Jurassic Park River Ride Scared Me


  1. Xx_Heart_Galaxy_SistersxX

    Xx_Heart_Galaxy_SistersxXДень тому

    Lol I was just on that ride last summer

  2. JR and me no name

    JR and me no name2 дні тому

    I would have sceremed to but u now its fine

  3. Brandon Fox

    Brandon Fox4 дні тому

    Hey, there’s nothing wrong with baby rides!

  4. Egg Drop

    Egg Drop4 дні тому

    I was on that ride...it was exactly like this lol

  5. Gamer Girl

    Gamer Girl4 дні тому

    Me too like in right know I'm 9 and I get scared 😳 and when I was 5 I had the most fun ride like omg like right know I'm gonna go but bad thing is close in universal studio hollowed

  6. Abbi Lockard

    Abbi Lockard5 днів тому

    I only like the easy rides. You know the ‘Not so scary’ rides

  7. æsthëtïç Pïñk

    æsthëtïç Pïñk5 днів тому

    She talks like tess off of Raven's home😂

  8. Isahi Gonzalez

    Isahi Gonzalez5 днів тому

    I'm scared of rides too last time we went to a roller coaster and I puked everywhere

  9. Emma Tammo

    Emma Tammo8 днів тому

    I was on that ride too:)

  10. King Dinosaur and Kawaii Bunny

    King Dinosaur and Kawaii Bunny10 днів тому

    I Feel You, I Feel You.

  11. sum kwan

    sum kwan11 днів тому


  12. Makayla Robinson

    Makayla Robinson11 днів тому

    I went on that ride at universal studios :)

  13. RuRu Raptor

    RuRu Raptor11 днів тому

    I went on that ride it’s so gooood

  14. i hate the pill

    i hate the pill11 днів тому

    i was scared when the t rex came down lol

  15. Justice Gaming

    Justice Gaming12 днів тому

    I went on this ride

  16. Riyan Fahrin

    Riyan Fahrin12 днів тому

    That's from singapore

  17. Freddy Guerra

    Freddy Guerra13 днів тому

    I went I that ride I think anyway that ride is the best

  18. xTiltedTavenx 4life

    xTiltedTavenx 4life13 днів тому

    I love the universal in hollywood

  19. Katerina Pechenyuk

    Katerina Pechenyuk13 днів тому


  20. I make stuff

    I make stuff14 днів тому

    Boi im glad this is fake

  21. JR Butts

    JR Butts14 днів тому

    I'm go on baby rides too

  22. Jose Gonzalez

    Jose Gonzalez14 днів тому

    Did she pee herself?

  23. SMUG_cat Finly

    SMUG_cat Finly14 днів тому

    I went on that ride when I was 5 or 6 I was so scared XD


    CRINGY STUFF15 днів тому


  25. Thi-Antra Chirasarn

    Thi-Antra Chirasarn15 днів тому

    I went on that ride so many times. I normally hate rides but I’m okay with this.

  26. D4N13L 12345

    D4N13L 1234515 днів тому

    Wow this is a boring story..

  27. Midnight Nightmare

    Midnight Nightmare15 днів тому

    Qual lé !!! Esse é um dos brinquedos mais legais do parque

  28. Jays 2006

    Jays 200615 днів тому

    Same here

  29. FluffyDuck k UwU

    FluffyDuck k UwU16 днів тому

    I was on this ride when I was very little it was fun my brother and cousin cried but I didn't XD

  30. Jxst kai

    Jxst kai16 днів тому

    I went on that ride it scares me

  31. Annie Painter

    Annie Painter16 днів тому

    I went on that ride before and it was so much fun, even the drop was exhilarating

  32. Viet Cong Boi

    Viet Cong Boi16 днів тому

    You guys are really running out of ideas (no offense btw)

  33. קђคภՇØ๓ T0XĮĮ

    קђคภՇØ๓ T0XĮĮ16 днів тому

    She kinda sounds like JoJo Siwa listen close

  34. RaptorComments

    RaptorComments17 днів тому

    I used to be in a similar ride at WaterWorld, and I used to be scared of it, but I wasn't anymore.

