John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum (2019 Movie) New Trailer - Keanu Reeves, Halle Berry


  1. kevin G.

    kevin G.Годину тому

    Did anyone text john wick to 91099?

  2. a moody day exe

    a moody day exeГодину тому


  3. Vikas Gautam

    Vikas GautamГодину тому

    Can't wait

  4. Damkos

    DamkosГодину тому

    wena papada

  5. Bertrand Doh

    Bertrand DohГодину тому

    Jizz ma pants.

  6. john panning

    john panningГодину тому

    Whoever decided to use Vivaldi in this trailer and Andy Williams in the first need a raise. They complement John Wick's killing style perfectly

  7. KaiBear: KaiPets Android Only!

    KaiBear: KaiPets Android Only!Годину тому

    Paused at .. I want a John Wick: 5 The Lead.

  8. Xandria Ravenheart

    Xandria RavenheartГодину тому

    Why is it so unbelievable that someone would go this far for a puppy? I know I would, even though I'm nothing like John Wick.

  9. Rathod Raghu

    Rathod RaghuГодину тому

    best original fight in john wick 3 I love it

  10. TinyBoxTim

    TinyBoxTimГодину тому

    If I don’t see him kill people with a pencil I will be disappointed 😡

  11. Robyne U

    Robyne UГодину тому

    So you're telling me no one can land one bullet on this guy

  12. Its Fiffys Life

    Its Fiffys LifeГодину тому

    Uhhhhhh......okay 😐

  13. Philip Seitz

    Philip SeitzГодину тому

    What the heck- he was excommunicated and then the dude in the hotel gives him guns. There better be a good reason for it

  14. Chris Sullins

    Chris SullinsГодину тому

    I’m taking the day off just to go see this movie.

  15. Mr Drake

    Mr DrakeГодину тому

    Jesus has returned

  16. শিখৰ অভিলেখ গগৈ

    শিখৰ অভিলেখ গগৈГодину тому

    *Not everyone. I m waiting for Neo*

  17. Ryan Chimbo

    Ryan ChimboГодину тому

    20 bomb headass

  18. mint gardener

    mint gardenerГодину тому

    Ohh baby

  19. chenou yang

    chenou yangГодину тому

    John Wick Once Threw A Grenade that killed 20 people, and then it exploded.

  20. razi uddin ahmed

    razi uddin ahmedГодину тому

    remember these events are still happening in 2014 first part was in 2014.... second part happens a few days after the events of 2014.... and now this is one hour after that

  21. HyPer Kevin

    HyPer KevinГодину тому


  22. badopinionsrighthere

    badopinionsrighthereГодину тому

    1:19 I got that reference

  23. Ruben Gomez

    Ruben GomezГодину тому

    Fornite five year olds

  24. insert username

    insert usernameГодину тому

    Everything I ever wanted in an action movie

  25. mano sai

    mano saiГодину тому

    I need a lot of pencils

  26. Jayden Vong

    Jayden VongГодину тому

    Haven’t seen this man since season 3 of fortnite

  27. LioTheLion 001[Xtra]

    LioTheLion 001[Xtra]Годину тому

    Oh no he's hot

  28. DeathlyWays TV

    DeathlyWays TVГодину тому

    We all know he wears that Suit for a reason (:

  29. galah gilang

    galah gilangГодину тому

    Winston: What do you need? J.Wick: Pencils, alot of pencils..

  30. humphrey butterclump

    humphrey butterclumpГодину тому

    This is great and all but why is the Chef’s Table theme playing?

  31. Random Watcher

    Random WatcherГодину тому

    Not sure if I would say thus but... Let this series die before it starts to disappoint. NOT SAYING THIS TRAILER WAS DISAPPOINTING

  32. Mr Gonzalez

    Mr GonzalezГодину тому

    ❤️ Keanu Reeves! 😭 If This Film Would Have Been 3/4 + Hours Long, You Damn Right I’ll Watch It! 😈 All I Know This Film Will Blow Everyone Away From So Much Killing Yet John Wick Trilogy’s Have Changed Action Thrilling Movies But I Must Say John Wick Films Will Be The Most Badass Films Ever! #DontMessWithMrWICK

  33. DankDuck #48

    DankDuck #48Годину тому

    How much fortnite fans do you think will go see this movie thinking it’s a fortnite movie

  34. karen especial para andy

    karen especial para andyГодину тому


  35. Israel Viaña

    Israel ViañaГодину тому


  36. MyHDName

    MyHDNameГодину тому

    for fuck sake, just assign John Wick on the Avengers!!!

