Joe Rogan on Trump & Jim Acosta


  1. Goat Piss

    Goat Piss3 дні тому

    acosta doesn't just like attention,....he's an "all about me",attention whore.

  2. John Davies

    John Davies7 днів тому

    How can you compare Acosta and Sanders, one is part of the left wing pack berating at every turn the other is one of one huh ?

  3. Leland Matt

    Leland Matt9 днів тому

    When those liberal cunts ask the same question 19 times or say you said shit you didnt you gotta be a cunt back to them

  4. John Perry

    John Perry10 днів тому

    I've been asking that question for years, and it's a serious one. Is there a reason that Trump doesn't simply say, "look here, if you can't behave and civil in the White House during a press conference, you will be removed and never allowed the privilege to come back". Is there a reason why rude reporters aren't just told to fuck off?

  5. jpmzo

    jpmzo11 днів тому

    Czechoslovakia became The Czech Republic and Slovakia virtually overnight. They just shook hands and parted ways without any bloodshed or animosity. We could and should do the same in the US. There could be anywhere from 5-12 sovereign nations, if not more, loosely confederated into some type of economic trading bloc. A better version of the EU... a MUCH better version.

  6. Craig Rubin

    Craig Rubin11 днів тому

    This dude is a Putz. How about we stop taking sides and we all seek the truth. Like the Clintons were corrupt, yes but Trump is extremely corrupt. How can people see 1 side and not the other. Wake up. If Obama paid off a porn star and cheated on his wife the GOP would never let up. But since it's Trump it's okay. Wake up people, they all suck. We should demand honest, intelligent politicians that want the best for America not their own personal gain.

  7. Anthony Flores Nigaglioni

    Anthony Flores Nigaglioni12 днів тому

    When hes doing his analysis on the US maybe being better off if we were separated, I believe that in essence that was the point of the constitutional republic we have today. The constitution provides the minimum required to bring an equal playing field to its citizens and then the states take the final decision on what to do with its constituents with state laws. Its surely been bastardized a little by what I believe is some government intervention, but I truly believe that is the essence of what the founding fathers wanted, so I don't think he's that far off. I just think he doesn't realize it and maybe thinks of the US as a full fledged democracy.

  8. boss hog

    boss hog12 днів тому

    Joe Rogan you are fucking absolutely retarded CNN coaches Jim Acosta on his behavior

  9. Outhouse John

    Outhouse John14 днів тому

    What I've been saying the United States would be better at being the United Countries every state in America is already designed to be it's own country it would give our nation even more freedom I choose to live in Alabama so why do I want my Tax Money going to California a state I have no interest in at all I want my Tax Money staying where I live. The only thing you keep the same is Trade. North Carolina Virginia or who ever wanted to legalize Moonshine they could California wants to let in illegals they could. I now live part time in Ukraine and if Alabama chose to wave Visa requirements on the people here I could bring my friends here to Alabama. The only things stopping these things is our US Communist Mother Government the USA is run no different then the USSR was. The big difference is we replaced Union with United because United is suppose to be about the people voting to come together for their common good were as in a Union the Government forces the people to come together for their common good!

  10. Roberts Building

    Roberts Building14 днів тому

    Kim can speak English

  11. ShredwardWizardhands

    ShredwardWizardhands15 днів тому

    The way Trump played Acosta with the fake walk-off was on par with Washington crossing the Delaware levels of testicular fortitude.

  12. daverlb

    daverlb17 днів тому

    Acosta is a piece of shit. I say that as an outsider with no horse in this race. But that pos needs a fuckin hiding. Yesterday

  13. stephenstiffler1

    stephenstiffler129 днів тому

    Otto Warmbier was tortured to death in public. That little fat bastard should get the same treatment on live tv

  14. nestor alvarez

    nestor alvarezМісяць тому

    Correction JA only doing it with trump he was an unknown name when his daddy Obama was in office

  15. Todd Bolen

    Todd BolenМісяць тому

    Peer pressure joe

  16. James Burns

    James BurnsМісяць тому

    Trump is awesome Acosta is a little bitch

  17. Sky Warp

    Sky WarpМісяць тому

    Wow! Sounds like every fucking sjw out there.

  18. Tyson Phosrithong

    Tyson PhosrithongМісяць тому

    Kim Jong UN does speak English. He studied in Switzerland, and I doubt he needed a translator to talk to his buddy Dennis Rodman.

  19. Daniel Nash

    Daniel Nash8 днів тому

    Trump crossing and Kim speaking

  20. Daniel Nash

    Daniel Nash8 днів тому

    Exactly if you watch the un-edited video of him crossing the DMZ you can hear him speak perfect English.

  21. Grim Beaconfire

    Grim BeaconfireМісяць тому

    Nations are united by debt. When the individual States overspent and realized they could not repay what they owed they Federated into one unit to consolidate the debt into one place and issue bonds. Same exact story in Australia. A global debt crisis of big enough proportions will cause the creation of one large bank to house all the countries debt meaning we will lose sovereignty to that bank the setting of interest rates etc. That crisis could not happen right now because our debt is nowhere near big enough to be a concern.

