Jurassic Park River Ride Scared Me


  1. Nicolle Quintana

    Nicolle Quintana10 годин тому

    i went on that ride and i went to universal

  2. iiAesthetic Stranger

    iiAesthetic Stranger10 годин тому

    ‘And why you’ll always find me happy on the baby rides’ So me tbh

  3. Cortez Waring

    Cortez WaringДень тому

    I went on that ride

  4. cyndi Labeau

    cyndi Labeau2 дні тому

    Your lucky you even got to go

  5. Angela Almond

    Angela Almond2 дні тому


  6. I have 90 days to change my name and this is it

    I have 90 days to change my name and this is it3 дні тому

    The drop was like 4 sec for me and she made it sound like 10 lul

  7. a d d y !

    a d d y !4 дні тому

    Lol the drop isn’t even that long 😂

  8. gacha Wolfe

    gacha Wolfe6 днів тому

    You are not alone I am also scared of the Jurassic park

  9. Daniela Reynoso

    Daniela Reynoso6 днів тому

    Same I will always be on baby rides

  10. Daniel Wallace

    Daniel Wallace6 днів тому

    You can't see the drop in the Hollywood version. I got on it & thought the drop was Orlando Exclusive, & surely enough... We had to go through the facility, & then drop 50 feet down. Yeah, she wasn't lying.

  11. Kristof Llamas

    Kristof Llamas6 днів тому

    Relax face your fear ok just is a robot dino

  12. Sidcrab 11

    Sidcrab 117 днів тому


  13. carrie allen

    carrie allen7 днів тому

    My Ex got me on that ride when it first opened. Thought I was going to die.

  14. XxGacha_EclipseXx

    XxGacha_EclipseXx11 днів тому

    *When you're the only one here in 2019 April* :V

  15. project_zorgo -roblox-

    project_zorgo -roblox-12 днів тому

    The name is jurassic park the ride and yeah like that from good to scary

  16. Dan Loud

    Dan Loud12 днів тому

    UNIVERSAL IS MY JAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. RandomAnimals -Animans

    RandomAnimals -Animans12 днів тому

    I love rides One day my dad said he would take me to rainbowZend, then I got sick and didn’t go there :p

  18. Bigfanm3new

    Bigfanm3new16 днів тому

    Imagine her on the Jaws ride.

  19. Maddison Glitter sparkle

    Maddison Glitter sparkle16 днів тому

    At the end you are soaked I’ve been there is the best

  20. Jaelantheprankster

    Jaelantheprankster18 днів тому

    I got on that

  21. Eton the man Tv

    Eton the man Tv19 днів тому

    That ride was AWESOME

  22. FugitiveORoblox

    FugitiveORoblox20 днів тому

    I went on that ride.

  23. Zoey Feldhaus

    Zoey Feldhaus21 день тому

    What did she expect it's Jurassic world it's going to be like that!!!!

  24. Acro Hannah

    Acro Hannah21 день тому


  25. Super Yoshi bros

    Super Yoshi bros22 дні тому

    I love this rio

  26. Katethegreat101 Bybjerg

    Katethegreat101 Bybjerg23 дні тому

    I been on this ride b4

  27. Jason Mike

    Jason Mike24 дні тому

    So the seat wasn’t wet?

  28. Jennifer Ladd

    Jennifer Ladd24 дні тому

    I actually went to Orlando for spring break I loved that ride but I was scared😂

  29. Eton the man Tv

    Eton the man Tv19 днів тому

    Me too!

  30. Hermaione Granger

    Hermaione Granger25 днів тому

    That’s me so don’t worry

  31. Bluefirewolf MyHeart

    Bluefirewolf MyHeart26 днів тому

    *i feel the same soldier I hate that 85 feet drop it went 50 mph(miles per hour)*

  32. Alex Corona

    Alex Corona27 днів тому

    I went there before and I all most die in the last part lol

  33. Bayley Rowell

    Bayley Rowell27 днів тому

    Ah, I remember this ride... My dad and sister tricked my mom and I into riding the Jurassic Park ride, telling us it was a 'totally tame and calm joyride'. Then we get to then, and both nearly had a heart attack when we were almost eaten by a giant animatronic T-Rex and sent plummetting. To say the least, we weren't too happy with them for scaring the crap out of us.


    ITZ HANNAH SHANNELLE27 днів тому

    You went to universal orlando i went to universal studio and it was like that

  35. Chungas Fan

    Chungas Fan28 днів тому

    I cried so ur not the only one.

