Jurassic Park River Ride Scared Me


  1. Aydal40 Am so agent

    Aydal40 Am so agent13 годин тому

    She's a pussy

  2. Dawg The Dog

    Dawg The Dog23 години тому

    1:42and cried 1:43 and screamed

  3. Send Helppls

    Send Helppls23 години тому

    I loved that ride

  4. Mr. kitty

    Mr. kitty2 дні тому

    No offense but she is sacred cat

  5. Valerie Badalamenti

    Valerie Badalamenti3 дні тому

    I hate rides me too lol My fav ride is a ride home

  6. The Lightning Beaver

    The Lightning Beaver5 днів тому

    I love dinosaurs

  7. Gio Rocket

    Gio Rocket5 днів тому

    The drop wasn’t that long

  8. Jonathan M.

    Jonathan M.6 днів тому

    I just screamed and cried and screamed and cried and screamed and cried and screamed and cried and screamed and screamed and cried cried and screamed and screamed and cried and screamed and cried and screamed and cried and screamed and cried and screamed and cried and screamed and cried and screamed and cried and screamed and cried and screamed and cried and screamed and cried and screamed and cried and screamed and cried and screamed and cried and screamed and cried the entire way down.

  9. Brock McGinnis

    Brock McGinnis7 днів тому

    I'm sorry but I have to say this.... Pansy.

  10. Julian 080406

    Julian 0804067 днів тому

    i went on that ride to but i got scared cause a was younger

  11. Adilene Olvera

    Adilene Olvera7 днів тому

    Why is that blonde girl always there?😂

  12. Rosa Santibanez

    Rosa Santibanez7 днів тому

    This voice sounds familiar

  13. Majencia

    Majencia8 днів тому

    I’m the complete opposite of her. I LOVE those kind of rides. Can’t wait to check out Universal Studios soon!

  14. FrostFire Creations

    FrostFire Creations8 днів тому

    1:54 why do I always see that girl?

  15. brody volgs

    brody volgs8 днів тому

    But no one cares if u got scared guess what I'm scared of donkeys give me £1Millon now please

  16. Alex Tasies

    Alex Tasies8 днів тому

    Lol baby

  17. kat blue The raptor

    kat blue The raptor9 днів тому

    It’s Jurassic park but who cares any way

  18. Rachael Rowley

    Rachael Rowley9 днів тому

    I was on it too

  19. Yes of course I play gacha studio LOL

    Yes of course I play gacha studio LOL10 днів тому

    It’s was my fav ride there

  20. Doggo D.A.G.

    Doggo D.A.G.10 днів тому

    Lucky you actually got to ride it :(

  21. Classical Goat

    Classical Goat10 днів тому

    That’s not a big deal

  22. Czeska Barazon

    Czeska Barazon11 днів тому

    I love all the jurassic park river rides because i lile the water splashing on me! After this Big Dinosaur at the top of the ride my mom thought that the big dinosaur will like pour water on us.😂😂😂

  23. shaunlikefortnite 10

    shaunlikefortnite 1012 днів тому



    IGNACIO GARCIA12 днів тому

    2018 anyone?

  25. MyLifeAsDalla vue

    MyLifeAsDalla vue13 днів тому

    I still go on the baby rides, I regret going on the Log Chute in Mall of America..

  26. Bacon Bandito

    Bacon Bandito13 днів тому

    Full speed isn’t a speed

  27. V1X V3X

    V1X V3X13 днів тому

    Thay was fun ride:D i were there

  28. intelligentgames 0702

    intelligentgames 070214 днів тому

    No hate on you but this is why I hate this video. 1.the ride has a boat, not a raft 2. You can see the drop before you enter the line 3.how can you think it's a lazy river? 4.after the first chainlift, the gates are NOT in front of you 5.the second chainlift is not just water 6.thats not how long the drop is 7. In the beginning of the video, that's not the real map 8. Also in the beginning, those rides aren't next to each other 9.after the drop, you do not stop immediately 10. Why didn't you watch a video about jpra 11. It doesn't fit 2 or 3 people(the "raft")

  29. PinataParty- Fortnite

    PinataParty- Fortnite14 днів тому

    I went on that yesterday

  30. m girl

    m girl15 днів тому

    Omg I was scared of the ride to I have a bad phobia of rides

  31. PRONOLOGY Gaming

    PRONOLOGY Gaming16 днів тому


  32. Hi Guy

    Hi Guy16 днів тому

    I didn’t remember it being a raft..