  37. Hulk Smash 24/7

    Hulk Smash 24/7Годину тому

    John Wick 3 and Avengers: Endgame will be my two must see movies for the summer..

  38. ender nabea

    ender nabeaГодину тому


  39. Johnny Bernard

    Johnny BernardГодину тому

    John wick is the type of guy to make someone snap themselves out of existence

  40. Bikku Negi

    Bikku NegiГодину тому

    This looks like 🔥🔥🔥

  41. trekhead1

    trekhead1Годину тому

    Oh man, I am excited for this!

  42. Indra Uchiha

    Indra UchihaГодину тому

    :John Got it on my way. "talking to phone" :Feral HEY Pencil man! "Loud yell" :John Wtf?! "shocked" "phone drops" :Feral IDK "Crazy happy face" "takes few steps" "grins" Watch out! "throws a pipe" :John OH SHIT! "dodges it barely" :Feral NICE "graps John" :John "WTF?!" Hngh! "crash" :Feral FEW MORE STEPS! "crashing" :John "getting destroyed while pulled trough the walls" :Feral And.. ! "stops" :John ?! :Feral "grin" "looks at John" 1 MORE! "crazy face" "eyes glooming" "Throws John" :John AAAAAAAAAAAA! "crashes on the last wall breaking it and falling 10 feet to the ground" :Feral "peeking down" You ain't dead yet huh ARE YA ?! :John "Barely can move" "catching breath" UH?! "looks up" :Feral WELL... "smirks" LET'S GET DOWN REAL GOOD! "Takes some distance and jumps down" HAHAHAHA! "Laughing" "aiming at John" :John "almost Shits himself" :Feral "Grins" HERE WE GO! :John No no no NO NO NO WAAIT! *CRASH*

  43. dom1222

    dom1222Годину тому

    Omg they made a movie about the fortnite skin!

  44. Bryan Moreno

    Bryan MorenoГодину тому

    Can’t wait to watch it

  45. Mishner

    MishnerГодину тому


  46. 1199cc

    1199ccГодину тому

    Yayan Ruhian a.k.a Maddog always fight in bare hand. Greget!

  47. Jessie 2

    Jessie 2Годину тому

    The John wick Fortnite skin took a break from Fortnite and made a movie irl.

  48. Joseph Conner

    Joseph ConnerГодину тому

    This gets me so hyped dude

  49. Big30MasterShake

    Big30MasterShakeГодину тому


  50. Andrew Bruno

    Andrew BrunoГодину тому

    I think I just screamed like a girl. Sqweeeeeeeee

  51. XxslayerxX

    XxslayerxXГодину тому

    Fortnite 2017:JOHN WICK SKIN Fortnite2018: died 6 months later: JOHN WICK MOVIE

  52. R L

    R LГодину тому

    1:19 Matrix reference 😁

  53. Okami Frost

    Okami FrostГодину тому


  54. Rylan felipe

    Rylan felipeГодину тому

    Season 3 tier 100

  55. ArkhmInmate0801

    ArkhmInmate0801Годину тому

    Looks great. Can't wait.

  56. B King

    B KingГодину тому

    Not enough Fortnite comments... I’m disappointed boys

  57. UNICA 卡卡

    UNICA 卡卡Годину тому

    I. Am. SHAKING😈😈 Guns LOTS OF GUNS👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  58. Allan Vilas Boas

    Allan Vilas BoasГодину тому

    this text made at power point was cool

  59. n10cities

    n10citiesГодину тому

    "Guns.......lots of guns" Nice little Matrix reference there.......

  60. kyounao

    kyounaoГодину тому

    SO PUMPED!!!!

  61. Randy Marsh

    Randy MarshГодину тому


  62. Pickle Rick

    Pickle RickГодину тому

    All these fake fucking john whick skins

  63. rizky ananta

    rizky anantaГодину тому

    for indonesian people..look for 1:57 mark time...thats what you look for

  64. The Cautious Gamer

    The Cautious GamerГодину тому


  65. Aury Nelson

    Aury NelsonГодину тому

    Fuck that game u bastard

  66. Stewymanx378 1

    Stewymanx378 1Годину тому

    He need 3 number on back

  67. Gary McAleer

    Gary McAleerГодину тому

    Wick ain't worth shit. Keanu is headed for "the resurrection of damnation." And he brings every pawn of Satan to share his death by fire. He could've learned something from Matrix. But money's the game, eh? Talk to Denzel. He will take you up a few notches.