  36. SinopaCrystal 16

    SinopaCrystal 1628 днів тому

    I went on that ride, too. In the end we plummeted straight down and got soaked! Luckily, there was a drying station in the gift shop of that ride.

  37. Ora Frizzell

    Ora Frizzell29 днів тому

    Also it pretty cool because I went there

  38. smita apte

    smita apteМісяць тому

    The name of d ride is probably rajasaurace I have sat in the same ride

  39. jenny the star

    jenny the starМісяць тому

    I didn't see that ride aww man

  40. Kira O`Brien

    Kira O`BrienМісяць тому

    I’m going to universal in summer I can’t wait to ride it I have never done it before like this if the ride is fun

  41. keni77

    keni77Місяць тому

    I went on that ride it’s so fun my brother says oh no the emergency

  42. Emma Kate

    Emma KateМісяць тому

    Who is binge watching story booth? 👇

  43. ega banowati

    ega banowatiМісяць тому

    I ride there too!

  44. BTS army925

    BTS army925Місяць тому

    I love universal and I rode that ride

  45. Chelsie Peterson

    Chelsie PetersonМісяць тому

    I went there I liked the ride and I was scared at the same time

  46. Zen major

    Zen majorМісяць тому

    I went there too

  47. Marshmellow Galaxy:3

    Marshmellow Galaxy:3Місяць тому


  48. merlina pegado

    merlina pegadoМісяць тому

    I LOVE RIDES 😜😖🤓😇😽

  49. Paulina Barretero

    Paulina BarreteroМісяць тому


  50. Unstoppable

    UnstoppableМісяць тому

    I’ve been on the ride you drop down and it take like 2 secs to get down

  51. Braezhel Dwyne Lee

    Braezhel Dwyne LeeМісяць тому

    That lame i know that is t rex

  52. vainee gupta

    vainee guptaМісяць тому

    What d hell ..if u dont like rides then why didi u went there..i mean if u have so much money to waste give it to us 😬😠😡

  53. Jackson Dean

    Jackson DeanМісяць тому

    Your Scared of big lizzerd ( ;

  54. Emily Diveley

    Emily DiveleyМісяць тому

    I love rides at six flags

  55. cool fnaf

    cool fnafМісяць тому

    Universal is opening the Jurassic word ride in summer of 2019

  56. Ngaire Lock - All the Way from Oz

    Ngaire Lock - All the Way from OzМісяць тому

    We went to jurasic part japan

  57. CarX GamingX

    CarX GamingXМісяць тому

    I feel the same I only go on baby rides

  58. Gummy World Official

    Gummy World OfficialМісяць тому

    1:54 Daphne

  59. Driippyy Nitch

    Driippyy NitchМісяць тому

    She kinda sounded like Breanna Yde during some parts

  60. Ultragamer Man

    Ultragamer ManМісяць тому

    bro i went on this ride 3 TIMES it was sooo fun and your hearing from a kid who hates the zumerang ride at lake compounds

  61. Gacha Blox

    Gacha BloxМісяць тому

    I rode this and did anyone notice they had to wear seat belt?like is you agree

  62. Gacha Blox

    Gacha BloxМісяць тому

    Oh yeah also it felt like I was flying and it was fun

  63. reymond jalme

    reymond jalmeМісяць тому

    I like ride

  64. Maria Baldassarre

    Maria BaldassarreМісяць тому

    It’s literally almost like that spongbob episode when the siren goes in then all of the things come alive or somthing lol

  65. Evie Gibling

    Evie GiblingМісяць тому

    I went on that ride at universal Orlando and the 40 foot drop made my glasses fall off almost into the water and I was terrified but my glasses didn't fall into the water luckily and I was seated at the back of the ride!!! But the wait time was only five minutes!! My glasses fell into the raft.. I thought I lost my glasses when they fell of!!