  35. Cracker Jack

    Cracker Jack17 днів тому

    I just have a question. What is "Full Speed?"

  36. shavo odadjians

    shavo odadjians18 днів тому

    All my family go that

  37. robert alain

    robert alain18 днів тому

    Your like me!

  38. John Tochimani

    John Tochimani18 днів тому


  39. looking for a brother

    looking for a brother19 днів тому

    Lol she's just scared probably I can understand this

  40. XoXoGaming JazzXoXo

    XoXoGaming JazzXoXo20 днів тому

    I would have been hiding behind my Parent’s the whole time. Or I would have pretended like I was in a coma and get me the hell out of there.

  41. Yorkie

    Yorkie20 днів тому

    Ooooohhhh I rode that ride!

  42. Sandra Fernandez

    Sandra Fernandez21 день тому

    Man how old are you

  43. Kaeden Sanchez

    Kaeden Sanchez21 день тому

    Overreact much jeez

  44. Gacha Cookie Girl 15

    Gacha Cookie Girl 1521 день тому

    Lol that’s me all the way

  45. Adalyn Ray

    Adalyn Ray21 день тому

    Who gives a frick if you were scared of a ride.

  46. Priyanka Rajbanshi

    Priyanka Rajbanshi22 дні тому

    Whenever I visit fun park I always ride it

  47. Emran Almukhaini

    Emran Almukhaini22 дні тому

    Girl this ride is meant to scare kids i mean like seriously everyone got scared after that ride but they got over because the thing is all fake

  48. Indo fighter Claw king

    Indo fighter Claw king22 дні тому

    Girl I hate you you disrespect Jurassic world idiot

  49. Flowers love

    Flowers love22 дні тому

    Me 😂

  50. bio netic

    bio netic22 дні тому

    I'm going to Orlando this summer

  51. FoxyGamer1672 - Roblox, and More

    FoxyGamer1672 - Roblox, and More23 дні тому

    This was the first vid I watched from u guys

  52. Gacha QUEEN

    Gacha QUEEN23 дні тому

    I went to a ride like that in singapore universal sentosa and i got soooooooooo went

  53. Ebony Faulk

    Ebony Faulk23 дні тому

    Scream It better stop STOP!!

  54. Jonathan Fuentes

    Jonathan Fuentes23 дні тому

    What a little bitch

  55. SuperLuigi2008

    SuperLuigi200823 дні тому

    I almost cried on the jarassic river ride

  56. rouxls kaard

    rouxls kaard23 дні тому

    Why do people tell this story I mean like some of it is kinda dramatic But stories like this Its actually very... Very simple We all get scared because of rides But why do you need to tell it ... Its like "an ant bit me" its like that kind of stories

  57. Leelee Ewer

    Leelee Ewer24 дні тому


  58. Harmony Orr

    Harmony Orr24 дні тому

    Jurassic park ride was my favorite dinosaurs

  59. dominick Francis

    dominick Francis24 дні тому

    I have done that before and I had a heart attack

  60. hello blue

    hello blue24 дні тому

    this ride scared me too but I love it

  61. Mayed_playz -bloxburg-

    Mayed_playz -bloxburg-24 дні тому

    I really like roller coasters

  62. arisha afra

    arisha afra25 днів тому

    We did this ride once

  63. Anh Thu Tran

    Anh Thu Tran25 днів тому

    You are lucky I never get to go on ride like that :(

  64. CRUZ S

    CRUZ S25 днів тому

    I was acutely was on that ride and it was never that scary, like there was aculy fun in my heart becouse it was a ride and laughter in my sister's heart but she is a little pushy pushy and by that i meen she will push you down the stars if you laugh at her pushy but it was still joy

  65. Adam Playz146

    Adam Playz14625 днів тому

    I once ride it, i almost suicide

  66. Adam Rahim

    Adam Rahim26 днів тому

    I went on there it was fun but the end was scary

  67. Pandabot Samonn

    Pandabot Samonn26 днів тому

    I went to Osaka Japan usg and I ride my sister freak out while I just scream around

  68. 10,000 subscribers with no video?