  22. Shane Beck

    Shane BeckМісяць тому

    She treats them accordingly to the same respect they show her and the POTUS. Pure and simple Don't sit there and think you wouldn't be shrewd yourself being attacked with false narrative and lies Joe. You're a fighter first and foremost and that my brother will surface faster than any other side. Just like it does with Trump. He may not be a fighter in the ring but he he a fighting business man

  23. Tonney Mige

    Tonney MigeМісяць тому

    The way these video as cut makes one instantly form an opinion and i don’t like that. I need some space to think

  24. Ben Miller

    Ben MillerМісяць тому

    Don't talk about Hilary or she will get you.

  25. El Salvador

    El SalvadorМісяць тому

    This little twerp couldn't have trumps cock further down his throat

  26. Joseph Kool

    Joseph Kool2 місяці тому

    His real name is Abilio, but he's ashamed of it. Jim is a nickname like Beto. Weird people who want to be a race they aren't

  27. Dr. Gonzo

    Dr. Gonzo2 місяці тому

    kim jong un speaks english, dont be silly

  28. James Austin Stone

    James Austin Stone2 місяці тому

    It’s hilarious when a journalist thinks he’s as important and has just as much pressure on him as the PRESIDENT

  29. Jason Borotra

    Jason Borotra2 місяці тому

    It's funny how some say CNN is part of the left, or that democrats are. Some democrats are left, but establishment democrats are far from being left lol. Biden, Clinton, Obama, far from left.

  30. Connecting The Dots

    Connecting The Dots2 місяці тому

    this guy is a moron.

  31. William Fessaha

    William Fessaha2 місяці тому

    Find someone that looks at you the way Jim Acosta looks at himself in the mirror.

  32. Crash BanditLoot

    Crash BanditLoot2 місяці тому

    Rogan voted Trump

  33. 007

    0072 місяці тому

    Decorum? How about the mainstream media is a bunch of actors selling bullshit to the American people and Trump isn't going along with it? This u.s common sense.

  34. v1iolent

    v1iolent3 місяці тому

    The problem with that is if we get attacked by a foreign country we aren't no longer one country to defend ourselves there would be no more United military

  35. Allen Monroe

    Allen Monroe3 місяці тому

    Who the fook is that guy?

  36. Allen Monroe

    Allen Monroe3 місяці тому

    The left is eating itself

  37. Beatrice Karau

    Beatrice Karau3 місяці тому

    JERK ACCOSTA thinks he's the news LOL idiot CNN VERY FAKE NEWS

  38. Mike Wallace

    Mike Wallace3 місяці тому

    Cnn is complete trash

  39. Patrick Glaser

    Patrick Glaser3 місяці тому

    We are a union of separate states to begin with...

  40. sol porter

    sol porter3 місяці тому

    Like Europe? 😂😂😂😂 That's complected asf with loads of different languages and cultures, Americans have some differences but not in contrast to Europe


    BIG DADDY3 місяці тому

    Jim Acosta does the stupid shit he does because CNN pays him good to do and say stupid shit..

  42. CleverTaco

    CleverTaco3 місяці тому

    Split up the US? What a dumb fucking statement. Do you people ever think of the consequences of the dumbass actions you propose?

  43. Voice of REASON

    Voice of REASON3 місяці тому

    Texas!! Represent!!

  44. Michael Liebel

    Michael Liebel3 місяці тому

    Jim is a idiot. Asks the dumbest questions. Most are loaded questions. Rogan podcast is becoming increasingly annoying. His leftist antics are surely being controlled by his Democraptic sponsors. Total sell out. Way to lose credibility Joe Rogan

  45. Robert Woodcock

    Robert Woodcock3 місяці тому

    Separate America into different countries is the most ludicrous thing anyone has said in all of this bullshit!

  46. saddiq

    saddiq4 місяці тому

    I was with him until he suggested the US split apart


    I KID YOU NOT4 місяці тому

    #JimAcosta is useless #Cunt ... #CuntNewsNetwork is #OutOfControl

  48. John Jones

    John Jones4 місяці тому

    I think President pisshair needs to be called out every time he fucking lies ! Jim Acosta has had enough of this racist cunt just like the rest of us

  49. Paul Krolowitz

    Paul Krolowitz4 місяці тому

    It's because the fucking media is acting like they're bunch of seven-year-olds and don't know what the fuck is going on so you talk to people how they act play stupid games Win stupid prizes that's hopelessly ignorant that's what you are purposely ignorant

  50. JC Roth

    JC Roth4 місяці тому

    In Sanders' defense, I think she's been quite level headed considering how rude they are to her. I don't think she's condescending at all. She has a lot on her hands and they scrutinize her every single mood, word, walk, hair, look, everything. I think some of the press are horrible. I'll give you an example. She posted on Twitter that she baked a pie (she's Southern) and she was immediately criticized and MOCKED by that bitch April, who calls herself a reporter. It was unprofessional and inappropriate to write anything insulting on her Twitter page, which was completely innocuous. Sarah offered to bake her a pie, and April declined to take it, accusing her poisoning it. You cannot tell me that even around the holidays that bitch April can't put aside her pettiness and just congratulate Sarah for great skills in the kitchen. THAT is why Sarah holds herself that way in press conferences, because THAT is the level of pettiness she deals with.

  51. morelli tech

    morelli tech4 місяці тому

    The democratic Leaders and media would rather North Koreans continue being enslaved, and NK develope more nukes if It meant making Trump fail at positive outcomes for all.

  52. Gorgo 500

    Gorgo 5004 місяці тому

    My seventh grade teacher was the best teacher I ever had. That's what the Press Corp needs.