  66. Maria Jaramillo

    Maria JaramilloМісяць тому

    I don't really think that's real because dinosaurs exist like million Millions ago

  67. Randall Scott

    Randall ScottМісяць тому

    I’ve never seen jurrassic park movies or ride

  68. Sharon Evans

    Sharon EvansМісяць тому

    I went there two weeks ago

  69. Sophira Parkinson

    Sophira ParkinsonМісяць тому

    I rode this one and I hate it the most

  70. Jose Medrano

    Jose MedranoМісяць тому

    I lost my tooth during the drop

  71. Rafael Nunez

    Rafael NunezМісяць тому


  72. Leelee Ewer

    Leelee EwerМісяць тому

    Ok well that’s called a baby scaredy cat baby

  73. Look into your eyes butter-butterflies

    Look into your eyes butter-butterfliesМісяць тому

    Once I was on a roller coaster and it went upside down and I was only 8 years old but I was tall enough to go on it so then I got on it and every time I went upside down my hands were so swety and there was a little like window thing that didn't have a window so if you fall then you could just die or break your bones I did it I went on the roller coaster it was so scary and I almost fell off but I didn't after that I shed only on tear one tear I wrode another one but it had a cage so you couldn't fall but it went like upside down and when you're on the top and then went right side up when you are on the bottom or on the sides it wasn't that scary as the other one but it was still scary

  74. Pat Mattia

    Pat MattiaМісяць тому

    I know

  75. Queen of Lilys

    Queen of LilysМісяць тому

    I went on that exact same ride and I loved it

  76. Jason Doxbeck

    Jason DoxbeckМісяць тому

    We going to Darien lake I'm June 4th field trip in school

  77. Kaylee Rink

    Kaylee RinkМісяць тому

    I’ve been in this ride before! :D

  78. HaileyCakes Planet

    HaileyCakes PlanetМісяць тому

    Why is Daphne in all the videos?

  79. GuineaPig _Glam

    GuineaPig _GlamМісяць тому

    I went on this ride and it was so fricking fun I went on it like 50999095849373939 times

  80. Eledy Wagner

    Eledy WagnerМісяць тому

    I went on there and thought I almost died




  82. Rommel Cang

    Rommel CangМісяць тому

    i really relate to this i was in a group of friends screaming.

  83. Elaine Banimis

    Elaine BanimisМісяць тому

    What a start I HATE RIDES

  84. Nyarome 2

    Nyarome 2Місяць тому

    up next: jurassic park the ride adventure WOW not surprised

  85. Susan Cheatham

    Susan CheathamМісяць тому

    i love scary rides

  86. Raptor Rider

    Raptor RiderМісяць тому

    I love that ride, sooooo much! but i'll probably never ride it again 'cause it was so scary!

  87. Raptor Rider

    Raptor RiderМісяць тому

    +Maria Arenas That's cool!

  88. Maria Arenas

    Maria ArenasМісяць тому

    I have been there universal studios Hollywood it was fun i went with my family

  89. RukiryoPlays

    RukiryoPlaysМісяць тому

    Its not even scary I went it it was sooo fun

  90. Hulk Gaming

    Hulk GamingМісяць тому

    Same thing happened

  91. Robert Truban

    Robert TrubanМісяць тому

    YOU SCARDY CAT Hahahaha

  92. Jisselle Plays

    Jisselle PlaysМісяць тому

    I went to that ride

  93. Random Memes Weekly

    Random Memes WeeklyМісяць тому

    the only part that scared me was the t rex and even then i didn't scream, i was just startled

  94. GoddessGhoul

    GoddessGhoulМісяць тому

    I had a story like this on the EXACT same ride, i was like 5 or 6 and my mom, dad, and older brother. When we got on the ride my brother started FREAKING out so i started freaking out too. One of the attendees kicked us off the ride, and my dad was so embarrassed and pissed, he just left us. And i haven't seen him since... for that one hour😂

  95. David Zhen

    David ZhenМісяць тому

    I rode that

  96. Oood animations

    Oood animationsМісяць тому

    I was there

  97. Trent Gaming/Fun

    Trent Gaming/FunМісяць тому

    I'm pretty sure the ride is supposed to be like that , to scare you

  98. Gaming Gurl

    Gaming GurlМісяць тому

    I went there too!?

  99. too lazy sorry

    too lazy sorryМісяць тому

    I'm guessing this girl doesn't read what the ride has lol

  100. Zurab Minagorashvili

    Zurab MinagorashviliМісяць тому


  101. Nintendosmlfanjeffy64 Jeffy jeffy

    Nintendosmlfanjeffy64 Jeffy jeffyМісяць тому

    She’s called BRACEY

  102. Angelo Lara

    Angelo LaraМісяць тому

    It scared me too and I’m being honest I cried (6yrs old)

  103. Alice Silentwood

    Alice SilentwoodМісяць тому

    bruh this is Jurassic park what do you expect

  104. Bhim Banjara

    Bhim BanjaraМісяць тому

    First line could be a bit more positive. I mean "I hate raids"