    10,000 subscribers with no video?26 днів тому


  69. Maria José Granados Jiménez

    Maria José Granados Jiménez26 днів тому


  70. Tiacorn !!!

    Tiacorn !!!27 днів тому

    I remember my parents putting me on that ride when I was about 5 or 6 lol

  71. Eclipse Bettas

    Eclipse Bettas27 днів тому

    How does Jurassic world scare ppl?!

  72. Mimi onoue

    Mimi onoue27 днів тому

    I was only 9 and I rode that!! Exept it was called "the ride"

  73. The Gamer Wolf YT

    The Gamer Wolf YT27 днів тому

    “I hate rides” That’s me....

  74. Nathan Storm

    Nathan Storm27 днів тому

    I rode this ride recently

  75. Malachi Arciero

    Malachi Arciero27 днів тому

    I used to be afraid of roller coaster rides now I'm not 😀

  76. Duy Nguyen

    Duy Nguyen27 днів тому

    I’m sorry but that ride isn’t scary, you are so dramatic and overreacting and I love it!!!, is so funny 😂

  77. Fortnite Gameplay Videos

    Fortnite Gameplay Videos27 днів тому

    The whole point of the ride was to scare you

  78. Dilyn Roberts

    Dilyn Roberts27 днів тому

    I’ve been on that ride before and my family and I went in it like five different times! 😁

  79. JTDRAG0N

    JTDRAG0N27 днів тому

    It’s kinda your fault not knowing about Jurassic Park and what happens xD

  80. Dexter Careswell

    Dexter Careswell28 днів тому

    😆 🙄...

  81. Dexter Careswell

    Dexter Careswell28 днів тому


  82. Shannon Parsons

    Shannon Parsons28 днів тому

    Did this lady even do any research before she went on this ride. She thought it was a lazy river like common

  83. This is RANDOM

    This is RANDOM29 днів тому

    When you know storybooth is running out of ideas.

  84. pony master

    pony master29 днів тому

    I was scared in the falling part

  85. Tanvir Islam

    Tanvir Islam29 днів тому

    She is Lying 🤥

  86. Samrat Tuladhar

    Samrat TuladharМісяць тому

    Didn't #thegameingbever rode this?

  87. Tactical WarHead

    Tactical WarHeadМісяць тому

    Orlando is gay Go to Hollywood

  88. Suter Girls

    Suter GirlsМісяць тому

    That's exactly like me😯😐😠😬😢😢😢😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😤😮😤😮😱😱😱😱😱😵😨😥😥😥😥😧😧😧😧😧😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😭😿🙀👱👼👎

  89. Liping Zhang

    Liping ZhangМісяць тому

    I was on this ride it was fun

  90. Jackson Johnson

    Jackson JohnsonМісяць тому

    The story is just a description of the ride

  91. Shealyn Green

    Shealyn GreenМісяць тому

    I never ever went on that ride but I have gone on a lazy river

  92. Isa_ Tube

    Isa_ TubeМісяць тому

    It’s not scared lmfao I already went it’s actually fun

  93. Larvitar1358 hi

    Larvitar1358 hiМісяць тому

    I went to that ride it was super fun but they tooked it off 😢

  94. audrey ppoaisiqjsjiw

    audrey ppoaisiqjsjiwМісяць тому

    during that ride when the drop happened the recycled water got in my mouth😩😩

  95. still a google name sereika

    still a google name sereikaМісяць тому

    I must say it sounds really fun

  96. Brittany Espino

    Brittany EspinoМісяць тому

    Lol I’ve been there

  97. SavPlayz ROBLOX

    SavPlayz ROBLOXМісяць тому

    Omg I went on this ride before but In Singapore and I was soooooooo scared

  98. silkark Aj

    silkark AjМісяць тому

    I've went on that ride more than 60 times I LOVE IT

  99. Shayla Nicole Whiteman 95

    Shayla Nicole Whiteman 95Місяць тому

    The mom is cool

  100. Not My Real Name

    Not My Real NameМісяць тому

    I went to a ride similar to that one, there's always that T-Rex at the end.