Juventus 4-0 Lecce | Ronaldo, Dybala and Higuain Secure the Three Points | Serie A TIM


  1. Chetana Sonawane

    Chetana Sonawane9 годин тому

    it yew p poo

  2. cá lóc việt

    cá lóc việt10 годин тому


  3. LUKIGM lukas

    LUKIGM lukas12 годин тому

    Piomente calcio.

  4. Chetan Anand

    Chetan Anand12 годин тому

    Nowadays,most of the channels do a TRP game by putting Messi Ron in thumbnail 😂

  5. hãmîdö !!

    hãmîdö !!12 годин тому


  6. bowen voowy

    bowen voowy14 годин тому

    professional football matches without audience are so strange...


    GAMER EFE HD14 годин тому

    yazıq qafana

  8. Reach

    Reach15 годин тому

    I like Ronaldo playstyle more and more. It is not just about scoring by himself, he also tries to give the opportunity to his teammates.

  9. bowen voowy

    bowen voowy14 годин тому

    00:11 the referee is garet bale?

  10. Berke taşkı

    Berke taşkı16 годин тому

    ronaldo sanki realmadrid de daha mutlu gibiydi bence

  11. savaş kanbay

    savaş kanbay16 годин тому

    ronaldo come to beşiktaş

  12. Zilvino Stogai

    Zilvino Stogai20 годин тому


  13. bofooit gojo

    bofooit gojo21 годину тому

    Absolutely fantastic work!!!?

  14. jmar28a

    jmar28a21 годину тому

    I don’t agree with relegation

  15. Noor HK.

    Noor HK.23 години тому

    Juve is starting to sign more offensive players. If they succeed they might be a top team in the league. What do you guys think?

  16. bofooit gojo

    bofooit gojo21 годину тому


  17. Donny Abdullah

    Donny AbdullahДень тому

    Indonesia ada?

  18. Man in Fury.

    Man in Fury.День тому

    Golaaaaazzzzoooo del P. Dybala!!!

  19. Dario Hasanbegovic

    Dario HasanbegovicДень тому

    i don't know why b Ronaldo functions so much better with a crowd

  20. Christian Sequera

    Christian SequeraДень тому


  21. Nyemlang Wanglim

    Nyemlang WanglimДень тому

    Red card was wrong...


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  23. Hemant Vora

    Hemant VoraДень тому

    If Ronaldo retires in Juventus he's gonna make Dybala a Superstar under his guidance.

  24. Hussein Abbas

    Hussein AbbasДень тому


  25. Goal of Goals

    Goal of GoalsДень тому

    ronaldo is aging

  26. Bapak Rumah Tangga

    Bapak Rumah Tangga2 дні тому

    00:11 the referee is garet bale?

  27. Damian Cordoba

    Damian Cordoba2 дні тому

    Weoooehrjwqhpabodkwkssbajkaj a ja

  28. mikin lirou

    mikin lirou2 дні тому

    I mean, most assists were by Ronaldo so can't blame him for only scoring on the penalty

  29. Мехрона Сохибова

    Мехрона Сохибова2 дні тому

    Подпишись 🌼 Поставь + под комм. Тя взаимно 😊🌺

  30. Goku -

    Goku -2 дні тому

    penaldo and headers, zzzz

  31. ÇHKÄKï ŸT

    ÇHKÄKï ŸT2 дні тому

    Plize aboni

  32. Yayang Dede Sunrisa

    Yayang Dede Sunrisa2 дні тому


  33. Febrina Isnaini

    Febrina Isnaini2 дні тому

    Mr penaldo

  34. Robert

    Robert2 дні тому

    juve is a badass team

  35. AbdiQadir Macalin

    AbdiQadir Macalin2 дні тому


  36. Just Yuqo

    Just Yuqo2 дні тому

    Just wanna make sure that I'm not the only one who saw De Ligt's goal, Cz I didn't see his name on the title XD

  37. Mehmet özyılmaz

    Mehmet özyılmaz2 дні тому

    Sampion Juventus

  38. mustafa 43

    mustafa 432 дні тому


  39. PSYCHO RaMaNaN 2

    PSYCHO RaMaNaN 22 дні тому


  40. Kenneth Muscat

    Kenneth Muscat2 дні тому

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  41. Александр В

    Александр В2 дні тому

    Очевидно стратегия Ювентуса забить гол с головы.

  42. AK Games 238

    AK Games 2382 дні тому

    Always C Ro !

  43. Jason Martin

    Jason Martin2 дні тому

    Cristiano the GOAT

  44. bodoti qwiu

    bodoti qwiu2 дні тому

    professional football matches without audience are so strange...