  33. SkyStormSong

    SkyStormSong9 днів тому


  34. intelligentgames 0702

    intelligentgames 070214 днів тому


  35. funtime freddy master 280

    funtime freddy master 28017 днів тому

    This girl suck's

  36. ryan abdon

    ryan abdon17 днів тому

    You so precious when you smile😐

  37. ryan abdon

    ryan abdon17 днів тому

    Do not click read more

  38. Crystal Keyworth

    Crystal Keyworth17 днів тому


  39. Peterpool as gwenpool Rey misterio Vasquez

    Peterpool as gwenpool Rey misterio Vasquez17 днів тому

    How is this a story this is a dumb story ever it chust a ride:/

  40. Adip. Alsadit

    Adip. Alsadit17 днів тому

    I love Jurassic world fallen kingdom

  41. Savage the fnaf fan

    Savage the fnaf fan17 днів тому

    Jurrasic park!

  42. CoolPichu 264

    CoolPichu 26418 днів тому

    When we were going to drop, I felt like I was going to fly off the ride

  43. Team Tarsier

    Team Tarsier18 днів тому

    A N D I J U S T Screamed And Cried And Screamed AndCried...

  44. Gabby12

    Gabby1218 днів тому

    When I was 5 I went on it. The place where it stops everybody was quiet. All the sudden I asked "MUM WHAT DINOSAUR DID YOU HAVE WHEN YOU WHERE A KID?!" Everybody laughed. I was confused.

  45. Mariana Carrillo

    Mariana Carrillo20 днів тому

    I went on this ride and I loved it

  46. Adrian’s Brickfilms

    Adrian’s Brickfilms21 день тому

    I know what ride you are talking about I was at that ride it wasn’t so scary

  47. Emiliano Esmeralda

    Emiliano Esmeralda23 дні тому

    BTW my sis dad and aunt were with us and they all got scared but my sister didn’t cry

  48. Emiliano Esmeralda

    Emiliano Esmeralda23 дні тому

    Bruh I’ve never been in a ride and my mom said we were going to Universal Studios Hollywood and I searched up videos and the video for Jurassic Park the ride didn’t show the falling and when I went i thought it was a lazy river too and then was sad because my phone was in my pocket and thought it died and when I looked at it it was more dry then the desert good thing I didn’t know or I wouldn’t have gone on it

  49. Jason Nunez

    Jason Nunez24 дні тому

    The ride was fun

  50. Cleetus Yeetus

    Cleetus Yeetus24 дні тому

    I loved that ride

  51. Nicole Slays

    Nicole Slays24 дні тому


  52. Sir Pancakes

    Sir Pancakes24 дні тому

    0:00 *WUT*

  53. Kenya Lucas

    Kenya Lucas25 днів тому

    That really was a big T-Rex I've been in that ride 😨😱

  54. AJadeWolf ATigerWolf

    AJadeWolf ATigerWolf26 днів тому

    Lol, I've always wanted to go there tho ..😂😂😂

  55. Sonia Santos Santos

    Sonia Santos Santos26 днів тому

    No rexy why her

  56. Sonia Santos Santos

    Sonia Santos Santos26 днів тому

    The trex is nice

  57. High Mickey

    High Mickey26 днів тому

    Youe such a little bitch its just a fucking ride. Dinosaurs are extinct for over 1000 years. Fucking Grow up

  58. Elena H

    Elena H26 днів тому

    Why is this so me tho ???

  59. Melanie Marshall

    Melanie Marshall26 днів тому

    I went on that the first time yes was amazing

  60. Bluenitro2 GT

    Bluenitro2 GT27 днів тому

    Tf my little sister was 5 years old not even scared on that jp ride tf she just enjoyed

  61. Adrien DeMayo

    Adrien DeMayo27 днів тому

    That sounds like a fun ride... minus the giant dinosaur

  62. TechnicallyEntertainment

    TechnicallyEntertainment27 днів тому

    I did this ride u really overexaggerated everything... This happens for everyone who does this ride... This is just a terrible story...

  63. Snowy_ Chu

    Snowy_ Chu28 днів тому

    “I hate rides.” That’s on my resume.