  68. Aury Nelson

    Aury NelsonГодину тому

    John Wick finally dies in this film

  69. Danny Yan

    Danny YanГодину тому

    Fking awesome.

  70. TwizzTNasty

    TwizzTNastyГодину тому

    The reaper part 3

  71. Sierdma Orochimaru batman revisión

    Sierdma Orochimaru batman revisiónГодину тому


  72. LordzBacon

    LordzBaconГодину тому

    Can't recall, This just 24 hours or life bounty?

  73. lil bubble

    lil bubbleГодину тому

    1:08 yo is that my blue headed boy zavala, IN JOHN WICK. bet he's gonna fist of havoc everyone

  74. Lexi Valentin

    Lexi ValentinГодину тому

    Is no one else gonna ask where his pittbull at like it was in one scene and then gone 😭💀

  75. Polache

    PolacheГодину тому

    Pior que o Batman.

  76. Hz3y

    Hz3yГодину тому

    JOHN WICK just kissed you Like to undo

  77. William Tim

    William TimГодину тому

    0:51 🔪🔪🔪

  78. Jennifer Vela

    Jennifer VelaГодину тому

    OMG I wanna see it can't wait

  79. BrasilianoLS

    BrasilianoLSГодину тому

    So I'll be guessing the police and all government personal knows never to get involved in a situation if John Wick is around

  80. Kathryn Tsosie

    Kathryn TsosieГодину тому

    WOW!!! AWESOME!!! 😎👍🏻

  81. 1000 subscribers with No videos challenge

    1000 subscribers with No videos challengeГодину тому

    Life is great Spider-Man far from home Avengers Stranger things G.o.t Toy story 4 It chapter 2 Star Wars episode 9 Game of thrones etc

  82. Aiimermer Music

    Aiimermer MusicГодину тому

    Woww yayan ruhian & cecep rahman vs john wick 😍👾😵😵😵

  83. Jay Hay

    Jay HayГодину тому

    John Wick 3; 'Wick Harder'

  84. S. H.

    S. H.Годину тому

    John Wick OP with the peacekeeper at the end.

  85. PilotPizza 95245

    PilotPizza 95245Годину тому

    If there’s not a fortnite refrence

  86. Hard31337

    Hard31337Годину тому

    Ms Berry Ms Berry

  87. Braeden Griffiths

    Braeden GriffithsГодину тому

    “Guns, lots of guns” - definitely helps the theory that this is Neo’s life if he took the blue pill in the Matrix.

  88. andrianto hermawan

    andrianto hermawanГодину тому

    I see mad dog in this trailer, than i click like button, if you WARGANET, click like button 👍 in my comment 😁😁😁

  89. Quest Infinity

    Quest InfinityГодину тому


  90. T. Burk

    T. BurkГодину тому

    LoL he killed like 20 people in just the preview...

  91. Abhay Ram

    Abhay RamГодину тому

    Bowery King - You Think You Can Take A " John Wick " , You Gota Nasty Surprise Coming 😂😂😂

  92. adolf hitler

    adolf hitlerГодину тому

    I hope it close or 3 hours long

  93. Hïğh Łöřđ

    Hïğh ŁöřđГодину тому

    "Guns.....lots of guns" *i sEe wH@t YoU diD tHEre !*

  94. The Paul Gray jr

    The Paul Gray jrГодину тому


  95. Rajendra Nadarajan

    Rajendra NadarajanГодину тому

    Whats up with the dyke assassin? At least Ruby Rose was hot....

  96. Louis Bayne

    Louis BayneГодину тому

    Stranger things: releases trailer Toy story: hold my drink John wick : hold my vodka


    ADONAY GARCIAГодину тому

    I’m more exited about this than end game . Sue me .

  98. Justin Eves

    Justin EvesГодину тому

    Wow this looks great and epic I can't wait to see it

  99. Force User

    Force UserГодину тому

    oh yes it's all about the puppy. How could he

  100. Neo Ramsey

    Neo RamseyГодину тому

    Its john wick against the world

  101. SCOCAT

    SCOCATГодину тому

    Imagine the damage this dude can do if he gets his hands on a pen....

  102. Toy King

    Toy KingГодину тому

    This is coming out on my birthday