous cause. They aren't keeping the Nazi's at bay. They need to remove their opinions and report the damn news.

  78. Sarge Forward

    Sarge Forward2 місяці тому

    Over 7k at this point are NPCs and not rational human beings.

  79. Brett

    Brett2 місяці тому

    Jim NPC Acosta

  80. MrBobby99888

    MrBobby998882 місяці тому

    What the hell is he talking about ? Texas and NJ are like different Country's..I lived in both states for over 20 years each and The differences are nothing like what most of the press would like you believe..95 percent of people everywhere just go about their business and try to make a living and do the right thing and love the country..The other 5 percent just like everything else in life stirs up all the bullshit and try's to separate everybody because of their agenda ...period..

  81. Jim King

    Jim King2 місяці тому

    Dumb analysis.

  82. The Unforgiven

    The Unforgiven2 місяці тому

    Acosta is the Biggest Putz! Not news. Sara Sanders puts up w/ far too much crap. Your completely misrepresenting her Joe, and I don't believe you've ever watched enough of what she has to deal with to make an informed opinion.

  83. Joseph Johnson

    Joseph Johnson2 місяці тому

    7k dislikes from beta males and green haired feminists.

  84. The Reason Why

    The Reason Why2 місяці тому

    This is such bullshit. He was called on to question the president and challenged Trump on a bullshit statement about the "caravan crisis" that he spent millions on. The press has every right to call out the President when he lies and I'm surprised anyone in their right mind would question a free and open press.

  85. Fast Internet

    Fast Internet2 місяці тому

    The fact is. He was disrespectful and disruptive. And disorderly as soon as he yanged the mike

  86. noah anderson

    noah anderson2 місяці тому

    Joe's guest doesnt know what brings us all together?, and look up what the word (news) means

  87. Omer Y.

    Omer Y.2 місяці тому

    So a murdered civilian who was turned into a fruit basket dye to torture....and we just stand by.. embarrassment. Fuck trump.


    EFISHAL2 місяці тому

    Unforgivable? What bullshit. He wants to be a martyr? HA. maybe yu are a little bitch? Lunatics? Dude yu are the marginal lunatic makin a mountain outta a mole hill. Divide the country? What a fukin goof!

  89. olshepsy

    olshepsy2 місяці тому


  90. Cupid Stunt

    Cupid Stunt2 місяці тому

    Rogan's opinion fluid..

  91. Diss Info

    Diss Info2 місяці тому

    All bullshit, all distractions, all the time. If Trump's hostility toward the press was genuine, he would take steps to regulate the media and not have five disreputable colluding companies own the entire media.

  92. J em60 Mphy

    J em60 Mphy2 місяці тому

    When you have a news station like CNN constantly micro managing everything the President says or does - Naturally President Trump is going to despise a guy like him. Acosta is a total jerk that thinks he's going to make a big name for himself and then get rich writing books about his struggles. He's a asshole!

  93. Nie Bzdury

    Nie Bzdury2 місяці тому

    Everyone is speculating about why Acosta acts the way he does. This ignores a couple of business maxims, to wit: "Everyone has a boss." and "All problems are management problems."

  94. nothing realer than a Steeler.

    nothing realer than a Steeler.2 місяці тому

    Obama never told any reporter he wasn’t able to come in to a press conference 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ Trump is a joke , and is a scared little girl when confronted with the truth !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. Alexandra Mateus

    Alexandra Mateus2 місяці тому

    I dont like Jim Acosta but he did nothing wrong. All American press is fucking ridiculous. YOU HAVE A PRESIDENT THAT KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT RESPECT. fuck that bitch, ask and interrupt him! He is a fucking liar.

  96. James Driscoll

    James Driscoll2 місяці тому

    Sarah Sanders deals with people that are less than a seventh grade level of intelligence and understanding on a daily basis I don’t know why she puts up with it.

  97. CurlyG65

    CurlyG652 місяці тому

    Acosta is a narcissist..

  98. Rhys Humphreys

    Rhys Humphreys2 місяці тому

    didn't he put his hands on the microphone lady

  99. Billdude21

    Billdude212 місяці тому

    Acosta assaulted that woman, no question about it.

  100. Jeff Jones

    Jeff Jones2 місяці тому

    Bob Woodward had a scathing critique of Jim Acosta, deservedly so.