Juventus 4-1 Torino | Ronaldo and Dybala Score as Juve Secure Comfortable Win! | Serie A TIM


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    Salamun eleykum

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    Haha, Cuadrado was man of the match and they put The overrated Dybala in the title.

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  5. Brendan Stringer

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    That penalty call was so bad! It bounced off his leg and hit his arm while he was trying to turn away from the ball. Both of his arms were also tucked into his body. And the ref threw in a yellow on top of that!

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    Ronaldo 1st Free Kick goal Ronaldo 25 goals in one season in Serie A, Premier League, Laliga Santander Buffon 641 matchs in Serie A. The player with most matchs in Serie A 3 records in 1 match

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    Esos penales ,,,, distorsionan el juego !!!! No se si estamos peor que antes del VAR ??????


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    helo in brazil ola


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    im from brazil

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    LET THE PENDULUM SWiNG!! Ran||Dum...3

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    Juventus: Yeah, i'm not have a great rival in this league Inter: I AM A JOKE FOR YOU???

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    All the goals are beautiful 🥰

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    GG, DjiDji

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    ユーヴェで2年間で42本フリーキックうたせてもらって1本も決めていないのが驚き 何が驚きって「普通連続10本も外せば使ってもらえないのに、コイツだけww」という… やはりユーヴェやディバラのお荷物。ロナウドいなくてもあらゆる数字が変わらないという事実。 得点はディバラから奪っているだけという… 外す数も半端無いロナウドと誉めるべきか?カップ戦もロナウド来てから逃してるし。 まあ最近はディバラとのコンビが活きてきたというかロナウドがやっと「俺が俺が」を止めて 最強の囮になって他の選手が気持ちよく決めてる感じはグット!

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    That Dybala goal reminded me of Robben.

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  23. Lost Loyalty

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    That is the worst penalty decision I have ever seen. The referee needs retraining


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    Distance maintain. After goal

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    very cool game

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    3:30 working for other team

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    I love football.I like both ronaldo and messi.

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    0:53 cuadrado is scared to call for the ball lol because ronaldo has it

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    1 on trending

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    no fans = no pressure lol

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    Top 5 highest football goal scorers in 2019. uareporter.net/v/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-duVriKWxGUA.html

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    Buffon mão de madeira como sempre, nada de anormal

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    3:14 GG😂😂

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    los cuatro mosqueteros de la Juve: Buffon, Cuadrado, Dybala y C7.....

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    Bufon ranaldoook

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    CR7 Top 10 golazos in Juve shirt

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    Few days later Ronaldo will become Akuma from street fighter

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    Ronaldo ni boss bukan kaleng sarden

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    At 3:14 I thought he meant "GG" 🤣🤣

  71. Andrea

    Andrea4 години тому

    At 3:14 I thought he meant "GG" 🤣🤣

  72. Andrea

    Andrea4 години тому

    At 3:14 I thought he meant "GG" 🤣🤣

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    First time I have seen Ronaldo hit the ball that high on a free kick 😂

  74. Andrea

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    At 3:14 I thought he meant "GG" 🤣🤣

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    Ronaldo’s trash

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