  64. Azaur

    Azaur28 днів тому

    I went to that ride

  65. fatima moreno

    fatima moreno28 днів тому

    I want in that won it was skiry

  66. Cami-Dan

    Cami-Dan29 днів тому

    I'm like you. I heard about this ride but I never went on it

  67. Moc Channel

    Moc ChannelМісяць тому

    If you hate rides, why you went there

  68. BTS Fan

    BTS FanМісяць тому

    OMG I got scared as well lol

  69. chris fnafvids

    chris fnafvidsМісяць тому

    That happend to me on disney land carnator

  70. XxAvaXx Alvarado

    XxAvaXx AlvaradoМісяць тому

    I hate rides like that! I’m like that too!

  71. Kiara Mora

    Kiara MoraМісяць тому


  72. Steel Saber 54

    Steel Saber 54Місяць тому

    Universal Studios Singapore has a different kind of drop-you go up this elevator and you get dropped sideways

  73. Sparkplug 9142

    Sparkplug 9142Місяць тому

    I went on that ride

  74. Nirvananewgirl Newton

    Nirvananewgirl NewtonМісяць тому

    Daphne likes baby rides too (1:54)

  75. Yesenia Bonilla

    Yesenia BonillaМісяць тому


  76. The ender Gang

    The ender GangМісяць тому

    I’ve been on that ride!!! (I hate the big drop as well)

  77. Mc Kenna

    Mc KennaМісяць тому

    Aww. My name is Mckenna

  78. Jonas Yan

    Jonas YanМісяць тому

    I thought it was in Los Angeles,California not Orlando,Florida.

  79. Liv Playz

    Liv PlayzМісяць тому

    I Went On That!!!!!

  80. Steven Free Jr

    Steven Free JrМісяць тому

    I remember going on that ride 1 time

  81. idono 231

    idono 231Місяць тому

    I've been on this ride

  82. hongshuang zhang

    hongshuang zhangМісяць тому

    I love dinosaurs

  83. Dan Raskin

    Dan RaskinМісяць тому

    The cartoon ride is so much worse me and me sister sang "la la la la a happy song, a very happy song" the whole ride

  84. JoseL Duarte

    JoseL DuarteМісяць тому

    Just saying dam your a pussy

  85. Suci Novianti

    Suci NoviantiМісяць тому

    I ride that ride it waspada so fun 😎😎😎😍😍😍🤩

  86. toy kids tv sumampong

    toy kids tv sumampongМісяць тому

    I love jurassic world

  87. Anna S

    Anna SМісяць тому

    I went on this ride and I couldn’t breath

  88. Jared armes

    Jared armesМісяць тому

    man this is the best joke ever nothing is going to beat this but I bet the boys are feeling better and then it's going to be it's going to be so good I'm not going to stop laughing. For centuries

  89. Noor Mirza

    Noor MirzaМісяць тому


  90. Yerick Cruz

    Yerick CruzМісяць тому

    I went there and did not cry in that water ride in islands of Aventure and I had fun I’m never scared of roller coasters.

  91. Sarah Rizkya

    Sarah RizkyaМісяць тому

    is it in Japan

  92. Slime_for_life EVER!

    Slime_for_life EVER!Місяць тому

    Sorry that was my brother

  93. Sammie Perez

    Sammie PerezМісяць тому

    This was me during the ride... I was sobbing in my mom's arms. I'm 12

  94. Charles Inmotto

    Charles InmottoМісяць тому


  95. Ana Basauri

    Ana BasauriМісяць тому

    what a pussy cat

  96. llollmaster

    llollmasterМісяць тому

    0:04 y go on them then duh

  97. Ghost

    GhostМісяць тому

    Ok this ride ain’t scary you just a poof

  98. Tony Stark

    Tony StarkМісяць тому

    Who else went in this ride?

  99. Tiana Whitney

    Tiana WhitneyМісяць тому


  100. SharonTheSpoon

    SharonTheSpoonМісяць тому

    why was that scary :D

  101. MC_DogWarrior

    MC_DogWarriorМісяць тому

    I don't do rides I'm too soft ;-;

  102. Laura Ramirez

    Laura RamirezМісяць тому

    I’m so glad someone made this kind of video cause i’m the same way