jxdn - Angels & Demons Acoustic (Official Video)


  1. Ida Alv

    Ida Alv2 години тому

    Two faced, two faced, yeah Black and white, left right, yeah Up down, all night, yeah Can't escape it ever Don't forget my name I dont feel the same On the trip, no train [Pre-Chorus: Jaden Hossler] And all these angels and demons Keep shouting and screaming I'm falling from Eden [Chorus: Jaden Hossler] So fu*kme like a rockstar Dancing on a cop car Nothing in the world can stop me now Fuck 'em like a rockstar Ridin' in a cop car No one in the world can help me now [Verse 2: Jaden Hossler] Ain't really sad that I'm falling Take another line I'm calling I'm so sick of the nonsense Imma dive into the mosh pit I dont really think I'm the problem I dont really think its a problem Me plus me is a problem One gun shot could solve 'em Tell my friends I'm sorry though T-t-t-tell my sins to God [Pre-Chorus: Jaden Hossler] And all these angels and demons Keep shouting and screaming I'm falling from Eden [Chorus: Jaden Hossler] So fu*kme like a rockstar Dancing on a cop car Nothing in the world can stop me now Fuck 'em like a rockstar Ridin in a cop car No one in the world can help me now

  2. Laura Puupolina

    Laura Puupolina2 години тому

    This is just the beggining in 2025 he will be number one artist and were here growing up with him

  3. Юлия Иванова

    Юлия Иванова4 години тому

    Я стала жиной Джейдона♥️♥️♥️♥️

  4. Septral Pik

    Septral Pik6 годин тому

    I am really fan 😌😍

  5. jxste Nana

    jxste Nana6 годин тому

    this music is so good !!

  6. E.J Mol

    E.J Mol7 годин тому


  7. Andre Lizard

    Andre Lizard7 годин тому

    Love you and all the best friends 👫 now you wanna go play in the game with me omg 😯 was gonna a

  8. Crimson HermitCrab

    Crimson HermitCrab7 годин тому

    I’ll see you all at 50M views. Goodbye!

  9. Alisa Hussaini

    Alisa Hussaini8 годин тому

    Love your voice love ❤️ you 👉🏻👈🏻and this is for the haters 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🤬🤬🤬

  10. Kimberly Anderson

    Kimberly Anderson9 годин тому

    I bet the no autotune is better

  11. Anreeghya Sharma

    Anreeghya Sharma9 годин тому

    He gonna become a great artist in future i mean just see this guy's talent...........................

  12. Sahara

    Sahara11 годин тому

    Drop comatose acoustic!!

  13. Sienna Deglow

    Sienna Deglow11 годин тому

    Where are you Arazona? Because it looks hot right here it's supposed to be a pick up line to say you are hot sorry mads lewis

  14. • TonyIrias_YT •

    • TonyIrias_YT •12 годин тому

    2:11 the mid finder op

  15. • TonyIrias_YT •

    • TonyIrias_YT •12 годин тому

    this is the angel

  16. • TonyIrias_YT •

    • TonyIrias_YT •12 годин тому

    tru his not a Tiktoker his a rockstar

  17. paloma suarez

    paloma suarez12 годин тому

    I can´t stop listening to it on my favorite song

  18. Silvia Easler

    Silvia Easler12 годин тому

    This is way better than dixie's song..

  19. Riley Thomas

    Riley Thomas12 годин тому

    all i gotta say is thats hot asf! PERIOD.

  20. Kaely Metaclf

    Kaely Metaclf12 годин тому

    He is going placeSSSSS

  21. tazmin barnett

    tazmin barnett13 годин тому

    jxdn always hit different

  22. Chloe Nuckolls

    Chloe Nuckolls13 годин тому

    I love thiss

  23. Lizette Armas

    Lizette Armas13 годин тому

    he's so perfect...i love his vocals

  24. Radoslava Ivanova

    Radoslava Ivanova14 годин тому


  25. Raquel //Belieber

    Raquel //Belieber14 годин тому

    Yess jaden❤

  26. Anny fox

    Anny fox14 годин тому

    Дизлайки скорее всего ставят подписчики Мэдс, из-за того что он разбил ей сердце, но если честно то в глубине себя я ликую, и наверное даже как-то рада что они расстались🤪, ну и если честно мне никогда не нравилась Мэдс) только не налетайте, это моё личное мнение)

  27. Marijana Jovičin

    Marijana Jovičin14 годин тому

    People:Tik tokers has no talent Payton and Jaden:hold my love letter and my comatose heart.

  28. Carmen Muñiz Sanchez

    Carmen Muñiz Sanchez15 годин тому

    Me encanta esta canción no me la saco de la cabeza es muy buena y pegadiza y super bonita I LOVE this song is perfect ♥️

  29. Limelight For life

    Limelight For life15 годин тому

    Now we need an acoustic version of comatose

  30. Aaliyah Avants

    Aaliyah Avants15 годин тому

    Dang he a Good Singer. He is a Cute singer. Love his Blond hair.

  31. faibe world

    faibe world15 годин тому

    I'm legit been listening to this song on repeat

  32. Mɪʟᴋɪ ʟɪғᴇ

    Mɪʟᴋɪ ʟɪғᴇ15 годин тому

    Ear-like 😍

  33. Ника Василевич

    Ника Василевич16 годин тому

    It's a realy very cool!!! He is a very good singer ☺️. I've got a New krash 🔥❤️(рашка под прикрытием 🗿)

  34. Camora and amurimana Camora and amauriana

    Camora and amurimana Camora and amauriana16 годин тому

    Jaden and josh Richards are my favorite tik tokers in the sway house

  35. Jeannine Preston

    Jeannine Preston16 годин тому

    you vocals are amazing!!