  45. Astv 88

    Astv 882 дні тому

    Celebration on 3:33 hahaha

  46. DIME Tutorial

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  47. bodoti qwiu

    bodoti qwiu2 дні тому

    Top perfomance

  48. soccer legendary

    soccer legendary2 дні тому

    uareporter.net/v/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-Yerzy4OfT2E.html messi is better than ronaldo.see the skills on this link

  49. Mantap Jiwa

    Mantap Jiwa3 дні тому

    Oalah jancok boso opo iki

  50. Jac A

    Jac A3 дні тому

    win most of his penalties cant call him penaldo for that

  51. Kris Diantara

    Kris Diantara3 дні тому

    uareporter.net/v/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-7QU7GlyHbu8.html ronaldo + juve 😘

  52. LU NA

    LU NA3 дні тому

    Not interested. At all.

  53. Kennu

    Kennu3 дні тому

    Ronaldo 2 assists and 1 goal. Not bad

  54. Zayed Trind

    Zayed Trind3 дні тому

    بتمنى يعجبكن محتواي بكبر بمحبتكن عملوا لفة بالشانيل وعطوني رأيكن 💛🌸😊

  55. Ravėėñarv Añchėlløtė

    Ravėėñarv Añchėlløtė3 дні тому

    Amazing teamwork in front of the goal boys

  56. Ravėėñarv Añchėlløtė

    Ravėėñarv Añchėlløtė3 дні тому

    Old man Buffon is old but GOLD

  57. Fayis kv

    Fayis kv3 дні тому

    Who else think dougles costa looks like young obama

  58. I made you read this.

    I made you read this.3 дні тому

    *Ronaldo Haters in a Nutshell* Cristiano: *Scores Penalty* Haters: *P-P-PeNaLdo LOLOLOL* ---- Also Cristiano: *Assist 2 Goals, creates chances and has an overall great game for a 35 yr old* Haters: *I'll pretend I didn't see that*

  59. Richard Adinata

    Richard Adinata3 дні тому

    Lagi kangen Jogja ? Dengerin nih lagu “Istimewanya Jogja” uareporter.net/v/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-QvmXrKcP548.html Dijamin makin kangen 🖤

  60. Wood Rovski

    Wood Rovski3 дні тому

    That's a weak red....he was trying to control the ball.

  61. 1 caapali

    1 caapali3 дні тому

    24 órás tesztel miért nem lehet beengeni a szurkolókat,ez olyan mint egy edző mérkőzés!!!

  62. Norstrom

    Norstrom3 дні тому

    Stop the denate & lets enjoy messi & ronaldo play till their retirement. 700 goals 🔥

  63. Thamas Jay Y

    Thamas Jay Y3 дні тому

    Top perfomance

  64. Blender Sports

    Blender Sports3 дні тому

    Hey I made my first UAreporter football video! Here it is: uareporter.net/v/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-QTb4TssxtIo.html (I’m just trying to share in as many places as possible don’t critique me too much)

  65. Ravėėñarv Añchėlløtė

    Ravėėñarv Añchėlløtė3 дні тому

    Trending in Malaysia #21 😍😍😍


    AKMAL RAMADAN3 дні тому


  67. Aswin Boby

    Aswin Boby3 дні тому

    uareporter.net/v/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-YXqgpQfO7Jw.html Its wonder full

  68. Md .rahaman. Khan

    Md .rahaman. Khan3 дні тому


  69. Saif Abdullah

    Saif Abdullah3 дні тому


  70. soinu foig

    soinu foig3 дні тому

    Dybala, Ronaldo, Higuain, and De Ligt. Those guys are incredible.

  71. fan J97 fan J97

    fan J97 fan J973 дні тому

    CR7 🥰🥰🥰

  72. ARZU saad

    ARZU saad3 дні тому

    Something different when i see cristiano in juve....

  73. soinu foig

    soinu foig3 дні тому


  74. HAL 9000

    HAL 90003 дні тому

    red cards has to be one of the most dumbest rule in all of sports. having to play with a man short for the rest of the game, if that happens to your team you might as well just change the channel watch something else.

  75. RxJ

    RxJ2 дні тому

    It's to show a form of discipline

  76. T's Garage

    T's Garage3 дні тому

    the team is stacked

  77. TheShamansQuestion

    TheShamansQuestion3 дні тому

    Anyone noticing the duplicate comment accounts? Seen about 3 diff ones more than once

  78. karim rebai

    karim rebai2 дні тому

    yeah i saw those two and i really get annoyed by them hopefully youtube does something about them but they need to be reported

  79. Bang Iyan

    Bang Iyan3 дні тому


  80. Nur Sella

    Nur Sella3 дні тому

    Ronaldo is the best🔥🔥🔥

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  82. King Of Dreams

    King Of Dreams3 дні тому

    Cr7 the goat

  83. Muhammad Indra Wahyudi

    Muhammad Indra Wahyudi3 дні тому

    Goollll.. ok just cant not celebrate to audience..

  84. basil g paul

    basil g paul3 дні тому


  85. Tri Huynh

    Tri Huynh3 дні тому

    In this match, all four players played very well. A worthy victory for Juventus

  86. Rafael Ignacio Schultz Espejo

    Rafael Ignacio Schultz Espejo4 дні тому

    Un cra ronaldo