  36. isabela cubero

    isabela cubero16 годин тому

    Jaden I can't believe how proud I am love and support you

  37. Mehr Lamba

    Mehr Lamba16 годин тому

    acoustic or normal? I feel like it depends on ur mood

  38. just.yuliya

    just.yuliya16 годин тому

    you deserve so much. I said what I said.

  39. Claire Lu

    Claire Lu17 годин тому

    You low key remind me of my very annoying classmate lol is that just a vibe idk

  40. Jasmin Gangabissoon

    Jasmin Gangabissoon17 годин тому

    Your a true fan if you stay from beginning to THE VERY END💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  41. Лера Артемёнко

    Лера Артемёнко17 годин тому

    Блин это очень крутоо✨❤️

  42. Govanna Medina

    Govanna Medina17 годин тому

    use me as a "this is the best acoustic video ever" button.

  43. Daniela Carmona solis

    Daniela Carmona solis17 годин тому

    Dios griego pordios

  44. Aurora Gabrieli

    Aurora Gabrieli17 годин тому


  45. Natasha Humphries

    Natasha Humphries17 годин тому

    Sick beat

  46. _Jiya_ bugg_

    _Jiya_ bugg_18 годин тому

    Anyone else obssessed with this song because I am 🖤

  47. Morgan Travis

    Morgan Travis18 годин тому

    This mans going places

  48. Morgan Travis

    Morgan Travis18 годин тому

    I have listened to this song like 100 times and it’s better than the original

  49. Subani Katuwal

    Subani Katuwal18 годин тому

    when im sad im so glad i can listen to my favourite song but in a sad way .this man is going to go far in his career don't fight me on it

  50. Maria Eugenia Gallego

    Maria Eugenia Gallego19 годин тому


  51. Yat Roblox

    Yat Roblox19 годин тому

    Lo amo xd

  52. Missy Engweiler

    Missy Engweiler19 годин тому

    I’ve been here since the beginning for people who are here after he blows up.

  53. Rikke

    Rikke19 годин тому

    tbh i like this version even better and i didn´t think that was possible

  54. Eleanor Perese

    Eleanor Perese19 годин тому

    I have literally just been listening to this over and over again, it is so friggin good!!

  55. Eugene Eyango

    Eugene Eyango19 годин тому

    This song says alot if you don't know what I am talking about it ok but this song is not just about what Jaden is going through it is about his mental state, his feelings, what he is thinking about, and what he knows is right(being safe in this time. ) for him and the people he cares about so that he can be the to protect himself and the people he cares about.

  56. Elani DeMacio

    Elani DeMacio19 годин тому

    I love this song its amazing that hes a tic tocker and a singer its all talent

  57. Crazy Gacha _

    Crazy Gacha _19 годин тому


  58. Kyleigh Moore

    Kyleigh Moore20 годин тому

    He amazing and so talented

  59. mkjda baldwin baldwin

    mkjda baldwin baldwin20 годин тому

    This is the best song

  60. Ghulam Majumdar

    Ghulam Majumdar20 годин тому

    Bruhhhhhh like...

  61. Natalie Sixteco

    Natalie Sixteco20 годин тому

    Who else was on his TickTock and clicked it right away because they were so excited. just me ?oh OK

  62. Melanie

    Melanie20 годин тому

    Who else watches this every day? Just me oh ok

  63. Mithrex

    Mithrex20 годин тому


  64. Isabelle Crismon

    Isabelle Crismon20 годин тому

    So cute he is so good at singing to I want to meet him

  65. kenzy's world

    kenzy's world21 годину тому

    This deserves more likes and views than Dixie new boring song be happy

  66. Jess Lockeretz

    Jess Lockeretz21 годину тому

    he's got his own unique style, its sick

  67. Simi Akinde

    Simi Akinde21 годину тому

    I just want to be sure was it just me who got scared at 1:53

  68. Ay and Cai

    Ay and Cai21 годину тому


  69. Maria Blogs

    Maria Blogs22 години тому

    Is he ok because he is walking around weird 😂

  70. Hanin Tarek

    Hanin Tarek22 години тому

    I keep watching this over and over Im addicted now

  71. Brooke Armstrong

    Brooke Armstrong22 години тому

    This is absolutely beautiful Jaden made me tear up

  72. Ava-lei Heron

    Ava-lei Heron22 години тому

    This is lit omg

  73. Liliann Ayala

    Liliann Ayala22 години тому

    I love ur music

  74. Eh

    Eh22 години тому

    Hes Cute Talented And Sweet WHAT MORE DO U NEED?

  75. Grace Olivia

    Grace Olivia22 години тому


  76. King Keke K

    King Keke K23 години тому


  77. Jocelyn Violet

    Jocelyn Violet23 години тому

    i love this

  78. Noor forever

    Noor forever23 години тому

    Woww amazing❤️

  79. Elisabeth Vv

    Elisabeth Vv23 години тому

    Okay let’s get one thing straight. I know that he can sing very good and professional but this version and his genius interview it’s just doesn’t sound good...

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